Government called to suspend Rakon exports used in Gaza genocide

The military industrial complex on October 7th

PSNA has written to the government asking it to suspend military-capable exports from Auckland-based company Rakon pending an independent investigation into their use in Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza.

Rakon makes crystal oscillators used in the guidance systems of smart bombs. Their 2005 business plan says the company’s objective was to dominate “the lucrative and expanding guided munitions and military positioning market” within five years.

Rakon sends these “smart bomb” parts to US arms manufacturers which build the bombs which inevitably end up in Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza.

Already the United Nations Human Rights Council has passed a resolution calling for a halt to all arms sales to Israel and last Friday the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to end its attacks on Rafah because of Israel’s indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinians.

The New Zealand government has been muddying the water telling us New Zealand does nor export arms to Israel.

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“Exporting parts for guided munitions and JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munitions) bombs which end up in the killing fields of Gaza means we are actively supporting Israel’s genocide”, says PSNA National Chair John Minto.

An Amnesty International investigation has highlighted two incidents involving JDAM bombs which appear to be war crimes. It is highly likely the bombs used in these mass killing events (43 civilians killed – 19 children, 14 women and 10 men) have parts manufactured in Rakon’s Mt Wellington factory.

The UN’s Genocide Convention requires New Zealand to take action to prevent genocide.

Suspending and investigating Rakon’s bomb-related exports will be a small but important step in the right direction.

John Minto

National Chair

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


    • Back for more humiliation Nathan! You keep making a fool out of yourself remember jews aren’t a race and your venerated apartheid state is on its final legs

    • Vintage Nathan. Some who has a problem with women and children dying must be a Hamas supporter. You should move to the US where they are making it illegal to criticise Israel.

      • Wheel – Oh boy, do not let the facts get in the way
        So far, 25,000 Hamas Terrorists have been killed, 7,000 Israeli Soldiers are dead, and 3,000 Women and Children are dead due to Hamas Leadership lack of action on Peace Talks

    • Yes punish a NZ company. The directors, shareholders, scientists, marketers, sales reps, factory workers and lenders are all implicated in the killing of civilians and combatants. Close the factory. Stop some killing.

        • The logic is guns, bombs, missiles, drones, armaments are only for killing, profit and interest. The items you mentioned are for a good time, cutting food and transportion. If you have an investment decision choose butter not guns.

          • Dual use technology.
            These oscillators are widely used in various applications, including telecommunications, positioning systems, and instrumentation.
            Banning these would be like banning cars or knives, or metal for that matter.
            Any consequentialist ethics would have to balance up the pros and cons.

    • Are you telling us that all the 35 thousand deaths were Hamas leadership? While many keep insisting that Israel has a right to defend itself this conflict has been an offensive operation by Israel for most of its duration & points to Israel being unwilling to share land when they have the ability to exterminate the original inhabitants.

    • Why punish the heroes defending Palestinian children from being raped and killed by people like you, Nathan?

    • ‘Nathan “liars are Great”‘ ,,,,, is a more accurate name/description for Nathan ,,,, as he tells blatant obvious and childish ones all the time ,,,, like his outright lying and bullshitting about John Minto at the top of this thread……

      What a dumb evil clown Nathan is ….

        • Tell us the one about the people of Wellington lining up to get water again, idiot.

          You said that porkie in relation to Israel ,,,, which is about as honest as all the other crap you write.

          Perhaps you could correct what you wrote now? ,,,, although you seem comfortable with letting your lies stand ,,,, no matter how pathetic they are.

          eh ‘Nathan the blatant liar’ ……

    • Any company that helps make munitions to main and kill people is evil .The children women and civilian population of Gaza did not start this war .Genocide is big business Some of the German companies involved in the holocaust are still around .My wifes Grandfather was deported by the Gestapo to Auschwitz dealthcamp for being Jewish.Never again means Never again Now Glad i am not a heartless like you

    • Consistently- they always aim at schools, hospitals, churches and mosques. They’ve been doing this for a while (just look at the Mamilla Pool massacre).

  1. Apartheid Israel is nearly ova the sooner the better for humanity! This synthetic country uses jewishness as a weapon and its behavior since its inception has done nothing but promote antisemitism by subjugating semitic people to inhuman conditions.

    Free Palestine

      • This is a from a white supremacist that reveals in the murder of innocent Palestinian and idolises a state that actually hired real SS Nazis like “Otto Skorzeny” they even decorated the mass murderer of Jews.

        • Stephen – and yet the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem fully supported the wiping out of the Jews people during the Nazi regime…you statements are the same of his…well done.

      • Oh, that sounds terrible, Nathan. Imagine! Hate on one’s fingers! Why, that would be almost one thousandth as bad as the Palestinian baby blood dripping from the fingers of zionists like you.

        • Mohammed Khan – Once again, I am not a Zionist…I do not believe in what Hamas, and friends say 100%…try it…think for yourself.

          • If you support poisoning wells, raping children, torturing prisoners, as the zionists do…. you are a zionist.

  2. Seems an industrial paper trail is needed to prove Rakon complicity, the government must surely have these export agreements and records which describes lifecycle right up to usage. Rakon’s impunity is like Fonterra making a harmful batch of export ingredient but is immune from prosecution because illness occurred overseas somewhere. At the other end of the spectrum from microelectronics we have Israel using one ton unguided bombs to massacre families. I agree with Karim Khan who compares this to England carpet bombing Ireland to deliver justice to the IRA during the Troubles. Of course this would not have been legal, humane, ethical or acceptable. Do the right thing Rakon, why not put your crystals in kids toys or sustainable technologies?

  3. It is unacceptable that any department of state, any company, or individual in our land should become part of this monstrous global killing machine. Rakon is evil, and it must be eradicated from the motu. End of story.

  4. Leave the Jews without any weapons to effectively defend themselves, although hunting rifles, shotguns and pitchforks are okay I assume? They’re useless in war of course, which is your intention.

    People here constantly complain about how they’re not pro-Hamas and it’s not fair to say so, but everything you’re doing enables Hamas to fight as they want to, from deliberately using human shields to de-weaponising their Jewish enemies. Without your propaganda and other help they wouldn’t fight this way.

    • So in your tiny world view because decent ordinary citizens dislike the indiscriminate bombing and murdering of innocent children, woman and unarmed civilians we support hamas????? What fucken rock did you crawl out from perp???

    • Evil monsters like zionists don’t have the right to do what you love to do- to rape and kill children, to poison wells, to murder people for fun and to steal their organs. We humans don’t like the things you do, and we humans support the heroes who are stopping you from doing it (and it isn’t the ICC or ICJ doing that job, it’s heroic fighters from Palestine and Yemen and Lebanon and Iran and Syria).

    • Xenophon – Good points raised…watch them, pro – Hamas crowd, start name calling you…that’s all they have…once you start pointing out the holes in their so called arguments…

    • The sympathy for Jewish people over the holocaust is running out big time now that they are committing genocide for no other reason than they can. The division among Jewish people should be enough to show that the war in Gaza is not related to security but is a full-scale land grab. The constant failure of many to recognise that it is the actions of Israel toward the Palestinians over the last 75 years that is the cause of the resentment that Palestinians feel towards them would suggest that no solution is in sight.

      • The Palestinians are filled with resentment because they are so weak, and their Allah is so weak, that they seem to always stumble at everything they try. They think that the plan they concocted to attack the Israelis and retreat with a bunch of hostages was a game changer – they might have war gamed the various issues that were bound to eventuate but I think for all of Sinwar’s supposed insights into Israeli thinking, I believe he thought that they would make an incursion (maybe a bit more intense than usual) and then retreat to begin negotiations. He has miscalculated big time and putting previous failures to one side, He and his cohorts have now bitten off the biggest failure imaginable and their will be little chance that they will recover from this one. His name won’t go down in Palestinian history as a hero but the one person who brought absolute destruction on his people because of his arrogant pride.

    • No Rakon war materials for Israel and no Rakon war materials for Hamas. We have a government that has increased funding for Surf Life Saving, what about export restrictions for Semite Life Saving.

  5. Britain’s new Far-Right:
    Though this new far right will present as liberal progressive Islam, their ideology is closer to that of Reinhard Heydrich than Caroline Lucas. But white liberals are too blindsided by their hatred of the white working class to recognise the Nazism in their own ranks. They see the brown faces around them and applaud themselves for being inclusive and diverse, even if that means embracing Hamas supporters and cheering on rapists. Evil no longer shows up in black uniforms with skull insignia. It wears liberal institutions as a skinsuit and adopts their language

    Unlike white far right groups, the new Islamic fascist movement is highly organised, motivated, funded (by you) and unopposed politically. They’re competent and quite ruthless in ways white far right never could be. Our zombie political class doesn’t realise what’s happening, and wouldn’t act even if they did. The Labour party is only too happy to turn a blind eye to it when it suits them. As such, the Labour party are collaborators in what is a far right takeover of our cities.

  6. So in your tiny world view because decent ordinary citizens dislike the indiscriminate bombing and murdering of innocent children, woman and unarmed civilians we support hamas????? What fucken rock did you crawl out from perp???

    • If you don’t like the genocide of innocent people by the zionist entity, do you want something done about it?

      Who’s going to do something about it? Certainly not the US ‘military’ terrorists. Certainly not the New Zealand ‘defence’ forces which are helping the zionists by attacking the Yemeni military to protect arms shipments used to bomb little kids in the Gaza concentration camp.

      No, the people who are standing in between the innocent people of Palestine and the alien invaders who want to massacre, torture, rape them are Hamas, Hezbollah, the Yemeni Armed Forces, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran.

      • The people you list are those responsible for endangering innocent people in the first place. Terrorist’s armed by Iran in their proxy war against Israel. The blood of innocents is on their hands, and yours too.

        • “ISIS doesn’t just attack and leave. Their plan is to control the geography,” Father Ibrahim said. “ They would take the women, the money and the children.”

          “ISIS has recently been on a rampage against Christians. On Sunday, it released a video purporting to show the execution of 30 Ethiopian Christians the group ”

          ….But to the rescue ,,,, Hezbollah

          .” In fact, the Christians of Ras Baalbek and the Iran-backed militants are downright friendly to each other. In Lebanon’s complex quilt of sects and allegiances, they are pioneering a new approach: Christians and Shiites together, against the Sunni extremists. … ““The only people who are protecting us are the resistance of Hezbollah,” Nasrallah said. “The only one standing with the army is Hezbollah. Let’s not hide it anymore.” ,,,, ““They accept us as we are,” Nasrallah said. “They do not impose on us anything. When there’s an occasion, they come to our children’s birthdays. The people here accept that Hezbollah comes and helps.”

          Who uses and supports extremist terrorists (ISIS etc ) ????

          Israel for starters ,,,

        • Funny how mad you zionist monsters get at the soldiers of Islam who fight alongside Christian crusaders and heroic socialists like the DFLP/PFLP against the babyraping pedophiles of the ‘IDF’ and its ISIS allies. We have your number, zionist. We will never forgive and will never forget.

          • You might have our number, but we have your address. We are watching the supporters of terrorists. We never forgive nor forget, and we deliver. Be warned.


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