The tsunami of privatisation and crony capitalism under National is now here and all the Left have are cycle lanes in Te Reo, GST off vegetables and militant policing of pronouns

Wellington Bureaucrats worship their new Big Data Fascism, Orac

The full scale of the tsunami of privatisation and crony capitalism about to hit NZ has been spelt out in Dr Bryce Edward’s latest must read post on who is advising National

Who will the new National Government listen to when it decides how to govern? An early indication may be seen in who Prime Minister-elect Christopher Luxon has brought in to train his new MPs and ministers.

It was reported on Monday by Newstalk ZB that, because Luxon acknowledges his team’s lack of governing experience, the party has brought in some senior figures from the past. Luxon told Mike Hosking that Steven Joyce, Bill English and Wayne Eagleson have been coaching his caucus on how to be MPs and ministers, and how to lead the public service.

…the sheer scale of how much damage National and ACT are about to cause New Zealand as they form a Government with NZFirst is barely recognised by the electorate…

Under National’s tax plan, outlined by shadow finance minister Nicola Willis, it has identified 24 Government agencies from which it initially wants, on average, 6.5 per cent cuts amounting to $594m on so-called back-office functions to fund tax cuts and to have it done before Christmas.

There would be unders and overs but at 6.5 per cent, the cuts would amount to

    • $106m from the Ministry of Social Development;
    • $81m from MBIE, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment;
    • $60m from the Ministry of Justice;
    • $58m from the Ministry of Primary Industries;
    • $47m from Inland Revenue;
    • $46m from the Department of Conservation;
    • $36m from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade;
    • $21m from Land Information New Zealand;
    • $17m from the New Zealand Customs Service;
    • $16m from the Ministry for the Environment;
    • $16m from Statistics New Zealand;
    • $9m from the Treasury;
    • $8m from the Crown Law Office.

…this on top of ACTs desire to slash 5 Ministries and the Human Rights Commission, we are seeing the largest amputation of the State since Roger Douglas because the political project of the Right is to strangle off taxation so there is none to redistribute in the first place…

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Remember, these cuts are based on a Tax plan by National using revenue from removing the Foreign Buyers Ban that every independent economist has totally torn to shreds so the ACTUAL public service cost will be far greater than what they are currently promising!

The likelihood of Winston giving Luxon this is close to zero meaning the cuts will be far deeper requiring the ‘Social Investment’ approach.

The conga line of privatisation and crony capitalism is upon us…

…the billionaire class, Real Estate Pimps and property speculators have poured $12 million into the Right since 2021 and they aren’t doing that because they love the people, they are doing because they love their wealth!

It’s not just donors who will gain, the ‘social investment’ model used by right wing NGOs astroturfed into ‘community’ organisations aimed at destroying universal Welfare will gain as well because Winston won’t give National their Foreign Buyers ban lift.

So what is the ‘social investment’ model?

Let’s look at Oranga Tamariki.

Oranga Tamariki is a Frankenstein monster, a neoliberal welfare experiment conjured up by Bill English and big data.

The argument is that children from backgrounds with specific features were the worst in terms of cost to the state, so if the State stepped in and removed the children quickly enough, that cost will fall.To do this they passed law reducing the legal rights of parents, streamlined their 0800 numbers and weaponised uplifts.

They also ensured that people with children taken from them are ineligible for legal aid so they couldn’t fight back legally.

Oranga Tamariki has always been about saving the State money and the welfare of the child is secondary to that!

Since the Royal Inquiry into Historic Abuse, the Public Services Commission has done all it can to remove OT oversight and roll it into the ERO so that it saves the State money if children are abused in our care.

That Labour acquiesced to this and removed the Children’s Commissioner from providing OT oversight is disgraceful.

MSD in the 2000s oversaw obscene tactics that included hiring private detectives to dig dirt on victims who were complaining about being abused in state care in a Test case that if MSD had lost would have cost the State untold in damages.

The elite Wellington Bureaucratic class wanted to remove the threat of costs and damages from poorly funded social services and the ‘social investment model’ is a means to spend money on the most costliest of those social problems without actually universally funding services.

For the State, amputating social responsibilities and the legal threat of damages frees them up from having to spend any money in the first place.

Rather than creating more taxes like a Capital Gains Tax or Financial Transaction Tax to properly funded the welfare of children in State care, it’s easier to amputate the responsibility altogether.

Social Investment is a bullshit term for ending universal provision of welfare under the guise of providing more resource for the most at risk target demographic.

And what did the Left have in response to this right wing blitzkrieg?

Cycle lanes in Te Reo, GST off vegetables and militant policing of pronouns.

Here are the true winners of woke identity politics.

White men in blue suits.

I fear the half a million Kiwis needing food charities each month will despise the Left for our incremental solutions and meaningless virtue signals.


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    • Wow Bob. Action for who? I don’t see you remotely critical of the lack of experience in the National ranks. I am not so critical of that but I am about who is teaching them. Think Senator Palpatine meets Anakin Skywalker. Might be an odd reference for you but I figured you came from “a galaxy far far away” if you think this iteration of National are good for us.

    • You’ll have to excuse Bob.
      Apparently he’s just come out of a coma.
      Inertia you say?
      Bob, you may want to catch up on recent events that have swept the globe like the Covid pandemic, collapse of global ‘just-in-time’ Capitalism & Greedflation, & the rapidly growing power & influence of the moneyed elite on democracies.
      The government (whether you agree with their responses or not is entirely another matter) were far from inactive!

    • Burning the house down is action but most people are sensible enough not to do it, while Labour morphed into a slow-moving train wreck I suspect that the new government will look like a multi-jumbo plane crash in a shorter time which is not something to look forward to.

  1. Labour had every opportunity to be transformational without the woke identity politics but they blew it on both counts. We are in this position as a result. Thanks Labour.

    • National is as neo-liberal as Labour because, @ jack, they are the same thing. Let me write that again.
      National, are the same as Labour because they’re both neo-liberal. Do you understand what neo-liberalism is?
      The neo-liberal mantra is ” Greed is Good”. It’s what mike hoskings was reportedly saying as the wee man wandered about in OUR state owned media. RNZ, right? It’s blatantly pro neo-liberal as is TVNZ. RNZ and TVNZ were all about cupping the natzo’s and labours balls while whispering sweet nothings in their stinking waxy ears.
      If the voters who voted national are as media illiterate as you @ jack then no wonder we have no governance. Instead we have management and we’re employees and if you think we can’t be sacked then just ask the homeless and the 250,000 who can only afford fuck all.
      I’d go so far as to write that the dimwitted charade we’ve just witnessed that we hoped and prayed was our democratic electoral processes was more like a fascist fiasco pulled together by evil clowns.
      We’ve got shit going down, and is about to go down, that I promise you, no one would have voted for if they’d known what they were about to vote for. It’s said that the price of freedumb is constant vigilance then the price of what we’re about to get is terminal stupidity born of the determination to remain steadfastly ignorant.

    • It’s simply not correct to say that Labour being useless forced National to sell out to their big real estate donors. If debt levels are so bad ( which the aren’t at all) National should not be reinstating interest deductibility and giving tax cuts that do f all. They should be repaying debt as fast possible given their campaign messaging. But they are not because it’s complete bs.

  2. Wait for all the Trevor’s, and Bobs leap to the defence of the real dividers of the country. They all get caught up in sign posts and transgender issues like that has anything to do with the real economy. The shiny god botherer and David Seymour ( who frankly looked out of his depth in the last few weeks of the campaign) are about to look after their mates at the expense of the majority. They are about to make shit Labour look almost bearable in comparison. They also dump and enormous amount on rate payers in the centres that actually contribute massively to the economy ( and no it’s not diary farmers). Let’s see if they need the champion of dealing with non issues like public toilets to help.

  3. The Best Election bribe money that the National Party could ever receive Martyn, this Election was bought & paid for by Corporate interests just like it is in America? The Nats after receiving Lobbyists money has stolen this Election & as usual the fucking pathetic, useless & shallow NZ Media are too lazy & stupid to call it out? As you laid out in your previous articles & this one, $2 million of Election bribes went to the National Party & $1.6 million of Election bribes went to Act, this is Crony Capitalism & Election meddling to influence the outcome of a Election on a American scale & the moronic Labour Party’s ineptitude comes to the fore every time, their inability to articulate & point this out is because they wasted precious time getting bogged down on stupid Wokeism issues, pronouns cancellation & ridiculous Policies, they deserved to lose & in fact Martyn, I get the impression they are happy & relieved to lose? There was a split Cartoon shown on the Daily blog last year of Jacinda Ardern & it had all the things Labour could now be able to do after being given the mandate by the NZ people after their huge 2020 Election win in which they could govern alone & pass any policy they wanted, unopposed without other Parties acting as a Roadblock & Jacinda in the Cartoon screams, I want a Election recount? That sums up the Labour Party, they squandered a once in a lifetime opportunity that will never come again & lost the faith & confidence & votes of the NZ voting public & in the process have now enabled the National Party to steal & buy this Election, thank you Jacinda & Labour for contributing to the downfall of this Country? Pathetic!

    • Every politician, lawmaker and bureaucrats first loyalty is to the Crown of England. It is not to the Aotearoa/NZ public.

      The Crown will do anything to protect it’s interests. If that means slowing down the process to stymie an elected governments policies and direction then that’s what it will do.

      It’s the fucking system. The whitemen of westminster own this country. They’re not going to allow any real challenge to the status quo.

      • The New Zealand crown and English crown are separate crowns. Westminster lost its power to legislate for New Zealand in 1931. Any power that The City of London has over Wellington pales in comparison to the power in The Whitehouse and Pentagon in Washington D.C., Wall Street in New York City and The Ivy League in New England or Hollywood in California.

  4. I don’t always agree with your statements but admire the obvious passion in your delivery of them. On this occasion I have to take issue with one of the more outlandish comments you make….”Oranga Tamariki has always been about saving the State money and the welfare of the child is always secondary to that!”.

    Have you ever spent time alongside an OT social worker? They would be appalled at your lack of knowledge of their mahi and of their motivation for doing it.

    • Philip Royal Dumping the Commissioner for Children was about the state protecting itself, not the children. Senior Oranga Tamariki staffers wanted that Commissioner kept, but Labour said, “ No. “

      • Pip your suggestion the State is only looking to protect itself is naive. I think you will find that the new, well resourced Children and Young Persons Commission will be at least as equally effective as the CFC in holding OT to account. The courts also ensure decisions made are in the best interests of children.

    • I agree with your central point but not your justification for it. No pointless bureaucrat wasting time and money would admit to that fact, they probably would even believe it themselves, nobody wants to admit their work is meaningless even if it is.

  5. While I greatly appreciate any Blake’s 7 references anyone cares to make, you do realize that all the protagonists were rebels and outlaws fighting AGAINST the tyranny of the Galactic Federation, right?
    The super A.I. computer Orac was their greatest weapon in their fight for freedom. Big data isn’t a monster unless you think that a government (or a person) does worse by knowing more.


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