Media waking up to the sheer carnage a National/ACT/NZ First Government are about to cause Workers, Renters, Climate + War on Gangs


John Campbell has written some of the best columns on the election and his latest grim reaction to the result spells out exactly what the bloody hell we just voted in…

John Campbell: What exactly has the tide brought in?

Analysis: His CV reveals an impressive history in brand management but, John Campbell asks, what was Christopher Luxon actually selling? Because whatever it was, New Zealand has bought it.

…because voters were spite voting against Labour or staying at home altogether, the electorate has no idea what extreme beast slouches this way from Bethlehem in the form of this ACT/National/NZFirst hybrid mutation.

It’s funny watching the mainstream media wake up to the full scale of assault this political freak show intends to implement.

The shock of how bad things for workers is going to be is clearly apparent at TVONE…

What workers can expect under a National-led government

…the right to sack, the robbing of stat holidays, the robbing of sick days, the ending of Fair Pay Agreements – it’s all there for everyone to see.

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The Press are shocked at how the whole election has been rigged for landlords…

What will change for landlords under National-led government

…the right to throw tenants out, the ending state house builds, throwing Kianga Ora tenants out, the tax loops holes handed back and the entire tax cut aimed at rich landlords highlights the scale of class war that the Real Estate Pimps won.

The Environment is fucked thanks to climate change and dairy intensification that has polluted 80% of our rivers…

More than 80% of New Zealand’s low-lying lakes and rivers surveyed ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’

…and the Corporate Farmers are gleeful they won’t be forced to stop and the gang crackdown has Police State written all over it…

What will National’s crackdown on gangs look like?

…and let’s not forget the 600 000 who use food banks monthly while the rich get a $250 per fortnight tax cut…

Cost of living crisis: More than half a million people rely on food charity each month

…the magnitude of using the State to punish the weak while actively empower the rich is a sickening political vandalism of the egalitarian state but voters don’t give a fuck.

All they wanted to do was shit on Labour with no idea what they voted in.

We are about to reap what their bitterness has sowed.


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  1. The 600000 people needing food parcels was created by LABOUR and is one of the reasons they were booted out .
    Soft on crime including gangs and state house tenants not listened to when they complained about unruly neighbors were another group passed off with Labour.

    • Wake up Trev, the capitalist system creates community food banks. Because it is a rotten exploitation dependent on 1%ers hogging the means of production and finance capital.

      The Capitalist system of private ownership and appropriation of the value created by working class people’s application of physical and intellectual labour to the world’s resources, is ostensibly administered by the bourgeois parliament–but NZ Labour created none of this. Sure, they do not intervene enough or reset the neo liberal state and property market–but…the Natzos will intervene even less for working class people. The filthy tories will indeed though intervene on behalf of landlords though! Like Mr “7 pads” Luxury Luxon.

    • No, the 600k was inherited from the incompetent 9 yr Shit show under John Key’s National Govt & his phoney bullshit Rockstar Economy!

    • Trevor you must be dreaming. The food parcel figure and the state house thing are not what got Labour kicked out. New Zealanders would have to be completely f’ing stupid if they thought National and ACT were going to do anything about child poverty. Kicking tenants out will be done with pleasure but I doubt that was a pressing issue.Did they really even campaign on that? As for gangs the latest moves on them this weekend in Ōpōtiki were nothing to do with the new government as the Ōpōtiki Mayor has pointed out. Once they see “natural glow” Mitchell in action they will indeed realise that National are very much ‘anything you can do I can do better’ when it comes to producing morons.

    • Trevor I think the most relieved people in New Zealand post election include Chippy and Grant.
      Someone else can deal with the monster they created.

          • Bob the first as in Bob the one year old.
            As usual a very childish response.
            Please you support corruption, Bob the one year old. Keep up the jokes about National though. Nationals damage can’t undo the massive increases in salaries Labour created.

    • As usual, the proudly ignorant colonial descendant can’t distinguish between fact and fiction.. Even the “facts” used are made up to fit their ignorance and bigotry.. Good British subjects all… This sort of utter fuckwittery is why all I can do is count the days until I can escape back to the real world..
      Of course, I understand that for one to be able to see what is really happening, one must have both an intellect that has at least a bit of fuel in it, and a grasp of the timelines involved in the development of any given situation…
      Your comment shows that you, and your fellow ignorami have neither of those things.. What is also evident that the British colonial descendants have yet to begin to grasp that mindless bigotry, and arrogance aren’t a proper substitute for adult discourse.. So NZ continues to shit all over it’s future prospects as a sovereign country, and is left with nothing but subservience to whichever of John Keys handlers has the money, and power to take ownership..
      This defines stupidity, and there is no upside to it, and the “Golden Donkeys Tail” which is the award for proving to be the thickest people on the planet (The Irish are eternally grateful to us) will become a permanent fixture at Te Papa within the next 5 years… And it’s all down to those who pretend to be the “smart” ones… Remuera is full of uber wealthy inbreeds, and I know this because I had to go to school with them.. Without their “old money” origins, most of them would be factory workers, if they were lucky…

  2. “…the right to sack, the robbing of stat holidays, the robbing of sick days, the ending of Fair Pay Agreements – it’s all there for everyone to see.”
    You know what that says to me? It’s the kick up the arse most people need to realise that post the Neo-Liberal roger douglas sex toy economy has run out of batteries, and our assets to sell to now billionaires, except the working people, our only asset left to exploit. We’re heading into polite slavery which will become very impolite.
    And I’m glad you’re separating corporate farmers from actual farmers. There’s a survival level of difference and if we don’t come to understand that then we’ll not only go broke while being at war with a state police governed autocracy likely financed by China but we’ll start starving as we all go broke as well.
    My prediction is this. The Chrome Head and is leeches will sell us to foreign buyers. The reason for that certainty is that we tend to forget that one simple little problem. Our planet’s on fire and sooner rather than the later we were promised we’re going to find simple survival difficult enough without the 100 million people pulling up under the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
    One more thing re Chrome Head. I very much doubt if even he knew just how deeply corrupt and exploited we Kiwi’s have been and are. Especially our farmers. As a farmer who’s spent a lot of time living in cities here and there I know just exactly how, and for how much, our long suffering farmers have been mercilessly exploited.
    When I first started writing in the comments of Tumeke years ago now I wrote about that terrible scratching on the outside of the kitchen door late at night. I warned that it’d be the truth coming to get the criminal rich. Aye boys? I watched The Fall of The House of Usher recently. Edgar and me could be twins.

  3. Trev but we all know the national party sell the state houses and labour party build them, I know caused I lived in one for many years.
    And motels were national’s emergency housing policy for the nine year they continued to deny we had a housing problem. And when national get in power the wealth gap and every other gap opens like a scab.
    Gang problems increased thanks to John keys 501 policy. How come you don’t listen and how come you repeat the same old lies are your ears and eyes painted on Trev?

  4. Trev but we all know the national party sell the state houses and labour party build them, I know caused I lived in one for many years.
    And motels were national’s emergency housing policy for the nine year they continued to deny we had a housing problem. And when national get in power the wealth gap and every other gap opens like a scab.
    Gang problems increased thanks to John keys 501 policy. How come you don’t listen and how come you repeat the same old lies are your ears and eyes painted on Trev?

      • New view does Paula Bennett come to mind , also known as the beneficiary’s nemesis. How shes got the nerve to show her face on tv is the true definition of a narcissist. She thinks she’s so adorable and everyone loves her to bits.

  5. People like those in our new govt. seem to run the world at the moment. They naturally float to the top because they are willing to say and do anything and cozy with anyone, to get there. Eventually the majority realizes what’s happening and boot them out.
    For a few years sanity rules but slowly people become too trusting and forget how easy it is for psychopaths to sneak in and sound convincing.
    Yes, hundreds of thousands of NZders were cross with Labour and throwing a little tanty about it all. Poor wee things. How easily upset they are and what fools to think that the Right would be the answer to anything.
    So, we come full circle again and are in the position of having to get rid of the greedies once more.
    When will people learn? The Right wing is NEVER in govt. for our benefit.
    As for all the people requiring food parcels Trevor, get real. There have always been poor people, people who cannot manage money well and people who don’t get enough money to manage. They haven’t just arrived.
    That will never be fixed by a NAct/Winston First govt. Those people will sink or swim. You will have to keep helping them because conditions will worsen almost immediately for them.
    I find it astonishing that you cannot remember seeing this before.
    There’s no aspiration on the Right to improve the lot of ordinary people. And certainly nothing for those labelled bottom feeders. The Bottom-Feeder-in-Chief has said he has no time for those who cannot manage and look after themselves. He thinks they only have themselves to blame.
    Labour has become very laissez-faire about them too but not quite as disinterested as the Bottom Feeder Party.

  6. $6 million in donations.
    6 years in Opposition.
    With all the time and money, and no pressure dealing with once-in-a-century Global Pandemics, global greedflation, the ongoing collapse of global Capitlaism, the useless Nats couldn’t even present a costed financial policy that actually added up in the Election campaign!

    What idiots think they’re going to do any better in government.

    And stop with the “but Labour….” bullshit. That’s done & dusted. The campaign is over.
    If all you’ve still got to offer is “Labour this…” and “Labour that….” then we we know you’ve got nothing.
    What other lame excuses will you rightards come up with to defend the encroaching shitstorm the Coalition of Chaos will visit upon us?

    • Jase you and the rest of New Zealand will be better off now the incompetent Labour Government have been removed.Quite frankly Labour didn’t know what to do.

      • Silly Bob. We will go back to the days of the great divide. National will govern for the top 1 % as they always have. The great wealth divide will return and National will rely on Labour to fix all Nationals fuck ups and corruption.
        Jase you are 100 % correct 6 million won the election despite National being utterly clueless as espoused by the daycare center minister becoming minister of finance.

  7. Good. Clear out the shit. Remember. Real unemployment is 11.2%. And it has been for 10 years+.

    Who cares about msm? Really. It’s propaganda just like Gobbels envisioned. Just put it out of it’s misery and us too.

    Housing, renting. Labour did it and Nat/Act/NZF will just carry on with whatever the plan was.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next election.

  8. Do we have to keep making mistakes to learn, is that our destiny? Why can’t we simply reinforce what we feel is productive or not, without responding dramatically (through voting) to those who deceptively propose the solution?

  9. Upset, all these newbees, what sort of hammer, they ever swung, farmer browns yes, most never. Our land, now controlled by, biz all, ONLY profit marg, us doing, who those, eh!, stroppy, no worry, our labour import, shall insure our profit.

  10. If National’s promises are kept in the same way Labour’s were then workers will have nothing to worry about at least in the first term. If they follow Labour’s lead they will form a committee, engage consultants and have a few hui with Maori which will then result in a report which will be taken to the people at the next election

    • Why do people defend what a bunch of arseholes National and Act are by blaming Labour? They could come up with policies that actually make the country a better place all by themselves. Or may be they can’t because a lot of their money came from a few self interested groups. Either way that’s not Labours fault.

  11. A survey of the NZ media showed they predominantly swing left so no surprise they are upset. This is the same media that excitedly created Jacindamania.

    I’m going to give the new government time and judge them on their actions rather than get triggered by the opinions of MSM doomsayers.

  12. Everything in the title of this story Martyn and so, so much more. People can slag off Labours tenure but it will pale into insignificance to the abomination that Nact First will bring . It will revert us all back to the previous appalling 9 years that left most of the country’s population behind. Labour at least attempted to correct this, it was only the greedy selfish bastards complaining. Just look at Bob the first idiot for the evidence.

    • Ahhh lefty tears Bert, keep them flowing, they make me laugh…every one of you lefties on here crying onto your keyboards, delicious!
      Please don’t stop….

      • You participate on a left wing blog, and expect folk to be singing the praises of NAct?
        Sorry if the only way you can process Left wing folks pointing out the con-artistry of the Natz election campaign is as “crying”.
        It’s just that not everyone is an idiot, and fell for the “tax-cuts-for-all-by-selling-$20 billion-in-housing” financial policy the lazy inept blue team whizz kids came up with.
        Try the pedo-gnome’s blog. It’s more for suckers.

      • Fantastic, typical right wing nutjob response, yet no disagreement to my comment Im right Bert, delicious! Please keep them flowing, they make me laugh…every one of you right wing nutjobs on here crying onto your keyboards.

        Please don’t stop….

      • Bob Bert the first, retardation runs strong in you.
        But thank you for being an amazing fan of mine, regularly contributing to my “likes”.
        Off to bed now before your carer puts you in a straight jacket.

        • bert it looks bad a nurse using mental health as an instrument of amusement.With your new found wealth perhaps you should now consider buying a house.

          • It has been a while Bob. I don’t know who you are responding to Bob however I know your life is defined by material things, that is why your life is so insular.
            You can have your house, your boat, your money and your arrogance, unlike you I value the most important aspect of life, helping others, whilst you constantly put others down.

  13. Carnage is the word. Bodies everywhere. Just 3 years though. Greens with vigorous shouting leadership for next time. A Hipkins-led Labour then is laughable. Ghosts, like the Liberal Party of Ballance in the 20s and 30s.

    • I got a filing cabinet I still have from a truancy officer. On the back of the cabinets he’d pasted comments about his ex-missus — ‘You bitch’ etc.


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