Cops bash Minto while Winston glad-hands Israeli Ambassador


As the cops bash Minto…

Political activist complains to police watchdog after being pepper sprayed at protest

Political activist John Minto has laid a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) after being pepper sprayed at a protest.

Minto is among four people charged with obstructing and resisting police after the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa protest at Lyttelton on Waitangi Day turned ugly.

However, Minto, 70, and Hopkinson have laid complaints with the IPCA after they were pepper sprayed. Minto also suffered a gash to his head.

…and while Winston glad-hands Israeli Ambassador…

Winston Peters meets with Israeli ambassador to discuss conflict

Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters has met with Israel’s Ambassador to New Zealand Ran Yaakoby today — with the Gaza conflict among one of the key subjects discussed.

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…Israel is looking to extend their ethnic cleansing war crime up a notch and invade Rafah, because Netanyahu has no choice other than escalation and keep permanent conflict.

That has been his entire political career. Enrage Palestinians into violence and then using disproportionate overwhelming violence to smash the threat he created while appealing to the most damaged and frightened elements of a people still living in the memory shadow of the worst Genocide of the 20th Century.

I argued January last year that all the ingredients for a third intifada were in place after Netanyahu aligned with radical Zionists to form the most extreme right wing Government in Israel’s history.

This toxic Far Right Radical Zionist Government wanted to over rule their Judiciary to allow Zionist Settlers to illegally steal Palestinian land in the West Bank and make the lives of  Palestinians prisoners held by Israel even more cruel and draconian.

The Abraham Accords sidelined Hamas and left them with desperate conditions and no hope for the future.

While Hamas has blood on their hands for their butchery on October 7th that murdered 1200, so too does Netanyahu.

Jon Oliver’s Last Week Tonight did a special on Netanyahu and pointed out how many times over his corrupt career in power he had enflamed and enabled Hamas.

From the chants of “In blood and fire we will expel Rabin” that radicalised the assassination of Rabin that Netanyahu had championed, to the huge donations of cash paid to Hamas to fuel inter-Palestinian blood feuds…

Netanyahu “has always been hard right”, Oliver emphasized, “but it’s worth taking a minute to underscore just how extreme his current government is”. In his most recent election, Netanyahu assembled the most rightwing government in Israel’s history, with a cabinet “stocked with extremists”. One top minister has said “there is no such thing as a Palestinian people” and advocated for a massive expansion of settlements – seizing Palestinian land – against international law.

And Netanyahu has covertly funded Hamas to play them off their more organized and legitimate rival, the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. “Netanyahu took the risk of betting that he could control Hamas, and use them to his own ends, and he was horribly wrong about that,” Oliver explained.

…blame corrupt Netanyahu as much as Hamas for this inhumanity!

Peace is our only option because the War Gods are interested only in the profit of blood loss, not the prevention of it.

These were the share prices of the war lords as violence exploded in the Middle East.

To paraphrase Gil Scott Heron, ‘they got folk out there working for war, we have to go to work for peace’.

Beyond the immediate, there has to be space for both of these furiously angry neighbours to bond and find common ground in this parched desert of hate.

Peace Academy’s are a genuine attempt to foster these social oasis.

If NZ wants to champion peace, we need to support the NZ Peace Academy concept with grants to help organise and bring Israelis and Palestinians together to find that common ground.

I am not someone who wants the State of Israel wiped from the face of the earth! I despise Israel’s brutal occupation of the Palestinian people, the outrageous 17 year blockade of Gaza and the ongoing theft of land in the West Bank, but I see Israel as a global responsibility and obligation after the obscenity of the Holocaust.

I stand with the Palestinian people AND the Israeli people!

The idea that Jews around the world are now under attack for their State’s deplorable war crimes and group punishments is as irrational as attacking Russians for Putin violence.

Muslims are not our enemy, Jews are not our enemy, Russians aren’t our enemy.

Authoritarian Muslim Regimes propped up by America’s Military Industrial Complex abusing their own faith to exert control over their own people are the enemy!

The far right Zionist Government in Israel is the enemy!

Putin is the enemy!

Hamas is the enemy and so is Netanyahu!

At least 28,064 people have been killed and 67,611 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, the vast majority are women and children, 1.9million displaced and an entire people traumatised and tortured beyond dignity.

Israel has killed as many civilians in 6 weeks as Russia has in 2 years!

Israel dropped more bombs on Gaza in a week than America did in 1 year of war with Afghanistan.

This isn’t a proportional response, it is an ethnic cleansing war crime that the UN have now ruled against Israel.

The only solution is an immediate ceasefire.



…Warmongers Uncle Winston and Aunty Crusher have instead of using our Independence and Peace diplomacy have decided to sign us up to a pointless American war against the Houthi with counter productive military action that will only empower them!

Pretending there is no connection between the Houthi attacking commercial shipping and the ethnic cleansing war crime that Israel is carrying out is simply bullshit!

We are escalating which is what Netanyahu needs, because the moment there is a ceasefire the Israeli people are going to turn on him and demand justice against his legacy of provocation that ended up dangerously destabilising Israel rather than defending it.

New Zealand should not be helping bomb one of the poorest people in the Middle East.

Where the hell has our moral compass gone?

How could our values dissipate so quickly once a hard right Government gets elected?


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  1. Orders from the top re assaulting and pepper spraying Minto and other older protestors?, who had moved from the road to the footpath as ordered by the coppers. Gum chewing arrogant cops bashed John anyway.

    Palestinian Solidarity action will attract heavy Police attention when it is an EFFECTIVE protest implementing BDS–Boycotts and restricting Israeli economic activity and trade. The Port access Rd. was briefly blocked as I understand it–tactically this is the type of action that should only be attempted with a large group to keep people safe as possivble and stretch police resources.

    But full marks to John Minto and supporters–never a white flag!

  2. There’s only one party in the conflict between Palestinian people and zionists which is agreement-capable.

    The zionist pigs repeatedly broke hard lines that they agreed to in the earlier agreements to release Palestinian hostages held by the zionists in exchange for zionist prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance, continuing to murder Palestinians at a low level and block aid even during the temporary ‘truce’, and rearresting little kids who they had previously kidnapped and then been forced to release, adding them to the thousands of hostages the zionist terrorists illegally hold.

    As long as the zionist entity exists, it will do what it was founded to do- murder Palestinians, rape Palestinian kids, poison Palestinian wells. It’s what they’ve been doing since 1948, they aren’t going to stop until they are stopped.

    • Yes, Martyn doesn’t quite understand what he is talking about in terms of what Israel is. It is a tragic s a racist settler colonial mistake. It is Zionism. It is ethnic cleansing and jew supremacism. Hamas is merely a word, the latest word for resistance. Resistance is not the enemy, but the killing is; as is everyone who only started caring when the bodies were jewish, after 75 years of one-sided massacres.
      Aotearoa knows colonisation and decolonisation. We were fortunate enough to have a slipshod treaty; Israel/Palestine has white guilt-ridden racist imperialist and the zionist cult egging them on. We had a treaty, they had a tragic mistake.
      That does not mean the israelis go home. But the must admit that mistake. abandon zionism, like segregation and apartheid before them. Ask for forgiveness. THen there will be space for justice, 1 state or 2. Then there can be peace.

    • Gary Meanie. I cut my forehead like that changing a lightbulb, and that thin skinned area bleeds worse than Wgtn pavement geyser gushes water, stains the carpet, and enthralls kids. So there.

  3. Minto deserves a bit of rough treatment for all the BS and patently false information he’s been spreading about the Israel Hamas war. Put him in jail and throw away the key. He’s a wilfully ignorant dikhead

    • Well firstly I was there for the entire time.
      At no time was the tunnel blocked – the road further down that trucks have to use to get to the port was blocked. All cars can go up and down and round and into the tunnel.
      Minto as at no time involved in blocking the road.
      One cop – trigger happy – with his pepper spray. Consequently 4 people were pepper spray, the woman standing next to John on the footpath trying to film a man with his back on the pavement with cops on him- well we can’t have the public seeing this can we so she too was pepper sprayed
      What the cops don’t want is people filming what is going on on the road, the cops actions. If anyone had their hand around a woman’s neck like one cop had they would be done end of story.
      Had a cop had the decency to come to the footpath and say to Minto ‘you are under arrest’ and providing they told him why he would have gone with them. The bullshit that was made up when the cops got back to the station says it all really.
      The footage shows their lies.

      I haven’t seen anything that Minto has said that is not correct?

      But then I heart and Leftist tears have read:
      The ethnic cleansing of Palestine – Ilane Pappe (Jewish)
      Israel a Beachhead in the middle east – Stephen Gowans
      The Palestine Laboratory – Antony Loewenstein (Jewish)
      The Last Earth – Ramzy Baroud (Palestinian)
      The making of Hamas’s foreign policy – Daud Abdullah ( former Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain)
      The Great War for Civilisation – Robert Fisk (deceased, middle East journalist)
      The Question of Palestine – Edward Said (Palestinian)
      The biggest prison on earth – Ilane Pappe (Jewish)
      On Palestine – Noam Chomsky (Jewish)
      Palestine a four thousand year history – Nurma Masalha (Palestinian)
      The Invention of the land of Israel – Shlomo Sand (Jewish)
      Freedom Next Time – Resisting the empire – John Pilger (deceased recently, journalist, written many books and docos).

      Perhaps not!

  4. John Minto’s out there trying to draw attention to inhumanities propagated by The Global Thug $tate against us and gets bashed by our cops who are paid by us to do what in effect John Minto’s doing for free but without violence, guns and batons. Is that irony? Of is that criminality, or is that insane or all of the above?
    We should be outraged by this. I know I am.
    This is my humble suggestion for JM: The next time you go [out there] John Minto to try and enlighten thus to protect we Ants in The Farm I’d strongly suggest you take a cinematographer/ photographer / drone operator with you because then, with the material you’ll certainly get, you could approach Russell Brand and he will show that material to his 6.4 million followers. Just sayin’.
    Russell Brand. Rumble.
    Russell Brand. YouTube.
    Cops. Little thug-people now all bought and paid for.
    Rage Against the Machine. Lyrics.

  5. I’m getting a bit tired now about the fact that Hamas get called out about their savagery along with all the other players but the narrative never progresses beyond that fact. There is never any more spoken abut human shields, failed rockets landing in Gazan territory, abuse of Palestinians protesting about Hamas abuses etc. etc. Zip. Nothing. What’s the game plan? Move by quickly folks, nothing to see here. Hamas WERE evil but that was back then. Now they’re just sorry defenders who need our support? How about TDB issue a few directives that Hamas might adopt to take some responsibility and end this sorry affair. Despite everything the Israelis are doing, they are trying to save their population. How is Hamas trying to save their own population?

    • No more no less than Christianity. All of the 3 Abrahamic religions which began in the area now called Israel have similar tenants – the 10 commandments pretty well sums up what they believe. But they are all human and humans have many flaws as we know.

    • “Does anyone still believe Islam is the religion of peace?”

      Pointless question.
      Almost none of the popular world religions are “of peace’. – Islam isn’t peaceful, along with most.
      All religion poisons the human capacity to reason. – The operative word there is “all”.

      • You thinking back to Tom Browns Schooldays? We’re in a different era, going beyond the Springboks. And South Africa* has spoken up. But we are people who have arisen from the soil, a bit grubby and pragmatic – we don’t hold ‘our land’ and national behaviour, morality and achievements high enough to reach a soapbox. Just look at how we run things here, and the level of corruption in our mentors, UK and USA.

        * In the Hague trial, both sides have largely avoided evidence contradicting their case. Yet South Africa’s arguments are strong. Watching lawyers for South Africa and Israel debate whether Israel is committing genocide in Gaza was like observing two versions of reality that barely intersect.13 Jan 2024
        South Africa’s genocide case against Israel is imperfect but persuasive…
        linkedin.com › pulse › south-africas-genoci

        What are the 5 types of patriotism?
        He distinguishes (1) extreme patriotism that allegedly trumps moral considerations that conflict with it, (2) extreme patriotism understood as the central moral virtue, (3) moderate patriotism, (4) patriotism as a morally indifferent preference, and (5) a distinctively ethical version of patriotism. › document › ob..

  6. Painful imperfect police blemish exposed. A large piece of sensitive plaster on that John – supermarkets have it, easy on and off without further damage to the skin. It is white and so shows up, but you have no failing to resile from.

  7. ” Let Them Eat Dirt – Read by Eunice Wong
    The final stage of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, an orchestrated mass starvation, has begun. The international community does not intend to stop it. ”

    ” There was never any possibility that the Israeli government would agree to a pause in the fighting proposed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, much less a ceasefire. Israel is on the verge of delivering the coup de grâce in its war on Palestinians in Gaza – mass starvation. When Israeli leaders use the term “absolute victory,” they mean total decimation, total elimination. The Nazis in 1942 systematically starved the 500,000 men, women and children in the Warsaw Ghetto. This is a number Israel intends to exceed. ”

      • So much for sport not being about the winning but being about playing the game.

        And you seem to transfer that sneering philosophy to the rest of your life, I’m thankful that I’m not part of it.

  8. ” The Silence of the Damned
    Our leading humanitarian and civic institutions, including major medical institutions, refuse to denounce Israel’s genocide in Gaza. This exposes their hypocrisy and complicity. ”
    Chris Hedges

    ” There is no effective health care system left in Gaza. Infants are dying. Children are having their limbs amputated without anesthesia. Thousands of cancer patients and those in need of dialysis lack treatment. The last cancer hospital in Gaza has ceased functioning. An estimated 50,000 pregnant women have no safe place to give birth. They undergo cesarean sections without anesthesia. Miscarriage rates are up 300 percent since the Israeli assault began. The wounded bleed to death. There is no sanitation or clean water. Hospitals have been bombed and shelled. Nasser Hospital, one of the last functioning hospitals in Gaza, is “near collapse.” Clinics, along with ambulances – 79 in Gaza and over 212 in the West Bank – have been destroyed. Some 400 doctors, nurses, medics and healthcare workers have been killed — more than the total of all healthcare workers killed in conflicts around the world combined since 2016. Over 100 more have been detained, interrogated, beaten and tortured, or disappeared by Israeli soldiers.

    Israeli soldiers routinely enter hospitals to carry out forced evacuations – on Wednesday troops entered al-Amal Hospital in Khan Younis and demanded doctors and displaced Palestinians leave – as well as round up detainees, including the wounded, sick and medical staff. On Tuesday, disguised as hospital workers and civilians, Israeli soldiers entered Jenin’s Ibn Sina Hospital in the West Bank and assassinated three Palestinians as they slept.

    The cuts to funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) — collective punishment for the alleged involvement in the Oct. 7 attack of 12 of its 13,000 UNRWA workers — will accelerate the horror, turning the attacks, starvation, lack of health care and spread of infectious diseases in Gaza into a tidal wave of death. ”

  9. I wish I had been there to see the entertainment.
    Way back in 1981 one of my work colleagues flatted near the stadium. John Minto et all provided much entertainment as we sat on his porch drinking beer.

  10. “The idea that Jews around the world are now under attack for their State’s deplorable war crimes and group punishments is as irrational as attacking Russians for Putin violence.”

    Israel is not the home of the Jews, that’s Zionist propaganda. Israel is the home of the Israelis. Jewish identity is tied to Judaism, not to the land (of Israel). Zionists win when we allow their core Zionist lie of transferring Jewish identity away from religion to that of a nationality, to exist. Netanyahu is turbo-charging the Zionist agenda, but this agenda would still rock on, albeit at an incrementally for less noticeable rate, without him.

    Yes, we need a ceasefire, but then what, more mayhem and destruction against the Palestinian people, but back to the otherwise typical, more acceptable level of destruction that had been occurring for many decades before Oct 7, 2023.

    Clearly, a two state solution is out of the question now, perhaps always was, but what are we going to do when we know, when we can see, that one people wants the land that two people currently occupy – all to themselves! What are going to do about this. very, very, very reality?

    Here’s a starter for ten. One land, two peoples a land now renamed (whatever that name will be) living under a democracy with equal rights, equality, and the equal application of international law – for all.

    • Apparently the Great Leader Gadaffi once suggested there should be one state called Isralestine. (no doubt pissing off people on both sides)

    • The men supporting police violence against John Minto are probably wife beaters ,,,, and if they are not then they must certainly support wife beaters because they are fine with violence being used to ‘win’ their argument ….

      Which also ties into the fact that Continuing To Support Israel At This Point Just Means You’re A Garbage Human Being ….

  11. “..Minto as at no time involved in blocking the road.
    One cop – trigger happy – with his pepper spray. Consequently 4 people were pepper spray, the woman standing next to John on the footpath trying to film a man with his back on the pavement with cops on him- well we can’t have the public seeing this can we so she too was pepper sprayed
    What the cops don’t want is people filming what is going on on the road, the cops actions. If anyone had their hand around a woman’s neck like one cop had they would be done end of story.
    Had a cop had the decency to come to the footpath and say to Minto ‘you are under arrest’ and providing they told him why he would have gone with them. The bullshit that was made up when the cops got back to the station says it all really.
    The footage shows their lies.”

    And some fucknuckles here defend the poolicemens actions. No surprise when you read other comments they make.

    Did you watch the Carlson Putin interview Bomber?

  12. Minto should be given a knighthood for what he did in ’81.
    If he’d have walked into the wrong pub back then he’d have been dead meat.
    Instead they give knighthoods to rich retired rugby coaches and rich ex politicians.
    What kind of f@#ken wanker pepper sprays a 70year old man?

  13. ”While Hamas has blood on their hands for their butchery on October 7th that murdered 1200, so too does Netanyahu.” this is wrong the oficial figure by israel is less than this and half of those are soldiers and police( legitimate targets of the resistance }and half of the remaining victims were the result of Israeli ”friendly fire with hellfire missiles . Hardly ”murdered 1200”

  14. i take issue with the statement ”Hamas are the enemy” Hamas are the govt of Gaza and al quasam are the freedom fighters of Palestine backed by resistance supporters ”Putin is the enemy!”


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