Simeon fails to deliver the roads he just promised while Shane Jones betrays NZ to big oil and gas – welcome to Old Zealand (

When these two are the answer the question is, "who can make the current situation far, far, far worse"

Oh this is priceless!

After attacking Labour for not starting the roads he’s just promised, he’s now u-turning on promising to build the roads???

Transport Minister Simeon Brown unsure about starting 8 Roads of National Significance this term

Transport Minister Simeon Brown is unsure if he can turn the ignition key on major motorway projects this term.

Brown promised voters at last October’s election to expect spades in the ground on eight Roads of National Significance over the first, three-year term after relentlessly criticising Labour for failing to deliver infrastructure projects.

But five months into the job, Brown said the Coalition Government remains committed, but could not put a start date on any of the Government’s Roads of National Significance, saying the delivery dates are a matter for NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi.

…the ease with which Kiwis are manipulated is surely an energy source we need to investigate to see if we can solve climate change and cure cancer.

As you are gasping at that u-turn, here’s big bad Dr Pork, Shane Jones, who remember has just gained unparalleled fast track powers, offering to pay the Oil and Gas industry reparations if a new Government is elected that dumps them again!

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Government exploring ‘corporate welfare’ for oil and gas

National and Act are willing to consider offering oil and gas companies compensation should they be subject to another ban by a future Government.

The Minister for Resources, NZ First’s Shane Jones, is looking into creating a type of bond scheme to give companies prevented from bidding for new exploration permits by the previous Government the confidence to invest in New Zealand again.

“I’ve asked officials to help overcome perceptions of sovereign risk,” Jones said, acknowledging he was only in the initial stages of investigating whether the Crown’s balance sheet could effectively be used to insure oil and gas companies against regulatory risk.

While National and Act strongly oppose “corporate welfare”, they are open to putting taxpayer money on the line to give oil and gas companies surety they won’t have the rug pulled out from beneath them again.

They. Will. Give. Climate. Criminals. Taxpayer. Reparations????

Each passing week we see a right wing blitzkrieg of culture war revenge fantasies pretending to be social policy and now we see the venal self interested donor policy that the lobbyists are fleshing out from their election talking points into actual legislation.

The shock of just how venal the self interest is will stagger Kiwis.

Old Zealand beat New Zealand and the Left desperately need to host an Opposition Rally weekend where the voices of resistance and our collective ideas need to be heard and debated between Labour, the Greens and the Māori Party alongside civil institutions.

This hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government must be opposed or else this inane bullshit will be cemented into place!


How big is my bullshit? This big!

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  1. Nats said they could build all 15 roads for 20 billion .105 kms from warkworth to whangarei will cost 11 billion so that leaves the rest just to get to tauanga maybe .The Ashburton bridge will cost another billion then there is the east coast .NZTA has costed the 15 roads at close at 40 billion and by the time work stars its more likely to be 60 billion and none if any will be started in the next 3 years .Another massive hole in his figures just like the 800 million blow out in the land lord hand outs .This is a government of waste and poor fiscal management.They have no show of a surplus by 2027 as promised .

    • They’ll hit the panic button very soon,(in fact it’s already planned), and sign N.Z up to a lifetime of overseas control by initiating the Chinese One Belt, One Road world domination scheme.

      The Chinese have been gagging to get in here and stupid Bill English would have done it 7 years ago had he not been voted out.

      However, he’s back, lurking in the background with his Blue Dragon mates wanting to finish off his dumb idea.

      Massive gangs of Chinese will be brought in to build the roads and the Auckland – North Shore harbour tunnel. They will then toll them for in perpetuity.

      Main parts of our roading network will then be controlled by them, and eventually, so will we .

      It’s happening all over the world. We are following what the 3rd World does now. That’s the level we are at!! This is a dumb, stupid, short- term thinking, as thick as, visionless, Government.

      They need to go, and the sooner the better.!!

  2. National and Act are willing to consider offering oil and gas companies compensation should they be subject to another ban by a future Government.

    Well maybe that is something they could look at when they get back into power once removed and a future left leaning government decide (as per voter demand) they ban mining again. That is – they could look at reparations one they get back into power rather than the leftist government being compelled to do so. Whatever they do can be undone with legislation by future administrations so they are really nothing more than more hollow words.

  3. The Mouse and Bed Pan Face. One squeaks behind the wallpaper while they other’s full of shit. Jesus wept! ( No disrespect to actual mice or bed pans intended.)
    The roads are being shredded by heavy transport carrying freight that should be on rail but remember how the Pig thought Big and now much of our rail infrastructure is cycle trails for the few tourists using them. Never mind primary industry infrastructure! Let’s get them tourists on bicycles! That’ll sort the economy!
    The problem with Kiwi’s is we’re cowards but worse, we’re stupid. We’re too stupid to investigate lest we discover we need to act but then we’re too gutless to act so… We’re a bit fucked then aren’t we?

    • Well you know What to do @ CB.
      Both the midget Pig and the Moore are buried at the Meadowbank cemetery. One is a gin soaked tragedy, the other buried with his share of festering Talley’s fish and some chups.
      There probably needs to be a greenfields housing development plonked on top of the both of them.
      Second thoughts, both are so slimy, stabalising the ground anywhere near them might be too costly.

  4. Maybe, they tucked into crayfish while it lasted before crayfish disappear as their food chain and the crayfish itself is suffocated by toxins and alluvial material from deep sea mining ?

    Ask the PNG government about the aborted Nautilis disaster and the $ 169M ( NZ $) the government lost.?

    Ask the combined African States who would each only receive about US $100000 whilst the mining companies would benefit from around 70% of the total project profits. ?

    Jiggery Pokery Jones,  like the mining companies,  is composing crafted narratives , not tested science,  to fulfil their desires ? The Pacific has become the new wild west for exploiters, possibly relying on financial need and naivety. Yet despite the missing science Jones is the self proclaimed expert.

    Ask why Pacific nations are calling for 10-year moratoriums on seabed mining ?
    Why are Norwegians pissed off?

    “No one knows about the environmental impact: not scientists, not Nautilus, not the government, nor you or I,” 
    because globally,  it’s still experimental in technology terms and untested consequences. There’s no international regulations for the Profiteers  to abide by !

    But AFTER the fact, once given any go ahead by myth creator Jiggery Pokery Jones , it’s too late to reverse the scale of any irreparable scars and impacts.

  5. Soon there will be a lot of homeless people National and co will make them ineligible (for motels) and the burden will fall on their whanau who are in struggle street themselves, its like a vicious cycle every time national get in power.

    • Another vicious cycle is to under fund police, education and health. People learn nothing from previous National governments.

  6. more proof that so far as the middle classes and the poor goes THE NATS ARE THE PARTY 0F TAX AND SPEND (on their cronies)


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