So which NZ Journalists and Politicians have taken Israeli junkets?


Which Australian journalists and politicians have gone on trips to Israel and Palestine?

It’s become clear that a number of Australian politicians and journalists have been on organised tours to the Middle East — many of them sponsored by pro-Israel lobby groups and interest organisations.

Crikey in Australia have done a powerful investigation on which Australian Politicians and Journalists have taken Israeli junkets and whether that influences the media bias covering the war crimes currently being perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians.

If Israel has sunk that much time and resource charming Australian Journalists and Politicians, the question has to be asked, have the pro-Israel lobby sent NZ journalists and politicians on these junkets and if they have, who are they?

Shouldn’t we as voters and readers of this news know if the politician or journalist has had an Israeli junket?

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I’ve written to the Press Gallery and asked for a list and will be approaching the Journalist Union and the Media companies to ask them as well.


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  1. Dirty Politics requires a Dirty Media ,,, Israeli lies/war propaganda palmed off as factual news by our media shows they are more mucky and dirty than ever …

    For instance how much reporting or critique has there been on the Genocidal language of the Israel Prime Minister , cabinet ministers, ambassadors, army officials etc etc etc …..

    Some of which is clearly and irrefutably show here ….. watch and share

  2. Good stuff. And who knows where this may lead hmmmmmmm….?
    If two greedy, manipulative old *scum bag Kiwi riche were sent to prison for the treachery of their penises imagine what a royal commission of inquiry would do to with the rest of the fuckers.
    * wee jimmy wallace and dodgy fucking ronny brierly.

  3. Martyn – While we are on the subject of political influence within the media, could the left wing activists declare what roles do outside politics play in their support for Hamas?

  4. Just at the back of one’s mind also keep in mind people who have had trips to China, USA etc. A similar exercise I think.

    • And don’t forget that NATO member and harbourer of Hamas terrorists: Turkey.
      Remember how bullyboy Erdogan threatened New Zealanders after a foreign national committed a terrorist attack on our shores? Now he’s using a Islamist terrorist attack in Israel to recommence bombing Syrian Kurds. Where’s the outrage?

      • Gee, fancy catching Anne E being dishonest ( by omission) about Erdogen ,,, who I consider to be cut from the same cloth as Netanyahu….

        The incident she is twisting and leaving out context for related to the fact that Brenton Tarrent ( a mass murderer of Muslim’s) had traveled to and spent a bit of time in Turkey/Turkiye before his Christchurch terror attack ….

        In his manifesto Tarrant specifically named and designated Erdogen a “High Profile Enemy” who ““must pay for their disgusting attacks upon our race” and “This warlord must bleed his last” …

        Not knowing if Tarrant had plotted an attack or had co-conspiritors Erdogen warned any Aussies or New Zealanders who had ideas of traveling to Turkey/Turkiye to commit terrorisim would be sent back home in wooden boxes,,, just like their dead Anzac relatives who died try to Invade Turkey/Turkiye in WWI …..

        … So not a threat to normal and decent New Zealanders at all ,,,, but definitely a threat to those of us who hate Muslim’s as much as Anne E and had murderous terrorism on their agenda …..

        Remember When New Zealand took a principled stand trying to get Israel to stop breaching International law? ,,,, and Netanyahu accused New Zealand of committing a declaration of war ….

        Netanyahu achieved something very hard to do ,,,, made Erdogen actually look reasonable/good,,, when compared to himself.

        • It’s ideologies I despise reason, not people. Out of love I spend a great deal of time pointing out the fallacy behind some people’s beliefs and attitudes. I Have many, many apostate friends. most of whom have been renounced by their family and some of whom (mostly female) are in fear of their lives. Shall I explain why that is so?

        • Tarrant named Sadiq Khan and Angela Merkel as high profile enemies too did he not Mr Awakesky (what does the B stand for?) I’m desperately searching for their threats to send New Zealanders home in wooden boxes but the internet is strangely silent. Could you help me out please.

          • Could you help us all out Anne E ,,,, by denouncing Israels support for ISIS & Al Quada terrorists ,,, nah of course you can’t ,,, because you support everything Israel does.

            People should also note that you won’t ( and neither does Nathan) reject or denounce Zionist extremists and their Genocidal land stealing terrorism

            Anne E stands with the mass murderers of children ,,,, with the results of Israels work shown here

            Your masks are well and truly off Anne E and Nathan ,,,,

            • You and your Whiny Syrian Girl need to stop playing the Sunni victim card reason. Every single member of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas and the numerous Islamic terrorist groups has made the choice to become a barbaric terrorist, commit atrocities against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, secularists and atheists and enslave women for sexual purposes. About time you laid the blame for Islamic jihad where it truly lies.

  5. ” I’ve written to the Press Gallery and asked for a list and will be approaching the Journalist Union and the Media companies to ask them as well ”

    Damn Bomber that will be interesting in a vomit inducing revelation on the actions of Hipkins administration and the current administration now safely ensconded in the Beehive.

    I am sure lecherous Luxon will be whispering sweet nothings to whoever is prepared to listen in Canberra.

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