National Terrorism Threat Level Remains At LOW – NZ Security Intelligence Service


The National Terrorism Threat Level will stay at LOW, which means a terrorist attack remains a realistic possibility.

New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) Director-General of Security Andrew Hampton made the determination following a routine annual review.

“The purpose of the National Terrorism Threat Level is to inform relevant government agencies about the likelihood of a terrorist attack in New Zealand,” Andrew Hampton said.

“It is based on an assessment at a point in time by the multi-agency Combined Threat Assessment Group (CTAG).

“I encourage New Zealanders to remain alert to signs of violent extremism and report behaviours and activities they find concerning,” said Mr Hampton.

The Threat Level and the assessment that underpins it allows relevant government agencies to ensure that they are appropriately placed to mitigate any risks. CTAG’s assessment is based on a range of classified and open source material.

Maintaining the threat level at LOW reflects the fact that CTAG has not sighted information to indicate New Zealand is currently the target of credible and specific attack plans by violent extremist groups or individuals, either based in New Zealand or offshore.

CTAG’s assessment has been consulted widely with colleagues from New Zealand’s national security agencies before being finalised.

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“While the setting remains at LOW, it is important to remember it does not mean there is a complete absence of threat.

“An attack remains a realistic possibility and there are individuals of concern being investigated by the NZSIS.

“The nature and amount of violent rhetoric shared online suggests there are people in New Zealand who may aspire to commit an attack, but we have not seen this translate to planned attempts to undertake a physical act of violent extremism.

“The safety of New Zealand and New Zealanders remains NZSIS’s key mission. Efforts to detect and investigate violent extremism are ongoing,” said Mr Hampton.

The National Terrorism Threat Level is continually evaluated and could change at any time. Suspicious or concerning behaviour can be reported to Police on 105 or through the NZSIS website. For information that is urgent or life-threatening, always call 111.


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