MEDIAWATCH: Chloe smashes Ryan Bridges and David Seymour in Palestine/Israel conflict debate

Boom goes the big boom drum.

I like Ryan Bridges as an interviewer because he has that unique talent of being intelligent enough to listen to the answer and then ask a real time critical question to that answer.

It makes for interviews where you actually learn something.

No one likes to wake up sad each day and with TVNZ Breakfast still in mourning over the loss of John Campbell, AM Show ratings have surged and that jump in audience share has unleashed Ryan’s passions which seem to be:

  • The National Party
  • Real estate
  • Christopher Luxon
  • His suits
  • No capital gains tax ever
  • How great our farmers are and why it’s mean to pick on them
  • Mortgage repayments
  • Travel
  • and comments about women that only gay men can get away with.

He’s the whole sponsorship package for TV 3 Breakfast advertisers.

Watching his smug chops get smacked into next weekend by Chloe on today’s must watch AM Show panel was upsetting and I spilled my tea!

One of the best TV events each week in NZ is the David Seymour/Chloe Swarbrick weekly AM Show panel debate and todays episode was bruising even for their usual standard of argument.

I thought watching David try to calmly explain how many dead rats he is prepared to swallow for NZ First and whether Winston demands that he says, “Thank you for the candy master”, after swallowing each dead rat would be the most entertaining part of todays panel.

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I was wrong.

Chloe smashed Ryan Bridges and David Seymour in the debate on Palestine.

With as many as 20 000 Palestinian dead so far, a number far in excess of all the civilians Russia has killed in almost 2 years of war in the Ukraine, Ryan and David wanted to play the ‘it’s-all-the-fault-of Hamas-nothing-to-do-with-innocent-Israel’ game but Chloe wasn’t having any of that!

Ryan told her not to raise her voice.

She said he was being condescending.


She pointed out that demanding a ceasefire first before calling for the release of the hostages is an imbecilic argument because the IDF are killing tens of the thousands of people right now, 65% of whom are children and women!

This is a technical war crime happening in real time and David and Ryan want to conflate the hostage release on par with halting immediate and technical war crimes?

Come on.

The IDF are committing an ongoing war crime, up to 20 000 Palestinians have been killed, that’s more in 6 weeks than Russia has managed in almost 2 years!

You can’t justify ongoing war crimes as a response to war crimes committed against you!

What Hamas did was barbaric, but more barbarism isn’t a justification!

The response has to be proportional and what the IDF are doing in Gaza is a technical war crime!

That’s not proportional by any sense of the imagination.

Chloe showed why she is an intellectual power house, why she has true political courage and why she should be the next co leader of the Greens!

Meanwhile the National/ACT/NZF hustle is still frozen in time doing nothing but playing to their venal self interests and egos.

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  1. Seymour talks and acts like Oct 7 happened in a vacuum and there is no context to the attack at all, he doesn’t even want to acknowledge Israel was founded by displacing Palestinian people.

    How can someone be so blind to the truth?

    • They say more or less the same thing.
      2 state! Peace! Yet, the Palestinians and the Israelis are 60% against and 40% for. That is correct, both sides share that: 60% of Israelis and 60% of Palestinians do not favour a two state solution!! Polls taken in 2021 says so. A poll tomorrow will probably show that 70% of Palestinians and 70% of Israelis to not support a 2 state solution.

      It is never good to cede a point to your direct opposition.

      Six for one, half a dozen for the other.

      • It’s real straightforward:
        Israel accepts its identity as a settler colonial historical mistake begat by racist imperial powers and xenephobic ethnic cleansing fanatics transplanting in traumatised europeans… and then post colonial states like SA and NZ can help Israel on the path to civilisation and treating the Palestinians like people again, whether 1 state or 2.

  2. Go Chloe! The tide is turning internationally on Israel’s long assumed automatic support as victims of the WWII Holocaust–they are now inflicting their very own holocaust on Gaza–people see it, and do not like it.

    There is massive support for Palestine. Younger people are all over the issue and know the IDF is bullshitting. Hamas has a religious ethos and did not exactly hold a vote on their attack, BUT, 75 years of violent colonisation and apartheid against Palestine, hundreds of ignored UN Resolutions, US Imperialist Trillions of arms and cash to the Israeli State…what is this population expected to do but resist and fight back as best they can?

      • The occupier has LESS (if any) rights than the occupied.
        EVEN the UN and the Geneva convention ‘agree’.
        Israel get away with it because the empire mafia allows them to, as it suits the empires needs of cheap oil, and most of the politicians in the vassal states are owned, like ‘the hologram’.

        • You’re uphill.shit.pushing with horsey gal @ fucking Ada, Keriman. She’s one of the chosen people. Mrs Ed – pulled herself up by Her own bootstraps doncha know. If you check out her comments over time, you’ll see she’s one thoroughly gorjiss gal. It’s people like Her that are the very foundation of this nation, and we should all be very grateful.
          I’m hoping She gets herself an online radio channel so I can contribute in some way to Her infinite wisdom, as well as Her Clairol needs, and whatever else is necessary to keep up Her contributions. I’m thinking maybe we could introduce Her to Ryan Bridge as her media campaign manager and sales and marketing expert. She’s a true oik on we need to treasure

        • They get away with it because Western nations suffer from guilt over the holocaust and they always will – that is suffer guilt.

          The yanks want them there as a beachhead for the US and when oil is not the No.1 issue do you really think they will go on giving eye boggling amounts of money to Israel – if you believe that you are not particularly intelligent.

        • Given that white people in NZ are “occupiers” I presume that you extend your dismissal of rights to honkeys in NZ?

      • @Ada, that’s a pointless argument. Babies are dying and it’s obvious to anyone who cares that it should stop.

        • If Hamas is the implacable enemy of Jews and especially the Jews in Israel, why should the IDF stop before destroying Hamas?
          It’s a fight to the death.

        • The graphs of harm in Gaza over time makes interesting reading.

          One does not need much expertise to find cause and effect for the current crisis.

          But then again we can always got back to 1947….. 1897…… Jesus ……. the birth of the god…..

    • Ah… the passion from getting splashed at The Splash Club on on a girls’ night out…while coppers watch their crooks by night… and couched in his kennel, like a log… sleeps the dog.

    • Good Lord Ada, is being shouty- shouty a gift now? Most kids grow out of it, or become maths teachers, or station masters, or John Keys exhorting other peoples’ offspring to invade Iraq. My ears! My ears!

  3. Aaaah NZ journalism at its best.
    I really do love the colorful language employed by the author. Makes a real drama out of nothing to help elevate the achievements. Chloe SMASHES! Chippy STRIKES BACK! Reminds one of That Guy in The Late Night Breakfast – AND THEN…DRAMA! I suggest TDB and Tova O’Brien team up to start a ‘Super Gotcha’ Blog. Just for dramatic effect.

  4. I met Chloe Swarbrick once and got back in return a patient, highly intelligent and empathic person with a need to see the right thing done by people overriding any intent to advantage her self beyond knowing she was doing the right thing by the far greater majority of who could only be described as good people.
    If she was PM and her colleagues were her wing persons this would be a different country and we’d be different people. She isn’t, clearly, and so we’re not. We’re what ever we have now which is fuck all unless you’re a billionaire as a result of them selling our stuff and things, a stunted tyrant who’s Crypt Master enabled those sell-offs because he, roger douglas, is an unabashed traitor and slave to greed. And let’s not forget the pin striped professional liar and traitor to his bloodlines. Isn’t it odd that the most destructive of times politically can arise from the least action from the people who’s politics it is. The saying, not that I’d ever say it out loud “You snooze and you Lose” seems appropriate. What’s also clear is that evil prevails where good people fail to act.
    Re farming. You really need to better understand the nuances of ‘farming’ and the differences between farmers and muddy corporate lackies, the ones I think you might be confusing with actual farmers. Otherwise I might decide to no longer be the free capital here by writing colourful comments which I know some people enjoy reading. The advertisers who will be paying you might get bored with the usual bleak, bland, lets chat over instant coffee brigade and, like me, will leave you to it. Unless, of course @ bob the first in his lonely little one donkey race, nathan the early, the cadre of israeli sympathisers who’s like minded others are currently murdering children and the few other flies who buzz in, then buzz off again after shitting on the pink iced buns.
    You don’t know farmers at all so stop commenting on them negatively. Stop associating farmers with the vile national party, stop damning the people who farm your food and your money. Stop damning the people who’s exports earned revenue, once digested through the bowels of the banks, the corrupt IRD, the corrupt mono-political infrastructure we erroneously believe is OUR government mechanisms specifically designed to make we, the people’s live as comfortable as they could be and indeed should be but instead OUR politic delivers to the already rapaciously greedy, manipulative and soulless.
    Walking over our desperately struggling farmers is a vulgar act of ignorance, how fucking dare you? You have a self imposed requirement to find the truth @ martyn bradbury, not try and bury it. Unless you’re being paid to. There is that ol’ chestnut I suppose and seeing luxon, seymour and fucking hideous winston peters all shiny and fresh asDemonising daisies on their high six figures while 600,000 people need food grants.
    Demonising farmers and in so doing handing them to the enemy is an act of treason because our farmers earn our money and yet they’re a political minority therefore a gift to the rapaciously greedy that just keeps giving.
    Who cares what the little bow legged media whisker says? Who cares what tvnz or rnz try to bewitch us with.
    Let the truth will out! What does LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE TELL YOU!
    Jesus! This is all just getting fucking boring for it’s bland predictabilities. Dumb farmers. Wonderful Auckland. The hard done by Gen Z’s and their sports whiskers whining about there being so many people living in hardship and poverty but no mention of where our money comes from. Hint! It isn’t tourism dumbasses and if you think it is, you just got suckered by lobbyists.
    Farmers? This is what you can do. Go in strike and stay on strike for a seasonal year. It’s that simple. It’s easy. Give it a go. Try a Big City approach. Turn off the lights in your office and have a worry free weekend or 52.

    • You’ve always been right about banks. They have managed to essentially enslave most of the planet by means of debt obligation. They sit at the very heart of the spiderweb of capitalism.

      • They say more or less the same thing.
        2 state! Peace! Yet, the Palestinians and the Israelis are 60% against and 40% for. That is correct, both sides share that: 60% of Israelis and 60% of Palestinians do not favour a two state solution!! Polls taken in 2021 says so. A poll tomorrow will probably show that 70% of Palestinians and 70% of Israelis to not support a 2 state solution.

        It is never good to cede a point to your direct opposition.

        Six for one, half a dozen for the other.

      • And people who transact willingly with banks are victims.
        People who burgle are victims.
        People who steal are victims.
        Hmmmmm. There is no free will, just compulsion. Interesting theory. I always thought that flowed from religion or from governments, like conscription….

  5. River to the Sea chanter Swarbuck is deluded. Israel is not, aiming for ‘proporitionality’ ; nor do they have any moral obligation to do so.

    The aim of Israel is self defence. Proportionality has nothing to do with self defence. Israel has an obligation to defend its citizens. Defence includes detering and degrading to prevent further attacks. Israel is saving countless Palenstinian lives just as much as USA was when it nuked Japan.

    If Swarbuck is so pro-hamas… send her over. I’m sure hamas will find and empty utility tray on which they can parade her lifeless body through the streets of Gaza.

    • “the safety of being out of range”, or may I add not living under Hamas authority.

      She, along with many other of the Greens might find living Gaza quite unpleasant, and that’s nothing to do with Israel. I find it flabbergasting that so many LGBTQ community support Hamas, knowing what they do to them.

      • Nope. The only delusion here, is conflating criticism of Israel as support for Hamas. And conflating a call for freedom as a threat of annhilation.

        This sort of logic only works on juvenile minds.

        • Yes absolutlely right.
          If you support Palestine as I do then you must be pro Hamas.
          Now who helped set up Hamas – aaah Israel.
          There will be an election because Hamas will win both in Gaza and on the West Bank.
          The PA is useful to Israel it acts as one of their thugs, beating up Palestinians in the West Bank.

    • You’ve chosen Richard Thegreat as your nom de plume and you’re accusing Chloe Swarbrick of being deluded?
      Ba hahahhahahahhahahaha ahaha ahaha ahahahahaha

    • Oh how I wish I’d kept some of her in-car conversations whilst Ubering around the “space” (going forward).
      I suspect if I tried, I could resurrect some of them, but for the fact it’d challenge my sense of ethical behaviour.
      Rest assured though, she’s really a bit of a nasty head gal bitch, so far up herself, it’d take a millenium for it to climb back down the beanstalk.
      Lost opportunity. However more fool me and a good many of Her voters. She’s managed to con quite a few of Her supposedly ‘good’ intentions.
      Ew. EW. It’s almost tempting to try and resurrect some of it, but for the fact there is better things in life to waste time on.
      If ever she comes to grief as a politician, she could probably start a cult. Poor bastard whoever married it

  6. I read with interest that Chloe Swarbrick has packed her dessert gear and is on her way to Gaza to fight. Good to see hands on politics from the Greens. Next thing they’ll get on a dinghy to block a whaling ship in the roaring 40s…imagine that!

  7. If I didn’t know better, I’d be thinking Ryan is auditioning for a part somewhere on the international media stage. It’s not going to be anywhere near Tom McCrae, but it could be somewhere near a Wooton. Might have to be near a Paul Murray Live or Skoi Newz OZ after dark, first as a stepping stone, but His Oyster could be the Whurl.
    Doncha just Lerv Him. Perhaps together, with those “looks for radio” they could go forth. Who knows where they’ll end up.
    Bloody sure the both will make this li ‘ole nation that punches above its weight rily rily proud. And when they do, hopefully they’ll allow that accidental Mayori victim David Eeeyore Seymore off our hands before the Southern Man and His BFF “Hold the L:adder Steady” retail politician Shane get to empty their bladders on Him. Precedents have been set after all

  8. Chloe is very good at virtue signalling (just like Jacinda). Once she holds any sort of office where she wields power, the reality of market forces (i.e. the economy) will hit her over the head with a clue by four. Everyone with a working brain already knows that, which is why voting only gives at best minute improvements in whatever policy you think were going to get. This whole “if only Chloe was in charge” rhetoric will play exactly like the “if only Jacinda was charge”. You all know it.

  9. Chloe, you go girl. Agree 100%.

    We need more MPs of her calibre, who are not only intelligent, but also gutsy and say with confidence and without hesitation as Chloe does.

    “Chloe Swarbrick … the newly elected Prime Minister of NZ” At 77, I sincerely hope I live long enough to hear those words spoken to the people of NZ. We cannot afford to ignore the likes of Chloe, or the NZ Green Party any longer.

    As the planet’s climates changes, bringing one disaster after another, the whole world will be looking at their Green Parties in the near future to lead the way to enable us to handle the ongoing climate issues bearing down on us now, even if they can’t stop CC. That will happen through awareness, combined with sensible infrastructure construction, capable of protecting people from the worst of CC effects. It will come, with PM Chloe Swarbrick and the NZ Green Party leading the way.

  10. ” Ryan told her not to raise her voice.

    She said he was being condescending.

    About time someone had the fortitude to call these arrogant shit interviewers who have an agenda to promote.

    I see a lot of the late Helen Kelly in her and at this point in time she is the closet we have to a real opposition leader who can articulate a vision and stand firm on her principles.

    She is the only glimmer of hope for the next three years.

    • Many Palestinians have denied the Holocaust for decades. Mahmoud Abbas has written a whole PhD thesis about it. Such a clever dude huh?

      • Haven’t seen the evidence for Palestinians denying the Jewish holocaust Ann, but there is much evidence for genocide denial in these comments. There is also evidence of Palestinian genocide denial by the Israeli command calling it a ‘self genocide’ of ‘human animals’. It appears the zionists don’t care about the murder of 5000 children let alone one. What do they actually worship, the god of propaganda and lies, the god of weapons, the god of subjugation, the god of land theft, or the god of killing kids sleeping in a shelter? If this is what it has come to, these maniacs and their deranged American accomplices should be denied a voice and even a place in the world based on the foundations of the rule of law and humanity. If they do not want to take responsibility for their actions and continue to deny their atrocities then the world should reciprocate the denial of their history based on equality and precedent. This is horrific but as per the ‘rules based order’, it is just.

        • Zionists care about the safety of their people of course. Isn’t that the first responsibility of any government? When under attack, and Israelis have been under attack since the partitioning of Mandatory Palestine, you defend your population. Ask an Israeli Arab if they want to be defended against Hamas and Palestinian “resistance fighters” terror attacks which also target children and which are supported by the so-called State of Palestine.

    • Couple of things.
      The definition of genocide has not been met.
      Only a Hamas supporter would deny the holocaust which clearly meets the definition of genocide.

    • Condemning the history of an entire population for the actions of a few would be tantamount to collective punishment, not allowed under the formal rules of engagement. Oh wait…

    • @NSC – perfect, although I think Ryan Bridges is quite intelligent, which makes Chole exceptionally intelligent. She really is a super star. She is always well prepared and very well informed. I think Seymour feels inadequate in her presence.

      • It is clear that those with any intellect on this site know what an outstanding individual Chloe is. Those that don’t think so are clearly threatened and are extremely poor judges of character. Thankfully they are just the dregs of our society.

  11. Ryan Bridge is no Journalist, just another shock jock Mike Hosking wannabe who doesn’t even try to be impartiall. Would help if he at least tried to do some proper research before opening his gob.

  12. The image on the panel on camera right. That’s Nugget Point in South Otago. Seymour? It’s a scary drop into shark infested waters so if you have an inclination to go for a wee dip, there’d be great!

  13. Respectfully, I suspect that Russia has killed rather more than 20,000 civilians.

    Which by no means exculpates the IDF.

    There was a nice scene in the Russel Crowe Robin Hood:

    King Richard The Lionheart: What is your opinion on my Crusade? Will God be pleased with my sacrifice?
    Robin Longstride: No, he won’t.
    King Richard The Lionheart: Why do you say that?
    Robin Longstride: The massacre at Acre, Sire.
    King Richard The Lionheart: Speak up!
    Robin Longstride: When you had us herd two and a half thousand Muslim men, women, and children together; the young woman at my feet, with her hands bound, she looked up at me. There wasn’t fear in her eyes, there wasn’t anger. There was only pity. She knew that when you gave the order, and our blades would descend upon their heads, that in that moment: we would be godless. All of us. Godless.

    Israel is no more immune to judgment than Richard.

  14. In the lead up to a hostage exchange deal the IDF increases violence of attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and the Westbank and Khan Youngs. The head of the IDF announces that after the partial prisoner exchange and 5 day ceasefire the IDF will launch a full scale invasion and bombing campaign agInst Southern Gaza.

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