Protests across the country again today while the government “play-acts” concern for Palestinians


Our government continues its inexcusable support for Israel while it attacks and condemns Palestinian organisations and any acts of Palestinian resistance.

Early this week the government announced it was declaring Hamas to be a “terrorist organisation” despite having no evidence it was Hamas that was responsible for war crimes committed in the October 7th attack on Israel. It was a disgraceful cowardly announcement. 

At the same time the government has not once condemned Israel’s genocidal barbarity against Palestinians in Gaza over the past five months in which more than 30,000 Palestinians have now died.

Here for example is Winston Peters’ tweet yesterday saying the government is “appalled” at the Israeli slaughter of over 100 Palestinians desperate for food – no condemnation of Israel, not even a mention of those responsible for the slaughter – the Israeli Defence Force.



The government is play-acting concern for Palestinians while it stands firmly with the US/Israel. 

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Government announcements are based on the most vile anti-Palestinian racism – excusing pretty much everything the apartheid state of Israel has done in its 76 years of brutal oppression of Palestinians but condemning and demonising every act of Palestinian resistance.

Details of the protests against the government and its racist anti-Palestinian policies are on our Facebook event page here 



  1. Such a shame Palestinian parents didn’t consider their tamariki when they voted terrorists Hamas into power in 2006.

    • And those parents were happy to celebrate October 7 as well; they didn’t give a toss about other’s children.

    • Presuming that you know how to write so why don’t you make a chart of the number of Palestinians killed compared to the amount of Jews killed since 1946 alongside the land area they controlled since that time? That will give you some understanding as to why most people would view you as the village idiot.
      I do not support violence by any side. Still, it is illogical to complain about the wrong things Hamas does while ignoring the substantially larger problem that Israel is the cause of.

    • Seriously Gaby when did you ever give a shite about the true Semites the Palestinians?
      Unfortunately i have just watched a video that can’t be unseen, a caring Palestinian Father playing a video of his needlessly dying Son aged around 6 emancipated and close to death from starvation in Gaza and in comparison a video pre October 7th showing a healthy child.
      They level of starvation is akin to Ethiopia and the deliberate starvation of Gaza IS a war crime so when you bleat victim you will garner no sympathy from me. One mans freedom fighter, is another mans terrorist. I’ve chosen my side and im comfortable with that and it has nothing to do with “Antisemitism” but being raised with morals. Live with it.

    • Israel exhibits no higher virtue other than materialism. Where’s the honour? Where’s the integrity? Just the same old bankrupt within two generations.

  2. France, Germany and now Great Britain are cracking down on these protests and Islamist terror groups.
    Now that we have finally designated Hamas as the terrorists they always were can we have some action on our streets too?

  3. It must be a strange kind of logic from the left that allows them on the cheer on a people that hate women and gays so much.

    I guess “the enemy of my enemy (open democracy and free capitalism) is my friend.” How else can one explain the lefts support people that have no compunction to throw homosexuals off buildings, or murder their own female family members through honour killings?

  4. John might want to read “The position towards Occupational and Political solutions”.

    HAMAS utterly reject Israel in any form. The section I singled out says as much. Pre-1948. Post-1948, pre-1967; post-1967, pre-1973; post-1973-present. It matters not one jot to them. Israel is bad to HAMAS and is all that HAMAS want you to know: Israel is bad; Israel must go.

    That’s all HAMAS wants you to know about Israel and Israelis.

  5. Israel has no right to behave like they have done for the last 20 years taking peoples land and killing others that resist the theft .The exact same thing happened here in the 1860s ,women and children were slaughtered in their homes and their land taken .60000 ACRES SURROUNDING TE AWAMUTU ,AS WAS CELEBRATED THIS WEEK WHEN THE ANGALICAN CHURCH GAVE BACK 10 OF THOSE ACRES .

  6. I wish I could breathe fire for the Palestinians. If foreigners conquered my mother country of Scotland … well, they tried as per ‘Braveheart’.

  7. Foreigners conquered Palestine in the last century and have been trying to remove the people they conquered, AFTER the Nazis. Nup. At least among the non-braindead, but the braindead are a wide horde of fuckwits, hence the Holocaust.

    The way to criticize Israel is to make the tribal Jews understand we are the people who would be as furious about the Holocaust. Which we are.

    Gabe and Nate would go off like the sandflies they are.

    • You must then be equally furious about al-Husseini’s attempts to seed and propagate the Holocaust in the Middle East and to mentor the young Arafat, together with the forerunners of Hamas, in the mechanisms of terror. Furious also with Palestinian efforts to destabilise post 1948 Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt and Lebanon which has resulted in Egypt now closing its border to Palestinians looking to flee their terrorist rulers.

  8. Much appreciate your work for justice for the least powerful, no matter politics being ‘the art of the possible’, which has sent a certain person off to the Right.

    The criticism you get here is as nothingish as it gets. Aint truth from proof the best? Relied on it my entire life. V. my 4 sibs, who are insane religious conspiracists the provinces breed like maggots.

    Well, Chris Trotter was a farmer’s son, the Left more an idea than a reality. He indicated he went through a romantic Right phase — the uniforms. He’s gone home. I’m just Welfare State middle class misself, so my sibs have descended back to redneckery naturally.

    The ‘art of the possible’ thing ultimately pushed Chris off the goal. Lost his way. Why straight truth-speakers like you, Corbyn and Sanders last.


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