Luxon apologises for Tax lie and then gets caught using the exact same Tax lie while apologising for the first Tax lie – he’s not very good at this is he?


I just don’t know what to say anymore, this buffoon is about to be crowned Prime Minister by an electorate angry that Jacinda saved 20 000 lives!

He can’t even get his Tax lies straight…

Election 2023: Christopher Luxon apologises for tax policy inaccuracies – immediately repeats error

National leader Christopher Luxon has apologised for not always being accurate in saying who gets what in National’s tax package, but then immediately repeated his error.

The party has been under fire for selling the tax package as delivering “up to $250 a fortnight” for a family with kids on the average income, but sometimes omitting the words “up to”.

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Labour says this would have led the average family to think they would be $250 a fortnight richer under National, but that was a “scam” given only a fraction of 1 per cent of families would qualify for that amount.

While campaigning in New Plymouth today, Luxon apologised for when the words “up to” had been missing, which even happened in one of the party’s official press releases

“If I’ve missed that a couple of times, I apologise for that.”

He then immediately made the same mistake in explaining what the policy meant for certain people.

“If you think about the 130,000 families that actually will be entitled to our family boost tax care rebate to deal with the early childhood costs that they have – that’s another $150 a fortnight. Think about an average median income, single earner, that’s $50 a fortnight.”

Prompted by media about whether he should have said “up to”, Luxon replied: “I said ‘up to’, up to $150.”

…Jesus wept NZ, this right wing muppet is seriously who you are about to make PM?

Labour, Greens and Māori Party on a. bad day are a million times better than National, ACT and NZ First on a good day.

National hid the fact only 3000 of the richest landlords would get their full tax cut but they’ve tricked you into thinking you were getting the $250 per fortnight and after apologising for hiding this, he goes and tricks you again, because they knew they had to hide it and have trained themselves to keep the lie hidden by using the exact phrasing they have been caught out doing.

You have been tricked by the culture wars to think rich peoples interests are your interests.


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Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice – please donate here.

If you can’t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media


  1. I remember when I was a wee lad and I got caught out telling fibs to get out of trouble, my dear gran gave me a good talking to about all that sort of behavior. She said the problem with lying, is once you start down that path, you soon find yourself telling more lies to cover up over the first one. Then you are on the slippery slope of constantly being dishonest. People will see through that, eventually loosing respect for you.
    Doesn’t sound like 7 Houses Luxon has learnt that.

    On the subject of lying and taxes.
    What is the definition of irony?
    National constantly ridiculing the opposition’s policy of taking off 15% GST on fruit and vegetables. You know, the very same GST that National promised no new taxes and that they wouldn’t raise GST from 12.5% if they were doing a decent job when then were last in government.

    • Yes …all so true….It’s a classic example of …..’Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’…..the famous line from ‘Marmion’.

      You couldn’t make this stuff up it’s so outrageous….

      We have Luxon …. supposedly putting himself out there as wanting to be the next leader of a democratic country, refusing to make a 2 hour alteration to his schedule over the next 7 days so he could debate the current Prime Minister in a head to head in front of millions of viewers.

      Contrast that with the current Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins…

      Struck down with Covid, but willing to change everything to make the debate happen and give New Zealand citizens the best opportunity to make an informed decision come election day, after having to alter his schedule and catch up on 5 missed days.

      The contrast could not be more stark… a ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’ moment… i.e; an early indicator of potential danger or failure.

      Both Luxon and Hipkins have said that they would be in Christchurch on Monday. ‘The Press’ said they could have the venue and live audience available for that night.

      Hipkins said “yes”… because i want be your leader and am ‘in it for you’.

      Luxon said “no”… lying that he “didn’t know where he would be”…..but…he knew enough to know that he couldn’t be at the debate venue from 7pm to 9 pm.

      Now….who the fuck do you trust to run our country ? An honest Kiwi doer who will go out of his way to make things happen and deal with the curve balls thrown at him on a daily basis… or…

      An inauthentic, lying, shifty, untrustworthy, shirker, wide-boy !!

      ‘CANARY IN THE COAL MINE’!!! …..An early indicator of potential danger or failure!

      • Grant He probably has to do what his media coach tells him to. Bill English lied like that too, when vetoing Sue Moroney’s paid parental leave bill, gave the wrong figures to Parliament, then gave the correct figures the following day. It seems to be a god-squadder tactic and not a good basis for any relationship, let alone for running a country. Key was another glib little Nat fact twister.

    • Look, when one says I’m in Te Puke when they’re actually in Hawaii?
      Might be time too analyze EVERYTHING they say.

    • Trump seems to have changed the accepted rules around lying, I guess it also is caused bu the selfishness in many people who only hear what they want to hear & are not concerned about its accuracy.

  2. “…he’s not very good at this is he?”

    He’s about as good as he needs to be to cobble a completely bonkers coalition together.

  3. Labour has had so many bad days in the last 3 years it’s hard to pick just one but the voters remember their promises and their lies that is why they are going to lose next weekend

  4. On the positive side instead of following the shit show in Ukraine i can just follow the latest shit show at home. Keep it local!

  5. On the bright side maybe Uncle Fester is the common enemy the left finally unite against and manage to get their collective shit together on and provide a responsible and coherent manifesto we can all consider and support albeit 2029 or whenever it’s going to be.

  6. Look at the big picture – Luxon, Peters, Seymour – 3 of a kind – if they are the winners we are in for a very rocky future whilst the wealthy are clapping their hands with glee.

    • Through the media’s eyes or the millions who have benefitted under Labour? The state of the country is great particularly if you don’t listen to the right wing media.

    • Honest John was very good at deceiving the NZ Public, Luxon not so good he is getting himself tangled up in knots.

  7. Cluxon can’t argue facts, not just because he’s thick, but because he knows he’d lose like the last debate.
    6 years in Opposition. $5 million in bribes. Zero costed policies.

    This is not a government in waiting.

  8. With the 15% being taken off fresh fruit and vegetables there is no reason for the Supermarkets not to pass that saving on to the Consumers, if they do not the Growers will be fuming as will the Consumers. It will also show how truly corrupt and greedy the FMCG Distributors really are ???

  9. Another fantastic article from Mr Bradbury. Unfortunately for National Martyn, Luxon, is a poor imitation of the slimey, bullshitting, ponytail grabbing John Key who was a compulsive Liar & could lie with ease! Nicola Willis should have been the Leader, shes a shrill, argumentative & unhinged, rabbling but more importantly, consummate Liar, the perfect Nats Leader like Judith Collins was? That’s the one thing you have to excell in as a National Party Politician, you have to be a seasoned Liar & bullshitter, you don’t need any other qualifications but this? Luxon needs to “Get some Guts” as Key would say & raise his level of deceitfulness & lying because his current level of lying just isn’t cutting the mustard with the Public? The dodgy National Party Tax cut plan, their signature & main Policy in which all of their credibility rests, has more holes in it than a Calendar bowl & is being exposed for the fraud & scam it is & with David Seymour becoming about as popular as a smelly fart that someone expelled in a Elevator Lift full of people, the right wings so called Poll ratings Ballon is deflating very quickly, you can fool some of the NZ people, some of the time, but not all of the NZ people, all of the time & NZers are finally waking up to this fact? Labour has been disappointing having squandered their super majority & with some dumb Election bribe, on the hoof Policies, but the alternative Alliance of Arseholes of Nat/Act/NZF is a far more frightening prospect for this Nation than the Left could ever be? Te Pati Maori & the Greens have impressed me with great Social Policies especially Te Pati Maori who are politically courageous with their Policies, more so that Labour?

  10. When you tell the truth the answer is always the same, if you tell a lie some times you get different answers.

  11. Ha ha ha ha!!

    I shouldn’t be laughing; the majority of New Zealanders are about to be robbed if NatCCP/GamblingFirst/ACTforBillionairesBankBalances get in.

    Can you imagine this guy as Prime Minister? Negotiating with Seymour/Peters – on a daily basis? Negotiating with China? He’s Tod Mullet 2.0!!

    They’re going to know he’s a clown-CEO who can’t stitch two words together, but thinks he’s a “LEADER”.

    “… will be entitled to our family boost tax care rebate”
    Yes, cram as many jargon words as you can in there, Lux. Smooth talker = scammer.

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