Scrapping EV subsidy will cost us all more you morons!


This is a special kind of stupid…

Scrapping Clean Clar Discount will cost double what it saves, transport officials say

Scrapping the Clean Car Discount will cost about double the financial benefits of doing so, transport officials calculated.

The advice was finalised in November but never officially presented to Cabinet because the new Government suspended the need for regulatory impact statements for undoing Labour-era policies. The uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) has quadrupled since July 2021, beating the expectations of both the Government and the car industry.  

…I love how National blinded any scrutiny of their right wing revenge fantasies so voters wouldn’t hear this…

The advice was proactively released on the Ministry of Transport’s website three days before Christmas. The projected costs include $93 million lower car maintenance costs, which will be forgone by scrapping the discounts (because EVs need less maintenance), $138 million in fuel savings, plus improvements in air quality that would have saved $224 million on health costs.

On the climate front, if the policy had stayed, the country’s vehicles would have pumped out between 1.1 and 2.2 million tonnes less carbon dioxide from now until 2050 – in the same ballpark as what oil company OMV produces in New Zealand in a year or what NZ Steel emits annually from its Glenbrook steel mill.

…we want less petrol driven cars to lower our emissions because the planet is super cooking thanks to climate change.

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Subsidising the new EVs creates a second hand market where cheaper electric cars can be sold.

This is what we is now. We implement counterproductive knee jerk legislation and pretend that is democracy.

We are an easily led nation of sleepy hobbits.


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  1. This is why it’s absolute bullshit to suggest this mob are anymore responsible than the last lot. The clean car discount removal is every bit as bad as anything “woke”. It’s just a virtue signal to what petrol heads see as virtuous. And don’t get me started on it supposedly being wrong because it might help someone that is well off. Give me a f’ing break! That’s what this government stands for! Now supposedly they care.

    If the clean car discount went to some rich toff who it meant left the v8 remuera tractor at home, great. The idea is conversion full stop. Are all those charging stations they building only to be used by people on lesser incomes?

  2. The problem is petrol aren’t going anywhere. Ever. EV’s will be an unmitigated disaster, both for the environment (given the land devastation, child slavery and energy it costs to produce an EV battery), as well safety concerns given you are fucking stuck where you are if the power goes out for whatever reason.

    Yeah EV’s are totally going to pwn the petrol cars.

  3. And don’t forget the added joy of EV drivers soon having to pay RUC’s to subsidize logging trucks ripping our roads a new arse hole.
    ” Light electric vehicles (gross laden weight 3500kg or less) are exempt from RUC until 31 March 2024. From 1 April 2024, owners of light electric vehicles will need to buy a road user charges (RUC) licence and display it on their windscreen. This includes plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).”
    Inside Science.
    ‘How Much Damage Do Heavy Trucks Do to Our Roads?’
    “Consider a standard sedan with two axles and a total weight of 2 tons. Assuming an even distribution, each of its axles would bear the weight of 1 ton. Now consider a semitruck with eight axles and a weight of 40 tons — each of its axles would weigh 5 tons. The relative damage done by each axle of the truck can be calculated with the following equation, and comes out to 625 times the damage done by each axel of the sedan.”

  4. Every road user should pay for the privilege, proportionally to the load, weat and space used. EVs are heavier and cause more wear and tear than equivalent ICE vehicles. Longer vehicles (utes) have larger road footprint and should pay more.
    BTW total product life costs (financial and environmental) are not lower than for equivalent ICE vehicles.


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