MEDIAWATCH: Q+A Review – The creepy Chris Bishop Interview: Crayfish for him, Austerity for us

WTF did you say?

Poor old Jack Tame couldn’t believe his ears as he heard Chris Bishop’s naked malice towards the environment as Bishop explained his Government’s radical attack on the environment, beneficiaries and social housing supply.

At this stage, I’m honestly waiting for this Government to announce a Nuclear Power Plant, the reintroduction of whaling and bringing back the death penalty.

TDB told you it would be a right wing privatisation agenda for Trans National Mining Interests to pillage our environment and Bishop is now openly admitting that’s exactly what is going to happen and that we as the electorate get to vote them out in 2026 if we are still horrified by what they’ve done.

This Government is getting smugger by the month!

Nothing sums up where we are as a people and a country right now quite like the manner in which Christ Bishop rewarded his staff for these 100 days of social carnage.

After slashing budgets and taking from the poor to give to the rich, Chris Bishop rewarded his staff with Crayfish…

…Crayfish for them.

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Austerity for the rest of us.



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  1. Bishop is a buffoon happy to shut down social houseing even tho he doese not own his own house after years of earning big dollars sitting around talking shit .He could not even organize a dump in an out back long drop

  2. National voters put this dick head (Bishop) in, now we all have to suffer, but who suffers the most. The tax cuts promised have hairs on them and this government is getting worse by the day. Luxons’ interview this morning on RNZ with Corin Dan was a train wreck. And now we have tricola saying she won’t meet her targets for debt reduction, well we all fucken knew deep down they were full of shite. The new health targets have equity issues, geez! does that mean they may have to do more targeting. They have 18 months to show improvements otherwise it should be gone and so should they. This coalition is destroying our country and our social fabric.

    • Could not have said it better myself…what a fucking mess and they’ve only been in 5 months .

      When Jack Tame asked Bishop …’ If the Cabinet Ministers have the final say, over the top of the ‘experts’ recommendations, as to whether a project should proceed or not, and it turns out to be a catastrophic disaster for the climate, what happens then’?

      Bishops pathetic irresponsible ,stupid, smug answer, was something to the effect….’Well the voters will get to decide at the next election’.

      Tame’s next question should have been….’I’m not talking about whether you would get voted back in again or not…i’m talking about the irreversible effects on the environment if there’s a disaster…so what is your plan to address that if it arises?!! ‘

      Of course … that question never was never proffered, so Bishop got away with his stupid answer and smug gormless grin. One of many stupid answers.

      Oh for a descent journalist who can think on their feet! …. We are well and truly stuffed…The country’s screwed!!

  3. Maybe, they tucked into crayfish while it lasted before crayfish disappear as their food chain and the crayfish itself is suffocated by toxins and alluvial material from deep sea mining ?

    Ask the PNG government about the aborted Nautilis disaster and the $ 169M ( NZ $) the government lost.?

    Ask the combined African States who would each only receive about US $100000 whilst the mining companies would benefit from around 70% of the total project profits. ?

    Jiggery Pokery Jones, like the mining companies, is composing crafted narratives , not tested science, to fulfil their desires ? The Pacific has become the new wild west for exploiters, possibly counting on financial need and naivety.
    Yet despite the missing science Jones is the self proclaimed expert.

    Ask why Pacific nations are calling for 10-year moratoriums on seabed mining ?
    Why are Norwegians pissed off?

    “No one knows about the environmental impact: not scientists, not Nautilus, not the government, nor you or I,”
    because globally, it’s still experimental in technology terms and untested consequences. There’s no international regulations for the Profiteers to abide by !

    But AFTER the fact, once given any go ahead by myth creator Jiggery Pokery Jones , it’s too late to reverse the scale of any irreparable scars and impacts.

  4. Chris Bishop.
    ” Bishop grew up in Lower Hutt and attended Eastern Hutt School, Hutt Intermediate School and Hutt International Boys’ School in Upper Hutt.[2] His father is political journalist, and founder of the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union, John Bishop, and his mother, Rosemary Dixon, is an environmental lawyer.[3] In 2000 he was a member of the New Zealand Youth Parliament, selected to represent List MP Muriel Newman.[4] He graduated Victoria University of Wellington with first-class honours in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics.[5] He claims to have won 10 intervarsity debating tournaments, including at the Cambridge Union and Sydney Union, and a range of awards for legal argument and oratory. He met his partner, Jenna Raeburn, through the Victoria University Debating Society. Bishop worked as a summer clerk at Russell McVeagh and Crown Law while at university.[3] While at university he had a part-time position at the Ministry of Education to draft letters for the then Minister of Education, Trevor Mallard.[6] ”
    And yet…
    “Then worked as a staffer to Steven Joyce.[7] Bishop is a former tobacco lobbyist for Phillip Morris.[8]”
    And so there he is.
    What, is wrong with us? I don’t care what’s wrong with him but I do care about what’s wrong with us.
    What’s wrong with us that we countenance such a complete cunt and we must remember, ( or try to forget.) that we pay the cunt a huge amount of money to do what he’s doing to us to boot.
    I was offered three large live crayfish not long ago. My neighbour opened a sack and down in there were alien creatures from the ocean. The larger one leaned it’s feelers towards me and eyed me with an extraordinary eye on a swivelling post and I just couldn’t do it. I literally couldn’t boil those amazing creatures alive just to turn them into a bowel motion. But a rich lawyer and natzo politician who’s father’s a far right nut could. I now have icy chills galloping up my tingling spine.
    ( You! Yes, you, you random, non-thinking lunatics. You voted for these fuckers. This, is on you.)

  5. The 2.9 billion tax rebate for landlords over the next 4 years, (rises to 915 million p.a. by 2027/28), could have been used to build 6000 homes, (2000 p.a thereafter). Family of four, that’s 24000 people housed. Our current wait list for houses, 25000.
    With growing unemployment the government could have put in place quality building apprenticeships to upskill local people and increase the number of local builders.
    Instead we dish out 3 billion over the next 4 years and live in hope some of it trickles down to rents.

  6. If he wants to give his troops crayfish, fine, but it should not have been done in a way that made it public knowledge. That’s massively arrogant, a kick in the teeth to citizens doing it tough because of his government’s policies, and certainly unjustifiably self- satisfied. A privileged background, but still his father went whining in the media when he couldn’t procure a sausage roll at a petrol station. Tobacco lobbyist is repugnant, and so is his seeming to think that life is just one big joke. We knew that National would be bad, but not this bad.

    • Sorry Gentle but having seen what they did to our society last time in bat, I knew it would be this bad.
      And to see ECE teachers heading to Aussie because of the cuts coming and seriously flawed people like Im right saying good riddance, says all we need to know about the intellect of right wing supporters.

      • Cheers. You’re right. Seeing our teachers being enticed away with cash is sobering. The police were already being wooed and leaving, while being subject to unrealistic expectations by their very own minister. Medics and nurses were already going, and basically trained persons are being treated appallingly, for no good reason. I’d hesitate to criticise persons trying to provide for their families thinking that it’ll be better elsewhere.

    • “If he wants to give his troops crayfish, fine, ”

      No not fine.

      Austerity for the masses. Tax cuts for landlord mates. Crayfish for the bureaucrats. More interest for the banks because they aren’t using the austerity to pay down the loans. Which means more continueing forever austerity for the masses

      • Joseph I don’t care about Chris’s crayfish, it’s not worth bothering about in the general scheme of things. Crass, yes. Gross, yes, but he’s a boy from the soulless Hutt Valley who made it to Parliament and thinks he’s a Messiah. Put him into context. His father penned a piece complaining about the unavailability of sausage rolls in petrol stations. That’s his background, and it shows the massive gulf between them and and families struggling to afford decent food, electricity, footwear, rent, transport, etc, and his either ignorance, or callous insensitivity, or indifference. That’s the issue, and it’s repeated time and time again with the Nats. They can party in private, but flaunting it is bloody bad. They did say that the taxpayer didn’t pay for those crayfish but that doesn’t make their assumption of privilege any more palatable. Luxon’s shiny black Mercedes trip verged on lunacy, IMO. Mitchell’s crap about fighting crime with a beleaguered police force and wishy washy mechanisms is of no solace to the community, let alone his majesty’s vanishing constabulary.

  7. One wonders why he went to a second rate local secondary school. If he’d been sent to a good school the way that John Campbell was, he might have ended up as good, and as mature, as John Campbell.

    • Chinese students dive for them over in Seatoun, and out the back of the airport. After the last biggish earthquake there were biggies, larger than any I ever saw in Kaikoura, where we put our own pots out. We could sit at night and watch them by torchlight. Paua could be prised off knee deep.

  8. They don’t care about you. They only care about your vote and only on the day you vote.

    The westminster system is designed to work that way to preserve power in the institutions that entrench 19th century white male european values.

    Every vote is a vote to maintain and validate that system. They are the political class and they have you right where they want you ; trapped, impotent and ignorant.

  9. They cram crayfish under urgency but seafood, like policy, needs to be consumed slowly, savored by the whole community.

  10. Now that cameras are no longer needed on fishing vessels we’ll never know to what extent the numbers Bishop stole, probably over his quota given the entitlement of National ministers


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