MEDIAWATCH: MSM double standards: If Greens had done to Labour what Seymour has done to Luxon the NZ Media would be screaming end of Western Civilisation


Christopher Luxon brushes off being ‘undermined’ by David Seymour over Treaty Principles Bill

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has brushed off questions about whether he has spoken to ACT leader David Seymour, who publicly said he did not believe what Luxon was saying.

Luxon last Wednesday made it clear National would not support ACT’s Treaty Principles Bill after the select committee stage, having previously said there was “no intention” and “no commitment” to support it further.

ACT’s David Seymour has been championing the bill, which would set a new interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi’s principles into law.

After Luxon ruled out further support for it, Seymour told Newshub’s The AM Show he did not believe it, saying “ultimately the bit I don’t believe is he won’t change his mind if the public really wants it”.

“Last week, he wouldn’t rule out supporting it further, yesterday he would, I think perhaps he got a bit nervous after Waitangi,” Seymour said.

The ACT Party also saw a 5.6 percent boost in the latest Taxpayers Union-Curia poll, up to 13.7 percent, over the weekend.

We ain’t in Te Puke no more Toto.

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Has there ever been a weaker National Party Prime Minister in living memory?

Winston and David are the masters while Luxon looks like a frightened virgin at an orgy.

What’s more outrageous is the NZ mainstream double standards at play here, if the Greens had done to Labour what Seymour has done to Luxon the NZ Media would be screaming that it was end of Western Civilisation. Right wing pundit after Right wing pundit would declare Labour was weak and that we needed to go to an election to sort things out.

Mike Hosking would demand leadership by Labour stepping down.

The NZ Herald would ask if a weak Labour was making us a military target.

Jack Tame would blame Chloe for the existence of Hamas.

It would be a frenetic feeding frenzy if it had been the Greens treating Labour this way, yet Seymour does it to Luxon and that’s the new moderate???

There is so much vested interest in proclaiming this Government as moderate that the evidence it is not will be fastidiously ignored!

Luxon is so weak he is getting trapped by the anti Māori extremism and free market extremism from ACT and NZ First.

Luxon manages to be the cowardly lion, the Tin man and the brainless scarecrow all in one (Seymour is Oz, Winston the Wicked Witch of the West and Shane the winged monkey).

Luxon doesn’t have the skill set or the emotional intelligence to deal with Political Rivals, his CEO tool kit means nothing here.

What is equally damaging for National is that they have contracted out their policy to corporate lobbyists so they don’t have policy so much as lobby talking points. These talking points are desperately being fleshed out now, and we see that attacking worker rights, renter rights and gutting public transport, removing $555million from the poorest families, gutting Somkefree amendments alongside opening up conservation land to Trans National Mining Interests while giving Shane Jones fast track powers is all they have.

Smash everything Labour built and pitifully adopt nakedly partisan donor recommendations and call that a solution.

Between the culture war revenge fantasies and nakedly opportunistic policy wins for friendly industries you have to wonder what voters were thinking when they vomited up this spite festival of a Government with a Prime Minister too weak to stop the worst angels of the Rights nature from tearing us apart.

I think post covid voters were so angry at Labour and da Māoris for not dealing meaningfully with their pain and anxiety that the electorate in blind rage turned to extremes everywhere and because the Māori Party triggered the overhang, National and ACT required Winston.

The looming economic crunch and geopolitical destabilisation alongside an inflation driven cost of living crisis will only exacerbate that polarisation, not stave it off.

As long as the mainstream media remain mute, Kiwis won’t see what is coming.


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        • Really? So you agree that NZers are as thick as a strainer post… They must be if what you assume is true…
          In fact, your comment only serves to remind me what a bunch of shallow, self absorbed, and fundamentally stupid NZs so called “upper classes” really are..
          I watched in horror what people were indulging themselves in here from my home in Fremantle, and since getting trapped here as a result of a family emergency, my impressions from then have been reinforced massively..
          Your logic is specious at best, which puts you right in the midst of the pack that really does need to lift your heads out of the trough, and smell reality..
          It’s thanks to your kind of nasty minded and willful idiocy that has turned NZ from being a voice on the world stage that was listened to, into just another irrelevant backwater that nobody wants to go to, or cares about.. That is if they even remember NZ still exists.. I was born and raised in this country, and It has become a shameful embarrassment to have to admit to being Kiwi..
          Thanks for reminding me why this place has become so munted…
          And btw, don’t waste your time telling me to fuck off if I don’t like it, because I already have an escape plan in place, and my friends overseas are ready to welcome me back to the real world, so we can get on with having a proper life. and not this sick joke of an existence that NZ tories “think” is perfectly acceptable, as long as they don’t have to watch.. Bigotry, compounded by arrogant stupidity, and pure greed are the only things that NZers are known for now… Well done fuckwits…

    • You can always get an uptick in the polls in this country by bashing Maori. There’s a certain sector of society that will knee-jerk to this.

  1. If Greens had stood up to Labour voters may have had more respect for them .As it is they are an invisible shadow trying to seem important.

  2. Te Ao Māori News (Adam Gifford) reports that ‘the Human Rights Commission has told a United Nations panel in Geneva that Māori Rights remain vulnerable to the political climate of the day’ and ‘the Commission is concerned the new govt. has agreed to remove, review or repeal numerous policies or laws that provide for Māori.’
    [I’m sorry, I don’t know how to link to things.]

    By extension those policies and laws provide for all NZders.

    The fact that Mr. Seymour is so determined to do this (he doesn’t choose to believe Mr. Luxon when he says he’ll stop him) tells us, that to tinker with the Treaty is a very damaging and dangerous thing to allow.
    Damaging and dangerous for ALL of us.

    Please don’t dismiss Seymour’s suggestions and say, ‘Let him have his silly review, what harm can it do?
    It can do plenty of harm to our country financially and will also reveal a blatant display of racism.
    The fragile progress we have made in the last 40-odd years in recognizing the special place of Māori in NZ, will be smashed.

    My Seymour has a different agenda to what we might think. We have heard of his connections to various think tanks established to give special privileges to the 1%.
    We need to be a lot more concerned about the special privileges afforded to Mr. Seymour’s wealthy bosses than the so-called special privileges that Māori are supposed to enjoy.
    It’s not about equality, it’s about the 1% cornering and owning everything. That’s definitely not equality.

  3. Yes and no one is demanding the government take the tax off petrol which has risen 20cents in the last couple of weeks .It is now as expensive as it was when everyone was baying for blood last year what the fuck is up with that .


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