Unreported-in-Aotearoa-mainstream-media but will be protested by thousands of New Zealanders across the country


Amid unreported-in-Aotearoa media stories of horrific bombings killing dozens of Palestinians in a “heinous massacre” in central Gaza and UN reports of sexual assault allegations against Palestinian women and children by Israeli military forces, New Zealanders will be protesting, rallying and marching again tomorrow in 22 centres up and down the country.

Meanwhile so much of the Israeli propaganda which is driving the massive assault on the Palestinians of Gaza has been unravelling quickly but this is not being reported to the public in western countries such as New Zealand.

Allegations such as beheaded babies, horrendous sexual assault claims and allegations of UNRWA involvement in the October 7th attack have all unravelled but New Zealanders are none the wiser.

The internationally reported claims that pro-Palestine protestors chanted “Gas the Jews” outside the Sydney Opera house after October 7th have been shown to be the rubbish they always were. But despite the initial claims being widely reported by New Zealand media, we are not aware of any corrections, apologies or reporting of the truth to New Zealanders.

The New Zealand media has been as complicit as the media across the western world in amplifying Israeli lies and racist propaganda while sidelining Palestinian viewpoints.

The protests this week continue to demand our government:

  1. Condemn the Israeli slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians
  2. No attack on Rafah
  3. Reinstate funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians
  4. Call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza
  5. Withdraw from the war on Yemen
  6. Close the Israeli Embassy

Details of the protest events across the country are on our Facebook event page here (with the basic details below)


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John Minto

National Chair

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa




North Island

Opononi – Gathering for Palestine

Sunday 25 February

5:00 pm

Outside the Four Square, Opononi


Kerikeri, Bay of Islands – Rally

Saturday 24 February

9:00 – 11:00 am

Kerikeri roundabout, State highway 10


Whangarei – Rally

Saturday 24 February

10:00 am

Whangārei Town Basin in front of Hundertwasser Building


Auckland – Picket at McDonalds

Friday 23 February

12:00 am – 1:00 pm

McDonalds at Te Komititanga – Britomart


Auckland – Rally and march

Saturday 24 February

3:00 pm

Te Komititanga Square – Britomart


Tauranga – Rally

Sunday 25 February

11:00 am

Coronation Park, Mount Maunganui


Hamilton – Silent March for Palestine

Thursday 22th February

6:00 pm

Garden Place to Museum and back


Hamilton – Rally

Saturday 24 February

1:00 pm

End of Wairere Drive and Naylor Street, Hillcrest


Rotorua – Flags for McClay

Thursday 22 February

4:00 pm

National MP Todd McClay’s Office – 1301 Amohau St, Rotorua


Napier Rally

Saturday 24 February

11:30 am

Marine Parade Soundshell Roundabout


Hastings Rally

Sunday 25 February

2:00 pm

Hastings Town Clock – Hastings CBD


Palmerston North – Peace Vigil

Friday 23 February

8:00 pm

Hardie Street Reserve. Palmerston North


Palmerston North

Sunday 25 February

2:00 pm

The Square, Palmerston North


New Plymouth – Flags on the Bridge

Friday 23 February (Every Friday)

4:30 pm

Paynters Ave Bridge, New Plymouth



New Plymouth – Rally – (Note change of day for this weekend)

Sunday 25 February

1:00 pm

The Landing, 1 Ariki Street, New Plymouth


Whanganui – Rally

Saturday 24 February

11:00 am

Riverside Market


Wellington – Make some Noise for Palestine

Hosted by Justice for Palestine

Thursday 22 February


Parliament Grounds


South Island

Nelson – Rally at the Beach

Saturday 24 February

10:30 am

Rocks Road end of the Beach, Nelson



Saturday 24 February

11:00 am

Blenheim Railway Station


Christchurch – Rally

Saturday 24 February

1:00 pm

Bridge of Remembrance, Cashel Street, Christchurch


Timaru – Rally

Saturday 24 February

12 Noon

Ashbury Park, Timaru


Dunedin – Movie – Five Broken Cameras

NOTE – No Rally this weekend. Replaced with:

Movie – Five Broken Cameras

Saturday 24 February

2:00 pm

All Saints Church, Dunedin



Friday 23 February

5:30 pm

Wachner place Invercargill


  1. The independent media outlet and reporters of Jewish descent Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate of the “Greyzone” have done and are doing excellent reporting into the mass Hamas rape allegation and beheading of babies and are getting attacked by MSM western media for their articulate narrative exposing Israel (Hasbara) many lies which it is known for even before its inception as a state in 1948.

    Free Palestine

  2. Kiwis being none the wiser is exactly the intent of NZ media when it comes to international matters, at least. They are not in the business of serving the interests of the people. This is another myth that this tragedy has shattered.

  3. Don’t see in your list a call for the immediate release by your terrorist friends of all hostages. The many thousands of New Zealanders who won’t be marching know which side bears all the blame for this and could stop it all in a moment.

    • Absolutely untrue, JIDF. John has repeatedly called for the terrorists of the zionist entity to release the thousands of hostages they illegally hold from the native population of Palestine whose land you people are squatting on.

  4. Don’t see in your list a demand that your terrorist friends immediately release all hostages. The many hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who won’t be marching know which side is to blame for all this and could stop it in a moment.

    • Just because you repeat something does not make it correct. The UN official who initially said that the October 7 attacks did not happen in a vacuum was condemned by the pro-Israel media however he spoke the truth which is more than you can do. Martyn has had a map on this site that perfectly explains the trouble in Israel, your refusal to understand the true cause of the problem will only see it continue.
      The bell curve is the best explanation for the many hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who won’t be marching as I have spoken to more than a few of them & without exception they are all ignorant about the actual events in Gaza.

  5. Very odd how the controlled media in New Zealand will report every ‘israeli’ lie- claiming the Palestinian resistance baked even one, let alone 40 babies in ovens (something the zionist invaders actually did in Deir Yassin), raping zionist settlers (something the zionists constantly do against the legitimate population of Palestine), but they completely refuse to report on the well-sourced verified actual sex crimes that have been systematically committed by the zionists against Palestinian men, women and children ever since their ‘state’ was established.

  6. Everything is ordinary as ever — our News. The only reason we recognized the horror of the Holocaust is we went through a devastating war.

    We who see are all as angry as we would be if we knew the Nazis’ intentions. I recommend putting that in your posts — it clears away negative comments. Can you imagine dear angular John Minto’s war for the Jews in the 30s?!

    For calling John, ‘angular’, this is me going past an open-air cafe: ‘look at this guy’, ‘creeps me out’. In my diary I just said ‘the comments section’.

  7. Hamas is on the ropes. Palestinians are rejecting Hamas now. It has to be finished. It could have been prevented but Hamas prefers death over life. They shall get it.


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