Largest ever gang funeral ever – come on Luxon crack down and show your redneck voters you are the big tough guy – I double dare you


Well, well, well.

What do we have here then?

Largest gang funeral in NZ history set for former Head Hunter

Gang members from around the country are expected to descend upon Auckland for a tangi.

William ‘Bird’ Hines’ farewell is expected to be the largest gang funeral in New Zealand history.

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He had years of poor health from type two diabetes and was released from prison on compassionate grounds.

…now let’s remember, Christopher Luxon our mighty leader, promised during the debate with Paddy Gower that he would send police into a gang funeral to rip off gang patches, well, here’s your chance tough guy?

Come on Luxon!

Crack down on da gangs and show your redneck voters you are the big tough man.

I argue your bullshit gang patch ban will generate enormous backlash and you will inadvertently radicalise gangs and create a tsunami of counter protective outcomes thanks to your tough guy routine.

So prove me wrong.

Go on tough guy, send the Police in to the William Hines funeral and watch what happens.

Let’s see how international medias respond to you sending armed police into a Gang Tangi.

Go on.

I double dare you.

Show your redneck voters what a big man you is and send the armed Police in riot gear to sort that gang funeral out.

Go on.

I triple dare you.

Let’s see what all, that big talk does shall we?


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  1. Having just come to power it is unlikely that plans to deal with the gang situation have not been worked out but at least we the voters know we have a government that is willing to make a move against them not pay them.

    • The election was October 14, is Luxon unable to multitask? I guess since they had 6 years in opposition and couldn’t manage to produce a coherent plan for the economy we shouldn’t be surprised to find that they can’t walk the talk, mugs like you who expect miracles from them are in for a sad few years.

    • afaf Yes. What’s more, Mitchell is the person who should not be interfering in police operational decisions, not Luxon. Just because Mallard did it at the Parliamentary precinct occupation, is no excuse.

  2. ” Let’s see what all, that big talk does shall we?

    That’s all it was…..Talk.

    Luxon will follow the shysters example and keep his hands clean and let Mitchell do any heavy lifting but I doubt there will be any action.

    The election campaign was built on big money , popular catch phrases and unrealistic promises and the fact that LINO was one of the most hated governments in a long list of abysmal administrations.

    ” Luxon doesn’t want to do any work, so he hasn’t taken a policy portfolio. Which also tells us there’s no serious policy agenda he wants to push, and nothing he really cares about beyond the job title and salary. Even Key took tourism. Luxon, who constantly tells us that he used to run an airline, can’t even be bothered with that. ”

  3. How luck, this gangsters death funeral, prior to your gut hard man, take away, their patches. How shallow that victory, as you dare chance further.

  4. How luck, this gangsters death funeral, prior to your gut hard man, take away, their patches. How shallow that victory, as you dare chance further. Excuse, i wasint signed in then.

  5. Whenever I see/hear politicians pushing the gangs around and the gangs getting all Moo me Moo, why do I get the feeling that reaction and resistance parameters are being tested? I sometimes get the ‘feeling’ that we’re being constantly tested for how far we can be pushed and then, I assume, we’ll be pushed right up to that flash point thus establishing a threshold for our exploitation by them has been established.
    The gangs could be seen as our last vestiges of what were unions capable of organised resistance, one could argue. After all, gangs are just like us. Are us, in many cases. The difference being, they all wear the same clothes. Like cops and the military for example. The pious, Pink N Clean Right Wing will be gathering intel on those capable of resistance so as to circumvent any resistance so as they continue to fuck us over and by fucking us over, I mean exploiting us to enable then to become billionaires and multi-millionaires. It takes a lot of people being paid fuck all to build Graeme Harts ya know.

  6. What I wanted to say. For all the clearances of stuff we didn’t understand or care about really, they also cleared out Climate Change. Dust-shovel and broom, except it’s coming for us with the same attitude. End of time for their tidy agreement. And smashing the Greens’ face with a shovel.

    I like my amusement without suffering to the death in my old age.

  7. Bring back Rob? Rob Muldoon was the only Politician the Gangs ever respected & they formed a guard of honour at his Funeral. Luxon, Seymour & Peters will
    get no such reception, probably the opposite, but I guess the Gangs can thank Seymour for ditching the Smoke restrictions to make nicotine great again & freeing up Gun regulations that’ll build back better crime & also make mass shooters & gun violence great again, but Seymour has to appease his donors, Big Tobacco & the Big Gun Lobby? Muldoon, for all his faults, at least tried to make peace with Gangs knowing full well that if he couldn’t get rid of them by tough guy means, he’d at least try to live with them? Luxon is so full of shit, he should be employed as a Bathroom attendant, handling out Towels after someone takes a dump, like in fancy Rest rooms in the US, Luxon the lying Baldilocks never actually did any mergers or acquisitions EVER, this ex Deodorant Salesman won’t live up to his tough guy image, he’ll just set KPI Targets for others to achieve certain goals, he’ll fob that off to NZ Police & say look you have to remove patches by this date, I’m sure the gangs will be scared into compliance? KPI’s which is the National Party go to fucknuckle code for do nothing but just appear like your doing something is what they do every time they get into power, they set bullshit unrealistic targets & if the results don’t pan out, they put the blame on the person or Organisation, blaming them for the lack of progress & achievement, classic managerial pass the buck, John Key & the Natzi Party did this over 9 yrs last time & their Target KPI’s achieved a Rundown Health, Education & Everything else rundown results, the do nothing, achieve nothing Party just left a fucking KPI mess for Labour, the next lot in the Drivers seat to sort out! Expect more of the same, under the Son’s of Anarchy NACTZI, NZF Trainwreck Coalition of Cocks set to burn NZ to the ground, that’s unless your a rich Landlord, a Cow polluting Farmer or a Greedy Employer set to exploit Workers now that they have abolished the Fair Pay agreements & brought back Employers rights to sack for any reason clauses! Pathetic!

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