Justice Minister says he doesn’t care about human rights criticism of gang patch ban – NOW bring up Mark Mitchell’s mercenary past!


In Politics, timing is everything.

When Ginny Anderson decided to demand a body count from Mark Mitchell, the context was a ZB interview with the most reactionary cracker audience in NZ second only to The Platform.  

To successfully use Mark’s past as a military contractor against him, you needed to wait for National to do something brown shirty and fascist, which sadly for Ginny they just did!

Here’s Mark Mitchell on criticism about this stupid and counter productive Gang Patch Ban…

“I’m not gonna be lectured by the Labour Party or academics when over the last six years we’ve seen a massive increase in gang numbers and a huge increase in gang violence.

“All these people who are coming out as gang apologists and saying that we just have to accept that gangs will not adhere to the law, I totally reject that.”

…look at him fire up and demand the blunt force trauma of a military contractor!

Justice Minister Paul Goldsmith has just come out and said this Government doesn’t give a fuck if the laws break human rights…

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Justice Minister Paul Goldsmith says Bill of Rights won’t stop gang patch ban

…look at Paul Goldsmith fire up and demand the blunt force trauma of a military contractor!

On a serious note, Mark Mitchell knows more about communities that implode and radicalise than any other National MP, he has seen first hand what the break down of society via radicalism does, and yet here he is pushing laws that breach human rights and will actually radicalise the Gangs he’s seeking curtail!

Seeing as Judith Collins is the Attorney General, this all seems pretty moot because there isn’t a draconian abuse of power that Judith has met and loved.

The spike in gang violence is being generated by the 501 syndicates who are standing over domestic gangs and stealing Meth market share with cheaper, purer South American Cartel Meth.

NONE of that dynamic will be impacted buy this stupid fucking gang patch ban and dispersal rules.

Australian Biker Gangs are completely different from the domestic legacy gangs here in NZ who are deeply entrenched in communities. Dispersal notices and none association rulings will be immediately challenged in Court and get thrown out because they will be physically incapable of enforcement when you are talking family members.

Holding up draconian Australian laws (which are currently being challenged) and pretend they will work here is infantile.

We need a focus on the 501s who are generating the turf war, not some unenforceable gang patch ban that will automatically start conflict!

The most likely outcome is that this level of State harassment will generate radicalism in the communities you are trying to police and you will end up radicalising a whole group of criminals into becoming domestic terrorists.

See, NOW you have a reason to bring up Mark Mitchell’s private mercenary past!


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  1. Next they will ban all red and blue clothing which is where the gangs will turn to identify them selves while the patches will be in the wardrobe waiting for the big days like a tangi before they are brought out .Tangis will be 100 mourners and 500 cops ,what a fucken joke these clowns are .In the mean time while you are all worried about 8k gang members and a couple of thousand benies to bash you are being fucked over and more kids are living and dying in poverty daily .

    • … and a couple of thousand benies to bash … is likely to lead to further radicalisation and movement toward gang supports … when your only legal source of income is reduced or cut by judgmental middle class zealots, what options are there for survival? The only option left is crime and the proceeds therof. This toxic governments policies are very likely to lead to increases in crime, increases in prison muster, gated communities and an increasingly polarised society that will not be able to compromise on even the smallest of differences – good one fucktards!

  2. We seem to get more fired up about human rights of gangs & prisoners than of rights of their victims, of the wider society who have suffered and continue to suffer due to them. Yes, let’s fight for gang members rights to wear insignia, and someday our children can aspire to be one of them.

    • Can’t have laws for criminals because they won’t obey them anyway, but let’s impose harsher laws & more restrictions on the most law-abiding. Makes sense doesn’t it?

    • Benny. Let’s put it this way: Sometimes the rights of some have to be over-ridden in order for the rights of the many to be respected. This is one of them. Gang members or anybody else who wear insignia or dress in a way intended to intimidate others aren’t in a position to complain about their rights.

    • Well said Benny.The same can be said about neighbors of unruly state tenants that Labour did nothing about .
      People do have rights but they also have responsibilities to others.Ignore one side of that equation and the other does not apply so much.

    • Your understanding of the article is limited by your existing opinions. You will find that Martyn & I am sure probably all the readers & those commenting here do care about the rights of victims of gang actions however they are realistic enough to see that vindictive actions like patch removal which will give Mitchell, Collins & their numerous followers some temporary excitement will not help the victims either & could end up making things worse. The reason that children aspire to join gangs is that society has failed to offer them a better option & this new government with its rapid reverse into the dark ages will only cause more division & conflict within our society.

      • I think society has offered such children a better option. Education and the ability to use that to earn a living. Where society has failed is to not instantly gratify these children who see gangs and a quicker income from criminal activity to be far superior…

  3. “…Judith Collins is the Attorney General…”
    The Guardian
    “More women may be psychopaths than previously thought, says expert
    Dr Clive Boddy says assessment skews towards obvious male traits but female psychopathy is more subtle”
    The Daily Blog.
    “Paula Bennett would be the worst Mayor Auckland ever had”
    The Guardian
    “More women may be psychopaths than previously thought, says expert
    Dr Clive Boddy says assessment skews towards obvious male traits but female psychopathy is more subtle”
    Our politics is not [our] politics. It’s theirs. The psychopaths and the banks.
    Our democracy no longer exists and no one cares because they can drive a tesla past people rotting in the gutters.

  4. Moan and groan and shout at clouds all you want, the NZ voting public are always for any law restricting gangs, it’s a vote winner and no one cares about their ‘human rights’ when it comes to stopping their criminal actions.

    This is a vote winner and popular…I’m sure if Labour had not been so soft on the gangs (2.7mil soft) and did something to actually stop them offending or intimidating the public you would all be cheering, but as it’s this Govts policy its bad!?
    I see Stuart Nash has knifed Kiri and Chippy regarding gangs and law changes…delicious.

    • You need to read Mt 7:13-14 about the wide gate & majority of people before being so smug about a supposed election victory. I am a conservative church-going person from the same sort of family & gangs have never been a threat to me so if you had any sense you would recognise the willingness of the majority to bash others that are different from them as a warning regarding free choice instead of supporting it because it supports your own delusions of superiority.

      • Bonnie, what is ‘Mt 7:13-14’?

        A law, a statute?, please don’t tell me it’s a passage in some religious fairy story with virgin births and people rising from the dead….it’s not a JRR Tolkien novel is it, sounds like it.

        • As I already wrote we should allow free choice & you are obviously happy with ignorance, don’t come crying to me when the bunch of control freaks in government now decide to modify society in another way that disturbs your lifestyle.

    • Take another drag on your ciggie idiot rightie, your hypocrisy is mind-numbing. Moaning and Bitching should be your user name.

    • why would we care about gangs rights when we deliberately ignore how we fleece foriegn endentured fee paying labour

      ‘we had to get up in the morning pay t’mill owner for the priviledge of going to work’…used to be a satirical joke now it’s the nz sop

      • Well conditions of employment in Germany in the 1800’s required you to bring a lump of coal to work to heat the workplace so not without precedent Gagarin.

  5. The bad news for Mr Mitchell is gang members are largely community members also in provincial NZ. There are Police liaison officers who have spent years creating a relationship with some gang members. Many of us do not have a problem with gangs if you just leave them to it and say hello in the street.

    We have gangs because of neo liberal capitalism that has ensured the bottom 50% have just 5% of the wealth, and due to ongoing post colonial fall out. Career Crims in leather have been well taught by parasites in suits!

    I will be supporting any push back, human rights or whatever on removal of patches, because what will be next…union badges (it’s a union busting Govt.), red flags? GreenPeace banners?

    • Tiger Mountain It’s not always a good idea to make eye contact with them in the street. This evening an older tatted bloke was sharing cans with two younger ones on my return walk past and I pretended not to see them although they were sprawled out blocking the pavement.

  6. Is Mark Mitchell honestly saying that gang numbers have increased because of the choice of fashion? It does not make you an apologist for gangs to say making them invisible will alter their choice of membership or course in life. It’s such National bullshit speak

  7. Aaaah yes, of course, you were waiting for any little opportunity….chicken crosses road, now bring up Mark Mitchell…plane flies above, now bring up Mark Mitchell…All Blacks wear new mouthguards, now bring up Mark Mitchell…..You did it! 20 poins to you.

  8. As there are clearly not enough police to enforce such a stupid rule, Mitchell will use the case, when things get violent, to employ private military/security contractors to ‘protect’ the citizens of small towns, paid by the government. He has already retaliated in that interview with Anderson saying that private companies are more efficient than the government. Which is a weird thing for a politician to say. He is just setting the scene for it to happen.

    • Apparently private companies are already being used by state owned agencies to provide security – Kainga Ora – in Auckland to the tune of $300,000.

  9. If the government want to crack down on the gangs then do it, make the calls, send in the riot police and army.
    Otherwise banning jackets and bandannas, like bene bashing, is simply the bare minimum of effort:maximum pork for the base ratio in action for their redneck core, and nothing more than a left wing fluff policy equivalent.

  10. The current NZ government cares about human rights issues but not in their own country only other countries where people are being tortured and killed sic!

  11. I’ve been set up by a drug cartel consisting of dirty cops and lawyers in Dirty Dunedin. Someone needs to take out the rotten corrupt police and dirty lawyers working for the drug cartel here at Waipori Falls first. This level of corrupt process is off the scale, it’s obvious cartels are paying for hit jobs on people using the cops and the sham legal system. It’s totally disgusting and pure evil. I’m not the only person who has been subjected to this horrendous corruption from Waipori Falls. The truth will come out and shock NZ.

    • Sorry Dark Waters….is this the lead in blurb for a new NZ crime mini series?
      If not, sounds like it.

      Always remember, it’s not schizophrenic if the voices in your head all agree with you, that’s called delusional.

      • This is exactly what I’d expect from the demented experiment that is Waipori Falls, a gang of goons living in an ideology of dope fumes and body corporate fraud. Enabled by make believe’ police and ‘merits to virtue’ lawyers.
        Pathetic now it’s soo obvious…. and rotten to the core.

        • If you’re being lectured to on schizophrenia by Im right it’s like being told brain surgery by Hannibal Lecter is straight forward. Don’t buy into his delusional hard right wing Putin mantra.

  12. What happens if, against all likelihood, the patch ban actually worked and, in response, gang member all got face tattoos instead?

    Great optic in 2024 to have a white government tell indigenous brown people what they can wear on their own skins.

  13. One time only, Mayor, tossed his ignorance into the ring, lets ban patches, from gangs. Well what a abject failure. That Mayor, not at this time, a advisor for Winston, as he and his sunglasses troup, fucked up their first time in Parliament.
    So, Mike, are you still, no longer on talk back, using who i am, solicitating ladies.

  14. 100, DAYS, we told u, what we intended. Not really, overstepped our democracy, with a continuous barrage the past Labour, done this, no, corporate excess, profit, exploit capitalist done this. Luckless, what a life JUST MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY PROFIT. wHAT A LOST LIFE OF HUMANITY.


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