After scrapping 3 Waters – Simeon Brown sends a passive aggressive email over Wellington Water Woes


Folks, I have to admit I fucking love it.

After the Right spooked the easily led sleepy Hobbits into believing 3 Waters was all about ‘da Maaaaaoris stealing da water’, the new hard right racist Government scrapped 3 Waters and of course now have no fucking plan whatsoever to fix our underfunded fucked up water infrastructure…

Local Government Minister Simeon Brown disappointed Wellington councils didn’t provide information on extent of water crisis

The Local Government Minister says he is disappointed in Wellington and Upper Hutt councils for failing to provide information on how they were dealing with water leakage and shortage issues in the capital.

Simeon Brown wrote to Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau and Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy, after requesting information from the chair of the Wellington Water Committee on what actions shareholder councils were taking to reduce the possible water shortage.

Much of the Wellington region moved to level 2 water restrictions on Wednesday.

…Simeon Brown seems to think all he has to do is send a passive aggressive email and the problem will be fixed!

Watching all you rednecks scream ‘da Maaaoris is stealing da water’ and then having NO PLAN to actually fix the infrastructure is fucking hilarious.

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How’s that thirst feeling rednecks?

Thirsty yet?

Burn rednecks. Burn.


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  1. Pretty much no one feels sorry for Wellington council, the preachy capital that underfunded its water
    infrastructure for years but imported a beach from the South Island and built cycle lanes and rainbow crossings.
    Vanity projects.

    Constantly losing nearly 50% of water through leaky pipes and no action taken should see charges laid.

    • what charge every councilor from the last 50 years ?good luck with that .It is not the fault of the fault of the current council is it /THEY ARE JUST LUMBERED WITH FINDING THE CASH TO FIX IT .

    • Well it’s probably not about feeling sorry for the council is it. It was the Act mayor that wanted change but didn’t like 3 waters because it lost “local voices”. Well the local voices seem to be the problem.

  2. Shouldn’t slimy brown have filed an official information request like we peasantry have to do and wait 20 plus days

  3. Water infrastructure obviously still needs major upgrades and repairs across the country which the rating base in most Councils cannot fund. Pretty obvious what needs to happen…and Labour was doing it–but the Natzos won the narrative with their nasty little campaigns like Groundswell and signage in sheep shaggers roadside properties.

    Rain water collection is a good idea, even small tanks for gardens or whatever, but is a no no for private capital involved in water companies. Do it anyway people, you cannot rely on those failing pipes and dodgy treatment regimes, a lot of people are likely to get very sick in the near future from profit based water supply.

    In the Far North a lot of us have tank water and it works just fine. Visitors freak out and bring large packs of bottled water with them, but nowadays many of us have sophisticated filter systems adjacent to our tank pumps etc. Safer than Havelock North in 2016…

  4. Martyn – 3,000 water leaks in Wellington according to some sources…and that silly young Engineer from Wellington Water stating that she enjoys doing very little work…

  5. It’s rather ironic that Wgtn has has a few ‘green’ Mayors over the years, and yet barely a cent spent on water infrastructure.
    As Keepcalm posted above, plenty spent on visual ‘look what I’ve made happen’ projects, but I guess pipes fixed underground isn’t as visual or ‘sexy’ a legacy for the Mayor?!

    • And yet Labour went about fixing it until the pathetic wee National Simone scuppered it, why, because it was no good? No because it was an idea by Labour.
      So now the ” blue” machine says let’s build more roads, that’ll fix Wellingtons water infrastructure. Fucking morons.

    • I’m right your wrong again the reason why we are in the shite in Wellington is because no mayors invested or had a plan to do anything about our ageing water pipes and infrastructure and we aren’t the only city facing this dilemma.

      • That’s what I fucking said PA!

        Not one cent spent over many Mayors regarding water infrastructure.
        The last 2-3 Mayors have spent like drunken sailors on a rainbow crossing (at a cost of 250k), and personal vanity projects and if course the cycle lanes that no one uses!

  6. Brown is a bully till some one scares the fuck out of him .Remember when he was attacking the gangs hard out ? TILL ONE OF THEM WALKED PAST AND SAID BOO and he shit himself and shut the fuck up .The welly council should sue him for 20 billion to fix the problem .He is a fucked up twerp and needs to grow the fuck up

  7. Wellington is a regressing basket case with a basket case council and a basket case mayor heading it. The place is a ghost town after 5pm and generally tired and run down. Property is totally and utterly overvalued with many many houses not even having decent access, let alone space for parking. The universities and colleges are not half as good as they once were. It’s not the glowing crown jewel that some want us to believe it is. But here is the worst part: it’s full of green ‘goodie-two-shoes’ who vote in snowflakes like Mayor Whanau, who has absolutely no clue how to get a city like that fixed, let alone control a fractured council. Wellington got what they deserved, but I will bet my bottom dollar she or anyone Green will not be voted in again next time. But after that rant, I should also offer a solution and here it is: move govt to Hamilton! It’s the perfect place for it!

  8. Wellington didn’t spend any money on water for the last 3 years because 3 waters was going to bail them out
    Now it’s gone.
    Time for competent councillors and mayor’s that will fund infrastructure.
    Rules the Greens and Labour out

  9. Wellingtons water problems are not even close to new. In the 1860’s a farmer up on the Terrace cut off thier water altogether then blackmailed them into paying him out and putting in a culvert to improve his land.

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