Majority don’t want a race war in NZ


Oh, look at that, the majority of New Zealand DO NOT want to start a race war!

Newshub-Reid Research poll reveals if Kiwis want a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi

In our latest Newshub-Reid Research poll, we asked do you think New Zealand should have a referendum on the treaty?  

A majority 55.8 percent said no, while just 32.2 percent said yes. 

It looks like the majority accept the Treaty is our founding document.

It looks like the majority respect the place of Māori as our indigenous people.

It looks like the majority do not want to start a race war, because you all do know that if ACT gets the opportunity to start a referendum to redefine the Treaty and force it upon Māori WILL start conflict.

Why the fuck would Māori accept a Party like ACT redefining the Treaty and forcing it upon them?

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What in our 183 history makes you think that?

The Hikoi to protest against this will be extreme and end up on Parliament’s Lawns with a terrified Luxon and trigger fingered Right Wing Government.

If Māori have a right, it can’t be determined by majority fucking vote!

This whole referendum scam has been sold to reactionary white people freaked out that the weather is in Māori.

Are we really going to start a race war because of such fragile sensibilities?

Thank Christ the majority understand this!



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  1. I think if New Zealand is to be the most Maori place in the world then likeminded people who see value in our identity as pacific people will have to fight for it or at least get up every morning and work for it. Stay hard.

      • It’s the political stuff, as bad as it is, is down stream. The solutions to New Zealand being the most Maori place are trustless and underfunded and decentralised systems with high expectations and economic incentives to balance news graphs.

    • Et-Tangata.
      “Meanwhile, attacking Māori is as old as European settlement. Here is James Richmond, a future member of parliament, writing in 1851. He looked forward to the day, he said, “When the preposterous Treaty of Waitangi will be overruled” and the “ridiculous claims of the natives to thousands of acres of untrodden bush and fern will no longer be able to damp[en] the ardour and cramp the energies of the industrious white man”.
      There ya go. A nasty little white fly said that back in 1851. “…cramp the energies of the industrious white man…” While I’m no Maori I find that deeply offensive. I’m all for having my energies cramped and I’m not that industrious.
      To me, all the indicators are that we’re about to lose our AO/NZ. First, they’ll come for our democracy, then they’ll come for our Treaty and then they’ll arrive on our shores. @ Maori? Sound familiar?
      This is darkly, sinisterly, prescient.
      The Guardian.
      Israel-Hamas war
      ‘The most successful land-grab strategy since 1967’ as settlers push Bedouins off West Bank territory
      Farmers? Bond with Maori. You don’t know it but you should be besties.

    • People voted for a flimsy con. The Nats financial policy was revealed to be a lie, and yet that was no cause for concern for 38%.
      Based on that appalling truth I would ask, do they even know what they’re voting for?? Apparently not.
      Key was gifted his “show me the money moment”, and the media dined out on it to ensure victory for the blue team.
      When the Nats failed the “show me the money” moment in this campaign, apart from 2 Sunday morning interviews, corporate media swept it under the rug.

      • People are very easily conned.
        Rather than try to think straight they latched onto the idea of tax-cuts.
        Here’s a truism for you – there can never be tax cuts. Living does not get cheaper ever. Tax-cuts are for gullible minds.
        There could only be tax-cuts if you never ever want to visit a doctor again and never want your children to go to school. If you are content to live as our ancestors did a couple of hundred years ago, yes, then we might get tax-cuts.
        If you don’t want to live like that then you’d better face it, tax-cuts will never happen. $2.50 a fortnight is not worth having.
        As for a race-war, god what an ugly phrase, I know which side I’ll be on.
        If Seymour tries to stir up trouble to that degree, he can say goodbye to EVER being taken seriously again.

  2. Martyn the majority don’t want a Race War but under this new administration, they will get it especially if Act gets its way? And if this happens with a Referendum to cancel culture the Treaty, their will be a Maori groundswell & protest that will make that Anti Covid protest look like a Picnic party? NZ likes to conveniently use Maori for their own purposes so they brown wash everything in woke Maori virtue signalling as a form of appeasement to Maori, its a cost free, zero expense enterprise to make it look like they care about Maori & their issues but it’s just a distraction to give the appearance that they are upholding the Treaty obligations, so they name Buildings in Maori, spell Road signs in maori, name Govt depts with a maori name like Kainga Ora, Oranga tamariki etc & have white people like Newsreaders & Journalists like Jack Tame & others speaking in Maori but they don’t give a shit about Maori? And if the Nats & Act will try & take the Treaty to a Referendum, this will fail because it is a Founding Document, our Constitution agreement between the English Crown & Maori, not between any Political Party like the National & Act party’s or anyone else but expect they Maori bashing to kick into overdrive with the Election of these Right wing fuckers because they believe the bloody Maorieees have to much influence via Co-governance, which never happened, another Labour Party disastrous mismanagement Policy that alienated NZers & contributed to their Election defeat on 2023!

  3. ACT got less votes than the Greens and not much more than Te Pati Maori. Though unlikely the Greens and Te Pati Maori could theoretically form a coalition government with National and put an end to this infantile indigenous self hate that consumes Seymour. The political environment is that ridiculous.

  4. Let’s have a referendum on whether the Westminster system is our best option going forward.

    Given how broken the justice system is and how dysfunctional the governance processes are, surely it’s time.

    Or, are we not there yet ?

    • What do you propose instead of the current system? Serious question. Or give an example of a country that works well, even better than our current system

      • At the moment all I’m proposing is a referendum and a conversation about options.

        It’s way beyond my pay grade to suggest examples and compare systems. However, being Pasifikan, I’m more inclined to indigenous systems that can be tweaked to suit while incorporating the best of whats been imported.

        That’s probably a cue for some cracker ass to start spouting about slavery, cannibalism and stone age culture blah blah blah as though turning the clock back is preferable. It’s not and It’s no more useful than turning back to the absolute rule of medieval European monarchys, feudal Asia, Middle Eastern caliphates or the shamanic Americas .

        All I know is that the system we’ve had in place since it was foisted on us in the 19th century doesn’t work. And if you look the world over at liberal democracies based on the westminster system you’ll see it’s not working there either.

        The question is, is our current system of governance and judiciary the best there is and the best we can do ?

        I don’t think it is and i don’t think many others believe it is either.

        A referendum on the treaty won’t change the fact that the system installed to govern beyond it is and has failed badly.

        Surely you can see that ?

    • In a word…yes…it does mean that for thousands of dark New Zealanders still in denial that they are sitting on stolen or dubiously acquired land.

      When Māori do better this country will do better.

  5. The majority could be correct Martyn: In that there’s no reason for a time and money wasting referendum.


    We have voted this government into office to get this done. So they should just write law clearly defining The Treaty as per its original intent and then move on.

    Alternatively they can scrub all references to the Treaty from law and demote it to an irrelevant footnote in history.

    • Less than 10% of the population voted on a referendum over treaty issues, National certainly didnt campaign on it, only ACT did. So to say that a majority want it it would be stretching truth to beyond breaking point.

    • Castro, you seem to sit on the fence about something…not sure what it is, can you be more specific?
      Your 10+ posts aren’t clear what that chip on your shoulder is about!


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