Waatea News Column: What News Media closures means for Māori Journalism and NZs Fourth Estate?


The Fourth Estate obligations of news media in a democracy are sacrosanct. Our democracy is weakened terribly by the Newshub collapse and steep cuts at TVNZ.

We already live in a social media hate algorithm where misinformation and disinformation are rife.

We need stronger public broadcasting media, not less.

Māori media from the Māori Radio Stations to Māori TV and the Māori content on mainstream media are now going to be serving a media electorate who have no choice but to turn to Māori journalism to find out what is happening.

During a national disaster, many turn to local Marae for shelter and that is what will happen with the coming collapses in the media landscape, citizens wanting local journalism will increasingly turn to Māori media for that journalism.

Now is the time for Broadcasting Minister Melissa Lee to step up and give Māori media more public money in recognition of the extra importance Māori media will be to Fourth Estate Journalism after the TVNZ Newsroom cuts and dumping of Newshub.

The Broadcasting Minister says she wants to invest in future media, Māori media are that future because few else are left standing.


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First published on Waatea News.


  1. Maybe they can learn to code, fruit and vegetable picking. Lol the rest of us who have had to go find jobs


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