National rallies this weekend which NZ becomes vassal state to the US under Peters and Luxon

The poster for the Christchurch rally and march

Nationwide rallies, marches and vigils this weekend in solidarity with Palestine while New Zealand becomes a vassal state to the US under Winston Peters and Christopher Luxon

After 83 days of a “textbook case of genocide” neither Foreign Minister Winston Peters nor Prime Minister Christopher Luxon can bring themselves to condemn Israel’s wholesale slaughter of Palestinians.

“Mr Peters and Mr Luxon have given the greenlight to Israel to continue its indiscriminate, wanton killing of Palestinians.” says PSNA National Chair John Minto.

Within a week of the October 7th attack on Israel, the US State Department sent out a memo saying to its allies –

“…high-level officials do not want press materials to include three specific phrases: “de-escalation/ceasefire,” “end to violence/bloodshed” and “restoring calm.”

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The New Zealand government got the memo and has faithfully followed it for 83 days.

We have become a vassal state of the US, refusing to condemn Israeli war crimes or even call for the end to the violence/bloodshed.

But New Zealanders will be out across the country again this week in rallies, marches and vigils to call out Israel and the US for their genocide of Palestinians and to call for BDS (Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions) against the apartheid state of Israel.

Details of the events are on our Facebook page here.


John Minto

National Chair

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


    • Oh yes they are.

      The United Nations trumps your totally biased opinion from the American Jewish Committee, which is like Jack the Ripper writing an opinion piece arguing why he shouldn’t be called a serial killer.

      “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

      a. Killing members of the group;
      b. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      c. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      d. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      e. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

      It is shameful that most of the world won’t take a stand, denounce Israeli genocide on the Palestinians, expel their Israeli ambassadors, and boycott Israeli companies.

      • The Arab nations took a stand when they tried to annihilate Israel. Then again when they expelled the Palestinians for creating internal conflict and division in their countries. And who was the world supposed to ‘stand’ with when Hamas terrorists went to war with Fatah? Face it Grey Area, the Arabs are more than happy for Israel to be their line of defence against a people they helped create and now want to wash their hands of.

      • True. Sometimes I can’t help myself. I just pisses my off these trolls like gaby and Nathan just clog up a blog site like this.

      • Gaby is bitching about words and meanings after Israel killed 20,000 people. Dafuq moron. By now genocide and apartheid is meaningless. We can’t just stand with pallastinians we have to embrace Jews as well. Both sides have to understand that if they continue they will never again raise an army and there people left to walk the desert for 40 years once more.

    • Didn’t you learn that 21000 is a larger number than 500 or 1700 if you include the October 7 deaths? I should have added the thousands of Palestinian people killed by Israel since 1948; although I am not sure of the total. In case you had not noticed you are only fooling yourself and the few other deaf, dumb and blind people who support you.

    • I’m unsure what the semantics of genocide are but it’s just a distracting word game for the media. So what!

      The fact is Israel are herding 2million people into a smaller and smaller ghetto so the bombs strike with a more efficient kill rate.

      The territory under the peoples destroyed homes is considered the spoils of war and will be given to religious and racially selected immigrants from the around the world.

      During the second world war NZ, Aus, Mother Britain, Canada, USA supported The French Resistance fight a Nazi Occupation – what changed?

      When NZ had a Prime Minister with bold integrity it sent a Navy Ship to protest French Nuke Tests. If we had a Prime Minister or Foreign minister with a set of sovereign balls we would at be sending a Navy supply ship or Airforce transport planes to Gaza loaded with food and medical supplies.

  1. John – Breaking News: Hamas rejects Egypt peace plan to stop the killing…why? Because Hamas had to laid down their weapons…and release the hostages.

    • Nathan ignores the ethnic cleansing part ,,,, Israel Supporters Would Defend Literally Any Israeli Atrocity ,,,, and after reading about Nathan at that link ,,,, people can read about Hama’s being the EXCUSE, not the reason ,,,

      What is wrong with Israelis? ,,, what’s the matter with gaby, Nathan and co? ,,,, a sick society and their side-kicks.

    • Because Hamas is not interested in peace. They are terrorists, with the express purpose of destroying Israel. And they were put into power by the people of Gaza. Let’s not forget that.

      • Again with the bullshit ‘they voted for Hamas’. Looking at the demographics and when that election took place (2006) the majority of the population certainly DID NOT vote them in. And you know damn well the thousands of kids didn’t vote for them

        That’s as bad as Nathan making out it’s all Hamas fault the hostages aren’t free ( the Israeli ones of course). People are protesting in Israel because that wanker Netanyahu couldn’t give a toss about the hostages.

      • That is the argument of the terrorist. “We can kill innocent civilians because it was they who put our enemy into power”. Isaac Herzog, President of the State of Israel has refined that to read “We can kill innocent civilians because they failed to rise up against our enemy”. Now if you accept that argument every man, woman and child in the State of Israel, the United States, and the Realm of New Zealand also becomes a legitimate target. Of course I do not accept that is the case. But presumably “Liberty Belle” does.

    • The Egyptian regime is a nasty military dictatorship which collaborates with the State of Israel to keep the Palestinians on a tight leash. Without knowing the details of what Egypt proposed, if Hamas was to disarm (different to “laying down arms”) then the Palestinians would be at the mercy of the State of Israel and the the Egyptian regime. That is what Israel wants, but it cannot work for the Palestinians.

  2. You’re a strong and tough bastard @ John Minto. You show politicians up for being greedy and gutless.
    The voting public of AO/NZ who voted for national, ACT and nz first should be ashamed of themselves.

    • countryboy – Drop the strong and tough bit from the statement…and you are correct…evidence? John is still asking for funding, via a bank account, for Hamas (Palestinian People of course ) …via the Action website.

  3. The governments of Australia, Canada and New Zealand all voted for the UN resolution calling for a ceasefire. Hamas acknowledged that they had done so.
    The three governments issued a joint statement prior to the UN vote, specifically condemning Israel’s excessive use of force.
    The three governments have quite intentionally taken a different approach to that of the US and the UK and wanted this to be quite clear.
    Surely John Minto must know all this, but not once has he acknowledged it. It is simply incorrect to say that Australia, Canada and New Zealand have slavishly followed the US and the UK.

    • Get off it. These are people treat there own people as enemy combatants and get hundreds of there own people dead in useless wars that cost us way more infact we are declining thanks to these armchair genarrŕálz. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine are fucken disaster zones. At some point you just have to acknowledge these amateurs have no business dipping there toes into defence foreign affairs and trade especially that fucken Luxon. Have you seen Luxons tax policy?

    • The resolution was for a “humanitarian” ceasefire. How is that different to an “actual” ceasefire, as in stop the fighting on both sides? Despite what people are trying to achieve at the UN, it still sounds to me like weasel words.

      Can you enlighten us, please?

    • That’s because it doesn’t follow the usual black and white narrative that many people like to use these days (often on TDB it seems based around USA = Satan, everyone not USA the children of light).

      And it’s silly. Because I’d say that Netenyahu has been a complete bastard and agree with Mr Minto, he doesn’t need the histrionic “vassal state” nonsense. Of course I’d also call Hamas bastards and that violates the black and white rule.

    • The US abstained from using their veto to block it as well which should be enough to tell you how pathetically weak the resolution was.

    • A “humanitarian” ceasefire, Wayne. Is this different to an actual ceasefire? Or is it just a pause before the Israelis continue their ethnic cleansing of Palestinians?

    • Kia ora Wayne
      On 7 December the New Zealand Parliament passed the following motion: “That this House express grave concern at the ongoing violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories; unequivocally condemn the Hamas terrorist attack on 7 October 2023, and call for the release of all hostages; call on all parties involved in the conflict, as well as countries with influence in the region, to take urgent steps towards establishing a ceasefire; recognise Israel’s right to defend itself, acting in accordance with international law, and that all civilians be protected from armed conflict; affirm that a lasting solution to the conflict will only be achieved by peaceful means and that action to revive the Middle East Peace Process is critical;and that process must seek a just and lasting peace that recognises the existence and self-determination of Israelis and Palestinians. We call for the establishment of a free and independent Palestinian state as part of a two-State solution, with both nations having secure and recognized borders where all citizens enjoy equal rights and freedoms. note that the Government will continue its efforts to help all New Zealanders impacted by the conflict.”
      I think we can take that as the position of the New Zealand government. It is hardly “even-handed”. It “Unequivocally condemns” Hamas for an alleged “terrorist attack” while failing to condemn Israel (equivocally or otherwise), or label it as a terrorist entity. Recognises Israel’s “right to defend itself” but does not extend the same right to the Palestinians. Goes on to “affirm that a lasting solution to the conflict will only be achieved by peaceful means” which is nonsense and “for the establishment of a free and independent Palestinian state as part of a two-State solution” (a Labour amendment) which is also nonsense. There can be no two state solution while Israel is colonizing the West Bank, and there can be no peaceful solution while Israel has absolutely no interest in a peaceful solution.
      So if you want to make a case that the New Zealand Parliament or the New Zealand government has done anything except seek to justify the Israeli genocide in Gaza, by all means do so with clear references.

    • I should have mentioned “steps to a ceasefire”. Israel could cease fire tonight and Hamas would respond, but Israel specifies two “steps” that Hamas must take before Israel will cease fire. First that Hamas must release all its prisoners and second that Hamas must unconditionally surrender. By using the Israeli formula “steps to a ceasefire” New Zealand is promoting the ludicrous idea that Palestinians must accept being pushed en masse into the Sinai desert before Israel needs to end its attempts to exterminate them. It is not just ludicrous. New Zealand has adopted a brutal, cynical and inhuman position on the conflict.

    • After 83 days of a “textbook case of terrorism,” neither John Minto nor his acolytes can bring themselves to condemn Hamas’s wholesale slaughter of Israelis.

      • It is a standard practice among the supporters of Anglo-American imperialism to demand that everyone “condemn Hamas” before they are considered free to comment on the genocide in Gaza. Rather like the way that they demand that elected members pledge allegiance to Britain’s King Charles before they are eligible to represent a New Zealand constituency in parliament. In other words, the condition set for allowing anyone to join in the debate is that they accept the imperialist version of reality and resign their case from the outset. While the left parties in parliament might submit to those demands, I will not, and neither should anyone else.

      • Liar liar, Minto in one of his media releases condemned Hamas. It is extraordinary that you cannot see that the on-going imprisonment on a tiny bit of land is the bigger problem and frankly hardly astonishing that many Palestinians supported Hamas. They had two choices, The Palestinian authority, who beat up their own people and are frankly corrupt. If there is an election – and please don’t bother making up that Israeli government wants one, they do not – Hamas will win hands down on both the West Bank and in the Gaza strip.

        Whenever Palestinians are released from Jail, more are simply picked up to fill the jails – many without charge.

        Israel does not have the right to wage war against an occupied nation – this is the UN.

        John Minto talking: Prime Minister Chris Hipkins was right to condemn the killing of Israeli civilians and taking hostages.

        We have not for many many years had any sort of independent foreign policy – it is never debated publicly, it is accepted by most that we will endorse whatever the US wants us to.

  4. ” It is simply incorrect to say that Australia, Canada and New Zealand have slavishly followed the US and the UK. ”

    Read John’s post again.

    I would advise you to broaden your horizon’s to include Al Jazeera and WAFA the Palestinian news and information agency to gain some perspective.

    ” Within a week of the October 7th attack on Israel, the US State Department sent out a memo saying to its allies –”

    “…high-level officials do not want press materials to include three specific phrases: “de-escalation/ceasefire,” “end to violence/bloodshed” and “restoring calm.”

    The New Zealand government got the memo and has faithfully followed it for 83 days.

    We had a voice once in the application of an independent sovereign foreign policy as Lange once said he was proud he never went to Washington to grovel !

    That was one of our most proudest moments as a truly independent nation not afraid to stand up and against aggression when nuclear ships were banned in 1985.

    But we sold ourselves out at the first opportunity when attention was diverted by the continuing suppression of Market forces and unregulated capitalism that has dominated even our once proud identity.

    Now we don’t just grovel we are told what we can say and what we can’t in our own country.

    That is supression and facisim with a friendly face.

    • You have ignored the Joint Statement by the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand prime ministers of 13 December which explicitly called for a ceasefire.

      The three governments also voted for the UN General Assembly resolution a couple of days later, which also called for an immediate ceasefire. The General Assembly resolution was much more forthright than the Security Council resolution, which was the resolution that Bonnie referred to.

  5. All this “they said, he did, but what about?” sniping nonsense is pointless and demeans our humanity. This tragedy was always going to happen. It’s Newton’s law, stupid! – “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” At some point, exactly like the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, the Palestinians were always going to see that if their fate was to be annihilation, it might as well be on their own terms. The question now is what will the OUR reaction be? Will we allow ourselves to again be manipulated into repeating the sins of our fathers, and stand meekly by as yet another genocide is written into history, or will we not? The Zionists are betting on the former!

  6. Africa is the true spiritual and genetic homeland of Israelis, and everyone else. Why don’t the Israelis ask the Africans if they can return home, back to where it all began for us? They could build a Jim Jones-like gated compound out in a desert somewhere. I doubt those on the African continent would welcome the Israelis though, not only because they would see through their superficial ethnic superiority and innate genocidal tendencies, but because they like most of the world have had enough of this backward colonial violence brutalizing the globe for their own selfish and depraved ends.

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