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  1. A 15ha-plus estate in Queenstown sold for more than $40 million — making it New Zealand’s most expensive house of all time.6 Sept 2023.

    A report into the condition and future of Premier House has finally been released, with one of the options it explored to refurbish the site costing up to $80 million.

    The report recommended a $33m refurbishment and also said a long-term maintenance plan for the prime minister’s official residence should be adopted, which would cost $27m over 20 years.

    • It shows on your CV that you have grand visions, and will boldly put them forward adding to the lustre and importance of the entity they are working for. Cripes if that is what those entities are looking for, get your training in management and command skills, a well tailored suit, get your teeth seen to and front up. If you don’t get the job you’re a cissy.

      • With the country in recession and many struggling to get by, a $33m refurbishment for the prime minister’s official residence seems to be a “let them eat cake” moment

  2. Hemp oil can come into its own.
    Grocery experts are warning consecutive years of extreme weather conditions in Spain and the Mediterranean are creating a global shortage of olive oil.

    “We’ve currently got good supply so there’s no need to rush out and top up, but with olive oil being a hugely popular grocery item both here in New Zealand and around the world, we’re already thinking about solutions and alternatives…

    Start growing local crops on land owned by a local trust with many members that get paid a little and some of the oil. The Trust always to be local and not run by a people’s committee. The ones at the top would eventually devise a better scheme so don’t give them too much particular power and have real authority distant and hard to bend, and heavy questions about block voting. All decisions to be made finally by locals though those overseas can pass on info they pick up that’s helpful and relevant. Be careful about borrowing money or becoming some wealthy person’s project; wealthy patrons can get excited by buying their way into the community heart; we don’t want to become a ‘cargo cult’ or become peasants.

    We may have to become vassals to ensure that we have housing and home gardens as well as community ones; some system that provides a living and enables families and groups to have a satisfactory life and community spirit, able to help each other and work for the lord; or become tenant farmers and have personal skills that are earners. Being practical here!

    The dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which the nobility held lands from the Crown in exchange for military service, and vassals were in turn tenants of the nobles, while the peasants (villeins or serfs) were obliged to live on their lord’s land and give him homage, labour, and a share of the produce, …22 Noe 2018
    Feudalism – World History Encyclopedia › Feudalism

  3. I don’t agree with school’s running themselves. And this is a private school I suppose but I think this item shows that the board of a school may have no idea of the wide coverage of matters that good education can provide; socialisation for one. They may have no idea of what is required to teach well, and also view staff like shop assistants, or just someone delivering a product. Such people who have no idea of higher intellect have a space in their brain that will remain forever empty.

  4. Sounds punchy and possibly enlightening.. like lightning!
    And the Weak Suffer What They Must?: Europe, Austerity …
    Amazon › … Whakamāoritia tēnei whārangi
    Austerity book yanis varoufakis – about from
    A #1 Sunday Times bestseller [UK]
    A titanic battle is being waged for Europe’s integrity and soul, with the forces of reason and humanism losing out to …
    What? Wait till next week for the next exciting episode.

    How can an impoverished country like NZ on low wages, om a recession, with high land prices afford a stadium like this. A vaping or cocaine pipe dream. And the planner and builder will not be around to see it through, they will have shifted to Australia or other bigger venues for their personal performances.

    Similar – Why did the Sheraton Rarotonga close?
    Sheraton signed up to manage the property and work began on its construction in 1990. As the money slowly disappeared into a mafia black hole, the project was abandoned when it was 90% complete due to lack of funds.
    The Lost Resort, Rarotonga – Crooked Compass › sheraton-lost-resort

  6. Responding to both here and Bowalley Road, the best (and, only, in politics,) response to criticism is to do better. So, I’m happy. Not free exchange of views as these places promise, but better. Since we believe above all in good faith. The Right takes care of the bad faith bit.

    Good looking horses going cheap. Foreigners on lifestyle blocks would like to have one for the ambience I’m sure. And for the rest of us they would go nicely in shared backyards of a well off enclave, providing feeding and regular exercise. A horse would keep female teenagers away from boys for a while and away from twerfs or smurfs or whatever. But the horses would need careful training of course. And you could learn about yourself while doing that as horses tend to be good animals to know.

    And perhaps one could claim a tax deduction for replacing car use with horse use. Could also take up homing pigeon racing at the same time so you have transport and can develop communication paths with your favourite people.

  8. Associated Press reporter Jack Jeffery gaslights us, by raising doubts after another “video emerges” that “appeared” to show a shooting of unarmed Palestinians by the IDF

    “…similar clips that have surfaced in recent months, showing Palestinians in war-stricken Gaza being fired at or killed while seeming to pose little threat to Israeli forces”

    The video didn’t ‘appear’ to show Palestinians killed while “seeming to pose little threat to Israeli forces.

    The video showed Palestinians killed while they they posed not threat to Israeli forces. And the followed other videos that show the same thing.

    Jack Jeffery fails to mention the IDF killing of three unarmed Israeli hostages in similar circumstances. All this reveals a pattern of systematic murder of unarmed civilians in Gaza by the IDF


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