ACT denigrate the memory of Efeso Collins and Ranganui Walker for culture war race baiting


University of Auckland student shuts down segregation allegations levelled by Act Party

A University of Auckland student is hitting back at claims by the Act party that designated spaces for Māori and Pasifika are racist, claiming they are vital for their wellbeing.

Photos show a sign outside a study area in the central Auckland campus saying: “This is a designated area for Māori and Pasifika students”.

The coalition Government party said the signs were reminiscent of an “ugly past” that New Zealand has left behind. The tertiary education spokesperson is investigating whether other universities have the same areas and attempting to shut them down.

University of Auckland law student Shakeel Shamaail, of Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kurī and Taranaki descent, was outraged at the Act Party’s position, saying the spaces are vital for wellbeing and counter discrimination they face daily.

The spaces for Māori and Pasifika are a long-standing tradition at the University of Auckland and were championed by writer Ranginui Walker and politicians Hone Harawira and Efeso Collins.


Shitting on the legacy of Ranginui Walker AND Efeso Collins?

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That’s called the Cracker Snooker!

Imagine how much ACT Incels will freak out when they hear about Women’s Space!

Only the most mentally disabled Right Winger would attempt to compare Māori Space, Women’s Space and Polynesian spaces on Campus where those minorities can retire from Honkey Male Space with this…

…unbelievable isn’t it?

In our case, Women’s Space, Māori Space and Pacific Island Space are created to give those minorities their own space to breath. In the above example, it is Apartheid by white people imposing their power over those spaces.

Comparing the two is only an exercise ignorant rednecks embark upon.

ACTs frenetic Twitter feed comes across like a 19 year old Incel who hasn’t masturbated for a week!

That Auckland University removed the sign is cowardice and a reminder that Universities need independent Student Unions so that the gutlessness Auckland University has displayed here by bending to the culture rednecks could be challenged with protest.

I’ll leave the final word to Ranginui Walker…




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  1. Now, if these were safe spaces for enthusiasts of molesting young surfers, doubtless ACT would have a different view on this.

  2. We should make NZ a safe place from act party members, send them to the Auckland islands sounds like a good idea although the seabirds and other wildlife probably won’t like the change.

  3. When I was doing my degree at Victoria (as an adult student) they closed down the Womens studies office using the same old patriarchal shite, ‘why should women have their own gender studies’.
    Yet when you walk around the corridors of Victoria University the walls are adorn with old while men and their long-haired wigs. And yes, corrupt Gnat, acts charter schools’ policy is a form of segregation and hypocrisy when these schools do not have to abide by the same regulations, and they receive more money per student. Really act just want to privatise everything nothing is sacrosanct with these mongrels.

    • Those old white men are the people who established and endowed and taught at VU and that’s why their pictures are on the walls. However, but for women, none of them would ever have been born. However, there were problems with the Women’s Studies Dept that pertained to the department, and nought to do with the patriarchy. The acting HOD in my time there, was later done for shoplifting.

  4. As long as they can have an Incel Safe Space, (no woman allowed). Problem solved 😉

    New Zealand has a rich tradition of ethnic and religous safe spaces, Northern Club, Wellington Club, Maori Racing Club, NZ China Friendship Society, Catholic Womens League, Frontiersman.

  5. Overreaction from ACT, etc. Safe spaces for Maori have been a thing for years. Next thing, they will be calling for the NZ Maori rugby team to be closed down.

  6. The only University I went to was the University of life so do not know how campus works but if there are earas where i can not go because of my colour or gender I would call that discrimination. Are there areas dedicated to male white people .?

    • Don’t be silly Trevor. Everyone knows that white males are oppressors. Only victims (i.e. everybody except cis white males) need safe spaces. Didn’t you pay any attention to Marama Davidson’s words of wisdom?

    • Just about the whole western world is dedicated and accessible to (and ruled by) white males, Trevor.
      I find you greedy (so not generous) and unkind. And a bit shallow actually.
      If you’ve never attended University, it may be hard to imagine what it’s like, don’t you think? I also assume you’re not Maori or
      Pacific Islander. You sound British, but I may have that wrong.

      • I am British .I was a £10 pom to Australia. I faced some discrimination but not too bad.
        Why greedy I just think that once you go down a track of picking winners and losers it hard to know where to stop. I do not need an university education to know how to live a good life with respect of others.

        • Good to hear you’ve not experienced much discrimination, Trevor.
          It’s horrid to be at the receiving end of that, believe me.
          I think that most, if not all, of us are in need of places where we feel relaxed because we know we are accepted there for who we are regardless of our background. For many of us these places need to be created because they’re not automatically available. So, if Maori and Pacific Islanders have this kind of space carved out for them in their universities, I think it’s greedy for someone like you (who can go anywhere he likes and can feel relaxed and can take being accepted for granted) to begrudge people -who are not that lucky- a space in their universities to meet and breathe.
          (By the way, I’m actually surprised by your comments because I believe you when you say you know how to respect others).

  7. Of course all races receive racial abuse, if we are going to split everyone in to groups to save each other it’s bound to make it way better or perhaps , massively not.

    Statistically Asian people are considerably more likely to face racial abuse than Maori, Pacifica or Europeans, where are their safe spaces? It’s clearly stopping Asian people achieving academically /sarc.

    All racial abuse is bad, but there is no end to the identity politics of “othering” if we continue down the road to separatism.

    • Lets be clear, this is another ACT party construct, yet have Charter schools as safe places as alternatives to mainstream schools?/ not sarc.


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