Aotearoa Must Cut Ties With War Criminals – Te Pati Maori


Israel have agreed to 4 hour pause of violence each day, essentially saying they will still kill Palestinians for 20 hours a day.

If President Joe Biden is going to rule out a ceasefire but take credit for negotiating a pause, then he must also take responsibility for what happens when the violence resumes each day.

“Every child killed today would still be alive if there was a ceasefire yesterday.”

Every leader who has refused to call for a ceasefire has blood on their hands.

Israel’s agreement for a daily pause isn’t entirely meaningless, however. It shows that the power of global solidarity and pressure from the ground is starting to get to them. Now we must ramp up our collective efforts. The protests, the boycotts must continue. We cannot let those who profit from war have peace until Gaza is free.

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It is unconscionable for Aotearoa’s political leaders to continue to ignore the targeted atrocities that have killed thousands children.

Aotearoa can no longer maintain diplomatic relations with governments who are actively committing war crimes. We must recall the NZ consulate from Israel immediately.

Te Pāti Māori will be pressuring the incoming Government to introduce an Israel Sanctions Bill to Parliament and send a clear message that Aotearoa will not tolerate ethnic cleansing and genocide. Just as we did in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we need to impose economic sanctions targeting specific people, and companies, assets and services involved with Israel’s illegal war of aggression.

We are once again calling on Aotearoa to do all we can to prevent the killing of innocent children and end the occupation of Palestine.


  1. Thank goodness this TPM party did not gain a voice governing NZ .They would destroy our relationship with many of our allies that we will need in the years to come as the World gets more unsafe

  2. TPM is the anti-war party in parliament. I hope every single Green Party MP, and every other progressive MP on both sides of The House will vote for this bill to ensure its passage.
    Every indigenous MP and every lmmigrant MP, every MP whose people ever suffered from colonialism and genocide needs to examine their conscience, and if necessary, croos the floor to support this bill.

  3. Geoffrey Blair Starmer.
    The vote inside the British Labour Party calling for a ceasfire in Gaza is instructive. Questions of war and peace are the biggest decisions that any nation or political party can make. In the speeches leading up to the vote, and in the vote itself, under the threat of dismissal from their shadow portfolios, cowardly political opportunism, and selfless principled courage were both on full and open display for all to see.
    There can be little doubt that we will see the same armtwisting the same cowardice and the same courage on display here in this country over the Maori Party bill

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