Why do Cracker Rednecks and Religious Fanatics have to own every space?


Karangahape Road rainbow crossing in Auckland covered with white paint

    • The rainbow crossing on Karangahape Road outside St Kevin’s Arcade was covered with white paint overnight Wednesday.
    • The paint was smeared along the road as commuters made their way through the city on Thursday morning.
    • It follows similar vandalism to a rainbow crossing in Gisborne earlier this week.


If Destiny Church are concerned about the sexual molestation of children, shouldn’t they be attacking the Church rather than rainbow pedestrian crossing?

My daughter has been to Drag Story Time at her local library when she was a kid because it’s good for kids to be tolerant of others which is what Drag Story Time is all about.

That the religious local MAGA redneck fuckwit brigade would attack tolerance rather than the actual sexual molestation rife throughout organised religion would be hilarious if it weren’t so fucked up.

Why are we allowing social policy to be dictated to us by people who believe in a magical flying invisible wizard for all their moral decisions?

Why do Cracker Rednecks and Religious Fanatics have to own every space?

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It is offensive and outrageous in the extreme for ACT, NZ First and National to call Women’s Space, Queer Space, Māori Space and Pacifica Space at Auckland University ‘KKK’, ‘Separatism’ or ‘Segregation’…

University’s designated areas for Māori and Pasifika students ‘comparable to Ku Klux Klan’, says Winston Peters

Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters says the University of Auckland’s action of having designated areas for Māori and Pasifika students were comparable to alt-right racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

“It is phenomenal that we not only would accept this as New Zealanders, but that some people have not learnt the lessons of our world’s history of horrors with this type of thinking,” Peters said.

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said he hasn’t seen “the detail” of the segregated sections but at first glance, he said they looked “totally inappropriate”.

“There is no place for discrimination or segregation in New Zealand. Universities should be places of inclusion, not exclusion,” Luxon said.

Act tertiary education spokesperson Dr Parmjeet Parmar said she is contacting all the universities in the country and will be attempting to remove the “segregated” areas.

She said the signs are reminiscent of an “ugly past” that New Zealand has left behind.

She wants an explanation from Auckland University to the taxpayers who “keep their doors open”.

“It is disappointing that it even needs to be said, but Act’s position is that blocking people from spaces based on their ethnicity is unequivocally wrong,” Parmar said.

…they are competing for culture war bullshit rhetoric against spaces that have been at Auckland University for 4 decades FFS!

These spaces provide important resources for those students to access alongside support and counselling.

To denigrate these spaces on a University and threaten them is fucking fascism and the speed and ease with which this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing

Government have moved to start purging those their redneck voters despise should wake every Kiwi who is disgusted by these tactics.

They are openly vandalising the egalitarian state and calling it performance art!

The Right will not stop if they start.

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  1. Are you sure it wasn’t the Tax Payers Union painting over wasteful spending! How many hundreds of thousands in consulting fees and paint did it cost to paint a cycle lane pink? And why? For what benefit?

    • Well my old mother-in-law was a dab hand with the paintbrush. Said there was nothing like a nice coat of white paint to freshen something up. Knitted and crocheted and spun her own fleece too, but gave new leases of life galore with her brushes.This wasn’t her though, she’s gone aloft.

  2. “Why do Cracker Rednecks and Religious Fanatics have to own every space?”
    Is it because they’re fucked in the head? I do truly believe that they are and that’s why I don’t believe in the common or garden variety God which the crackers and fanatics relish weaponizing more than anything but I do believe in good Ecstasy.
    3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA), commonly known as ecstasy (tablet form), and molly or mandy (crystal form), is a potent *empathogen–**entactogen with stimulant and minor psychedelic properties.
    * https://adf.org.au/drug-facts/empathogens/
    ** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empathogen%E2%80%93entactogen

  3. As an atheist I have little time for any religion, particularly the indoctrination of children before they have formed an independent world view–but–do not go around painting “you are all wasting your time” on Church buildings.

    Painting over the rainbow crossing was a pathetic act, akin to vandalising Jewish cemeteries. Libertarians are not that keen on alternative views and free speech when it comes down to it.

  4. I don’t understand this. Years ago when OU students painted footprints overnight, leading from the Post Office Savings Bank into a local pub, they were dry by morning. It can be cold in Dunedin, damn cold. Resene do a paint which dries at low temperatures and this sort of mess shouldn’t be happening. It could happen again. Best perhaps if councils rethink their own creative endeavours.

    Further, pedestrians on rainbow crossings are walking all over a significant emblem in a culturally or gender insensitive manner. Few tread softly.

    • I’m sure Uganda awaits if you hate LGBT’s that much. Or maybe Ghana, Poland, Hungary or Russia. They are strung up from lamposts in those countries.

      50 years of socialism/communism in those countries and we still still couldnt beat those reactionary attitudes out of them.

      • No no no. You do not understand. Again. Pedestrians walking on rainbow crossings need to tread softly, for they are treading on hopes and dreams.

        Walking over flags, or banners, or icons is discomforting, or even objectionable, and in some countries it is a heinous crime. So too a rainbow crossing is a symbol important to the rainbow community.

        Walking over it, at the very least, is supremely ironic. It soils it, and eventually erases it. Colourful helium balloons in the night sky could be rather nice, harder to attack, and ever so much less messy if they were.

        The OU students were much better planners. Timed for 2am, an army from Knox College, each armed with a template, swept into the Octagon, and before you could say,”Robbie Burns “, the deed was executed, neatly. The Aucklanders were clumsy and sloppy. If they just threw the paint down and made a big mess then they should face the full force of the law, one way or another.

      • Millsy you’re even more deluded than I realized if you think the Soviet bloc tried to “beat” homophobia out of people. And you know that Fidel Castro sent gays to labour camps, right?

        • If you consider a sanatorium to be a work camp, and all homosexuals to be carriers of HIV, I suppose that sentence is accurate.

          • No Mo, the labour camps began during the 1960s, before AIDS. Castro denounced “maricones” as “agents of capitalist imperialism”, and counter-revolutionaries.

  5. Their actions are as pointless as people gluing themself to the road to protest about trains & I imagine that only the paint/cleaning chemical suppliers will gain anything from their efforts.

    • Not hospitals. They’re full of sick people and the religious ones are nearly all scared of going to hell and need those chapels to pray and plea bargain in. It might be easier to just get the army to shoot anyone they see in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings at night.

      • Nah, in the hospitals as well. Remove them from all publicly owned property.
        They’re just designated safe-place sanctuaries, every bit as divisive. They even promote a nasty book that supports slavery and calls for the murdering of witches, adulterers and homosexuals .
        Do we really want to promote or tolerate that?

  6. Statistically I’d much sooner leave my kids in charge of a drag queen than a religious of any sort. I suspect many abusers choose the church simply because it gives them a certain authority over church members and a measure of trust which allows them latitude in abusive behaviour. I’m acquainted with a couple of people who were abused by priests in the past, whose parents punished them for telling the truth – simply because it was a priest.

  7. Will they get a Mulligan because there are church? That’s the main question in my mind. We know who did it, we know who encouraged it, and no better how much conservatives cheer them on, it is actually vandalism which puts people’s lives in danger. So will they be punished? I can’t wait.

  8. given the increasingly bad stats for boys in education(if the motivation is indeed redressing inbalances) can we please have boys/men only spaces please? no, thought not

    and don’t say males have all other spaces because in nz they clearly don’t before you go offfff on one name a space where women are not allowed.


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