Things have gone bad when Biden is highlighting Israeli Settler violence


Joe Biden issues executive order against Israeli settlers in West Bank

Joe Biden has issued an executive order targeting Israeli settlers in the West Bank who have been attacking Palestinians, amid fast-growing frustration in Washington at Israel’s trajectory in the midst of its war in Gaza.

The order initially imposes financial sanctions and visa bans against four individuals, and US officials said they were evaluating whether to punish others involved in attacks that have intensified during the Israel-Hamas war.

According to at least one report before the executive order, options included the potential to sanction officials.

Palestinian authorities say some Palestinians have been killed, and rights groups say settlers have torched cars and attacked several small Bedouin communities, forcing evacuations

You know things are bad when America has to step in and punish Israel publicly like this.

Ever since the Israeli counter strike to the Hamas October 7 massacre, radical Zionist Settlers have targeted local Palestinians in the West Bank as part of ongoing sectarian violence.

As America desperately attempts to get The Palestinian Authority to help out with whatever solution they try to dredge up post conflict, Israeli Settlers keep killing West Bank Palestinians.

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Biden is under pressure domestically from Palestinian diaspora not voting in key States that could swing to Trump.

Netanyahu however requires perpetual conflict to ensure peace never happens because the millisecond it does, the Israeli people will turn on him for all he has done to provoke this conflict.

Israel losing the UN case against them means continued support by America amounts to empowering their ethnic cleansing war crime.

The worst is yet to come.

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  1. I would say this is a token effort (only 4 individual settlers lightly sanctioned!) designed to create the absolutely false impression that the US is even handed in its approach to the conflict.

  2. Biden is in a cleft stick between Zionist voters and – finally – Muslims who support Palestine. It might be a token effort, it may well be widened – but would you prefer Trump?

    • “but would you prefer Trump?”. ATM I would vote for Donald Duck before endorsing one of the most bloodthirsty politicians America has had in office in living memory..
      Most of my friends in the USA feel the same way, although some of them regard Porky Pig as a better candidate..
      You obviously have no clues as to how much influence Biden had in NZ as a result of the then administration having one of their own operators (John Key) in a position to pass laws that suited their agenda, whether it caused us harm or not.. “at the end of the day” it led to the utter failure of our societal/economic, and cultural progress as a (what used to be) an egalitarian democracy that led the world in the area of social justice, and humanitarianism..
      I have no affection, or great respect for Trump, but a squirrel would be a safer bet than the monster Biden could ever be..
      Remember, this is a man who has not voted against a single military intervention into foreign, sovereign countries for no better reason than American bigotry and ignorance regarding the reasons for the actions of activists who understood haw damaging American interference has been to all those countries the Americans attacked.. If you doubt me, then look up Augusto Pinochet.. His fascist takeover of Chile set that country back decades in its development into a modern society… No surprises that the yanks and the pomgolians(English) supported his reign resolutely, with Monarchy being the epitome of fascism, and the Americans having simply adapted the monarchical structure to suit its own political leanings..
      BTW, this is not to say that the average yank is a fascist, as from my many experiences with them around the world, the vast majority are really worthwhile people to know..
      A word to the wise.. Try to get down past the first layer of information before making patently absurd, and ignorant statements…

  3. This is a little off topic but as it falls under the broad umbrella of Israels crimes in their forever war against Palestinians then I’m sure Martyn wont mind me posting it ,,,, and it’s something he deserves kudo’s for .

    In a Declassified Australia article titled ‘SILENCING THE MESSENGER’ –Israel kills journalists, while the West merely censors them.’,,,,, Martyn gets a short paragraph in this article which details the murder of Palestinian Journalists and and their family members ,,,, contrasted with the Pro-Israel bias our dirty western media produces…

    Here’s what’s written about Martyn doing us proud in a portion of the article under the sub-heading … “Journalists globally calling for media impartiality” —– “In New Zealand, The Daily Blog editor Martyn Bradbury has also questioned how many New Zealand journalists have also been influenced by Israeli media massaging, and has written to the NZ Press Gallery, the media union, and media companies requesting a list of their names.” …

    Well done Martyn and if you were in Gaza you’d have a big Zionist target pinned on your back ,,,

    I wont quote any of the sad stories and sick IDF actions from the article for now,,,

    I just wanted to say well done Martyn,,, and undoubtedly your site/TDB receives some amount of shadow banning and reduced traffic due to your principled stand on behalf of the Palestinians.

    Martyn the Good Bomber Bradbury ,,, his haters are going to hate him more ….which I’m guessing he’ll enjoy 😉
    ,,,, “

      • I was thinking of dishonest Zionists who get their knickers in a twist when some-one tells the truth about Israel … Liars like Juliet Mosses and yourself Anne.

        And yes I know she’s a lawyer but she and that dirty dick Cummins have used the ‘human shields’ garbage propaganda when Israel snipers shot non threatening Palestine children in the”march of Return protests ,,, I’ve fired thousands of rifle rounds and you’d have to be a ignorant idiot to believe children could be used as human shields against multiple snipers ,,, but not only did Cummins and Mosses stand by this sleazy smear ,,, they doubled down and claimed the children were shot because they were being used as human shield ,,, because their parents did not love them as much as people like Mosses loved therirs.

        So Mosses is either a idiot ,,, who should not be making vile smears on the basis of her stupid premise … or she’s a brazen liar ,,, like you Anne.

        Run off and tell Mosses I’m calling her a liar if you like Anne ,,, I’ll give Martyn my email and contact details if that dishonest sow would like to be humiliated in court for her own regurgitated racist Israel propaganda…..

        Anyway as I was saying, liars like yourself, mosses, cummins and other zionist bull shitters was obviously who I was referring to.

        The standard sometimes shares common ground and useful information

        Whereas you are so one eyed you’re a female cock-head ,,, and a dirty old one at that.

  4. Zionism, according to a recent encyclopaedia, is a worldwide political movement launched by Theodor Herzl in 1897. Equally it might be said that Socialism was founded in 1848 by Karl Marx. It is clearly difficult to do justice to the origins of a movement of any consequence in a one-sentence definition. The Jewish national revival which took place in the nineteenth century, culminating in political Zionism, was preceded by a great many activities and publications, by countless projects, declarations and meetings; thousands of Jews had in fact settled in Palestine before Herzl ever thought of a Jewish state. These activities took place in various countries and on different levels; it is difficult to classify them and almost impossible to find a common denominator for them. They include projects of British and French statesmen to establish a Jewish state; manifestos issued by obscure east European rabbis; the publication of romantic novels by non-Jewish writers; associations to promote settlement in Palestine, and to spread Jewish culture and national consciousness. The term Zionism appeared only in the 1890s,* but the cause, the concept of Zion, has been present throughout Jewish history. A survey of the origins of Zionism must take as its starting point the central place of Zion in the thoughts, the prayers, and the dreams of the Jews in their dispersion. The blessing ‘Next year in Jerusalem’ is part of the Jewish ritual and many generations of practising Jews have turned towards the east when saying the Shemone Essre , the central prayer in the Jewish liturgy.


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