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  1. Good husbandry in farming – I thinjk biochar is supposed to be good, Anyway there is a Nuffield Scholar visiting gaining knowledge and spreading info. I don’t mnow more than that I have heard it is good.
    As part of an international study tour, Nuffield Farming Scholar, Luke Breedon, is visiting biochar producers in the North Island this week. Breedon is researching the production and application of biochar in horticulture and agriculture production, particularly as a sustainable replacement for fossil-fuel based fertilisers and method of reducing emissions. Members of the Biochar Network New Zealand including The Good Carbon Farm, Slow Farm, Trevelyan’s Pack & Cool Ltd, and Soilpro, are hosting Breedon as he travels between Auckland and Wellington over the coming days…

    Made by pyrolysis of tree or plant waste, biochar is one of few negative emissions technologies (NETs) recognised by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Biochar safely stores up to half the carbon in its source material for hundreds – and even thousands – of years.

    Breedon is one of 19 Nuffield Scholars from the UK awarded a farming scholarship in 2023. Scholars travel around the world to learn from leading experts and farmers, then share their knowledge back in the UK. Established in 1947, over 1,000 farming scholarships have been granted to practitioners in the food, farming, horticulture and rural industries. Prior to arriving in New Zealand, Breedon visited biochar producers in the United States, and will next travel to Australia before returning home….

  2. More Green stuff – warning. Old NZ Listener of 2002 (April 27,2002 Pp26-27) has relevant interview with ‘Teddy’ Goldsmith, now dead, 1928-2009.
    His book of 1992, The Way, an Ecological World-View he opens with a warning that within 40 years there will be severe effects because of our changes to the environment that will threaten with it being not habitable.

    He said ‘If current trends persist, in no more than a few decades. it may cease to be capable of supporting complex forms of life.’ Also Kyoto was a failure, computer models are terrifying,. He suggested stepping ‘aside from a competitive, profit-driven global economy… We must put ourselves on a veritable war footing if we are to achieve this in time.’ Economic development now cannot serve and I guess he felt we have to simplify, cut back as best choice, when he said; ‘The issue today is survival, not development.’

    (Politicians and their foibles are then just a side-show that distracts us from thinking deeply and making effective plans and moves. If PTB aren’t part of the solution, then they are part of the problem.)

    May 2002
    2009 – long-form in depth.

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