MEDIAWATCH: Willie Jackson vs Hapless Goldsmith best part of AM Show


I’m really warming to Lloyd Burr’s AM Show.

It had become a bit Private school girl glee club under Ryan at the end there, but Lloyd’s political journalism makes AM Show the best Breakfast TV.

Their Friday Political Panel with Willie Jackson and the ever hapless Paul Goldsmith is the best way to end the week.

It’s a reminder of how good Willie Jackson is that he can pull out these kinds of devastating  performances on TV. He utterly dismantled Goldsmith and kept dragging the debate back to the essentials – Foreign buyer plans leaked by a Government that deeply dislikes each other to give National’s foreign speculator mates access to NZ at the detriment of our own kids being able to buy a house in their own home country. He also connected this to the 13000 kids MSD say will be pushed into poverty so National can give their rich mates tax cuts.

He sunk Goldie’s argument on the Treaty and reorientated the issue back to the reality that the Crown has a special relationship with Māori. It’s disingenuous in the extreme for Goldie to argue the Treaty Principles Bill doesn’t impact the Treaty because the Treaty Principles is the blueprint for how the Crown makes the Treaty work, removing the Treaty Principles would mean there was no obligation to work with Māori!

Breakfast TV politics matters, it hits the very electorate the Left need to win back. Previous Labour Party MPs want to try and explain the issue where as Willie can win the argument while reasserting Labour narrative and values!

You’ll know Willie’s a real threat when the Labour Wellington Mandarins demand he stops doing them.


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  1. Bomber calling him Goldie ” humanizes ” this individual and glorifies what him and his colleagues are currently doing to many of our desperate people.

  2. Willie Jackson is an exemplar of modern Maori.
    He lives his life talking up the future and potential for Maori – not revisiting old grievances.
    He reminds me of the Maori in Australia during my time there.
    Hard working great contributors to their new country whilst retaining strong cultural traditions.
    Willie has turned colonisation to his advantage through education, well paid employment and now he and his family are financially secure.
    We need to learn and follow his path.

  3. Willie Jackson for leader of the Labour Party, before they lose all credibility.
    He has vast experience and knows history.
    There needs to be a radical change SOON.

    Imagine him in pre-election debates.

    • Yes!!! Willy would be fantastic, why did that useless prick that ate lots of pies and sausages with zero personality and even more zero convictions get the leadership??? Wrong move!!! And he is still there as leader!!!! What the fucking fuck you dumb asses in Labour making the decisions. Whoever you are.

      • And yet despite Labours many mistakes National have not achieved a thing in 4 months and the right believe things are going great guns. The irony is that it shows the world never ended under Labour, no one was worse off then however they soon will be.

        • Well they have halted Road to Zero, not pretending it’s a great achievement but it’s nice that at least one of Labour’s most insane decisions (as opposed to their general insane policy of doing nothing about the many real problems that a left wing party would have addressed) has been reversed.

          • Well they’ve also halted smokefree Mohammed the general insane policy they’ve chosen to reverse because it was a left wing policy, idiotic. Oh and they changed the name from Te Whatu Ora to Health New Zealand which will improve our GDP and cost of living trillions!
            But I guess you and I see the measure of insanity slightly differently.

        • Untrue. They’ve made very real and vicious inroads into rolling back climate change mitigation and clean energy policies and ensuring our transport remains chained to last century’s fossil fuel technology, trucking corporations and private vehicles over public networks.
          Expect more stone-age thinking from them as they appease their clandestine donors.

      • Slaughterman, unionist, bouncer, radio sports talkback host, media mogul … PM. Yeah, why not? He’d be the first PM since Bolger that had done some actual physical work.

  4. Yes, I was thinking about Willie Jackson he could be our first Māori PM, he has the talent, but does he want it, I don’t know. I am a Labour voter, but I think Labour will struggle to get the Māori seats back except for the Ikaroa Rawhiti one. Most of my siblings strategically voted. And all the Māori bashing during election inspired my whanau to give the Māori party their electoral vote.

    • If Willie became leader, it might make your sibs. and others think twice.
      It would give Labour a completely new look which they desperately need. Also, hopefully, a new direction away from middle-of-the-road, too safe/lacking imagination type thinking, which has bogged them down.

      A friend said to me L. has too many sniffy university graduates and not enough Bob the Builders. With the huge number of MPs they had after 2020, I realised the list was chokka with Ardern/Hipkins lookalikes. Some of them might be good but you’d think there’d be room for more salt of the earth types too.
      They seemed to be resting on Jacinda’s laurels and lost momentum.

      You make a good point and I can see why Mr. Jackson may not want the leadership esp. if he has a young family.
      Beef farmer says, ‘Trougher Willie’. A stray voter from the Trougher Party itself. They are making the trough bigger as we speak!

      • “A friend said to me L. has too many sniffy university graduates and not enough Bob the Builders.”

        Nah. Bob the Builders are the very essence of the NActzo support base.
        Anti-intellectualism and anti-expertise are foundational pillars of redneckery.

        • You mean the Ford Ranger crowd. I see what you mean but they are likely posers, they can’t actually do anything.
          Maybe Bob the Builder with night-classes and a smaller ute.
          Oops, night classes have been curtailed.

          p.s. Please don’t tell me off if you own a Ford Ranger. if you have it full of tools and have a hard hat and steel capped boot too, you might be ok.
          No clip-boards though.

  5. Willie with Keiran possibly.
    Willie’s worst blunder was buying into all the BS marketing, spin and BS over the RNZ TVNZ merger.
    One day, people will realise marketing, ‘branding’ (and especially REbranding is the height of the neo-liberal consumerists agenda. Highly paid, unproductive ticket clippers gone wild.
    MTS was set up on a shoe string. In some ways it has succumbed to the BS, but it’d never have got off the ground if 2 people in particular has allowed all that crap to get in the way.
    One was Mark Bullen (now with RNZ), and Craig Soper – the hangers-on and bullshit artists trying to rub their egos up alongside Craig’s achievements. And Mark not disturbed by the 3rd wayers at the Colonial Office (obstructive, mean, ideologically driven by the cost centre economic orthodoxy). Oh how they clamoured to take credit once it got of the ground.
    Fuk the detractors and all who sailed in them.
    I think there’s probably a Colonial Office database (acting as an MTS establishment board) still sitting offshore in San Diego – or maybe even in my attic) during the whole Y2K think that’d show exactly who the wankerists were.
    Pffffft. Next

  6. The thing I can’t believe is that you can watch AM television. It’s Idiocracy in boating shoes on sedatives.

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