MEDIAWATCH: Damien Grant – “Our ethnic cleansing war crime is NOT a genocide’ and other Israeli jokes

The Planet of Sour Grapes: See no Genocide, hear no Genocide, Speak no Genocide

I love Damien Grant, and I think it’s neat that he has decided to go into bat for the Dictionary in his latest column over the use of the word genocide.

It’s funny because the rest of us would prefer to defend the Palestinians, but Damien has decided the Dictionary needs equal protection.

I think it’s charming Damien feels he is smarter than the entire South African Legal team who are arguing that what Israel is doing is a text book definition of genocide, only Libertarianism and Scientology can promise that level of self assured intellectual confidence…

South Africa’s genocide case against Israel is imperfect but persuasive. It may win

In the Hague trial, both sides have largely avoided evidence contradicting their case. Yet South Africa’s arguments are strong

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…so what is the definition of almost 24000 dead Palestinians from a disproportionate bombing campaign on the most densely packed open prison on the planet?

Well he doesn’t get around to defining that at all.

Unfortunately for Damien, I’m not sure “Our ethnic cleansing war crime is NOT a genocide’ doesn’t provide the moral high ground Israeli apologists seem to think it does.

The ramifications of Israel’s disproportionate war crimes are going to plunge us to levels of atrocity where the word Genocide will demand redefinition.


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  1. I realise there are legal reasons that we have to be able to label things or put in them in a nice little box, so while we are at it why doesn’t Mr Grant do the word semite next and talk about the use of ‘anti semite’ as the IDF kills loads of them. I would say in a traditional sense the IDF are very antisemitic.

  2. Damien Grant’s article was a good one and quite correct – the woketards will disagree of course because even receiving a soy latte that is not quite hot enough qualifies as genocide.

    • You can argue about the meaning of the word genocide but comparing the death of shit loads of women and children to the temperature of a latte probably makes you a caring understanding nurturing type.

    • @ JB.
      I hate to do this to you because you’re such an easy target. I don’t really feel that comfortable with kicking a fellow after they’ve fallen backwards over their own flat feet.
      ‘Woketards’. Is that one of yours or did you get that off a placard at a farmers slow-tractor, pro-natzo cavalcade for Jesus show and tell? You don’t realise that damien grant is really a stuffed possum with a speaker up its arsehole which broadcasts Right wing-ding spit N sparks for the National Party and are, by extension, a faction of the same criminal infrastructure who steals our money, wastes our lives and insist upon us living a shit life on a beautiful few islands in peace and harmony, more or less while our tireless efforts have built 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires with net wealth each in excess of $50 million who, in no doubt collusion, then enabled four foreign owned banks to steal $180.00 a second in nett profits 24/7/365 from the morbidly ignorant, like yourself. damien grant is a MSM porn star. He flops his tongue out then flails it about and mopes like you cue up to strip down and back up to it.
      The most we can expect from fascist racists and psychopathic narcissists like damien and quite possibly yourself is that your whip-arm tires out before your common sense kicks in because not even I would wish that you carry your guilty conscience that far to your grave once you realise just how evil the israeli’s are and of how monstrous they are towards their fellow human beings. We must bare witness to what the israelis have done to their neighbours since 1948. We must live with the knowledge that what the israelis are doing to the Palestinians is, by extension, on us all. We feed into it as if by hypnosis. What would you think of the IDF were moving into and over Auckland and as they did so, they left dead kids and adults littering Queen Street? What would your ignorance compel you to say then? Some sarcastic, witty and quippy comment about a persons coffee preferences?
      OMG! I’ve just had a realisation! You’re damien grant aren’t you! You are! Fuck off then.

    • The only real information to be gained from Damien’s article was that he has been on a paid trip to Israel or hopes to do so soon. It is not unusual to use the same word to describe similar events as things don’t have to be exactly the same for the word to reflect what happens. The word “race” is an obvious example, horse race, car race, cycle race, foot race along with the human race, white race, Asian race etc. It is obvious within the context of the sentence what the word means & while Damien might be happier to describe it as a mass killing of mostly innocent Palestinians including women & children whose only fault appears to be that they were in the path of Israeli weapons.

  3. “…so what is the definition of almost 24000 dead Palestinians from a disproportionate bombing campaign on the most densely packed open prison on the planet?”

    Maybe it’s a penultimate solution, rather than a final one. A shandy-like genocide.

  4. The South African legal Team was fantastic, the South African people can be very proud of their Govt for undertaking this incredible moral stand, the only Nation in the World that has done this, to show the World the genocidal intent & actions of the American funded & backed Terrorist US Proxy State called Israel! South Africa deserves the admiration of the World for this & are deserving of the Nobel Peace prize, the SA people know what it’s like being a oppressed people living under a Apartheid State & coming out the other side! Expect Western pressure to sanction & punish South Africa now, the Americans must be seething because this Court case incriminates them as well, because the Biden Regime is complicit in the War crimes of Israel & expect these Judges to be threatened by Israel as well? The disgraceful Lamestream Media only showed Israel’s pathetic defence there was a Media blackout of South Africa’s arguments case which was based on actual International Law & they presented a formidable legal case for Genocide against Israel, they presented Israel’s murderous intent by using Israel’s own words to incriminate them, Netanyahu, the evil Zionist Leader used the Term, remember Amalek, this Old Testament scripture that he quoted which he referred to the Palestinians as being like the Amalekite people who God instructed Ancient Israel to destroy, Man, children, beast etc? Israel’s following defence was a complete joke, their legal arguments based on silly legal nonsense & emotion rather than actual International law & it’s definition of genocide, they based their pathetic defence on the Holocaust, the excuse they always use, hiding behind the memory of those Holocaust victims, wearing yellow ribbons & then slandering the South Africans as being Hamas collaborators & Blood libel antisemitics, it was pathetic & ridiculous but that’s always their defence to legitimatise their murderous genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, as if these two things can provide Israel with the legal justification to ethically cleanse 30k Civilians in Gaza, it’s a sick & depraved viewpoint, totally wrong! Well done South Africa, you are the conscience of the World & have not only destroyed Israel’s already bloodstained reputation but your moral stand has highlighted the absolute immorality of the United States of America who could end this Gaza slaughter immediately but continue to enable Israel to act the way they do, America is just as guilty as the Israeli’s because without US support, money & weapons, Israel would be finished, but Israel’s War criminality has exposed the hypocrisy of the US, they have done out in the open what the Americans have been doing for decades, but has been hidden, killing millions of innocents, Regime changes & US targeted assassinations of Nations Leaders, Israel follows the example set by it’s American masters, but Israel is now become the Tail that wags the US dog!

    • clearly the Israelis have forgotten what the holocust was like and how it was for there parents and grand parents .The people of palastine are in and identical situation living in a concentration camp and being sent to the gas chamber every day for fucks sake

  5. Grant’s article is fair and level-headed, unlike all too much recent commentary on this site. The fate of the Armenians, Anatolian Greeks and Anatolian Assyrians 100 years ago – now that was genocide.

    • You can rig the situation differently no one needs to come up with an equally contrive counter scenario. Murder is wrong and killing woman and children is evil.

      • Agree, then where’s the protests against Hamas for doing exactly that? I’ll give you a hint, there are none.

        • It’s not a tick for tack argument. It’s black and white. You either agree that murdering woman and children is wrong or you are evil.

          Said another way if god was on the side of people engaging in human rights violations, then the devil would be the ones fighting human rights rotators.

          If you want to put forward an argument for why it’s okay for Israel killing woman and children but it’s not okay for Hamas to do it then let’s hear a stronger argument than hints, question marks and suggestions.

  6. South Africa will be doing Hamas war crimes next, yes?

    I ask because on Monday they released another video of their surviving Jewish hostages, this one asking viewers whether they should kill the three hostages from the first video or keep them alive. “What do you think?” they asked.

  7. Yet someone else with a pathological hatred for Palestininans. I wonder what they ever did for him. Next thing he will probably be going to Israel to fight against the poor Palestinian women and children who represent a grave threat to the Jewish race.

  8. Release the hostages and it all stops.
    Hardly the definition of a genocide
    Genocide is what happened to the Moriori

    • Israel was offered the release of all their hostages, very, very early into this conflict. They just has to release all of their Palestinian hostages in return. As we can see, they refused. Otherwise, nothing will stop for Palestine until the illegal occupier of their lands is either forced to return back to their agreed upon, borders or the occupier kills/drives the Palestinians off their lands.

      As for genocide, when Israeli soldiers/commanders/politicians freely use this term and similar language to describe their actions and wishes, plans, then arguing/debating definitions is nothing more than a deflection from the tragedy taking place right before our very eyes.

    • Really? So where did the genocide of Moriori take place? Did they have a specific area outside of the Chathams where this occurred?

  9. My idea of thecasebeing brought agains Israel is that it aims to stop the genocide being accomplished rather than to establishthat it has happened already. The many statements made by leading Israeli MPs have made it clear that genicide is theintention and they are getting on with it in a methodical way. After it has been completed and there are no Palestinians left alive in Gaza or the West bank it will be a bit too late to bother with legal definitions and terminology. It will be a subject for historians.
    D J S

  10. Meh – genocide is pretty clear here. What is Israel’s long-term plan for Palestinians? That there are none. Time we sanctioned them. Palestine can have their embassy building.

    • That was their long-term plan, all along. Never anything better. Why entrusting the Palestinians into their hands is like entrusting Jews into the hands of Nazis.

  11. It feels like Hammas are hand in glove with Israel. Hammas want to start world war three and don’t care who gets killed, most immediately especially the civilians of Gaza and Israel wants to exterminate Palestinians and are doing so right in plain sight, no shame. Now the west are bombing the poorest country in the world because they are bombing western shipping. It’s all going to shit pretty quickly…

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