The Danger of Liz Gunn trial is the same as Counter Spin duo


Liz Gunn guilty of assault after Auckland Airport incident

Anti-vaccine activist Liz Gunn has been found guilty of assault following an incident at Auckland Airport in 2023.

She and her associate, cameraman Jonathon Clark, were found not guilty of resisting police.

The pair were tried over what their lawyer described as a “quick and chaotic sequence of events” at the Manukau District Court earlier in May.

The pair denied charges of assault and resisting police, while Gunn also rejected a charge of assault. She instead claimed the police had assaulted her.

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Ok, this is what I wrote when Liz Gunn was arrested at the airport...

I don’t know ANYTHING about this case, but here is my stab in the dark hot take.

Dear old Liz has rocked up to the Airport to interview some grief stricken family she is parasitically attaching to and emotionally manipulating off and Auckland Airport Security have decided to be staunch dicks and because she wouldn’t have bothered to get permission to film they have gotten all heavy and over the top and she will be screaming she is a journalist.

The up shoot will be dropping the charges because both sides have been dicks but it gives her the chance to sell her ‘investigative journalism’ shtick.

Why are we so hell bent on building these circus freaks into martyrs for the cause?

Unless she was actually harassing someone, Auckland Airport Security should have been far more chill than this, instead they’ve over reacted to her over reacting and it’s all become an embarrassing melee for all involved AS WELL as building her standing amongst the feral antivaxx Qanon fraternity. read the actual thing that happened to her at the airport AND I AM COMPLETELY RIGHT!

Exactly what I said had happened (without knowing what had happened), happened.

Liz Gunn is a cooker of the first degree, what is terrifying is this woman gained 1% at the election and the danger of martyring her is real.

I’m old enough to remember Liz Gunn and there was no doubt that in her day she was the mustard. Intelligent, insightful and ruthless, she was the perfect team with Mike Hosking, like an extra pair of jaws for a pack of piranhas.

That she has fallen so deep and so far into the AntiVaxx Rabbit hole is a cautionary tale to us all not to base our understanding of the world from your Facebook feed.

Liz is a Crystal Karen, the middle class new age conspiracy clique who became culturally ostracised by the vaccine mandates. Witchy spirituality magic of fatherless daughters from the first wave of feminism divorce in the 1970s are her sorority.

Like all Crystal Karens, she just needs a big hug from Dad.

Let’s not feed her martyr complex anymore than it currently is. She’s like Bishop Brian Tamaki but with more charm and less leather.

The way Lizz should be handled now is a simple slap on the wrist and send her on her way because any serious punishment from the assault conviction will be mutated by her conspiracy mob into persecution.

We face the same problem with the knee-jerk prosecution against the Counter Spin Duo who will make the trial against them a show trial as well.

They will argue they are doing journalism against the State and are refusing to provide passwords too protect that journalism!

The Judge will have to consider if what they do is Journalism giving them a bloody platform to promote their nonsense!

Very quickly this starts becoming a trial about whether or not they are journalists! Did the Judge who granted the arrest warrant know that they were Journalists or that they might attempt to mount a Journalistic privilege defence?

You see where all this might go now?

What if they get off?

What if they prove they did have Journalistic Privilege?

Has anyone thought this out?

Gunn’s trial is more simple, the case against the Counter Spin Duo is far more complex and the outcomes far more dangerous.

The State has to come up with ways to deal with these extremists that doesn’t fuel the extremism.

We seem incapable of that.


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  1. Great article, and I agree there’s a real danger of Gunn getting “victim” kudos out of this heavy-handed approach.

  2. The truth: ” The pair denied charges of assault and resisting police, while Gunn also rejected a charge of assault. She instead claimed the police had assaulted her. ”

    L.G. is a true kiwi . The ” trial ” is a disgraceful set up presided by a corrupt judge.

    • “L.G. is a true kiwi . The ” trial ” is a disgraceful set up presided by a corrupt judge

      Insert tui ad here….

  3. I hear similar arguments from the misguided to suggest that Trump should never be held to account.

  4. Just convict/charge without criminal record that an option the judiciary has at its disposal unless the CoG has tough on crime with these types of minor incidence.

  5. OMG…. where’s Wally? Oh here he is hiding behind a billboard that smacks if Ardern’s communism. You idiot Martyn. What a load of vicious dribble and tripe you have spewed out. You’re only excuse is that your brain is undoubtedly vaccine injured!

  6. It seems that there are two main responses to society and our polity by those wishing to be leaders and shakers – ‘Sneer or Snarl’.

  7. Can we take a moment and compare what happened to the person that bashed a 70 year old granny at the Posie Parker rally?

    IE nothing

  8. Liz Gunn’s views on vaccines – whatever.

    Police arresting Journalists or Citizen Journalists is a Freedom Of Speech issue.

    While the airport might be owned by a corporation it is still a public space. How can a security guard be empowered to tell police to arrest people exercising their freedom of speech – (however irritating)?

    Can the TDB send someone to report from the airport without getting permission from the private airport corporation? Would TDB also be risking arrest?

    • “Police arresting Journalists or Citizen Journalists is a Freedom Of Speech issue.”

      On a private property where visitors are subject to the owner’s code of behaviour it isn’t.

      I personally think the police officers in question exercised a questionable rush to escalation, it reeked of ill training and a “respek mah authoritah” mindset.
      But Gunn should not avoid prosecution because of her politics, popularity or. threats of intimidation/martyrdom from her deranged followers.

      Martyn is utterly wrong to suggest that the judicial system should.

      • “On a private property where visitors are subject to the owner’s code of behaviour, it isn’t”.

        So all good for TV1 news crew or a Fair Go Reporter or Martyn Bradbury to be arrested for doing News in a Shopping Mall or an Airport or a Train Station or a City Council Chamber? Why should it make any difference if the public space is owned by all the citizens or a subset of citizens. Surely we have Freedom of Speech in a public place.

  9. Martyn – Somewhat agree…Yes, the Police and the Courts actions were not flash, however, NZers are allowed to undertake research/protest on current events peacefully – so, now what?

  10. I’m waiting for these police officers to be charged with assault, after causing injury to people who weren’t resisting.

    I won’t be holding my breath.

  11. Liz Gunn touched a member of airport security on the arm.
    Police pushed her and her camera man to the ground and broke her wrist

    It’s all on CCTV

    • She did not follow airport security instructions and continued not to move, police then became involved as she became obtrusive and obnoxious and was trespassed, I’d say she got off lightly.

      It’s all on CCTV

    • I’m no anti vaxxer. Im pro vax and I’ve had 4 covid shots, after which I got bad covid. Back as a kid I got vaccinated for all and everything. More recently I flu shots, malaria shots…you name it. I never got sick of any of those diseases. So you tell me, did we get vaccinated against covid or did we get saline solutions to make Pfizer rich by profitting from fear? Please don’t call it a ‘Covid Vaccine’. It’s not. It’s crap. Now, I think people are allowed to opt out of vaccines without having their citizen rights revoked. Jacinda and demonized those people, she acted disgracefully, downright evil sometimes. She has never ver apologized to the ‘Liz Gunns’ of the world.

      • I also had 4 covid vaccines and have not yet got covid.
        Plain evidence that the covid vaccine works.
        You may not be an antivaxxer but you sure as hell talk like one.
        Your ongoing right wing anti Labour and Ardern is noted. Thank you Jacinda for the many lives you saved as highlighted by Martyn and we can continue to laugh at the Jacinda haters who continue to hate.

        • She did such a great job saving 800 billion people that she had to run away because everybody loved her. She was lucky that we are such a chilled compliant bunch, that’s what saved us.

  12. Excellent writing Martyn. And in view of Steve Braunias’ story today, even more excellent. He seems to have the same view on this.

  13. L.G was very condemnatory of J.A.’s get vaxed or lose your job and livelihood policy which was against human rights as per the Nuremberg code of ethics. Also hundreds of Kiwis were reporting into J.A.’s facebook page of injuries from the toxic shit jabs but she ignored them.
    L.G.’s effective citizen journalism put a target on her back! ( AKA Julian Assange ) J.A’s dad was an ex copper and was helping in an oppressive lockdown in Tokelau. She was meeting people from that island when she was assaulted at the airport. Connects to police assault on her by J.A’s dad’s mates.
    Liz Gunn – Letter To Jacinda
    L.G. should be awarded New Zealand’s premier journalist of the decade!
    What a W… NZ is who do not recognise her worth.

    • She worked with Hosking so his delusions wore off on her, she should be locked up in an asylum for a decade.

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