NZ should not be bombing one of the poorest countries on earth – Dear Right Wing – muzzle your war dogs!

If only Liam Hehir could spend as much time muzzling the war dogs on his Right as he has desecrating Golriz's political corpse!


We on the Left didn’t vote for this hard right racist climate denying Government, you right wing Kiwis did!

Judith and Winston are YOUR war dogs!

YOU need to pull them back from this fucking American Red Sea War and get a muzzle on both of them!

A counter productive military strike that is hypercritically ignoring Israels ethnic cleansing war crimes sides us with the baddies here!

Let’s be very clear what we’ve signed up to. In the words of one of the best analysts in NZ, Dr Paul Buchanan…

…that’s right.

We are in the “kill chain” now. That’s what our NZDF deployment will be doing.

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We are helping select targets for America to bomb.

We may as well be pulling the fucking trigger ourselves, so don’t you dare flinch when hear ‘kill chain’, don’t you dare pretend we won’t be killing people and destroying shit.

Again – want to keep sea lanes open, but bombing the Houthis isn’t the fucking solution!

You right wingers enabled this hard right racist climate denying Government – YOU are responsible for leashing their more corrupt war mongering values.

This is on you. Not us.

Put a muzzle on your war dogs Right wingers.

If only Liam Hehir could spend as much time muzzling the war dogs on his Right as he has desecrating Golriz’s political corpse!



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  1. How does one condemn the actions of a right-wing government that is merely backing the actions of a left-wing government. Hows about we ditch the ‘wings’ and concentrate on the fact that governments prefer war to diplomacy, thus we live in an age of shyt governance….

  2. The Houthis have enough cash to launch missiles and helicopter attacks on neutral shipping in international waters.
    Bit like Hamas with the hostages. Leave the innocent alone ( or release them ) and the war goes away

    • Israel wouldn’t leave innocents alone, nor stop taking innocents hostage – for years this went on. Now, we have what we have. As for the Houthis, well they’ve been bullied by Saudi Arabia for donkeys, no wonder they’ve got arms to use and a bit of a back bone to use em also.

    • What a load of bollocks. Why do you think Netanyahu doesn’t give a shit about the hostages (as more Israelis are pointing out)?

  3. Agree entirely. This is fucking despicable, the wealthiest people in the world killing the poorest because the poorest people in the world are defending another people killed night and day, women and children, while the wealthiest people in the world ply arms to the killers.

    Problem is has Labour come out opposing this government decision? Where is the opposition.

  4. We should restrict ‘our bombing’ to wealthy countries only and ‘pirates’ are allowed to attack shipping in international waterways as long as they come from poorer countries that may or may not be acting in support of terrorist organisations?

  5. Israel really does not deserve to exist any longer given the 75 year Zionist brutalisation of Palestine–which if you look at historic urban photos was quite a civilised and sophisticated place, till 1948. They could have peacefully coexisted–but the Zionists cannot bring themselves to do so despite hundreds of UN Resolutions and several internationally sponsored peace plans.

    Who gives one if containers do not reach Mitre 10 on time when children are bombed by the likes of the Israeli butchers.

    If the American arms and cash tap were turned off Israel would be gone by lunchtime.

    • Finkelstein’s main point.

      I’m not sure if the Jews could have peacefully coexisted even in’48 given the egregiousness of Zionism.

      Norm’s main point is, sure the Houthis may be hitting neutral shipping but why should business as normal go on during a genocide, with obvious reference to the Holocaust.

  6. James ‘mad cow’ Brown the clown ,,, where double standards meets no standards.

    tit 22/07/2019 ,,, Britain blasts Iran seizure of tanker as act of ‘state piracy’

    for tat ,,, ,,,,

    More piracy ,,, “The U.K. stripped the assets of a foreign state and transferred them to political actors engaged in regime change,”

    Bombing non-pirates ,,,, “We will be helping to bomb a desperately poor country that has been ravaged by war for the past decade, or more. Yemen is the only country that has taken significant action to bring about a Gaza ceasefire, and to make the West pay an economic price for its active and passive encouragement of Israel. The Houthi leadership in Yemen have repeatedly said that they will cease their attacks on shipping, once a Gaza ceasefire is declared.

    As pointed out this week on social media:

    Let me get this straight. Yemen says “We blockade the Red Sea because of the genocide in Gaza. We are obligated to do so under the Geneva Convention. Stop the genocide and we stop the blockade.” The US immediately calls them terrorists. The US denies this has anything to do with Gaza. The US starts a war with Yemen.”

    • Boy, what a frigged up world. Again, it speaks to the power of the equally frigged up mainstream media that most people are oblivious to the state of today’s world. We sleep walk towards our own demise (that is the demise of the non-billionaire class).

  7. Maybe if the Houthis stopped spending all their money on missiles to lob at international shipping they wouldn’t be so poor *and* wouldn’t be getting bombed back into the stone age right now.

    What’s that? Oh, its the consequences of your actions.


  8. ” We on the Left didn’t vote for this hard right racist climate denying Government, you right wing Kiwis did! ”
    Bomber Hipkins never made a stand against this deliberate annihilation as it unfolded before he left office in calling for a ceasefire. LINO’s silence was sickening and deafening and once again proved how far they have moved away from standing for human rights and having one ounce of credibility as a defender of left wing ideals.

    This from TDB November 20th.

    ” …after Israel revised down the number of dead from the Hamas October 7th attack to 900 civilians and 300 soldiers (not 1400), after it appears no Palestinian missile strike was committed against a hospital and it was in fact a failed missile from the Iron Dome defence system, after it appears there was no Hamas control centre under the other Hospital the IDF bombed, after America bans Israeli settlers from entering America because of the spike in Israeli Settler attacks against Palestinians on the West Bank, after it turns out an IDF attack helicopter accidentally opened fire on their own people at the Nova dance festival, after Israel has managed to kill more civilians in a month than Russia has managed in almost 2 years.


    Chippy finally decides enough is enough and makes the unprecedented move to step aside as the Caretaker PM and speak as the Leader of the Labour Party by denouncing the appalling level of Israeli disproportionate violence and demanded an immediate ceasefire.

    ” It is a bold move, it is a humane move, it is a courageous move. ”

    ” This is what political leadership looks like. ”

    But only when you are not re-elected the PM and are just a caretaker and have lost the authority and confidence of the public.

  9. Martyn did you see the Press Conference with Luxon, Peters & Collins? The utter legal ignorance of Winston Peters who is supposed to be a Lawyer & a Foreign Minister but knows nothing about US or International Law? The United States needs to obtain approval from its Congress to wage War against another Country & approval is only given if the US is directly attacked FIRST by another State actor to enable it to act in the self defence? America was never attacked directly by Yemen until they were illegally attacked so Biden’s Military actions are illegal under US law! Peters also claimed that the US attacks on Yemen were done with UN approval? This is patently false, no authorisation was given by the UN Security Council, in fact the opposite, the UN Law says you cannot attack another Country to resolve a conflict before first attempting to resolve the issue peacefully, War is the final option, not the first? And why are the Houthis doing this shipping disruption action, it’s to force Israel to enact a ceasefire in Gaza to stop the killing of civilians via a Economic Shipping blockade & its only Ships going to & from Israel being prevented, other Nations are free to pass in the Red Sea! And what are the results, the Biden Regime & the US Navy are being humiliated by the Houthis in the Red Sea despite their illegal bombing of Yemen, the Houthis have not killed anyone in their ship highjacking but the US has killed Yemeni’s in their bombing campaign! This is a simple conflict to stop, the US needs to force Israel into getting a Ceasefire done to stop the Gaza genocide & the Houthis will stop disrupting the Shipping? But America won’t do this, their response is bomb the fuck out of Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon in futile, ineffective attacks & now the Americans having failed to stop the Houthis by bombing Yemen eight times to no avail, they are pathetically begging the Chinese to ask the Houthis to stop, how embarrassing, China won’t do any favours for the US! The limp dick big, bad US Wolf, huffing & puffing & blowing to bring down the Houthi Brick Wall but the Wall just gets stronger? Stop the Killing Israel & US, Gaza CEASEFIRE NOW & the Shipping blockade ends!

    • An increasing number of people are looking at the USA with the realisation that its empire is fragile, and its armed forces are a paper tiger.

  10. I’m sorry but I have to come back to this.
    So, let me get this straight. We have 14 multi-billionaires, right? Also 3118 multi-millionaires with a nett wealth of $50 million each and we have four now foreign owned banks i.e. jonky’s ANZ then ASB, BNZ and Westpac standing over is to steal a reported $180.00 a second. A SECOND! in nett profits 24/7/365 and yet we have people living in poverty and in dire hardship here made worse for the fact that they live in a paradise they can never reach to enjoy themselves. They just must watch others do that from their over-crowded hovels be-deviled by poverty.
    We pay huge money to elected politicians to con us out of our money and the right for us to enjoy our lives on our beautiful Aotearoa / New Zealand just so a few bankster cunts can live beyond our wildest dreams and all we have to keep us sane is the worthless hope of winning fucking lotto.
    I must ask !? Where the fuck’s the revolution? Where’s the cops, at the very least? We’re all being fucked over. We’ve being conned. Oh my God! Why have we not yet awakened? Why are there no royal commission of inquiries? Where the fuck’s the fraud squad? The SIS? The SAS? The IRD? Where the fuck are they? It’s all truly gob smacking if one were to sit down long enough to think things through. The scale of the fraud that’s bedeviling us is so vast and so deeply embedded within our legal and political infrastructure that, because it’s all so big it can’t be seen. Isn’t that simply amazing? I’m sitting here writing this and my toes are literally curling.
    I finally understand the logic espoused by dirty little roger douglas back in 1984. Roger could see and understand what the fed reserve was doing to Americans and of how successful that was so all he had to do was the same fucking thing. He then went on to destroy our conventional politics and installed a script born of greed and cunning then he simply stood back and watched the criminals move in on us, thus neo-liberalism was born. In my opinion, there needs to be a police investigation because there are certainly grounds for requesting one in my humble opinion.
    This 8 minute clip is extraordinary.
    How to be a crook. As I’ve written here many times before:
    Ever wanted to rob your fellow man? Learn the different methods you can use… and learn who is using them on YOU right now.


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