Oh look at that, the Corporate Farmers lied while you elected a Climate Denial Government on a burning planet


Just when National needed some bullshit distraction from their terrible climate change policy, the Corporate Farmers lied to you…

Environment watchdog sceptical of farming groups’ methane emissions claims

Parliament’s environment watchdog has taken the unusual step of writing to three farming groups, accusing them of wrongly claiming they had new science on methane emissions.

The environment commissioner, former National Party Cabinet minister Simon Upton, also said the lobby groups had buried the most relevant conclusion of the research – a part which might have been seen as supporting stronger action on farm gases.

…the corporate farmers tricked you again sleepy hobbits!

After rigging the entire political system to empower them and their profit margins no matter the cost to our environment or  geopolitical safety, the corporate farmers have managed to put off doing anything meaningful on emissions for another fucking 5 years with the election of the Right and by lying to you!

When you consider Helen Clark first called for emission reductions in 2003,  Corporate Farmers have managed to prevent any changes for 25 years now! That is an incredible feat of political manipulation and fuckwittery.

Look at this graph…

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September 2023 Temperature Update

The following is a summary of global temperature conditions in Berkeley Earth’s analysis of September 2023.

  • Globally, September 2023 was the warmest September — and the largest monthly anomaly of any month — since records began in 1850.
  • The previous record for warmest September was broken by 0.5 °C (0.9 °F), a staggeringly large margin.
  • Both land and ocean individually also set new records for the warmest September.
  • The extra warmth added since August occurred primarily in polar regions, especially Antarctica.
  • Antarctic sea ice set a new record for lowest seasonal maximum extent.
  • Record warmth in 2023 is primarily a combined effect of global warming and a strengthening El Niño, but natural variability and other factors have also contributed.
  • Particularly warm conditions occurred in the North Atlantic, Eastern Equatorial Pacific, South America, Central America, Europe, parts of Africa and the Middle East, Japan, and Antarctica.
  • 77 countries, mostly in Europe and the tropics, set new monthly average records for September.
  • El Niño continues to strengthen and is expected to continue into next year.
  • 2023 is now virtually certain to become a new record warm year (>99% chance).
  • 2023 is very likely (90% chance) to average more than 1.5 °C above our 1850-1900 baseline.

The jump in heat is beyond anything we’ve seen in modern times.

This just as Labour and Green policy starts bearing fruit in NZ…

Analysis: New Zealand’s carbon emissions are on the way down – thanks in part to policies now under threat

It may have been largely overlooked in the election debates, but New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are finally on the way down.

Annual emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels are the lowest since 1999 and the 12-month renewable share of electricity is back above 90% for the first time since 1981. The Ministry for the Environment has advised New Zealand is on track to meet the first (2022-2025) carbon budget.

…National, ACT and NZF will make these numbers worse.

Global temperatures will go up under National, ACT and NZF because they have no plan to lower them.

They will also reverse the things that have helped drive our emissions down.

We have no comprehension of what is coming and we are simply not prepared for the age of consequences.

Watching National, ACT and Corporate Farmers use their economic and political muscle to avoid responsibility for what comes next can only be resolved by civil unrest and a campaign of civil disobedience against those interests.

This is the age of consequences.

All hail the Golden Cow we slavishly worship in NZ! Remember, whatever the problem, the NZ solution is MORE COWS!

The corporate farmer scum tricked you again sleepy hobbits.


National Party Caucus Meeting

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        • Self serving delusions are no more relevant to any thing more than your own lack of intellect, or judgement… Something you have demonstrated more than enough for even the tories amongst us to grasp…
          Every word I see, and hear coming from the “reactionary intellectual” clique that consists mainly of the dregs of the families that have wallowed in their status as members of the colonising class, are nothing but echoes in a vacuum…
          I went to school with the children of the wealthy colonisers, and you are using the same intellectually bankrupt, and bigoted “reasoning” to justify you inability to rise above the dross that the British empire produced in their millions that they took for granted…
          If the ship of fools that NZ has, in it’s congenital stupidity actually lasts three years, then the NZ that I grew up in will be lost forever, and not a single one of you brain dead bigots will even notice…
          It’s no wonder all the smart ones who possess a shred of social conscience have gone, never to return.. I myself am looking forward to seeing my friends in Margaret River again, as Being trapped here as a result of the lockdown, has been one of the most unpleasant, and stressful periods of my life, and it was the “American” PMs tory govt that brought around half a million people into Auckland without doing any preparation whatsoever…
          That’s the level, and only that level of irresponsible profiteering that we have no choice but to accept is now, and has been for a while, the “modus operandi” of any tory/fascist government NZ elects now.. (for as long as they can elect anyone that is)
          To quote one of my favorite coaches from my league days.. “You guys are too stupid to know how thick you are”, and simply sneering at people isn’t a substitute for substance, of which the current “govt has none..

  1. Corporate farmers have wriggled their way out of a “crisis” created by the very top of the corporate tree, led by the Rockefeller’s, fueled (ironically) by corporate media’s now endless focus on any worldwide whether event, for the purpose of, at the very least, trillion dollar global govt investment in whatever green initiative the corporate world can dream up (and control) aided by a tax on the people that helps fuel this investment, thus, transfers money from us to them. Frigging brilliant (if not typical) idea – from a billionaire class point of view.

    Well, corporate farmers, you know as well as anyone that you cannot dodge ‘big corporate’ plans forever. Farming will soon go the way of the dough dough as new ‘big corporate’ ways of producing food waits in the wings….

    • Your typo is a Freudian slip showing how close you are to the nub of our problems. Whether or weather are I feel somehow interchangeable.

  2. To give you hint as to who, and what, is up agriculture in AO/NZ.
    ron brierly.
    His first bid via R.A.Brierley Investments Ltd was for the Otago Farmers Co-Operative Association in July 1961, which had become attractive as a target due to its cheapness, its unusual legal structure and the company being moved to an unofficial NZX bourse due to failing to comply with exchange listing requirements.[16] While Brierley’s offer was rejected, the company was forced into a change in policy and the market price of the company leapt upwards.
    ‘Farming’ in AO/NZ really hasn’t anything to do with actual and literal farming. It’s far more to do with creating urban millionaires and billionaires.
    Farmers are powerless and they’re weak. They’re socially isolated, culturally monochrome and as such, they’re 110% exploitable while being shit at maths.
    With regard to dairying which is also known as cowsploitation. It’s a scam. A few good ol boys moved into a centrally heated office space then sent forth their minions, namely the banks, to crush the conventional, sustainable, organic use of farmlands to replace sheep, beef cattle and cannabis for factoryfication of your common or garden paddocks. The heavy use of artificial fertilisers, weed killers, antibiotics, and general polluted cow shit and piss has given your beautiful towns people the thing you howl and wail about, as you sip your latte’s dahlings while you nibble on your kuwayesants and kibbled organic wheat, shit shifting, bowel lubricating organic fluff pastry micro-bickies pinched between the manicured thumb and pointy index finger as you nummy num-num your way down to the perineum bleaching clinic.
    Farmers are powerless because they have bankster boots on their necks and they’re weak because they think the only political representation they have comes in the form of their abusers.
    Farmers? Forget swelling up then driving your tractors around in small silly circles. That tactic is designed to make you ever more powerless and get you hated by those who could be your allies. Then? Go on strike. Simply quell your swellings and stay in bed and wait with a nice cup of tea. Take a year off. Go on. You can do it.
    Hear that squelching noise? That’s the sound of beautiful, expensive, waxed urban arse holes snapping shut in fright all along Ponsonby Road.

  3. New Zealand politicians, activists and citizens can only reduce OUR less than 1 percent contributions to global emissions. They can only virtue signal as to the other 99 percent. Adaption must be a priority.

    • The rest of the world can stop buying our products if they feel that we are not doing our bit for the environment so while you are technically correct we will still end up living a subsistence lifestyle when we can’t afford our essentials.

  4. We have no comprehension of what is coming and we are simply not prepared for the age of consequences.
    Pearls of wisdom are not wanted in NZ. Unless they are marketable. And if someone is buying, for what purpose – to make something marketable from them – that will probably fail in some way, so providing a built-in succession of positions on committees of enquiry and repair measures; profitable business going forward! There is money in being and doing unsatisfactory temporary structures and having a plan on how to profit from remedying such.

    Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s skit illustrates the clash of overweening big business and wealth demanding the impossible jollied along by the cash-strapped, in this case a poor Welsh piano teacher. The wealthy client is big on integrity – I respect integrity and am willing to pay for it.

  5. It doesn’t matter Martyn because the ones who are responsible the most for Climate change are the very ones who are being affected by it & suffering because of their polluting ways & all those Farms & Farmers that got flooded out by extreme Weather events & whose Land is now ruined, well your only got yourself to blame, it’s Mother Nature fighting back? Oh yeah with the Election of the scumbag right wing lunatic National & Act Party’s, if you are a Farmer & were expecting a Socialist bailout buyout for your flooded out property & compensation from the NZ Taxpayer, you can just forget about that because you lot voted for National & Act’s Neoliberal Deathcult Capitalism that states if your Business fails due to any reason like a severe Weather event, that’s just tough, that’s the Free Market in action, sorry, that’s Darwinism & the rule of the jungle’s survival of the fittest so no Bailout money for you, that’s Socialism & we can’t have that, can we?

    • That’s exactly right, country boy and stefan as well.
      If those various types of farmers expect a ‘socialist’ bailout after a disastrous weather event, they will be told to sink or swim on their own, next time.
      They accepted the help they got from Labour last summer. They moaned it wasn’t enough and not quick enough.
      Next time, they won’t get anything. That’s what they voted for.
      No gratitude for that ‘socialist’ bailout.
      Can’t have tax cuts AND socialist type bailouts. Use your $200 a fortnight and sort things out yourself.
      It’s a hard old world when you’re not one of the in-people especially if you thought you were.
      Time to choose your friends more carefully.

      • I don’t think you people understand just how cravenly committed to supporting the unsustainable dairy system a National Govt is.
        A dumb-arse National Govt will in fact socialise the loss.

        • We’re trying not to think badly about people but you are quite right. They don’t think about us at all.
          As long as they can clip the ticket somewhere it all goes on.


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