Winston’s Press Secretary- worst job in NZ?


Winston Peters hiring for a press secretary during tense time with media

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, who last week agreed he was ‘at war’ with the media, is now looking for a press secretary.

Peters has made his feelings about the media well known, rallying against the fourth estate consistently over the past few weeks, particularly in regard to the Public Interest Journalism Fund.

“The Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister for Racing, is seeking an experienced Senior Press Secretary to join his team,” the Seek post states.


He is currently ‘at war’ – his words, with the mainstream media and is perpetrating Qanon conspiracy theories to appeal to the new Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom he now rules over while lying that all Media in NZ were “bribed” – his words.

Being Winston’s Press Secretary would be like being Trump’s proctologist but less shitty.

Whatever lunatic takes up this position will become the new lightening rod for every single crazy racist bullshit thing Winston vomits up for his Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom.

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Looking forward to seeing who the new target will be.

Please God let it be Cameron Slater.

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  1. Have to say I was bloody surprised when Jon Jonassen went to work for him. Maybe the job came with free durries and a plush office. A step up from sharing the von Zedlitz entrance steps with C el O I guess, and at a time when the old coot hadn’t completely lost His mind.

  2. What a bloody mess the leadership of this new Government is–Knob Head, Incel Dave, and the Vampire!

    Enjoy voters!!

    Where have all the Natzo trolls gone on TDB?

    • Tiger Mountain, all the Natzo supporters have buggered off to the Chemist to buy & hoard 3 years worth of prescription meds that they won’t be getting for free under Baldricks Govt & gone to the Bank to refinance the Mortgage due to all the massive triple digit Land Rate hikes due to cancellation of the Regional fuel Tax & triple digit Water bill rises due to the cancellation of Three Waters & if they were counting on the Fair Pay agreements for a Wage increase to pay for those massive increases their shit outta luck, the Baldy Govt & Act canceled those, someone’s gotta pay for those $1 billion dollar a year Tax cuts for Landlords & it’s those suckers who voted for these mongrels who will get foot the bill for electing these bastards into Govt, good fuckin job!

    • We are still here TM
      Popping in to correct you lefties when you are wrong and remind you all ‘we win, you lost…eat that’
      Now how is that socialism nirvana you have been praying for 70yrs going?

        • The really funny part is how easily Labour has slipped back into opposition. Righteously holding the government to account, protesting, indignant, concerned, pretending they would be better if only they had the chance, if only they were the government. Imagine if they could had done that before the election, if only they could have been better, but sadly no, you know it, I know it, even Martyn knows it. Labour belongs in opposition & now you get the government you have forced on New Zealand, through Labour’s weakness & failure.

  3. Imagine the meltdown when Peters catches up with Trump in 2025 following his victory in 2024.

    BTW – the aforementioned job – one of the best in parliament.

    • “…when Peters catches up with Trump in 2025 following his victory in 2024”

      Here is a better prediction:
      Even after that never eventuates you will not be able to summon either the honesty nor the ability to comprehend the reality of your idiocy.


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