The most interesting warning sign National will lose the election


Winton is the property developer donating to National and National are singing their praises in what looks like a tsunami of Crony Capitalism.

Interesting that after Chippy beat the shit out of Luxon, Winton’s share price dropped as investors watched a working class boy from the Hutt knock the stuffing out of their rich prick hopeful.

Money men put their feelings aside and right now the money men don’t think Winton is going to get their development because Luxon got beaten up and while the mainstream media arse using Polls to tell everyone that National have already won, the money men see it differently and are putting their money where their mouth is by selling out of Winton.

It’s two weeks until the 2023 election.

It ain’t over until the fat blogger sings

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    • Yawn….that tired old piece of misinformation….again…tatters?..

      Did National or the Act Party tell you that….Tell a lie often enough and gullible people will start believing it..

      Compared to the rest of the world…who also went through Covid, we are right up there as one of the best on every measure.

    • Obviously, you haven’t been reading Martyn’s previous articles or seen the Treasury Spreadsheets that he & the Daily blog has published here that prove that Labour are sound economic Managers having steered NZ through major economic Crisis such as Covid & Weather & Disaster events with one of the best economic records out of most Western countries, so either your dumb, blind or a combination of both so get your facts right before spouting nonsense!

    • @ Bob the whatsit. Bullshit! Don’t fucking try that on. Our economy isn’t in tatters, despite Labour’s management being seriously hindered by the National Party’s enduring legacy of a money fondling bureaucracy of corruption, waste and a (Miss) management systems that, for nearly forty years, has sold us out to foreign owned Bankster crooks and Natzo cronies yet still manages to function through a pandemic the likes of which the modern world has never seen before while planning for the explosion of a ticking, dooms day climate clock the natzo’s would run whimpering from and in so doing would make matters worse but even worse that that, they wouldn’t give a fuck.
      We must remember! Neo-liberalism is a National Party initiative. [They] simply cynically used Labour to deliver the dirty goods. Roger Douglas. Two term Labour Finance Minister
      left Labour ( No pun intended.) to excrete ACT with his buddy derek quigly. We must never forget that.
      By the way idiot, you missed the word ‘to’. It should go between ‘due’ and ‘gross’.

      • Yes #countryboy, Bob’s understanding of the English language has big holes in it – not unlike National’s tax- and fiscal mess. He is totally ignorant in the spelling and punctuation areas and this renders his entries useless.
        I’ve also noticed, now that NACT is getting more and more wobbly and is being found out all over the place, Bob is trying to put in his cents’ worth again. As if he can have his party win through denial of their lying and criminal planning.
        Sorry B, it will be L/G/TPM. ABSOLUTELY!

    • No Bob, you weren’t the “bob” in that old joke about what you call an Englishman floating in the North sea.. You are just someone doing an excellent impression of either the flotsam or the jetsam that THE Bob the 1st attracted whilst creating that epic riddle..
      Apart from that, you have provided ammunition for the concept that people who drop below a certain intelligence level to be eligible for government assistance, and monitoring, for their own, and their families safety…

    • There are people flying overseas to see sports events, and go on holiday at such a rate that airlines can’t keep up, new cars keep appearing on the road, the rich are getting richer, companies and banks are making record profits – so your claim is totally without foundation.
      What is in tatters is the egalitarian fair society.

  1. As more people realise the reality of prize Incel Mr Seymour and Act’s likely effect on their lives if he sleazes into office, this election will get more interesting. Let’s see what the Natzos come up with today also in terms of fronting up on their financials.

    It is not over yet in anyway–if turnout of non dark kiwis local and offshore is high a narrow win for Labour/Green/TPM is on for all money.

  2. Panic and desperation has hit the National Party …..

    On the North Shore of Auckland this morning they had a mixture of Blue Dragons and their 5- 7 year old children plus others others standing on busy major intersection street corners waving their National party signs trying to get toots and thumbs-up from passing cars. …

    I was sitting at the lights watching all this….for the amount of cars that were passing by they were not getting many toots …instead… quite a few thumbs down…or middle fingers.

    The wheels are falling off …the momentum has shifted…Luxon is looking very spooked !!

  3. The elite want to fuck us ova! Winton is a multi-million dollar rip off scam and Steven Joyce is behind this facade. Employing anti-Maori BS will cloud peoples judgement on top of the plandemic with global inflation. Vote for ACT & NATZ will see the wealthy soar to new heights’ and the rest of us being fucked ova again!!

  4. The swing voters who went with the “Labour have failed” vibe initially, have now seen their other choice of centre right party talk about an airy-fairy tax plan without revealing the actual numbers.
    They’re offering a pie-in-the-sky tax cut based on selling $20 BILLION in housing to foreigners????!!!!
    FFS. Why vote for someone WORSE than Labour? At least Robbo’s economic plans are fully costed.

    The Nats sound bites are wearing thin with the electorate. Their policy is superficial & hasn’t been properly thought through.
    Their rich donors must be so disappointed to have thrown cash at these lazy incompetent entitled Tory pricks.

  5. I desperate comment as Labour slide in popularity with Greens hovering up the voters of the left who have a social bent and care for the environment as Labour has not done much in either area.

  6. Of course money men don’t put their feelings aside. Capitalism comes from feelings of power etc and purchasing power with obsequence thrown in. Lordly, or ladily feelings of satisfaction.
    It’s a disease I think spread by blood-hungryfleas.

  7. ” the mainstream media arse using Polls to tell everyone that National have already won”.. This would include the online “quiz” that TVI is running.. You answer some questions about what you think about whatever aspect of politics they present, and your answers will tell you which party your politics align with..
    I believe quite strongly that this may well be legally actionable, and shown to be an attempt to influence the outcome of the election… Unfortunately, like many of the colonials nastier tricks, by the time they are seen as such publicly, they have done what they set out to do, and of course, there are no consequences for the perpetrators…It’s the general population that suffers those…
    Nothing to see here folks, just business as usual…

    • And Luxons modeling, doesn’t support raising the funds he forecasts from his proposed foreign buyers levy, otherwise he’d have shown us the modeling.
      Trust the wisdom of the market, and if you have shares in Winton, and Luxons next leaders debate becomes abysmal, I’d advise you to reconsider your holding.
      Luxon’s scorched earth, blast all govt spending, and fix every problem under the sun by running a tighter ship, by simply asking the public services CEO’s to cut back by 6.5% is so simple, that I can’t beleive anyone didn’t think of asking the CEO’s to do this earlier. Why stop at 6.5%. Why not make it 10% which is a nice round number. So easy to make savings, when Luxon is brandishing his feral abacus, Nicola.

      Luxon seems to be treating the election like a corporate hostile takeover, and so far the market hasn’t suspended trading. But his initial offer to shareholders, was contingent on the funding from the foreign buyers levy adding up, but since Luxon has chosen to hide his calculations, it’s now spooked sections of the market. Forcing Luxon to have to up his offer, when he’s got no more funding available. But he’s come out swinging, accusing those targetted by his takeover, of mismanagement, when the relevent facts about their management have all been fully disclosed here (, unlike Luxon’s now you see them, now you dont, foreign buyer levy spreadsheets.
      Did the spredsheets ever exist, or didn’t they? Was Luxon in Honolulu, or was he in Te Puke? Will NZ carbon emissions start going up again under Luxon, or won’t they. Has he started losing support or hasn’t he. All will be revealed in 2 weeks.

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