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The standing ovation Canada’s parliament gave last Friday-fortnight to a 98 year-old veteran of the notorious Ukrainian Waffen-SS, a moment that shames the civilized world, has links to the recent railroading of a Radio New Zealand journalist accused of injecting pro-Russian propaganda into Reuters’ news stories.

Yaroslav Hunka, one of thousands of Ukrainian Nazi collaborators allowed into Canada after WW2, was a guest at the September 25th official parliamentary reception for Ukraine’s President Zelensky, who was in Canada to lobby for more military and financial aid for his war with Russia.

Introducing the veteran Nazi to a full house, the Speaker of Canada’s Parliament said; “We have in the chamber today a Ukrainian war veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians”, going on to call him a Ukrainian hero, a Canadian hero, and to thank him for all his service.” 

As cheers erupted throughout the chamber, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Zelensky, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Canadian Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre and the assembled leaders of Canada’s political elite all stood (twice)  to applaud the veteran Ukrainian Nazi’s wartime “service”. 

The disbelief and horror that greeted news of this horrendous event, Canada celebrating a veteran Nazi’s “service” with the Waffen SS, responsible for countless war crimes, has lifted the lid on Canada’s post-war policy of fast-tracking citizenship for known Nazi collaborators. 

The Ukrainian Waffen SS Galacia Division was formed in 1943, and deployed against Soviet, Polish and Yugoslav guerrilla partisans (all allies of ours) but also took part in the Pidkamin, Palikrowy and Huta Pieniacka massacres. In Huta Pieniacka, after first surrounding the village, men, women and children, who had taken refuge in the village church, were taken outside in groups and murdered. Kids were executed in front of their parents, their heads smashed against tree trunks, one witness testified. Others were burned alive in houses. Around 850 people were murdered.

At the same time as it was fast-tracking known Nazis’ for citizenship, Canada classified thousands of Jewish refugees as “enemy aliens” and put them behind barbed wire in a network of internment camps, because it was feared they might infect Canada with communism. See link to 60 Minutes documentary.

One of those Ukrainian Nazi immigrants was Michael Chomiak, who was a leading Nazi propagandist in German-occupied Poland and future grandfather of Canada’s current Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, who cheered the Nazi veteran at the parliamentary reception.

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Throughout the Nazi occupation of Poland in WW2, Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather edited Krakow News, a virulently anti-Semitic newspaper which cheered on the Nazi invasion of Soviet Russia. Glorifying Nazi savagery Michael Chomiak encouraged Ukrainians to participate and so Yaroslav Hunka, joined the Waffen SS.

After her grandfather’s death, and before entering Canadian politics, Chrystia Freeland followed his footsteps into journalism. Writing for Ukrainian nationalist publications she helped white-wash Ukraine’s record of Nazi collaboration, and routinely wrote stories damning Russia, going on to join Canada’s Ukrainian News, which her grandfather had once edited.

While an exchange student in Soviet-era Ukraine, Chrystia Freeland disguised her collaboration with regime-change activists and her supply of anti-Soviet stories to international media, by posing as a Russian literature major from Harvard. 

The Kiwi Connection

When earlier this year Radio NZ journalist, Mike Hall, was accused of subbing Reuters’ Ukraine war stories to “give them a Russian slant”, Chief Executive Paul Thompson described the edits as “pro-Kremlin garbage” which, “represented a serious breach of standards that had let down RNZ’s audience and in particular the Ukrainian community”.

The NZ establishment media rushed to support Buchanan. Describing Reuters’ copy as “sacrosanct” they said Hall had “doctored” the Reuters reports so breaching the Reuters’ contract. They claimed Reuters’ copy been “inappropriately edited to reflect pro-Russian or anti-Western perspectives”, and represented “rogue behaviour”, which former Herald editor Gavin Ellis called an “appalling situation”.

All of which begs the question; if Reuters’ reporting is inviolable, beyond need of scrutiny, why is their copy even handed to an editor at all?

Opposing the attacks on Hall, many giants of journalism, including Pulitzer prize winners, John Pilger and Chris Hedges and international scholars of global conflict, Professors John Mearsheimer, Jeffery Sachs and Joseph Boyd-Barrett, all judged Hall’s editing to have brought a previously lacking balance and objectivity to the Reuters’ reports.

The New Zealand Consumers Guarantees Act protects us from being sold shoddy products and that must also apply to news reporting. But how does the Consumer Complaints Council measure the quality of news reporting? Quite simply, that’s the job of an editor – to test the quality of copy and, based on knowledge of the subject, make adjustments to ensure fullness, fairness and accuracy, which Mick Hall did.

But if, as the media establishment insists, Reuters’ news reports must be treated as “Gospel”, beyond reproach and so infallible, then Reuters has effectively replaced the editors that our media employ to ensure “fullness, fairness and accuracy”.


If our media establishment is truly devoted to presenting the truth why is it so selective in choosing which version of the news is published? 

Why has it not published anything substantive about Canada’s shameful feting of a Nazi War veteran last Friday fortnight.? 

Why is it that we can’t be told of Canada’s shameful past and of its deputy Prime Minister’s career as a virulent anti-Russia propagandist? 

Why, for that matter, why is it that Robinson, Ellis and their ilk defend the creeping genocide being waged on Palestinians? 

Why, if it’s so concerned about people being informed, does our media ignore the plight of Julian Assange, a fellow journalist ten years imprisoned without conviction and under threat of spending the rest of his life that way, for releasing the truth about, among other things, war crimes? 

Why, if it’s so concerned about the truth, does our media refuse to acknowledge the United States’ involvement in the 2015 overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected government and its substitution with the Fascist Zelensky regime?

Why does it refuse to report the Nazi-like measures Zelensky has since taken to suppress the culture of Russian-speaking Ukrainians and its killing of many thousands of them since, in the regions in which they are most numerous?

Why has our media suppressed all reporting of Russia’s efforts to secure a peaceful solution through the Minsk accords, which Ukraine had agreed to sign till the United States intervened?

Why is our media’s lapdog approach, to publishing only what the United States wants, so plainly evident and yet oblivious to our media establishment?

Why will this researched account never be published in any establishment media?

With just one scintilla of the righteous indignation our establishment media brought to the RNZ affair, we might have been made aware of these things. But no, held captive by their rewarding careers and post-career “celebrity”, our gutless establishment media bows down to infamy.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” 

Recognizing the threat often posed by those in control, the Roman poet Juvenal famously wrote; “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” (who will watch over the watchmen?) which is now a principle of democracy.  So, we might ask, “Who edits the editors?”

To its credit, the official inquiry into the RNZ affair rejected many of the claims that Hall had injected bias into the Reuters reports, which means that Hall’s editing must have been justified, so Reuters’ reports can’t be “sacrosanct”.

But really, who are these people that write for foreign news agencies like Reuters and whose account of events our establishment media says must be taken as “Gospel?”

How do we know that when it comes to the war in Ukraine, for instance, Reuters writers aren’t feeding us propaganda. How do we know they’re not anti-Russia activists, re-writers of the history of Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis and cheer leaders for those who escaped justice after WW2? 

If truth is to be served these are very valid questions because were it to look, our media might learn that just such a person, an anti-Russia propagandist and rewriter of the history of Ukraine’s collaboration with the Nazis, and now the deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, was for a long time a senior editor at Reuters!



A Nazi Skeleton in the Family Closet (

Canada’s honoring of Nazi vet exposes Ottawa’s longstanding Ukraine policy – Information Clearing


  1. Canada – who’d have thought! (Oh Canada! LOL)

    I deleted the Reuters app off my phone a couple of years ago, because it was so uselessly biased. I forget the actual reason – it might have been anti-Trump propaganda when he was POTUS.

    One question you didn’t ask Malcolm: If our news is all based on the Reuters and AP feeds, why bother having the likes of RNZ in the first place? Shut them all down and put Concert NZ on an automatic system.

    • ‘The NZ establishment media rushed to support Buchanan.’
      ‘Why, for that matter, why is it that Robinson, Ellis and their ilk defend the creeping genocide being waged on Palestinians?’

      Who are Buchanan and Robinson? I see know other references to either of them in this very long story.

      Chrystia Freeland
      Web1 Jun 2019 ·” Chrystia Freeland is now global editor-at-large, Reuters. She serves as a key figure on Reuters Insider, and as Reuters principal on-air pundit for other external broadcast partners. Freeland is a senior contributor to and plays a leading role in Reuters Summits and in Thomson Reuters global Newsmaker series.”
      It’s actually Thompson Reuters. Headquartered in Toronto Canada. So the Canadian connection looms large.

    • Andrew: “…why bother having the likes of RNZ in the first place? Shut them all down and put Concert NZ on an automatic system.”

      I support that as well. And if Concert is on an automatic system, we’ll presumably be spared the breakouts for turgid RNZ news reports. They’re a waste of good listening time.

  2. Thank you Malcolm. About time this was aired in this forum. And we still have that idiot Morgan still posting his NATO rubbish here too.

  3. It would seem that our media (like that of the whole West) are indulging in an inversion of the Geobbels Hitler big lie technique. Now it’s a matter of lying by ommission. Truth and facts withheld.

  4. The Roman poet had a valid comment that you would hope we take note of, there is another ancient poet who wrote “What has been is what will be & there is nothing new under the sun” which has been demonstrated many times over the Millennia since it was written.

  5. Exactly, why is it when anyone expresses questioning over supporting Ukraine, you’re a Putin supporter? It’s not acceptable for this to continue, especially if the US does escalate and start demanding military support which equates to our own people from their partners.

    • Probably something to do with Russia invading Ukraine after saying they wouldn’t, after having a non aggression pact with Ukraine after Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons to Russia.
      I dunno maybe some silly minor details like that.

      • KCCO: “I dunno maybe some silly minor details like that.”

        You’re aware of what’s actually been happening in that part of the world? Not Western propaganda, but the whole awful story, in the current iteration, going back to the US-backed Maidan coup in 2014?

  6. This is why I am not in the least bit concerned about the war in Ukraine. The tribes of Europe have been fighting each other and a plague on the rest of the world for centuries. Continue the fight till the last young man is dead. Then send in the children and the elderly.

    • You really want to see children killed? Really? I thought I’d seen some interesting comments on this blog site from people getting excited about genocide, but you may have just sunk to a new low.

      • Genocide does not excite me at all. But it seems irony escapes you.
        Children everywhere in the world are being killed by the thousands every day. For the most part they are being killed by the old men who run this planet. The economic leaders who are intent on concentrating even more wealth into the hands of the 1%. The political leaders who happily kill children for their geo-political objectives. The military leaders who’s bombs care not one wit which flesh is shredded. And the religious leaders urging their followers to kill in the name of whatever fuckin God they have invented.
        It’s the leaders Who need to be decimated.

  7. From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea
    Palestine Will Be FREE!

    From the Danube River to the Azov Sea
    Ukraine will Be FREE!

    Both these people’s will be freed from their brutal oppressors, I am certain of it. As Martin Luther King once wrote: “The arc of history may be long but it bends toward justice”

    Those who support the occupation and oppression of the Palestinians by the Zionists and the occupation and oppression of the Ukrainians by the Russian imperialists are putting themselves on the wrong side of history

    In our thousands in our millions we are all Palestinians

    Palestinians and their supporters know how it is to be slandered and defamed as fascists.

    Blood Libel wikipedia

    Blood libel or ritual murder libel (also blood accusation)[1][2] is an antisemitic canard[3][4][5] which falsely accuses Jews of murdering Christian boys in order to use their blood in the performance of religious rituals.[1][2][6] …..

    The purpose of a Blood libel is to incite violent attacks, murder and even genocide against a group, or nation, or race of people.

    Blood Libel was the enabler of the Holocaust.

    The new Blood Libel is the enabler of the war in Ukraine and the oppression of Palestinians.

    In the 1930s, lies spread by the German Nazi Party, convinced a large swathe of the German people, possibly even a majority, that people of Jewish faith were secretly sexually abusing and ritually killing German children.

    Even today in the 21st Century, a version of the original Blood Libel is still being circulated by the Far Right and conspiracy theorists.
    In the original Blood Libel Jewish people were accused of sexually abusing and killing German children and harvesting their blood for religious rituals.
    In the modern version of this Blood Libel, leading liberals and leftists are alleged to be murdering children to harvest their blood for adrenochrome a substance with alleged life extending properties.
    Allegations that Hollywood stars and senior Democrats including Hilary Clinton, were ritually killing and sexually abusing children in a New York Pizza Parlour, were spread by Far Right Conspiracy groups. The Far Right’s motive for spreading this type of slur, is and always has been, to stir up violent emotions against liberals and progressives.

    The Kremlin and their useful idiots also roll out this modern jazzed up version of the the original Nazi blood libel to justify mass murder and war. The sexual exploitation of children stirs up emotions of disgust and fear in most people. To direct this slur against a nation or race of people is a propaganda tactic to exploit our instinctive fear of pedophilia to incite merciless ‘just violence’ against ‘the enemy’.

    Putin accuses the West of legitimising pedophilia

    That was the old Blood Libel

    Calling Palestinians and Ukrainians Nazis is the new Blood Libel

    The crimes the German Nazis committed against the Jewish people were so horrific, that in an ironic twist, the word Nazi can nowadays be invoked to ignite the same sort of violent passions of disgust and atavistic hatred, against the Far Right’s modern opponents, that the Nazi’s false allegations of satanic child sexual abuse and child murder they accused the Jewish people of did.

    The Russian Federation, alongside their use of the old blood libel, use this new blood libel to incite so called ‘just violence’ against innocent men women and children in Ukraine.

    Like all good propaganda the Nazi slur starts with a grain of truth. Unfortunate and upsetting as it is to acknowledge, small numbers of neo-nazis and pedophiles are found in every society.
    The evil genius of the Blood Libel propaganda is to use this grain of truth to smear a whole race or nation.

    The Nazi slur as used against Palestinians.

    ….Netanyahu [the Israeli Prime Minister] said the World War II-era grand mufti of Jerusalem, Nazi sympathizer Haj Amin al-Husseini, also instigated Palestinian attacks on Jews over lies that they planned to destroy the Temple Mount, known to Muslims at the Noble Sanctuary.
    Netanyahu said al-Husseini played a “central role in fomenting the final solution”….

    …..”I had no intention of absolving Hitler of his diabolical responsibility for exterminating European Jews … at the same time, it is absurd to ignore the role the mufti played,” he said, adding that it was tied directly to Palestinian sentiments today…..
    “Unfortunately, Haj Amin al-Husseini is still an admired figure in Palestinian society.”

    “Hitler initiated it, Haj Amin al-Husseini joined him and unfortunately the jihadist movements promote anti-Semitism to this day, including incitement in the Palestinian Authority that is based on the legacy of the Nazis,” Moshe Yaalon, Israel Defence Minister

    The Nazi slur as used against Ukrainians.

    ….The Soviet Union used similar language — like calling pro-Western Ukrainians “Banderites” — to discredit Ukrainian nationalism as Nazism, explains José Casanova, a professor emeritus of sociology at Georgetown University and senior fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.
    “And now we see [Russia is] doing it every time the Ukrainians try to establish a democratic society, they try to say that those are Nazis,” he says. “You need to dehumanize the other before you are going to murder them, and this is what’s happening now.”……
    ….Ukraine is home to ultranationalist movements, including most prominently the Azov Battalion, which formed in 2014 and later joined the country’s National Guard after fighting against Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine.
    But Lautman estimates nationalists make up about 2% of Ukraine’s population, with the vast majority having very little interest in anything to do with them…..
    …..It’s true that many Ukrainian nationalists initially welcomed the German invaders as liberators during WWII and collaborated with the occupation, a fact that Ukraine’s small far-right movement is quick to emphasize. Putin’s claims seize on that kernel of truth but distort it — a classic Soviet propaganda tactic…..

    The Nazi slur as used at the personal level.

    Anonymous pro-Kremlin, troll, fingrinn, who posts comments on the Daily Blog in support of Russia’s war against Ukraine, slanders me with the Nazi slur, claiming that I am a supporter of neo-nazi mass murderers Andre Brevik and Brenton Tarrant,

    “…Pat pushed back with his TOTALLY made up shit …. which while feebly attacking me also had him defending Brevick/tarrent” fingrinn

    For opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this anonymous troll also slanders me as a ‘racist’.

    “….NATO stooge and racist warmongering ‘propaganda Pat’ “ fingrinn

    These propaganda attacks on my person are only a microcosm of the propaganda attacks that have ended up in the horrific violence committed by the Russian Federation against the people of Ukraine. But I mention them, as an example of the sort of violent language and distortions used to justify the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine.

    Falsely accusing a people of being Nazis, is the pro-war Blood Libel of the 21st Century.

      • “Short sweet and to the point would be good Pat, otherwise the discussion gets lost in the hyperbole – hope that wasn’t the intention.” Malcolm Evans

        Definitions from Oxford Languages
        exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

        Accusations of hyperbole, ‘making claims and statements not to be taken literally’, is not a complete get of jail free card to get off the hook of actually having to address, or even think upon the statements and/or claims I have made.

        I am glad that Malcolm thinks this is a ‘conversation’, and I apologise if I have ‘lost’ him – No, that was not my intention.

        Malcolm may be right, and I do need to be more short and to the point. In that vein I will recap;
        I will try to be as brief and short as possible, to better give Malcolm the chance to continue with his contribution to this discussion.

        So let me start again;

        Kia ora Malcolm, Do you accept that the blood libel used against the Jewish people accusing them of sexually abusing and killing children was used to justify the holocaust?

        Do you accept the evidence, Malcolm, that Far Right groups like Qanon, still to this day use a version of the original blood libel to demonise Liberals and Leftists?

        Do you believe Vladimir Putin’s accusation, “the West is normalising pedophilia”?

        Malcolm if you reject Vladimir Putin’s claim that the West is normalising pedophilia. And I hope that you do.
        Do you accept that Vladimir Putin’s accusation, the West is normalising pedophilia is an attempt to demonise the West? (US and Ukraine)

        Do you accept the evidence Malcolm, of the Zionists using accusations of the Palestinians being fascists, as a justification for the Nakba?

        Do you accept Malcolm, the evidence that the Russian Federation use accusations of the Ukrainians being Nazis as a justification for the Special Military Operation?

        I hope Malcolm can rejoin the conversation. Who knows, we might possibly find some common ground, which might help us determine the material causes for this war.

        Competing narratives for Russia’s invasion and war against Ukraine have been put forward;

        NATO encroachment.

        President Putin’s allegation that Ukraine had been committing genocide against ethnic Russians and Russian speakers.

        President Putin’s imperialist ambitions

    • O’Dea displaying his usual tiresome anti-Russian and anti-Putin derangement.
      Don’t be fooled by his citation list. It’s child’s play to dig up anti Russian and anti Soviet propaganda as citations. For over century the USA and it’s fawning minions have been churning them out, virtually non-stop.

      If at a visceral level people wish an appreciation of Russia’s distrust of NATO the West and their paranoia over border security they should watch two films available on YouTube.

      “Come and See” [1985 Award winning Soviet era film, set in the Belarus]

      and Volhynia [or ‘Hatred’ a 2007 Polish film, set in Ukraine]

      Once watched you won’t ever forget either of these films.

      • “O’Dea displaying his usual tiresome anti-Russian and anti-Putin derangement.
        Don’t be fooled by his citation list. It’s child’s play to dig up anti Russian and anti Soviet propaganda as citations….”

        Cite one alleged anti-Russian citation I have ‘dug up’, and let’s discuss it.

        Despite your slur I am not anti-Russian, I stand with the Russian people against this war.

        In the topsy-turvey world of the prowar troll, antiwar Russians you would call pro-war, or fascist.

        A Russian court sentenced Marina Ovsyannikova, the former state journalist who on live television protested the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, to eight-and-a-half years in prison in absentia, media reported Wednesday….

      • I don’t think Putin is imperialist. I think what he actually wants to see is the formation of a grouping of independent states, similar to the EU, on the eastern side of the Black sea and the Baltic. Ukraine would have been one of the strongest of these states had it not been for the Americans getting involved, deviously cloaking themselves with the banner of NATO. What the foolish Ukrainians don’t seem to have realised is that the Americans are not their friends, and that they have an agenda of their own; i.e to prevent such a grouping from forming since it would be one that they, the Americans would not be able to control.

        • I don’t think Putin is imperialist. I think what he actually wants to see is the formation of a grouping of independent states, similar to the EU, on the eastern side of the Black sea and the Baltic. mikesh

          And this proposed grouping is an excuse for bloody invasion and war?



  8. The mainstream media serves the interests of the powerful, be it their owners, their advertisers, other big money interests or the government (who in turn serves big money interests ahead of their voters). In this world, the truth is often whatever the aforementioned entities determines it to be. The terms misinformation and disinformation helps preserve their version of the truth through attaching these negative labels to anyone who dares question what they deem to be gospel and or offers an alternative view to their own. Oh, the tragic irony as to what is deemed misinformation or disinformation and by whom is making this judgement – given their own actions. The Ukraine-Russia war and the media circus that surrounds it just further emphasizes the state of mainstream media, therefore what the majority of us determines to be the truth, today. The mainstream media is thee biggest problem in the world today. Thankfully, there is an alternative, namely independent, typically user-funded, media. For those that really seek the truth, independent media that is free of corporate and government involvement, is the option you should seek.

  9. Thank you.
    The censorship is so thick and tight, it is a toxic wrap-around group-think, poisoning any hope for democracy and profoundly undermining the very capacity to think.

  10. ‘Russian propaganda’ is a nasty, lazy trope used by inept governments and media suffering from a collective mental disorder. It is projection by the actual propagandists in the west, an infantile attempt to counter uncomfortable truths antithetical to their economic and geostrategic agendas. It is an inexcusable distortion of facts and an unforgivable manipulation of society. Freeland is responsible for the sins of her forebears because she condones them. She and others in western governments should be tried as war criminals for supporting nazis from the second world war and for supporting the neonazis in Ukraine murdering civilians in the Donbass.

        • And yet still no evidence.

          And mentioning this stubborn fact earns contempt?


          Unfortunately for you Nick, I will keep bringing up this fact, until you admit it.

          • The OSCE Secretariat bears no responsibility for the content of this document and circulates it without altering its content.

            At least one side is not altering authored content.

            ….Distributed at the request of the Russian Federation

            i.e. It’s Kremlin bullshit.

            • I thought so
              Pat will not believe any of the evidence from the victims .They must be crisis actors huh
              Human Rights Watch as well huh
              Good to know how far down the rabbit hole you’ve gone
              When you refuse to accept the evidence gathered by both these organisations you are showing your true colours.
              That of a verbose,nasty bigot and bully

              • A handy little trick .
                Demand evidence, then when the evidence is in front of your eyes totally deny it and say its all a hoax
                The only true evidence is from Pat’s favoured side .LOL what a twat

          • It’s interesting that the counsel for the Russian Federation appeared uncomfortable as he struggled to deliver his ridiculous address to the International Court of Justice in which he distanced the Russian Federation government from the Russian Investigative committee report circulated by the OSCE that had accused Ukraine of committing genocide in the Donbas and kept asking the judge if she call a stop for a coffee break.

  11. The answer to all “Why” questions is that New Zealand feels threatened by “The Deep State” (whatever that actually is) – but if you go against the grain or an assigned narrative it will result in ‘inexplicable’ unfavourable trade agreements, passive sanctions, and a general bad reputation in the Western “club”. It’s a lot easier to just kowtow to what they want than demonstarte some sort of independent thought.

    • Kind of right but we do not need to dig very deep to get to the source of our kowtowing. We are under the thumb of the USA. But most Kiwis do not know this because our media also kowtows to the USA, thus, we have a compromised government and a compromised mainstream media yet most Kiwis think they are well informed. Stuff me.

  12. What happened in Canada is what happens when politicians don’t know their history. The Canadian Speaker resigned after reading that pro-Nazi citation. His face, as he was reading it, reveals his dawning shock that he was honouring Canada’s WW11 enemy, in fact Europe’s enemy, and an enemy of the Jewish people, and the civilised world. That slippery Klaus-protégée Justin Trudeau’s subsequent apology performance does nothing to mitigate the Canadian Parliament’s day of shame. It looks as if Ardern’s censorship may be established in New Zealand if our media have not reported on this sobering occurrence.

    • Malcolm it’s a relief to see someone write something so clear about what’s been happening with our media – and alarming that everyone knows that Iraq and WMDS were a lie but can’t make the connection between that experience and what’s happening in the present.

    • Trudeau and cringe crew are Canadas Ardern and woke Labour cultists.
      Out of touch Anti free speech, authoritarian PMC drones.
      So intent on signaling virtue they made the howler of cheering an actual nazi.
      Absolute clown show.

      • Keepcalmcarryon Peters speaks of disentangling this country from, amongst other global entities, the WEF of Trudeau, Ardern, Markle, Macron, etc.

      • You may well be right, but it is still politicians again rewriting the narrative, and shamefully so. Our New Zealand troops fought in the anti Nazi war in that wreckage of a Europe, but Nazism was defeated by the incredible effort and sacrifice of the Russian people.

  13. You had me, Malcolm, right up until the moment you gave the wrong date for the so-called “Maidan Revolution” (it was in 2014 not 2015) and then went on to identify the government set up following what was actually a US-organised coup d’etat, as the “Fascist Zelensky regime”. You are, clearly, unaware that Volodomyr Zelensky was elected President of Ukraine, on a “reconciliation with Russia” platform, with the support of 73 percent of Ukrainians in the second round of voting, in 2019. 2019, Malcolm, that’s five years after the coup. You also seem unaware that Zelensky is a Ukrainian Jew – which is a strange thing for an alleged Ukrainian Nazi to be!

    So, if you are angry about Reuters’ anti-Russian propaganda, Malcolm, might I respectfully suggest that you check your “facts” before posting pro-Russian misinformation on The Daily Blog.

    • Thank you Chris for pointing this out as well. Of all the comments made that was the one that made me shake my head the most. I wasn’t going to bother replying to it because honestly I figure what is the point.

      People have made up their minds. Ukraine is filled with CIA sponsored Nazis fighting a NATO war against the noble saviour that is Vladimir Putin.

    • Mentioning the wrong date does not nullify the US-led revolution that happened neither does naming the wrong puppet that Nuland put into power (Yatz was her man of course) nullify the subsequent coup. Both happened, both were US orchestrated actions. As for Zelensky being a Ukrainian Jew, he hasn’t done anything to stamp out the Nazi element within the corridors of Ukrainian power ditto their military. Guess he’s a sell out. No surprises there given that he was elected because he proposed peace and better relations with Russia. Now he’s cancelled elections.

      “pro-Russian misinformation”…oh boy, this why the Left is stuffed because influential Left elders have fallen for the establishment (the power bank that serves big money interests over the people) line!

      F*** the EU: Alleged audio of US diplomat Victoria Nuland swearing
      The US Is Antagonizing Russia in Ukraine

    • Chris
      What seems more odd is Zelensky rising to his feet and applauding a veteran of the Galizien unit in the Canadian parliament.Now Zelensky as a Jew and as a Ukrainian would be well aware of what happened to Jews, Poles, Gypsies and other Slavs at the hands of this unit, and yet he rose to his feet rapturously anyway.
      A strange thing for the Ukrainian president to do , both as a politician and a Jew in the 21st century.So enough of the being a Jew precludes one from associating with Nazis
      Kolomoisky himself, Jewish and a particularly …ahem…colourful Ukrainian oligarch funded far right militia, including the neo nazi Azov battallion .The Azov ideology did not turn his stomach, he used it for his own purposes.

    • Very good Trotter ..There is no corruption in Ukraine…comedian Zelensky was not a glove puppet of the Oligarchs and the C.I.A.
      Zelensky is a Ukrainian jew…so what!
      How do you like these..’apples’.
      Norman Finkelstein was born on December 8, 1953, in New York City, the son of Harry and Maryla (née Husyt) Finkelstein.[4] Finkelstein’s parents were Jewish. His mother grew up in Warsaw and survived the Warsaw Ghetto and the Majdanek concentration camp. His father was a survivor of both the Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz.[5]

      After the war they met in a displaced persons camp in Linz, Austria, and then emigrated to the United States, where his father became a factory worker and his mother a homemaker and later a bookkeeper. Finkelstein’s mother was an ardent pacifist. Both his parents died in 1995.[6][non-primary source needed]

      Finkelstein has said of his parents that “they saw the world through the prism of the Nazi Holocaust. They were eternally indebted to the Soviet Union (to whom they attributed the defeat of the Nazis), and so anyone who was anti-Soviet they were extremely harsh on”.[7] They supported the Soviet Union’s approval of the creation of the State of Israel, as enunciated by Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko, who said that Jews had earned the right to a state, but thought that Israel had sold its soul to the West and “refused to have any truck with it”.[7]

    • Apologies Chris, you’re absolutely right, it was 2014 not 2015, and I should have written “what was to become…” the Fascist Zelensky regime. But as we quibble over minutiae, so long as The Daily Blog remains the extent of our soapbox, what thinking people believe is of no consequence to the establishment or its media.

    • So Chris what happened with what you refer to as the “so called Maidan” isn’t relevant? Tell that to the people burned alive in Odessa. Tell that to the people of Donetsk shelled by Ukraine in what has been a long civil war. Get real.

    • Christ+Trotter, there were Jews working for NAZI germany, they were called ‘Kapos’ Apartheid Israel a jewish state used a decorated NAZI Otto Skorzeny and then decorated him with their highest honor.

      • Of course, faced with existential challenges and life/death decisions on a daily basis, trying to survive with your family and then to protect your people, victims of the worst genocide in history, you’d be a paragon of dignified righteousness and virtue, wouldn’t you, Stephen?

        • The majority of Ukrainians fought against the Germans alongside Russians
          Faced with the same options,the western Ukrainians chose to kill Poles,Jews and gypsies along with Russians
          Your moral relativism doesn’t apply

        • Maybe Stephen would take the choice of those Ukrainians who fought the Nazis alongside Russians
          Interesting the implication that you would side with the Nazis and slaughter innocent Jews,Poles and gypsies

    • Malcom got the date wrong date wrong by 1 year chris, in what I think which was possibly a typo,,,

      ,,,, and Chris is doing a bit of a Reuters himself ,,, leaving out the context that ‘Right Sektor and their C!4 fascist buddies were election ‘monitors’ protecting the polling booths ,,,,in this ‘democratic vote’ for electioneering promise breaker Zelensky’ ,,

      , AND the Eastern Ukrainians who had their elected representatives violently removed from office in the 2014 Nato backed coup DID NOT VOTE ,,,, as they were having a deadly ATO/anti terrorist Operation waged against them …

      Chris Trotters argument is comparable to New Zealand being engaged in a civil war with Otago & Southland,,, excluding those areas from voting,,, and claiming we were having some kind of democratic election.

      ,,, AND certain Jewish groups have had no problem working with Nazis in the past and present,,,, like ethno-nationalist Zionist ones for instance, who believe all the Jews should live in Israel …..

      …. “In April 1933 SS-member Leopold von Mildenstein and Kurt Tuchler, a Zionist living in Berlin, together with their wives went on a journey to Palestine. Tuchler wanted to show the Nazis that the so-called solution of the Jewish question should be the German Jews’ emigration to Palestine.”

  14. Canada has always been a white supremacist country just ask the indigenous Indian tribes that have suffered genocide with the effect evident today. The poverty and racial stigma the Indigenous people endure for centuries is evident still in Canada. Its actually worst here than in Canada, discriminating against the native population.

    The Nazi Party of Germany termed its policy of extermination of Jewish men, women and children during World War II as the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. Hitler admired the Canadian politician Duncan Scott description of the Indigenous Canadian indians and applied this solution to the european Jewry.

    Duncan Campbell Scott used the term in 1910 to describe the goal of the Department of Indian Affairs in dealing with the Indian Problem.

    “It is readily acknowledged that Indian children lose their natural resistance to illness by habitating so closely in these schools, and that they die at a much higher rate than in their villages. But this alone does not justify a change in the policy of this Department, which is being geared towards the final solution of our Indian Problem.”


    • Stephen – please show us the country that was so enlightened in the 19th century that it appeals to your heady sense of self-righteousness. Canada – a white supremacist country – LOL

      • Jason, You can’t speak for the indigenous native of Canada, you don’t live their lives nor have you experienced or suffered the brutality of European population towards them. The hatred is still there like what Maori experience here.

        • Stephen

          I wouldn’t try and speak for indigenous native tribes nor the unspeakable acts that were inflicted upon them. I’m just saying that those times were different – Canada was probably no better but certainly no worse than most. Show me a more enlightened country than Canada today.

  15. My take is that they all knew full well what Hunka represented in WW2.But Canada made the decision to accept Ukrainian nazis after the war without subjecting them to any investigation .1000;s of them .They were absolved of all their murderous sins Now there is quite a powerful Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, and their views have become normalised .Trudeau had no idea they wouldn’t get away with it one more time, and they would have, had not Poland and Jewish organisations noticed and expressed their outrage.

  16. Well put Malcom.

    Your level of analysis is “pearls before swine” in some quarters unfortunately. But for dedicated politics followers rings true.

  17. Chris Trotter, you have an excellent grasp of history. Sufficient to know that a democratically-elected government can indeed turn “fascist” or “Nazi”.

    Zelensky has banned all opposition parties except those with Neonazi tendencies. He was clearly an integral part of the Yaroslav Hunka stunt in Canada and there is abundant evidence of his support for the likes of the Azov Battalion. Just as a democratic vote is no insurance against future fsacism, Jewishness does not preclude unsavoury relationships with Nazi/fascist elements in present-day Ukraine.

    I suspect you are aware of all this, Chris, and it’s disappointing that someone as learned as yourself would resort to the lazy “Russian misinformation” trope.

  18. What a fantastic article this is, I’ve been waiting a long time to hear such a excellent & truthful account of the despicable attempts to rewrite History by Western Nations trying to make the Russians out to be the villains of WW2 & whitewashing the Nazi’s murderous rein under Adolf Hitler? The shameful display that Canada made to honour a SS Nazi War criminal in their Parliament & to honor Ukraines War criminal, Clown actor puppet Leader Zelensky who has sent 500k of his Countrymen to their deaths is indicative of the Western Nations insanity & visceral, unhinged hatred of Russia! The Wests ungratefulness & disgusting disgraceful attempts to rewrite History by minimising the huge contribution the Russians made to winning WW2 defies belief, it was the Soviet Union who won WW2, they lost 27 million to the Nazi’s & took out 80% of the German Army in the East but you wouldn’t know it thanks to the West’s false revisionist History narrative lead by the US who have perpetuated the myth that the UK & US won the War! Then as s final kick in the teeth, the disgraceful fact is that Western Countries like Canada, the US, England & other Countries harboured & provided safe haven for Nazi’s & War criminals! Canada has recently shown us that they have been sheltering Ukrainian Nazi collaborators for decades in defiance of International laws, they came out of the closet as one Nation that did this without a shred of shame, dancing & spitting on the War graves of 100k Canadian soldiers who died fighting the Nazi’s & fascism by Trudeau & his Govt honouring this old Ukrainian Nazi Traitor, clapping like seals & giving him standing ovations, are these Politicians insane, stupid or so ignorant that they don’t know History? Trudeau blamed everyone, the Speaker & even claimed ignorance despite the fact that no one appears in Parliament without being properly vetted by Security, Trudeau & others knew this Man was a Nazi as did his Deputy Leader Freeland whose the Granddaughter of a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator but what was particularly vile is that Trudeau claimed this was a mistake that was due to Russian misinformation, what the fuck has Russia got to do with this, Russia would have put this Man in front of a firing squad, not in a Parliament setting, what a disgrace Trudeau is, he needs to resign! This is why Russia will never lose the Special Military operation in Ukraine, they will never allow Nazis to gain a foothold in Ukraine again & will destroy them & any Western Nation who has been enabling the Kiev Regime & their Neo Nazi’s like the Azoz Battalion will pay a price for their treasonous support of this modern day Banderite Nazi Regime in Ukraine!

  19. “Sacrosanct” what a strange word to attach to Reuters copy. Although it’s not clear who in the NZ media actually uses it, you need to be more specific in your writing Malcolm, specific details reveal specific results, and specific word choice is important.
    “Sacrosanct” is cognate with “Sacred” and “Sacrilege” all linked to “Sanctus” meaning “Holy”. These words and the concepts behind them are all linked. If the quote is accurate, then the writer is, perhaps unwittingly reaching for a religious or pseudo-religious motivation for their actions.
    Other reasons against altering Reuters copy could have been “illegal” “incorrect” “illogical” “unscientific” but none of those would fit. A rational and logical argument that would take The NZ Media to the desired conclusion would also require premises that just aren’t there.
    The modern Western Misinformationalists (of which NZ’s The Misinformation Project is a small off shoot) are not post enlightenment rationalists, carefully sifting facts and weighing arguments. They are pre enlightenment radicals, stripped of any belief in God, but full of an enthusiastic belief in a secular Devil and his wicked witches. These people are heretic hunters and Mike Hall is a heretic who must be purged.

    • Thanks for your advice Jake, but, if your take all the pejoratives that were levelled at Mike Hall’s edits and then think a word that equates to their sum, I think “sacrosanct” hovering close by.

    • Colin Peacock had a piece on Media Watch about a mob called “NewsGuard” an outfit (USA) that keeps an eye on the worlds media (Wests) to make sure we are all singing from the same hymn sheet!
      In light of the CEO of RNZ Paul Thompson’s pearl clutching over the mis/disinformation of the Reuter’s copy about whether it was to the relevance of adding to the propaganda in the MSM we are being feed.
      I suggested to Colin that he should dig a bit deeper about who funds these so called guardians of the truth!
      My bet is that it is the neocons in the CIA/US state dept who are hellbent on total Hegemony!

  20. I know it’s one of those humdinger insults where the target pretty much has to back down apologise and explain but I wish people would stop using the nazi label.
    Nazism was specific to Germany for a period of 20 years or so, try fascist instead – this ideology is alive and well and still with us today.

  21. Malcolm Evans: “….the recent railroading of a Radio New Zealand journalist accused of injecting pro-Russian propaganda into Reuters’ news stories.”

    At the time the furore erupted, I note RNZ claiming that said journalist had been doing this for some years without anyone noticing. So it confirmed what I suspected: nobody at RNZ reads their own news posts. But that’s ok: neither do any of the rest of us.

    He has been offered work at Consortium. I commented there that at least people will now read his articles…

    “…Canada’s post-war policy of fast-tracking citizenship for known Nazi collaborators. ”

    With regard to that policy, I’m not sure that NZ’s post-war acceptance of European refugees would withstand too much scrutiny. We now know about the wholesale collaboration of Baltic state citizens with the Nazis, so as to get rid of the Jews in their countries. From what I’ve read, Latvia was particularly effective.

    NZ took many Latvian refugees: I know this, because I went to school with their children.

    • “…He has been offered work at Consortium. I commented there that at least people will now read his articles… D’Esterre

      Now that Michael Hall has his own platform;
      Will he will comment on this reported atrocity, or will he keep his silence?

      Russian strike on café kills 51 as Ukraine’s president urges stronger Western support
      Susie Blann
      04:50, Oct 06 2023

      I Can’t help wondering how Michael Hall would have edited this report from named AP reporter Suzie Blann.
      If Michael Hall does cover this latest distressing atrocity in Ukraine, free to give his own take on it. How will it read?

      Silence or coverage, either way it will be a test of Michael Hall’s integrity.

      No comment?

      • I’ll comment and my first comment is that it’s foolish to comment before all the facts are in. But as we are deep into the fog of war and it will probably be decades before the official files are released, some speculation is called for and perfectly appropriate as long as it’s clearly called speculation.
        It is perfectly possible that the reports of a Russian Iskander missile hitting a vegetable market and killing 51+ people including children are true. It is extremely unlikely, verging on ridiculous that a vegetable market and children were the target of a deep strike by an Iskander missile. Check out the specs on the Iskander and I think you will agree. You don’t crack a walnut with a sledgehammer, and you don’t kill mosquitos with a cannon.
        I have seen footage of the aftermath of another missile strike, on what Western media claimed was a pizza restaurant with two teenaged girls killed, other fatalities were noted but not detailed. The pretty girls got their pictures on the BBC and their grieving mother interviewed. Independent footage showed the body of a young man with an American military tattoo and voices shouting that there were more soldiers under the rubble. No acknowledgement or comment on those points from the BBC.
        Now ANY of this COULD be faked. I could be fake, you could be fake even Putin and Biden could be an illusion. You just have to do what we all do everyday and calculate a balance of probabilities.
        What is the probability that kids, teenage girls, pizzas and vegetables are the targets of multimillion dollar weapon systems? Vladimir Putin could be the Devil himself and it still wouldn’t make sense when he could use those same missiles to target soldiers and military gear. How could it be that the Russians are extremely dangerous, heavily armed and also utter morons?

        • “What is the probability that kids, teenage girls, pizzas and vegetables are the targets of multimillion dollar weapon systems?” Jake Dee

          It you consider that it makes no tactical sense for the Russians to target civilian power sub-stations and power lines with the same multi million dollar weapon systems. Except, as an act of terror to intimidate the civilian population.
          Then it makes perfect sense, with a high probability, that they would use the same tactic against other civilian targets. Especially if the targetters had got wind of an unusually large gathering of civilians.

          Precision missile strike on cafe hosting soldier’s wake decimates Ukrainian village
          The Ukrainian village of Hroza has been plunged into mourning by a missile strike that killed more than 50 people

          By HANNA ARHIROVA Associated Press and LORI HINNANT Associated Press
          October 7, 2023, 10:28 AM

          HROZA, Ukraine — The cafe had been closed throughout the war but reopened especially for a dead soldier’s wake, and almost every household in the village sent someone to mourn the native son.
          When the gathering to honor Andrii Kozyr was struck by a precision missile that Ukrainian officials said was fired by Russia, almost every household in Hroza in eastern Ukraine lost someone. The cafe was obliterated. Entire families perished in an instant. In all, 52 people died out of a population of 300. Many villagers now suspect that a local may have tipped off Russian forces….

          ….Among the dead were a couple who left behind four children, a community leader and three generations of the soldier’s family, including his wife, mother and son, who also fought for Ukraine and had requested leave to attend the funeral held shortly before wake…..
          ….Only six people in the cafe survived, and the town is trying to fathom why and how the wake was targeted….
          ….Dmytro Chubenko, spokesman for the regional prosecutor, said investigators are looking into whether someone from the area transmitted the cafe’s coordinates to the Russians — a betrayal to everyone now grieving in Hroza. Many share that suspicion, describing a strike timed to kill the maximum number of people

      • Pat O’Dea: “Will he will comment on this reported atrocity, or will he keep his silence?”

        In virtue of what would you assume that there’s actually been an atrocity? We’ve seen and heard it all before: every time the West screams about da Ruuusians having committed an atrocity, further investigation reveals it to be a chimera. I’ve lost count now, but I vividly remember the “atrocity” in Bucha. The Ukrainian Armed Forces posted online their own video of their return to Bucha: I saw it. All that twaddle about an “atrocity” turned out to be just that: twaddle. And the UAF provided their own evidence.

        So: let’s just wait for incontrovertible evidence of what happened, shall we?

        Meantime, I note that you appear to be unaware of what’s been happening in eastern Ukraine, probably completely, but certainly of recent years.

        We have family connections into Eastern Ukraine, including the Donbass, and to Russia itself.

        A close relative was born in Poltava, not far from the present-day Russian border. When said relative was born there, in the early years of the 20c, it was still Russia. Our family there was Russian to its bootstraps, they were Russophones, received their higher education in Russian universities, worked in Russia. Another descendant still teaches at a Russian university.

        Neither that area nor the Donbass became part of the Ukraine until 1922, when Lenin shifted the administrative boundaries, so that Kiev assumed responsibility for those areas.

        In 2014, following the US-backed putsch in Kiev, the Crimea made its third (and successful) attempt to decouple from the Ukraine. The Donbass declared independence.

        The Crimea petitioned for return to Russia, whereas the Donbass declared its independence from the Ukraine. From 2014, the Donbass was relentlessly persecuted by the Kiev régime: there have been thousands of deaths and refugees. Russia didn’t immediately recognize it as an independent territory, but spent the next several years attempting to secure a peace process. As we know, those attempts were unsuccessful. The Donbass had been for years pleading for military aid from Russia. We knew about this: we’d read the reports of it.

        By early 2022, when Intel provided evidence of an impending invasion from the Ukraine into the Donetsk area, Russia finally recognized the Donbass as an independent territory, and began its military operation. The rest, qu’on dit, is history.

        Thus the operation is legal under the terms of the UN charter.

        With regard to NZ’s bizarre and wrongheaded involvement in giving aid to the Zelensky régime, a family member has said the following: the citizens (especially the children) of the Donbass have never done anything to this country, yet here our government is, giving aid to the régime that’s been persecuting them since 2014. You couldn’t make up this stuff.

  22. If You Support Ukrainian Resistance to Occupation, You Must Also Support Palestinian Resistance to Occupation

    The inverse is also true:

    If You Support Palestinian Resistance to Occupation, You Must Also Support Ukrainian Resistance to Occupation

    …When one country invades and occupies its neighbor, it is committing an international crime. Seizing territory by force is not legitimate, because nations have the right to self-determination, i.e., they get to decide who rules over them. If one country occupies another, the occupier’s violence is illegitimate and wrong. Some kinds of violent resistance by the occupied people, however, is not wrong, because countries are allowed to use force to try to liberate themselves from an occupation. Because the right of self-determination is so fundamental, and because we don’t want to live in a world where “might makes right” and countries can just seize neighboring territories with impunity, we have an obligation to support those who are trying to liberate themselves from an occupying power.
    I don’t think anything I’ve just said is particularly controversial. It’s a common explanation given for why the U.S. has a moral obligation to send weapons to the government of Ukraine. If we don’t help the Ukrainians fend off Russian aggression, we are sanctioning the violation of the basic international order, and a world where aggression is not countered by force is a more dangerous world.
    And yet: I can’t help wondering why the United States has sent more than $75 billion to Ukraine but not showed a similar interest in giving the people of Palestine weapons and support to liberate them from Israel’s ongoing occupation. Both of these are straightforward cases of illegitimate occupation of neighboring lands. But the United States actually arms Israel, the occupier, while in the case of Ukraine arming the occupied country….

    The answer of course is that America, like the Russian Federation, is an aggressive Empire State. American imperialist interests are served by the occupation of Palestine.
    Russian imperialist interests are served by the occupation of Ukraine.

    When you side with one imperialist power against an occupied people, you are buying into the narrative of that imperialist colonialist occupier.
    Buying into the narrative one imperialist, is buying into the narrative all imperialists.

    • […When one country invades and occupies its neighbor, it is committing an international crime. Seizing territory by force is not legitimate, ]

      When Russia agreed to Ukranian independence at the time of the “orange” revolution, the then Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, alluded to a border dispute, and hinted that Russia would probably not persue the matter as long as Ukraine remained a “friendly neighbour”. However he indicated that the matter might be raised if Ukraine became hostile. I don’t know the details of the alleged dispute, but I would assume it would have had something to do with Crimea, Donbass and Luhansk.

    • Pat O’Dea: “If You Support Ukrainian Resistance to Occupation, You Must Also Support Palestinian Resistance to Occupation.”

      In the last couple of days, the Kiev régime has declared its support for Israel. So it would appear that it disagrees with you.

  23. What a load of hot air and horse ordure, especially the Palestinian rubbish. The bard sums you all up: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  24. the murderous OUN war criminal should have been handed to the soviets but the uk wanted a reserve force of murdering bastards for a then anticipated war with the soviets and for terrorist operations…when things calmed down the uk shipped them around the commonwealth…the interesting question is how many ended up in nz and are there any memorials of any kind to these murderers here.

    • Gagarin: “….the interesting question is how many ended up in nz….”

      I commented on related issues a couple of days ago, but it hasn’t been published.

      Many Latvians emigrated to NZ shortly after the war. In the late 90s or early noughties, the Simon Wiesenthal people came looking for them, because of the Baltic – and especially Latvian – history of collaboration with the Nazis to get rid of the Jews. It was of course too late by then: that generation was dead, and their children weren’t to blame for what their parents may have done.

      When we went to Australia in the 1970s, there was a considerable population of western Ukrainians in the major cities. We were a bit puzzled at first that many were unwilling to meet us. Until one person told us that they were seen as Nazi collaborators. Doubtless some were: thus they were determined to keep a low profile. It explained so much: our connection is with the eastern Ukraine, and the Donbass: no question of collaboration in our case.

  25. Malcom Evans Good article… it’s was sad day when waking up and realising RNZ had turned into CNN. Thanks for taking the time out to elucidate what is happening in our “trusted” media.

    Glad you raised the issue of Mike Hall, RNZ and Reuters

    Would be great to have the reference(s) to your comment as this really punches home how s$&t NZ msm is!

    “ Opposing the attacks on Hall, many giants of journalism, including Pulitzer prize winners, John Pilger and Chris Hedges and international scholars of global conflict, Professors John Mearsheimer, Jeffery Sachs and Joseph Boyd-Barrett, all judged Hall’s editing to have brought a previously lacking balance and objectivity to the Reuters’ reports”

    • A favourite online tactic of the Zionists is to pose as Palestinians and then make outrageous comments praising fascists, the purpose being to discredit the Palestinian people as fascists.

      xxx whoever that is, is doing the same.

    • xxx tell that to the poles, ukrainians and jews they massacred….not on nazi orders but from the OUNs own rabid hatered xxx….wake up to yourself sonny

  26. Pro-Kremlin troll ‘Francesca’ who circulated Kremlin propaganda suggesting that the dying pregnant woman captured on video, being stretchered out of the bombed Mariupol Maternity hospital, bombed by Russia, was a ‘Crisis Actor’. That the bombing of the maternity hospital itself was “staged” or faked. Accuses me of suggesting Russia uses crisis actors to stage atrocities

    “…Pat will not believe any of the evidence from the victims .They must be crisis actors huh

    5 April 2022 at 12:33 pm
    “The woman who appeared on our screens being helped from the bombed maternity hospital speaks out” Francesca

    From Francesca’s linked article:

    The witness account indicates the hospital had been turned into a base of operations by Ukrainian military forces and was not targeted in an airstrike, as Western media claimed….
    ….The new testimony (watch below) comes on the heels of evidence strongly suggesting that the destruction of a dramatic theater in Mariupol on March 16 was staged by the Azov Battalion….
    …. reports of a Russian massacre of scores of civilians in the town of Bucha also contain suspicious details suggesting a pattern of information manipulation aimed at triggering Western military intervention….
    ….The dubious narrative of the explosion at the Mariupol theater bears strong similarities to the official verson of the maternity hospital incident, particularly the wildly conflicting estimates of casualties and purported presence of the same people at both sites. Sky News alleged March 26th that pregnant women rescued from the hospital had been moved to the theater “for safety,” being coincidentally housed at “exactly the point” later said to have been bombed by Russian forces, of all places.
    The perishing of eyewitnesses to the real events at the maternity hospital is convenient for the Associated Press and Azov Battalion alike. After all, dead people tell no tales. Having anyone able to testify to the on-the-ground reality of incidents such as the dubious theater bombing or the maternity hospital “airstrike” is inherently problematic to the Ukrainian cause…..
    …..Russia has virtually eliminated Ukraine’s fighting and logistics capabilities in much of the country, including its entire navy, air force, air defenses, radar systems, military production and repairs facilities, and most fuel and ammunition depots, leaving Kiev unable to transport large numbers of troops between different fronts, and consigning what forces remain in the east to encirclement and almost inevitable defeat.
    As Zelensky has made clear, Ukrainian forces are desperate for direct Western intervention – in particular the so-called “closing of the sky.” With compelling but highly questionable atrocity propaganda….

  27. Pat your lies are really getting out of control now .I have never called that young pregnant woman a crisis actor I referred to her own statements in the linked article .
    Thanks for amplifying that article by the way , a pity you don’t believe the young woman , I guess she’s the wrong kind of Ukrainian .You’ve just validated my comment!!
    Any witness who describes an atrocity of the Ukrainian kind…..Kremlin garbage according to Pat .These victims have no worth in Pat’s eyes

    • I can attest to Pats dishonesty and false statement being on the receiving end of them myself.
      A clear pattern of Pat attributing comments to the wrong posters is appearing with alarming consistency. Deliberate or incompetence? Who knows.

    • I never said you called her a crisis actor I said you inferred it by posting a propaganda piece which said the Mariupol Maternity hospital bombing was “staged” and that nobody died in the Mariupol town hall that was hit by a Russian missile, because all the women and children that had been sheltering there had been evacuated two days before.
      You are a sly propagandist apologist for Russian Federation atrocities.
      Without a shred of credibility.
      I didn’t even mention the video “evidence” you supplied of Ukraine’s alleged bombing of ethnic Russians in the Donbas.
      I watched the video of the bombed building you supplied and spotted a Ukrainian flag covered in rubble. You are a true bullshit artist, if there ever was one. You had the fucking nerve to claim that the local people had brought the Ukrainian flag to the bombed building and covered it with stones to show their hatred for Ukraine.

      You must really think we are idiots.


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