UPDATE: Dear Comrade Golriz: Once, twice, three times a shoplifter?


Comrade Golriz

I admire you and respect you.

I haven’t always agreed with your more woke positions, but I’m a 50 year old heteronormative white cis male, and I roll my eyes at everything.

I’m also a bit of prick sometimes.

That aside, I agree with you 80% of the time, which is a higher agreement rate than I have with most of my family!

These allegations against you aren’t fair and your presumption of innocence has been trampled by right wing attack media, however with a 3rd allegation now out there, you no longer have the luxury of taking your time to respond.

Your supporters and Green Party voters need to hear your side of the story.

Was this a stress issue? A medication issue? Forgetfulness? Burn out?

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Is this some internal feminist revolt against capitalism? If so, let’s rock that frock, but we need to hear an explanation so we can put these allegations to rest.

We want to give you the benefit of the doubt but we need to hear a complete explanation from you as to your side of the story.

As for the Greens management of this. I appreciate everyone was exhausted and tired after a bruising election year, but your failure to grasp the enormity of these allegations is a terrible blunder that now makes you look incompetent.

This needs cauterising now.

When it comes to hungry people shoplifting at a Supermarket, I turn a blind eye, but you are a well paid MP and kleptomania looks less forgivable.

Golriz either provides a credible explanation to these allegations or she needs to stand down.

Staying quiet only makes things worse for her and the Party.

It is outrageous that shaming Golriz for shoplifting is a bigger story than NZ enabling America to bomb the poorest nation on earth while providing protection to Israel’s war crimes, but this is where we are as a political culture now.

The glee so many seem to have in destroying Golriz tells us just how polarised NZ politics has become.

Step up and provide your response and allow the public response to judge you, or step down.

Half steps are no longer a response to this.


UPDATE: And she has resigned.

Stress is being pointed to as the trigger for behaviour she has described as…

Ghahraman earlier said that her mental health had been “badly affected” by the stress of her work as an MP.

“This has led me to act in ways that are completely out of character. I am not trying to excuse my actions, but I do want to explain them.”

…she has done the right thing by resigning and I hope she gets the care and support she needs.

The Right will of course be howling with glee, because destroying human beings when they do wrong is all we are emotionally capable of in New Zealand.

Ok. Golriz has resigned – can we now get back to why the fuck NZ is enabling the bombing of the Houthie? 


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      • Wheel – Has Luxon and Peters stated the following

        – I came to NZ as a refugee to escape the bombings, and shootings every night (That was false)

        – I defend Human Rights (She defended a Human Rights Abuser)

        If so – you are correct, if not…then what?

        • “Defended a human rights abuser”. That’s called fair representation Nathan. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial. I realise with you, being such a staunch supporter of the Israeli administration, the law is not such a convenient topic.

          As for bombings and shootings I have no idea. Were you there?

          Luxon says things like “I am in Te Puke” or as head of a major SOE, Te Reo and the Climate are of paramount importance then does the opposite as PM.

          Where shall we start with Peters. The list would be enormous and you are delusional if you think otherwise. He apparently didn’t know about that wanker in CHCH contacting the PMs office, and seemingly doesn’t know anything about funding mechanisms for his own party( utter bullshit of course).

    • Did you post your comment while queuing for water somewhere Nathan ? — and yes I was being sarcastic in relation to your dishonest words/post where you claimed in “double dare” emphasis that people in Wellington were having to do this ….

      Should I be kind and presume it’s stupidity that makes you post blatantly incorrect rubbish? ,,, enlighten us.

      • Why do you suggest that Nathan is dishonest!
        It is more likely that his opinions are slanted towards his preferred biases.

        He and you, and you will argue me, have much in common. I do not think reason will move him or you away from your respective biases.

        GG did the honourable thing. She could so easily have “Kerekere’ied it and try to take down some friends.

        • Nathan made a statement of (incorrect) fact ,,,, that people in Wellington were lining up for water …. I also made a statement of fact, that Wellington people WERE NOT doing what Nathan claimed.

          The opinion part would be would be in people guessing or reasoning for Nathans motives in refusing to admit he was wrong ….

          He did make his stupid incorrect statement in relation to Israel ,,,, so he has extensive form for being pig ignorant and not willing to admit factual truth..

          • B Awakesky – Google ‘Wellington Water Crisis”, or YouTube ” Wellington Water Crisis” …as for the Hamas – Israel war opinion…so?

            Enjoy the water in Wellington …while it lasts

            • I worked in water supply sector in Wellington from 2000 to 2009.
              Same story then, every year.

              The messaging is more colourful and increasingly alarmist. Maybe, the situation is worse but I think it is rhetoric and communication that have changed most.

            • I did google it Nathan ,,,, despite living in Wellington and knowing you were talking/posting crap.

              You know you were wrong too ,,, which is why you have posted ZERO links to back up your fearmongering fairy-tale about Wellingtonians having to line up to get water…..

              ….. and while you may/must have been mistaken in initially making your false claim ….. now you are being deliberately dishonest.

              But Good on you for exposing how YOU operate and YOUR contempt for telling the truth.

    • Putting aside the great irony of the Green Party spokesperson for Justice being a common thief – it will no doubt be blamed on mental health as all political undoings are these days.

  1. Those yuppie shops selling overpriced crap are receiving masses of free publicity over this( poor darlings suffering at hands of a muslim refugee).
    But obviously deviant behaviour by a young left leaning female politician must be checked. If not repressed she may go on to all forms of evil like brawling with other MPs, violent bullying, claiming accomodation allowances not entitled to, harassing waitresses with ponytails, inappropriately touching people, sending them obscene e-mails, lying about donations received, lying about the amount of shares held in trusts, aiding Chinese spies.
    I mean, it is not as though any sitting Members of Parliament have ever done these things – have they?
    In these days of electronic tags I wonder how anyone could walk out the door of a high end shop and not set off alarms if they had not paid for items. ( Excuse me did you forget to pay for something? Just hand it over and fuck off.)

    • Stevie. Some meat in a local supermarket is now security-tagged, and it’s not nearly as good as the meat in the other supermarket anyway. I only buy the yellow-stickered stuff, and most of the processed packages are crap, except for Polish-style sausage, loaded with garlic and lard, and utterly delicious.

      Who has the time to shop lift ? In the paid workforce I could barely keep up with household and garden chores and my busy GP said that he’d needed a hair cut for over a month, but hadn’t had time to get one. Shoplifting during working hours seems a bit peculiar.

  2. Kleptomania is a legit mental condition and more forgivable than “I felt like stealing a candy bar”.

    We have welfare, and we have food banks – some who will even drive the food to you -, and we have private charity. Some people would rather shoplift than ask for help, that’s pride not desperation.

    The majority of shoplifters are drunk or greedy or spiteful, not desperate. Ever worked at a supermarket Martin? I have, and I can’t recall a single shoplifter who even pretended to actually be in need. Several were violent drunks, however.

    • In a weird way I agree with your angle.

      This is no trivial matter. Bomber is three strike mode….
      Strike one … just politics playing out here, nothing to see.
      Strike two … must be dirty politics.
      Strike three …. WTF! She needs to have a f…. good explanation so that we can get on with things. This is bloody annoying.

    • I forgave John Key for his ponytail pulling disease( Trichotillomania) after all it was a disease and he could not help it.
      Was it similar to this case? Absolutely, the young waitress had her career ended and her dignity taken. What price do we put on that?
      Many people dismissed Key’s actions, including Key as jovial.

      Some people will go at lengths to hang her simply because she is a Green MP and from the left, however.

      • ” Some people will go at lengths to hang her simply because she is a Green MP and from the left, however. ”

        Remember Materia Turei ?

        She was hung more than once !

  3. I am not sure this has anything to do with politics becoming more polarised. The evil Judith Collins proved that a while ago with her outing of an affair. The simple fact is you can’t have elected MPs running around circumventing the cost living crisis ( by removing the cost). Golritz has not been found guilty of anything but the silence is not helping people start to conclude she will be. I get a private citizen refusing to comment but this a representative of the public.

    • I agree completely. In her position saying nothing does her no favours.

      “The glee so many seem to have in destroying Golriz tells us just how polarised NZ politics has become.”

      I take no “glee” in this, but I would like to hear some type of explanation in the not too dim distant future if that’s OK.

    • Yes Wheel I agree. The right wing media are like dogs with a bone they won’t leave it alone everyday a headline “oh to be so perfect in this imperfect world” comes to mind. Its’s a pity they don’t flesh out how the imperfect and the morally corrupt Judith Collins was made a QC. If that doesn’t warrant an investigation nothing does. Unfortunately the Green leadership better come out soon or the cause is lost and whatever the outcome now the mud will stick and Golriz’s future as an MP will be gone. Also unfortunately there will be the likes of the horrible Cam Slater ( Judith’s dirty worker ) who will be dancing with joy at these revelations and won’t let it rest.

      • I don’t think it’s right wing media. Media of any flavour likes these stories, but to be fair you can’t hold politicians to account by ignoring these stories.

        Anyway she did it, she has resigned, end of.

  4. Ok, giving her a fair suck of the sav here Martyn…is it because:
    She is a green MP?
    She is a she?
    She is not a white woman?
    We all know had this exact scenario been replicated but an MP from ACT/National/NZF you would be bemoaning the fact the MSM are not doing their job in pursuing it hard enough.

    I understand you are a green supporter, but 3 (so far) allegations of shoplifting!
    Can we guess that ‘mental health issues’ will be the verdict when she resigns from parliament?
    I’m sure a resignation is the least you would be demanding if it were an MP not from the left of politics?

    • Poor wee tighty far righty trying to play the victim. If you don’t want bias, stick to the Platform, or your new Whale Oil site, oh wait……we know you are hard right.

      Maybe just maybe she did it for a bit of a laugh you know like these two…

      Act MP David Garrett thought going to a cemetery, copying the details of a dead two-year-old baby and using those details to obtain a fake passport was “a bit of a lark”.

      Was it because they were two white middle aged men?

      “Prime Minister John Key has dismissed his hair-pulling pranks as “a bit of banter”

      It’s different when the right do it!

    • The thing is I’m right there are double standards, all the lawbreakers on the right were and are still there, didn’t Bill English diddle the taxpayers, what about the shady Saudi sheep deal we never got to the bottom of that, bed leg is still there surely a violent act warranted a resignation from parliament, no there is a hidden report and he is still there. Melissa Lee is still there ( didn’t even know about that one !!!) that’s how it plays out for the right. Plus there is the absolute harassment of these women MP’s on the left, we have NZ supporting bombing the Red Sea and all we have had is wall to wall Golriz. The MSM need to hang their heads in shame

      • Of course there’s Maggie Barry and the horrid Judith Collins. And what about the high profile Israel Adesanya who broke the law but was not convicted due to the impact it would have on his career. So much for National being tough on crime. Life is about who you know, not what you know.

  5. Her silence speaks volumes Martyn? If she was innocent, she would have immediately fronted up to the Lamestream NZ Media to clear up the allegations, but she hasn’t fronted! WHY? Because she’s a Shoplifting thief who despite being a well paid Politician, stole high priced clothing from a Boutique Store, how GREEN of her, saving the Planet by thieving expensive Clothing, one dress at a Time, can she claim back Carbon credits for that? Revoke her NZ Citizenship & boot her back to the 3rd World Rathole she came from! Disgraceful!

    • Yes, well I wonder how they will deal with this as it increasingly looks like she may have kleptomaniac tendency or a need to self sabotage with three incidents reported to the police. Obviously she likes expensive designer clothes, but she can well afford to pay for them. It’s a big shame if she suffers from this and could be any number of psychological reasons, some quite obvious. It’s not really so acceptable a problem as even drunk driving and she will be scorned and castigated if the police find she is guilty and/ or she admits to it. It’s sad. A shame. But maybe a career change is what she needs if she has been found guilty because it’s a kind of madness brought on by stress and maybe pretending to be someone you are not. Unless she has a side hustle fencing designer gear, or is robbing the rich to give to the poor. Who knows. Good luck to her to brave the public humiliation that has come her way because of this.

    • Sorry, can’t resist. Only a disgusting rabid xenophobic racist asshole would even think let alone post such unbelievable claptrap. I only wish for you, that you may understand what being a refugee must be like.

  6. Its highly unlikely her health condition had anything to do with it, considering that she immediately refused to open her bag when challenged by the store

  7. Shoplifting is now a hobby among middle class Brits, to the extent that it is impacting fiscally upon the targeted shops. The days when stealing a loaf of bread could result in deportation to Botany Bay are long gone. Cold and hunger are easily understood triggers, so much so that pious politicians vow to address them year after year, and charities and good people actually do so.

    Adolescents get kudos from swiping stuff, but grown-up brains having adrenaline highs from illegal or anti-social activities need to get a grip on something – probably themselves. Ms Gahraman is in a tight spot, and having to explain herself to the hoi polloi could achieve little more than provide fodder for salacious media hacks. She might serve herself and the punters best by popping down to a cop shop pronto and hoping that the police prioritise her case because she is a politician. This puts the cops in a tight spot too, but that’s how things are, and it may be up to them to figure out the best way of addressing an unfortunate situation.

    • At the end of the day, the greater good is more important. She had to go because this issue wasnt going to go away nicely. Golriz is just one woman. Plenty will take her place.

  8. If her defence was “I didn’t do it”, you think she would have already made it known by now. A public rebuttal to the allegations wouldn’t require much effort, particularly in the age of social media. Her continued silence is giving the impression that she can not find a way out of her predicament and a managed exit is being prepared.

  9. The current Green Party are sociopaths- targeting destruction of the family unit, racial harmony and even the “normal” gendering of society.
    It’s not a leap for a sociopath to steal.

    Also note the high end fashion taste of the Green social justice warriors.

    • And you support the imposition of traditional values, white supramecy and biblical gender roles at gunpoint?

      How long before I see you calling for homosexuality to be recriminalised or children to be removed from unmarried parents?

    • That is the problem with people like you, going on about freedom, but telling people who they can marry, who they can fuck, when they can and cant have kids, who they can live with, what to wear, blah blah blah,

      You get get fucked you bible bashing bigot, I can live with and fuck who I fucking like.

  10. Is so funny… The poor kid needs to go to Portugal and find a nice beach somewhere then take an E and let the whole thing just slide off into insignificance. I remember the wailing and moaning when Winona Ryder got nabbed for shoplifting. The reality is that Golriz, who’s clearly not of a sound mind, needs a cuddle and a cup of tea, not wailing self righteous Right Wing wing-ding, ding dongs howling in insipid, hypocritical outrage while they coldly back-door their privateer besties past the lobby to inform our grossly over-paid politicians on how to fuck us on our own electricity, housing, transport etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.
    Natzo neo-liberal Right Wing and your mangy, moulting, flea ridden followers? Cast the first stone Bitches!

    • Yeah!! Thanks Country boy, hit the nail on the head yet again. I hope Golriz takes your very sensible advice, now that she has resigned.

  11. As yet it is trial by public opinion. But you have to wonder at her silence. Out of the country? Legal advice? But now if Ms Golriz has nothing on her conscience you’d think she’d be shouting that loud and clear.

  12. I’m not one of those against or for the politician one way or the other.

    Perspective: “The enormity of these allegations.”
    The life expectancy gap, now that’s enormous, in more ways than one. All sorts of things are enormous in New Zealand. The Golriz Ghahraman situation is a five minute wonder so minor in the overall scheme of things.

  13. Remember Metiria Turei? It seems that there is a presumption among certain folk on the left that it is ok to nick stuff from commercial enterprises or to defraud the state. The reasoning seems to be that capitalists are exploitative and the state is oppressive. While that may be true, it does not follow that we all have a social license to shoplift and defraud the welfare system. The politician and the political activist need to work openly, state the ethical principles which they believe should apply to all people and then live by those principles. I don’t think that anyone believes that everyone should nick stuff from shops and cheat WINZ. Even if we accept that such actions are in some respect justified, we must also realize that if everyone acted in that way the result would be social chaos in which another class of misfits and exploiters would become top dog. That is why serious proponents of social reform still adhere to old-fashioned standards of morality.

  14. While I have very little respect for Golriz given her support for regime change against nations that stand up against the American empire, I don’t think these allegations from the likes of Sonja Batt at Scotties and Melanie Smith at this Wellington store, who have been recently convicted of multiple cases of wage theft, including more than $28k from a single worker in 2021, are very credible. Batt and Smith both have very dubious ties.

    • Guess just cut off her hands if guilty of theft then Mohammed?
      It’s what Muslim law dictates, or you will let this one slide since she has resigned? (Prosecution will still commence… otherwise will look like ‘one law for her and not others’)
      She should be deported to Iran, her parents were never a refugees from war, but economic refugees only)

    • Great comment Mohammed. Wage theft happens daily in this country, as well as hourly and minute by minute under capitalism in general terms. Marx and Engels demonstrated how this occurs with their theory of surplus value.

      Capitalist ownership and accumulation is based totally on theft, fear & loathing and exploitation.

      Golriz behaviour whatever it was may well have been due to her MS illness and the drugs she is treated with. Friend of mine, a respectable senior school Principal receiving cancer treatment, was in a small % that develop psychosis from taking steriods, she really went AWOL, including being “sectioned” for her own saftey, for a few weeks until the medical people got on top of the issue.

      Golriz accusers are the baddies here. Two pro Israeli bloggers, Ms Morten on TVNZ without it being mentioned that she was Nicolla Willis campaign manager or that she had worked for the Israeli Embassy in Australia for several years!

  15. ” We want to give you the benefit of the doubt but we need to hear a complete explanation from you as to your side of the story. ”

    And that’s where it should stay until these allegations are proven true.

  16. I like your reasoned, thoughtful response Martyn. Taking from shops can be an aberration, a sign of mental distress, and neediness from the inner being, the subconscious say. It has been done by people who have money and the ability to buy, and it’s not just greed. We are all under stress of conforming with rules that we know are regularly broken or unfair, that’s part of our complex human society. Probably is the basis of much of Monty Python’s skits – the one about reasoning and deciding who is a witch is good.

    Some let-up from viciousness of people poking at authority figures and leaders might help in creating a more positive and society with well-balanced minds.

  17. As reader know I am a National right wing supporter and dislike most Green policy BUT having suffered with depression for years I look back at thinks I did before it was diagnosed and I shudder. I did not steal but I did dangerous thinks that hurt people.
    Remember she is on medication which also effects your behavior.
    I hope she gets help .

  18. And there is the statement from her.

    Out-of-character acts like shop lifting are well recognized as being one of the things that may manifest for people having mental health problems.

    I hope she gets the help she needs and I wish her all the best. I may not agree with all of her political views, but she most certainly has my empathy has a person and I have never been a fan of public kangaroo courts.

    • Uffindel fronted up, it was decades ago the incident occured, before he even left school.
      GG is a sitting MP and the most recent incidents took place only last month (that we know of).
      But nice try…ohhh look a squirrel!

      • Tighty I’m righty, so SU fronted up as has GG. The difference is you can pluck an excuse out of nowhere for SU. Be mindful of that squirrel righty, like the rest of us, he thinks your nuts.

        • Squeaky…I see you have taken over from Millsy in just attacking the messenger and not the message, in this thread alone all you have done is post about the poster and nothing about the message….got nothing of your own to add to the debate?….just easier to reply post to ones that do not sit in your political ‘team’?
          At least we all know now that you are not an adult as what you are doing is rather juvenile, but hey…if it makes you happy go for it, wouldn’t want you to get depressed!

      • Mr Sam Uffindell made a way belated, and imo insincere, apology to the person he beat with a bed leg, because he was standing for political office and wanted to cover his arse when his behaviour was made public–which he surely imagined it would.

  19. Golriz Gharhaman has taken responsibility for her actions, by resigning and apologising not only to the stores concerned, but also to the people of NZ for her behaviour.

    Nothing for the right to go on about now. However despite her accountability, I doubt they won’t be satisfied until blood is drawn!

    I don’t support shoplifting at all, but I wish Golriz well in the future. IMO she will be a loss to NZ politics.

    • You know I don’t necessarily agree with her politics but I agree with you that she will be a loss. i love that we have diversity of opinion and ideas in our government.

      I’m not 100% sure it’s the “right” as much as our mindless drones that call themselves journalists in this country.

  20. Hyper-stress and a vicious crowd to appease does strange things to the mind. Golriz had no control over the way her amygdala released dopamine, endorphins and serotonin and, in my opinion, Golriz, like Metiria Turei, fell victim to a rogue amygdala in storm trooper mode trying to weather a stumpy storm of short, white, right wing crooks who’re only surviving because they were first to lay down the battle plans.
    Golriz should be given a special tax-payer shop from which to lift from and then she would, I’m sure, give it all back when her senses returned. Unlike little billy english, jonky the tug, Pig the muldoon fresh back from Switzerland and the innumerable other dirty bastards who did it for greed and/or power, not to scratch an itch beyond definition thus not seen coming.
    As I’ve written before; cast the first stone you blue fuckers.

    • A “good” Christian like Luxon will be first in line to forgive Golriz since that is what they are called to do.
      Sounds more like a billboard saying than real life unfortunately so hopefully there are people close to her to help her recover.

  21. Todd Muller has graciously acknowledged the support given to him by Trevor Mallard when he had his difficulties, let’s hope that Golzil has the same support.
    By the way, Martyn you often use the term woke-what does it mean?

  22. Kiwis need to carm down and stop feasting on people who need help.
    This is a mental health issue and the person needs support not hung out by the media and right wing conservative arseholes.
    It isn’t the first person in the public eye who has been caught shoplifting and want be the last.
    If you don’t think this is a metal heath problem then you need to seek help yourself.
    Sometimes Kiwis make me sick, with their holier-than-thou shit attitudes, predominantly displayed by National party self obsessed dickheads.

  23. I wasn’t keen on Golriz, myself.

    At a time when NZ was suffering massive immigration, with essentially no population planning, she invariably took the position that more migrants were better, and NZ was enriched by them. This was at best unhelpful, as low wage migrants drove down wages and compete for scarce resources like housing. She had and has no environmental grounding, and together with the gay Mexican whose contribution to any debate was that NZ needs more gay Mexicans, brought to a close my membership of and contributions to The Greens.

    I would characterize her as just another place seeker, which being the case she should have chosen Labour.

  24. Couple of points:

    * She’s entitled to be presumed innocent before proven otherwise, something that eludes woke and anti woke bloggers here.

    * Excuses are for the judge to hear, sentences for the judge. Only thing I care is she is treated the same way as you or I would be.

  25. All she is required to do is gift one of her own crafted wine(aka JK wine) and all is forgiven.
    By the way I’m Maori and she’s darker than me !

  26. After the dirty filthy tories finally put together their three headed monsta, The Daily Blog was a somewhat peaceful and loon free zone for several weeks–back to normal now it seems…

    Nothing like a young, brown, refugee woman politician to get the incels, public self pleasurers, potatoes (Māori that identify with Tau Iwi and capital more than their own culture) and trolls back on the job.


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