MEDIAWATCH: Slater vs Plunket – When Whaleoil is beating you in an ethics argument, time to tap out

This is like a death cage match between Lord Voldemort and a MAGA Republican in that you aren't sure who to cheer for, but you hope they end up both killing each other.


Ummmmm, WTF?

Sean Plunket, Cam Slater in nasty argument over Down syndrome dolphin comments

Rival internet provocateurs Sean Plunket and Cameron Slater are engaged in an online war of words over Plunket’s recent derogatory comments around people with Down syndrome.

The controversial The Platform broadcaster apologised on Wednesday for comments he previously made in response to a SailGP race through a marine sanctuary being delayed due to a dolphin sighting.

Plunket stated Māui dolphins were “like the Down syndrome kids of marine mammals. They’re cross-bred and they deserve to die.”

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In response, Slater – the former the Whale Oil blogger best known as a key player in New Zealand’s ‘Dirty Politics’ era – called Plunket a “pig” in a tweet.

Sean Plunket, Cam Slater in nasty argument over Down syndrome dolphin comments

Plunket hit back with several replies including saying Slater’s parents were first cousins and referring to him as “dolphin boy”.

Slater responded: “So, let’s this straight. You compare Māui dolphins to Down syndrome kids, say they should be killed, cop negative pushback, then you issue an apology that you prefaced with an attack on me and others, essentially saying you are only sorry you got busted… then after you do the apology you come back here and call me ‘dolphin boy’ clearly implying I’m Down syndrome too… yeah, you aren’t sorry at all.”

In his video apology about his Down syndrome comments, Plunket lashed out at the “pile on” and “trolling” he had subsequently received, as well as regretting his “dumb” statements.

This is like a death cage match between Lord Voldemort and a MAGA Republican in that you aren’t sure who to cheer for, but you hope they end up both killing each other.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are EVER in a fight over ethics with Cameron Fucking Slater AND HE’S WINNING, it’s time to tap out.

Seans comments are jaw droopingly ugly and it really demands an answer as to why Chippy keeps going on his show.

There is a difference between being Contrarian and needlessly cruel.

As much as it pains me to write the words, Slater is right and Sean crossed a nasty line for little more than light entertainment.

That’s such an ugly indicator of where we are as a media industry right now.

Why the Fuck is Chippy feeding the Trolls on The Platform?

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      • Wrapped in chains and tossed off the back of a fishing boat? Yeah, that would work.
        All in Comic Sans for effect.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the different perspectives from The Platform but Plunket is off tap here.
    Warrants a proper apology.

  2. I’ve always been pretty ambivalent about Sean Plunkett and Cameron Slater. Generally I would have thought Slater was the nastier of the two although Plunkett has had his shock-jock moments over the years.

    But those comments are reprehensible. Just down right cruel and if Plunkett had a shred of decency in him he would issues a massive mea culpa. Who the hell says something like that and thinks it’s funny?

  3. Let them fight. It might wake a few people up to how utterly bereft of brain and comprehension they all are.
    Anyone with a platform on which to spew their poisonous views without interference, will sooner or later, look like the fools they are.
    Chippy might go on The Platform because Jacinda got mauled for giving up on Hosking.
    None of them is worth a jot, but they don’t like to be ignored. Their egos, though large, are fragile.
    So Chippy is playing the game.

  4. Of course, you enjoy him Bob your peas of a pod Plunkett needs a kick up his proverbial a…e
    He is a nasty piece of work. We are becoming a very nasty nation unfortunately we can’t send people like Bob back to where he came from.

  5. Jesus Christ, Plunkett versus Slater – who to support? What a choice. Personally I think bring out the cage, let them fight. Only one comes out alive. My money is on Plunkett.
    Actually, I didn’t even know that Slater was still active. I got kicked off his blog years ago for a comment that began “Well the science actually says …” And I honestly haven’t bothered following him except I was sort of glad that he was sued out of business. Obviously just like Alex Jones you can’t keep a good man down.

    • Never been a Slater fan, he’s a pretty toxic person with mental health issues, I feel a bit sorry for him, yet not because he’s really damaged some other people.
      But I doubt you got booted for the science GS, probably more because you are a boring morally superior woke narcissist.
      Or maybe that’s just you on every other blog.

      • Do you have the same sympathy for Golriz Ghahraman Keepcalmcarryon, mental health issues and all?

  6. Sean’s comment on our brothers and sisters with Downs Syndrome are disgraceful and not worthy of him. There is nothing funny here. Please Sean a full apology is required

  7. “This is like a death cage match between Lord Voldemort and a MAGA Republican in that you aren’t sure who to cheer for, but you hope they end up both killing each other.”

    Martyn don’t sink to their level. Hoping “they end up both killing each other” is arguably as bad as the comment that started this.

  8. ah – the ole rabbit hole gets dark pretty quick. Someone should have floated a half a dolphin efigy squirting blood through the course on Sunday – that would have sparked a few hankies and bottles of bolli getting knocked over.

  9. This is a classic case of “if you’re going to say something offensive, it had better be way more funny than it is offensive”. If you fall short of the funny component as Sean did, you will suffer the consequences although a small victory is making his blogger nemesis seem thin skinned and a “can dish it out but can’t take it” type of person.

    • Never thought Plunkett had more brains and this has been proven multiple times, just add this to the list.

  10. ” Wrestle a pig and you get covered in shit ”

    I would take a pig or any other barn animal over Slater every time.

    He is near the top of our most deplorable individuals list.

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