MEDIAWATCH: The Post finance debate: Grant destroys Nicola and highlights why Seymour will be the new Finance Minister


Andrea Vance and Luke Malus are preening themselves from the attention.

Starts out with childish math gotchas.

This is Wellington.

All they have is childish gotchas.

Worst Tinder Couple Date ever

Nicola lies and argues that Grant is lying.

Grant points out facts, highlights that Nicola is lying.

Nicola always ignores that the increased spending for Covid saved 20 000 lives.

So Nicola can go jump.

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Grant finally makes a solid argument about what we achieved and fought for over Covid.

Nicola kicks Orr and accuses Grant and Orr of a ‘cosy’ relationship, which is quite an allegation to make.

Nicola’s claim that Grant kept spending is ridiculous, 97% of the spend was on wage pressures and cost increases.

Inequality is mentioned.

I laugh sadly and choke on my coffee.

This is NZ. No one gives a fuck about poor people anymore.

Grant makes noises about

Hosts are useless.

Luke looks frightened.

Andrea is wet.

Nicola is like a piranha at a blood buffet while Grant is likeable and smart.

Nicola wants to sack thousands before Christmas.


Is Luke asleep?

Andrea is trying to be liked. She understands she isn’t running right?

Luke has fallen asleep.

Grant points out National’s tax policy is bullshit. Massive cheer.

Biggest laugh of the night is when Nicola claims her budget is properly costed.


Luke is awake. Wish he would go back to sleep. He’s not very good at this is he?

Nicola’s energy is very uptight. I would say ‘like a Shrew’, but that would be sexist to Shrews.

Grant knocks down all her arguments.

Nicola is not very good at this is he?

Grant points out National are funding their tax cut from the poorest kids and there are yells of ‘shame’ from the audience.

Grant pours acid on National’s desire to rob 2 year olds to fund tax cuts for the richest landlords.

Best line of the debate:

Nicola: “There are thousands of children tonight in motels”.

Grant: “They were in cars when National were last in power Nicola”


Luke is asleep.

Grant runs through all the shit National are robbing for their rich landlord tax cut: Free prescriptions, 2 year olds ECE, Public Transport and the climate change funds.

Grant just destroys Nicola, she is no where near his equal. She has shrill ZB talking points and nothing else.

Nicola keeps arguing about costs, Grant keeps pointing out that the costs were taken ion board because we experienced

Grant points out Nicola is lying.

Nicola lies about nurses.

Grant points out Nicola is lying.

Luke is asleep, but keeps talking. He’s sleep talking. He’s so awful.

Nicola Willis attempts to claim we are all xenophobes for having problem with allowing Foreign millionaire speculators to buy into the NZ domestic property market.

That’s right. Us Kiwis who don’t want foreign millionaires speculating in the NZ domestic market are xenophobes!

National who has Xi’s hand up its arse are claiming we are all xenophobes???


Sure not all the GST off fruit and vegetables will go through, but people are so desperate that’ll take ANYTHING off our food prices!

All these rich buggers are showing us is their privilege when they mock the 15% off fruit and vegetables.


Tova is the panel.

I tend to find anyone who refers to themselves as ‘whipsmart’ are condescendingly smug with no clear rational why they hold themselves in such high regards.

Cunliffe points out National are out by $600million. Argues Grant wants a far bigger tax policy than the one he’s selling by Chippy.

Cameron Bagerie attacks National’s Foreign Buyers Ban.

Panel is very boring.

But then Andrea with her shining teeth and Luke on heavy medication are back, and I wish the Panel was on again.

Luke is so awful at public speaking isn’t he?

Andrea seems to be auditioning for Kim Hill’s Saturday slot.

Grant is a million light years ahead of Nicola, but what’s the point of bread and butter politics if no one can afford the bread and butter?

The only winner here is David Seymour because on that performance he’s guaranteed to be Finance Minister before she ever will.


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  1. Nicola states that Grant doesn’t understand that better productivity will lead to trickling down.
    Nicola doesn’t understand that the trickle down theory was debunked a long long time ago.
    Nicola is thick.

    • Not only has trickling down been rubbished but productivity will not be raised if people feel their country is being sold out from under them.
      Why would we try to be more productive just so that Nicola and Cluxon can sell what remains cheaply, to their foreign mates and wealthy friends. Once.
      She needs to decide whose side she’s on because at the moment, she doesn’t appear to be on the side of ordinary NZders.
      She knows everything and we are all useless.

      If she wants to improve her own credibility, she needs to show some evidence for what she says. So far, it’s just been shrieky head-girl style bullying and bluster.
      Carrots work better than threats, NActWF.

      As a nation, we are sick of the smug and superior National Party telling the bottom 90% that they are ‘bottom feeders’ and don’t deserve consideration.
      How contemptible to speak of your countrymen and women like that.

  2. Instead of damned lies and statistics we need to think: statistics, public, relations and economics. It is lying to claim something which is untrue and also to deny something that is true. It is also a lie to claim something which the claimant does not know to be true. It is a lie even if it later turns out to be true. Public relations distortions depends on lies to be less than obvious.

    • The only thing likely to “trickle down” is rental income that will remain in News Zealand, if it’s not send it off to overseas absentee landlords so that National can implement their tax cuts policy.

      The same might be said about bank profits.

  3. “The Post finance debate: Grant destroys Nicola and highlights why Seymour will be the new Finance Minister.” Is this Martyn admitting that the left have lost the election?

    • Who cares? The argument is about policy and competence.

      Cluxon & Willis have been exposed.
      Their whole campaign has been revealed as nothing but lies and a sham.
      Wild promises with not a shred of evidence or financial credibility to back them up.
      6 years in Opposition.
      $5 million in donations/bribes.
      Zero costed coherent policies.

      Not a government in waiting.

    • Thomas No. It’s his oblique way of suggesting that Bennett is Richardson’s secret love child – The hair ! The hair ! and that Nicola needs better upholstery. Everybody likes Grant, that’s a given.

    • No, just being a realist. That is, after all, the most likely outcome, and the only one that will stop this country descending into third world status.

    • Just realistic enough to see that they might win the battle but have lost the war maybe?
      We will find out on the weekend although Team Labour did not do enough to encourage people to support them so personally I have that sick feeling when you know that the incumbents have not been good enough yet the replacements are going to be worse.

      • Bonnie, I would like to just rephrase something…”Team Labour did not do enough to encourage SOME people to support them so personally I have that sick feeling when.”

        SOME people. Plenty have benefitted from the Labour government though this is never reported on by the media. The question remains, “why is this”? Who owns the media when positive outcomes are not reported?

        • You are correct we are better off now than we would have been if National had been in charge for the last 6 years. Silly mistakes have made them look inept, I would still like to see National lose though.

    • If Grant had spent a tenth of his time on NZs financial situation rather than Nationals, then we wouldn’t have a debt of over $80,000 for every household.

        • NZ has run up $160,000,000,000 in govt Dept, actually $84,000 for every NZ household.

          You haven’t got that debt but your buddy Grant had run it up for you, and by proxy you voting for him you have.

          Probably get banned for stating facts…again

          • What a load of tripe BG you probably got banned for lying…again. And when I looked at my bank account I’m $15,000 better off a year under Labour moron.

        • But at least as a household you can decide whether to run up their own debt, Grants writing cheques on your behalf.

          He don’t care, he’s on $300k a year, no skin off his nose.

  4. The woman is just awful. She is a mixture of Thatcher, Richardson and Shipley. She is so personal and just loves pointing her finger ( her poor children) . Taming of the shrew comes to mind. She made it very plain that she hates Adrian Orr she wants an inquiry even though there is one in play. They want to dismantle everything meaningful put in by the Labour government. Nobody has asked the question how much is this dismantling going to cost, 6000 redundancies for a start, do they really think these people are going to go quietly before Christmas or even after Christmas. We are on a precipice of catastrophic proportions and it blows my mind that people can’t see this. At the end of the day the only people set to benefit from this change of government are the rich and famous who have donated to the right wing parties in their hundreds of thousands. Can’t people see this are they so blind to think this screeching woman and thick man can actually run the country.

    • There are low to middle income folk out there inadvertently voting for National’s version of “Trussonomics”.
      If any of NActs batshit crazy policies are enacted, we will enter a period of severe stagflation, and those very folk are who will suffer most.
      The recipe for societal unrest is being cooked up right now by f*@kwits like Cluxon, Woolarse, & their pet Rottweiler David Sleazemore.

    • Yes, Donna was a welcome change from most of The Press articles. She is probably too wise to be a politician but from what I have read from her she is streets ahead of most of the current crop of MP’s.

    • I can’t get that link on my screen. I can’t even get it from the google link. Nothing comes over. Nothing else seems ‘broken’. Is The Press being sent to coventry?

  5. Ph is off the hook for Grant when it comes to talking numbers.

    Legacy of to much smirking, to much talking down to voters and very bad spend ing outcomes.

    Was a good sports minster taking over from Dr Death, so credit for that. But Dr Death set a low bar.

    • I’m glad people are now calling these donations bribes. They definitely are bribes. There is an expectation of some benefit to come or why give them?

      Quite obvious NAct has a huge amount to spend. We have wall to wall blue round here and we are in a very working-class area, 2 Labour electorates next door to each other.

      I know Chippy has been here for a sausage roll but we don’t do gelato round here, so we haven’t seen Cluxon.
      We’re all bottom feeders I guess and not worth a look.

  6. There is another crisis fast approaching .Israel and Hammas. If Hammas could break through Israel’s defences unnoticed then the whole world is at risk.Who will have the leadership and financial nous to guide us through this very dangerous period for the western world. Whether it be another oil shock, terrorism or more rising inflation on the back of another war. Both Luxon and Willis are in denial about the pandemic and the war in Ukraine .One way or another this will make life difficult for an incoming government and I know who I want to lead us through and it ain’t Luxon or Willis

  7. Grant reminded me how good he really is. There was no contest Grant blew Willis out of the water and Vance and Malpass showed how not to run a debate like this…cringe city.

    Robertson should be leading LINO he is much better in a debate than Chipkins and on top of the detail and reminding everyone that Covid changed everything and had Willis held the finance post at that time she would have none of the empathy to protect New Zealanders and save lives when her priorities are a balance sheet and how to maximise continuing profit and productivity and returns for the entitled class that donates to them the under classes are expendable. She is the equivalent of her predecessor Ruth Richardson who I have no doubt would have sacrificed lives ahead of any disruption to the market and profits.

    Grant has showed his support for reform of our punitive tax laws and there seems to be support in the wider current caucus and Parkinson for addressing the extreme inequities that exist and why Chipkins was not on board with this is a mystery except when pushed he uses the excuse that there is no support for a wealth tax in the parliament ? but isn’t he the one with a majority in the current parliament ?

    LINO could have with careful management and a vision for the future of the expectations of the post covid era economy could have been in the box seat for a third term and changing the narrative and direction for years to come while bringing the former NZLP back from the free market wilderness and managerial class takeover into a 21st century Labour movement.

  8. National did a great job of fending off the worst of the GFCCand then the Chch earthquakes. While Labour did some good work with covid the wheels fell of with the return to normal .Since then Labour have handled the Gabrille storm and Auckland
    downpour very badly with many not knowing the outcome of their homes .
    National will be in a better position to handle what is coming than Labour and especially if they have the Greens with them as they will be backing Hamas.

    • Ha ha, Willis can’t provide figure for what she’s saying now.
      How will she be ‘better placed’ to handle another Gabrielle. Don’t hold your breath Trevor.

    • Yes Labour should have told mother nature to fuck off yet the underfunded infrastructure by National had nothing to do with how those natural events were worsened. Jesus H Christ Trevor you are truly pathetic!


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