PODCAST: When All the World’s Failings End in Gaza

A View from Afar podcast, October 19, 2023. Gaza-Israel Conflict.


In this the tenth episode of A View from Afar for 2023 political scientist Dr Paul Buchanan and journalist/analyst Selwyn Manning examine the current Israel-Palestine Atrocities.

As we prepared for this podcast, representatives of Arab states have presented a united front at the United Nations, criticising the UN Security Council of doing nothing to protect civilians from Israeli bombing and missile attacks on Gazan civilians and locations.

Since then, the UN Security Council has considered two resolutions, the latter calling for a pause in hostilities to allow a humanitarian effort to enter Gaza to assist civilians.

The United States vetoed that Security Council resolution.

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Al Jazera has detailed that Israel forces have targeted and bombed civilian facilities include Hospitals, schools, residential areas resulting in the deaths of thousands of people, civilians, – around one-third of the deaths are children.

It remains contested by all sides in this conflict as to who, or what, is responsible for the deadly attack on Gaza Hospital, resulting in the deaths of over 471 people.

Additional to this, Israel has sealed the borders of Gaza while it prevents food, water and medical supplies from reaching civilians – in breach of international law requirements and laws of conflict.

Israel ordered Gazan civilians, who wish to get to safety, to get out of North Gaza and move toward the south, to the border with Egypt. But as people fled south toward what appeared to be safety, Israel bombed the southern Gaza region killing more civilians and sealing off that corridor for others who sought refuge.

As a consequence of the bombing, Egypt responded by sealing the Gaza-Egypt border.

Humanitarian aid now sits on trucks, waiting, on the Egypt side of the border, while United Nations officials implore Israel and Egypt to allow medical supplies, food and water to get through to those who are injured and dying.

The Israel Defence Force strikes followed a surprise-attack on Israeli citizens by soldiers operating under the Hamas banner.

Civilians were slaughtered and others taken hostage, only to be used as bargaining chips and leverage against their enemies.

Even Palestinian advocacy groups like the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa suggested that breaches of international humanitarian Law, crimes against civilians, have been committed by those Hamas-aligned fighters. But they are clear, as others are too, that crimes against humanity, war crimes, have been committed by Israel, without consequence, as we all give witness to its response which is disproportionate, brutal, and disregarding of the thousands of Palestinian lives that have already been taken.

That’s the current situation. It is likely to get much worse.

In this episode, our questions will include:

What are the world’s leaders doing to stop the carnage?

Are the world’s nations being drawn into what will be an ever-expanding war?

Are we witnessing the beginning of a war where on one side authoritarian-led states like Russia, Iran, the wider Arab states, and possibly China stand unified against the United States, Britain, Germany, and other so-called liberal democratic allies representing the old world order?

Is what we are witnessing, what happens when a global rules-based order, multilateralism and institutions like the United Nations no longer have influence to prevent war, or restore peace and stability, or assert principles of international justice and enforce the rights of victims to see recourse to the law?

Why has this slaughter become an opportunity for the US and Russia to square-off against each other at the UN Security Council – a body that was once designed to advocate and achieve peace, but has now become a geopolitically divided entity of stalemate and mediocrity?

Eventually, will humanitarianism prevail? Will the world recognise that all people, the elderly, women, children, people of all ethnicities and religions, that they all bleed and die irrespective of their state of origin, when leaders of all sides, while sitting back in their bunkers, unleash weapons designed to kill as many people as is possible?

In this episode, Paul and Selwyn examine this most grave situation from a geopolitical vantage point. It may appear as dispassionate, and as so even disturbing, but we will take this approach in an attempt to aide an understanding of why this is happening in Gaza and why it is happening now.


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  1. The US is the problem along with the rest of the collapsing West. They should be sticking within their own borders and stop funding wars they can’t afford to fight imaginary ghosts. It only makes wealthy people richer and kills people.

    • That would be fine if half the 3rd world wasn’t planning to go on the dole in the UK.

      Strong fences make good neighbours

      • You’re talking about colonialism right? How did the UK get wealthy? Where did it come from and how did they capture it Einstein?

        • “How did the UK get Wealthy” Simple really the British empire by current estimates stripped 1 trillion in wealth out of India.

  2. “What are the world’s leaders doing to stop the carnage?”
    Fuck all of nothing. Unless another super yacht in San Tropez is something.
    “As Joe Biden sends weapons supplies to Israel and calls the attack by Hamas “an act of sheer evil”, does America, as the world’s biggest arms dealer, have precedent for arming terrorists?”

  3. …just wake us bottom feeders up when its open season on the exploitative people farmers… watch it burn 😉

  4. Haven’t read this post, but I thought you had a blog, Selwyn? Couldn’t find it.

    Will now go back and read it.

  5. This could be solved almost immediately in Palestine as well as in Ukraine, the one common factor is America, the chaos agent & main stumbling block of any solution being found? The US which funds & enables the Zionist State of Israel & the Neo Nazi Regime in Ukraine prolongs both conflicts. Joe Biden pathetic Presidency has bought the World to the brink of WW3, but he’s not in charge, the Neocons are & his horrible Diplomats like Blinken, Sullivan etc are pathetic, they are despised because they are dishonest actors & amateurs that don’t keep their word! Just get out of the way America & let Russia & China find a solution because it can’t & will never be done by the Americans, they don’t want peace, they want endless war!

    • The outfit that runs the hospital, a Baptist organisation has no doubt who the culprit is .Israel.Before the attack the IDF sent 3 evacuation orders to the hospital .They had already targeted the hospital days before , damaging 2 floors.
      It was Israel all right

      • There were Hamas lauch sites nearby firing missiles regularly.
        There is the possibility and some evidence of a failed rocket coming from there. Also the damage was done from the rocket fuel igniting causing the large number casualties.
        Not the typical characteristics of military grade bombs or missiles.
        There needs to be more investigation before making definitive accusations.

        • Zero reports of burns, numerous reports and videos of picking up victims piece by piece.
          Yeah “rocket fuel igniting” totally plausible, move on Israels innocent again.
          Just to make sure you understand (Sarcasm)

  6. I fear a Rubicon has been crossed. Isreal has lost the respect of the civilised world which no longer includes the West.

  7. Israel has an inviolate right to defend itself against and root out vile jihadist terrorists who massacred 1400 of its civilians. The decent of this world support Israel.

    • It’s weird reading comments like this – a bunch of slogans jammed into a single sentence like a low level AI bot put it together. I don’t know which is worse, that there actually are AI bots doing this or that there are people who just think in slogans like this.

    • Well it appears Gaby judging by the mass protests against Israel, Israel now has a bigger problem. If you mean “decent people” supporting genocide then to quote the IDF, “We see you” finally the scab is being ripped off the criminal state Israel.

  8. What is taking place in Gaza is no different to what happened in the German created Getto’s before and during World War 11. What is that dribbling, mumbling and demented Biden doing there holding the hand of a killer. Shame on USA shame on Israel and the rest of the world for not doing anything except passing meaningless resolutions at the UN.

  9. ” All the worlds failings…”
    I think if the world’s failed it’s because it’s too beautiful, too wondrous, too rich and trusting and hopeful. If those things are failings then yes, the world’s failed.
    My personal opinion is simple enough. We’ve in fact failed the world and by that I mean we’ve failed each other and by [we] I mean we good people. We’ve failed to act so evil is prevailing.
    We’ve allowed a monstrous beast in the shape and form of corporate U$A to addict us to the mantra “Greed is good”. We’ve allowed, indeed enabled, archaic civilisations like China and Russia to flourish, fertilised by their fears and ignorance and because they provide cheap junk for corporate America to over value then pimp to us via various parasitic mechanisms i.e. banks, on-line and on thu Tee Vee the moralities of which are fortified by false Gods selling false religions to unimaginative people who’s stalled thinking is ignited by the instant gratification of buying junk they know they don’t need and can’t understand why they thought they did when they dump it in landfill later.
    Israel and Palestine and Ukraine and Russia and soon to be China and Taiwan are American Military Industrial Complex consumers. They’re manipulated into conflict then sold weapons to vent their mindless fury. And what a killer marketing tool! Drop an expensive bomb on a hospital and you immediately have a highly focused consumer group Hell bent on highly marketable revenge, then inevitable defence then attack ad infinitum thus sales thus ka ching!
    See? It all comes back to us. We, the people. If we allow our political employees, also known as politicians, to engage in [this] ugly shit we’ll get what our Laissez-faire attitude will give us. Despair, destruction and death.

  10. The largest sponsor of terrorism in the World, the United States of America has just committed to fund the Genocide and Murder of all Palestinians in Gaza! Making Israel’s Final Solution a reality.

  11. I think it very illustrative of today’s conflict to go back to the end of Ww1 when Britain and France were carving up the Levant following the defeat of the Ottomans.

    A London Jewish banker who bankrolled the recent war, probably the richest man on the planet was an ardent Zionist. Meet Mr Rothschild.

    In correspondence with him is a British upper class imperialist colonialist government minister who is in a position to create a British dependency in Palestine. Meet Mr Balfour.

    “Gimme Palestine,” says Rothschild knowing he can hardly be refused. Balfour quickly sends a 50 word promisary “declaration”, et voila…. a century of misery ensues.

    There is no moral in the story, only immorality.

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