Waatea News Column: Polls spell trouble for Government


If we were to chart the last 3 polls, the graph looks like this.

The sudden change in fortune for Labour and the collapse of National are made far more clear when you see it visually and helps explain the attacks against TVNZs Political Reporter Maiki Sherman’s excellent and professional examination of the Poll results.

The Political Right are spooked that in less than 5 months they have become deeply unpopular which is surprising when you consider the atrocious policy ideas they have been ramming through in their first 100 days.

The cruelty of pushing 13 000 children into poverty so they can fund a tax break for their wealthy real estate donors shouldn’t be rewarded politically and it hasn’t been as voters clamber to pull away from what has quickly become a toxic agenda of trans national mining interests and big tobacco.

The Fast Track powers where we will give Shane Jones, Simeon Brown and Chris Bishop total power are either frighteningly naive or criminally negligent.

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It should surprise no one that New Zealanders are reconsidering their election result.

This Government has been a political wedding of inconvenience with no honeymoon straight to Couples Counselling.

Labour are rising but still haven’t presented a clear vision nor courage to state the real changes New Zealand needs.

The Greens under Chloe as leader continue to gain power while the Māori Party are now cemented into a 5%+ Party who will hold their Electorate Seats.

The real danger for this Government however are the next 90 days as they push through their actual agenda. If you have been made mad by what they did in their first 100 days, wait till you see the next 90!

This is where the true venality and self interest of their agenda will come out and as Kiwis do it very hard in a deepening economic recession they will want to know why the Government is looking after their donors more than they are the people of New Zealand.

The mighty Pakeha Public Intellectual Bruce Jesson once said that, “Labour governs for Capitalism, National governs for Capitalists”.

This year’s Austerity Budget may well prove that.



First published on Waatea News.


  1. ” Labour are rising but still haven’t presented a clear vision nor courage to state the real changes New Zealand needs. ”

    Here we go again. Like their majority in the last parliament they squandered it.

    Once again they have the opportunity with an increasingly unpopular austere government to provide a clear alternative.

    Can they , will they ?

    Look who is the leader and the MPs who support the status quo.

    Probably not.

      • Me too.
        Parker?? Don’t know anything about him really but haven’t heard anything bad.
        I think he deliberately keeps a low profile.

    • Well Chippy should go I think everyone knows that! They are never going to win with him at the helm.
      Te Pati Maori and the Greens they are the future, it will be interesting to see if they vote differently on anything over the next 3 years.

  2. The ugly elevation of Bennett as leader of Pharmac, graphically illustrates the coalition’s contempt for the punters who put them into government and who now need to terminate this unfortunate experiment. John Key circling Wellington should be enough warning that it’s time for them to go.

    • ” I do not believe Labour support has gone up like the graph is showing ”

      I do. The dumb hobbits who are shallow and don’t have a brain cell contribute to these inane questionnaires.

    • ‘If we were to chart the last 3 polls, the graph looks like this’.

      This may be helpful Nathan?

      • Justine Kase – perhaps…but, again, I do not see/feel/heard anyone wanting to vote for Labour

        • That’s not a surprise given your hard right wing comments would indicate you mix in only right wing circles.

          • NSC, Mr. Squeaky do you have circle a circle in which you mix and if yes is it concentric?

  3. … and now this wonderful government is seriously considering curtailing the activity of the pay equity group in government. At least half the population should be very pissed about this as we all know that there should NOT be any pay gap due to gender. This is another example of the current administration being unable to consider fairness in their policy making. Great work Nats/ACT(should be no action)/ WinstonFirst voters. Hope you now realise the folly in your knee-jerk reactions toward the previous Labour/Green government. As luck would have it, this government is very unlikely to last the term due to the already obvious fault lines between the parties in the Coalition of the Mindless and the ongoing stupid behaviour by some of the participants – e.g. Winston’s latest rubbish being exposed for what it is, Seymour’s divisive posturing and Lex’s obvious inability to manage the whole circus.
    For balance, I need to add the stupidity is not limited to the right – the dumfuckery of Gorilz and more recently, Julie-Ann, from the Greens has not been good for the Greens – strangely it doesn’t seem to have impacted on the party’s polling.

    • “as we all know that there should NOT be any pay gap due to gender” The problem with this is if you took a random sample of men and another of women the mens annual pay will always be more. This has nothing to do with pay inequality and everything to do with the fact men are much more likely (as a percentage) to be in higher paying jobs. Taken over a life time women are much more likely to have periods of time where they are out of the work force for things like children or working part time while in a relationship. Men tend to work more hours than women, all of these things and others mean that pay equity will never be achieved.
      Having said that, I agree that a women doing the same job to a similar standard and the same hours with the same qualifications as a man should be paid the same. The problem is, the statistics and serveys are always averaged.

      • Just to clarify. When i say higher paying jobs I mean types of jobs not paid more for the same job. (although i’m sure this happens sometimes)

  4. Labour haven’t presented a “vision” since Roger Douglas – and that was the wrong vision. They are simply Blairites who accept neoliberal economics and tinker a bit around the edges. And of course people don’t like this are “dinosaurs”. Like national/NZ 1st/act, they are good at labels and name-calling but fuck-all else.

  5. David Seymour admits to the need to borrow for tax cuts

    1 second ago
    That 15bill $ interest is charged on top compounding. Looting NZ in my book! What corporate raiders do!

    51 minutes ago
    Its always the people who talk most smugly and confidently that are able to consistently regurgiate the most braindead political speech imaginable

  6. The Lux-Sey-Win government Our version of the liz Truss Government?

    Peter Oborne Absolutely DEMOLISHES Liz Truss


    1 year ago (edited)
    Just rich gangsters. Thanks for the clarity.

    1 year ago
    If….she has destroyed the conservative party for ever, it’s the only decent bloody thing shes ever done in her political career.

    • Do you ever have anything worth contributing yourself Jay11? or just cherry pick others that comment on blogs you visit.
      Lazy bastard…

      • True I’m not original but rely on trusted sources of insight who have studied and understood various issues more than I have time or inclination to do. I rely on information like a clearing house to shine light on topics. If I were really lazy I wouldn’t bother to even do that. My originality is my experience as to what is true and relevant and what is distorted idealogy. A website that has this approach is http://www.informationclearinghouse.info

        • No need to explain jay11 if idiots cant see the research you do, they are just trolls.

      • And all you do is troll others you lazy hard right wing troll. Any intellect to add to the subject topic or is it just all quiet on the new Whale Oil site that you need to visit here you lazy bastard.

  7. National attacking the messenger for sounding too ‘frothy’ for just simply reporting what is happening in the polls is a sure sign of desperation.

    But this i how the right operates.

    They tell everyone that money doesn’t really matter and that anyone can pull themselves up by their bootlaces if they really want something..

    In the same breath they are complaining that they are struggling to get ahead because they, (supposedly, got a bad inheritance.

    And that sums them up really.

    We can’t get ahead unless we get a good inheritance… vs..
    their lecturing tone of… ‘stop complaining and put your head down , put in the huge hours, overtime and weekends, do 3 jobs if you have to…make every cent a prisoner for 30 years straight to scratch out a meagre deposit for a house….and… one day you’ll be rich like me’.

  8. Despite what you were lured into thinking, National is the mother of neo-liberalism and with the help of an enthusiastic private pirate club of greedy, sub-class urban kiwis, so now, is Labour.
    We have no politics within the concept of a modern, social democracy where people vote and are involved. We have instead a power-fetishist hierarchy of mono subculture money cultists who’s mantra is greed is good thus fuck you, work harder, now gimme your money.
    We’re in deeper shit than most can conceive of and the collective, well cultivated ignorance they sell us daily will be our undoing if we abandon our responsibilities to think before we work before we pay taxes.
    P.S. On that note; our politics and our agrarian PRIMARY INDUSTRY economy is in ruins from predatory exploitation’s and yet who do we call? Jonk E! Ghost psycho!

  9. In case anyone is wondering about The Opportunities Party, I can tell you that the party is in a rebuild phase. We need internal overhaul – constitution, party processes and a new Board. We have the new Board, and a Special General Meeting was conducted several weeks ago to get the other process of getting a new constitution and internal overhaul underway.

    It is basically moving on from the internal structures that Gareth Morgan put in place when he established the party. Too much power concentrated in too few hands.

    Hopefully we will be ready by the time this coalition collapses. I don’t expect it to last beyond Winston giving David Seymour the reins next year – if Bob Carr’s defamation suit doesn’t crash the Government first!

  10. Excellent article. Points out two things: labour doesn’t have to do anything to show in at the next election, because the coalition of chaos will push voters to them, and secondly, the ideologs and tin foil hatters have had a huge wake up call and now realise they’re going to be dumped big time. The pressure will go on the Ruth Richardson’s clone for a reasonable budget that doesn’t exacerbate the poor performance. Overall, the polls to date, reinforce the current political spectrum in NZ. There’s a solid core of support for TPM of about 5% with four safe electoral seats, and about 8% for the Greens. Labour’s core support is 25%+. That’s 38% core left wing support. NZF core support is 3% and ACT has about 5% core support. National has the same 25% core support, meaning the right in NZ has a core support of 33%. The other 29% is NZ swing vote, which is large by international standards. Much of that swing vote is middle class public servants and businesses/workers dependent on them. Where has this government been most destructive? Well, the poll is no surprise. What this government failed to realise is that each and every public service redundancy affects about 20 people, friends and relatives of those hurt. In a small country like NZ, that counts, it counts a lot, far more than they allow for. Both the left and right need to take heed of this, now and in the future.

    • In 2 years those laid off will be back in work and as often the case happier about the job they are in . If this National government strick to the script the economy will I prove and the private sector tor will absorb the good workers and with less public servants the tax will go on Improving all our lives not on salaries

    • NSC through your extreme bias you don’t have the capability to view any issue objectively.
      Accordingly your views are irrelevant.

      • Funniest thing you’ve ever said . Unlike you I’m not bias, my job is to hold your openly right wing biased views to account. It is now at the point every time you comment it’s an embarrassment, accordingly your comments are irrelevant and immature.
        You are simply a troll.
        Wisdom tried to catch you but you were simply to fast.

        • NSC your comment should read “I’m not biased.”
          In future if you wish I can edit your comments before you publish them.
          Flattered you continue to use my word combinations.

          • Bob the fister, your grammar is one of a 2 year old.
            I suggest you get your kindy teacher to proof read your horrendous posts and I am willing to assist if they are unable.
            By the way the word you were looking for was ” standardise” not standardize”.
            Carry on Bob the troll.
            I am flattered by your attention.

          • Another very embarrassing post by Bob the fister, who clearly has no life.

  11. ” Points out two things: labour doesn’t have to do anything to show in at the next election, because the coalition of chaos will push voters to them, and secondly, the ideologs and tin foil hatters have had a huge wake up call and now realise they’re going to be dumped big time.”

    Interesting take Richard but what I think is happening globally and in NZ is what theorists call “Dealignment ” , those voters who no longer hold loyality with both Labour or National but also these voters are disillusioned, disappointed or have been ‘ shit on ‘ and don’t align with any choices on offer.

    Interesting last night was watching live coverage of the young students protesting on campus by erecting tent cities. Dealignment was being voiced in the interviews with the students, that neither Trump nor Biden represented this generation .

  12. Thanks for your explanations of why this is happening — good as any I’ve heard. Though I’m open to others.

    Politics is accelerated these days.

    Never want to see a middle-class Labour back in power again, but the Greens are imploding, probably for the same reason.

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