The Liberal Agenda: Outrageous racism in Killer Mike Grammy Arrest


Killer Mike detained at Grammys moments after winning three awards

The 48-year-old rapper from Run the Jewels was seen being handcuffed and escorted out of the ceremony at Crypto Arena by Los Angeles police

This is fucking disgraceful.

Killer Mike, who TDB awarded best album last year...

Best Album – Michael – Killer Mike – 6 stars

Killer Mike is one of the most important voices in modern America, from politics to culture to the personal, his flow is a force of nation and Michael is probably the best album of 2023. His intelligence, his art and his insights make for the best 54minutes you will spend this Summer.

…for the Police to wait and arrest him on some bullshit misdemeanour at the night of his highest artistic achievement is beneath his mana and dignity as an artist and as a black voice for social change.

Nothing highlights the type of racism alive and well in America than arresting a rapper on the night he wins 3 awards.

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Disgraceful behaviour by the American Police and disgraceful that the Grammy’s can’t protect their own members from being raided by the cops!

His album is amazing, his awards deserved, his art is fucking remarkable and the American Police are an ugly cult.

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  1. is he guilty is the ACTUAL question and if you name yourself ‘killer’ which may or not be have substance
    ….but c’mon son

    • Sounds like youre abguesser. One of the paparazzi was being aggressive when the scum photographer went full Karen after being pushed aside. Typical Karen’s brother like you taken the Karen’s side.

      • Sam He knocked a lady over. Must have thought he was in Albert Park, Auckland, where big blokes can do that sort of thing and cops do nothing.

  2. Would you prefer he was arrested before he won the awards?
    Until we know why he was arrested….it matters not.
    Must be serious if he was arrested at the Grammy’s, let’s see what he has been involved in.

    • Must be a funny world if I almost agree with you, going on the reputation of the US police I suspect that if he was a white man they would have waited though.

  3. Expect more of this to happen when Trump reclaims the White House next year. His contempt for blacks is well known. He sees them solely as criminals and drug addicts. Little more than apes. The most racist president in US history

    • Urinalbushrat He allegedly knocked over a woman who didn’t get out of his way quickly enough, after he won the awards; they couldn’t arrest him prior to the awards, as he hadn’t done anything then.

  4. That album wasn’t my favourite of his work but I’m glad to see him finally get a win at the Grammys, this is disgraceful conduct by the cops


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