How Composer Jeremy Cullen Has Demonstrated A Shift In The Gaming World


Jeremy Cullen is one of many talented young music composers who has switched to creating unique music for the video gaming world. He is a composer, accomplished pianist and successful sound designer from Wellington, New Zealand. 

Since his first album called, Scenes: Vol 1, was released to critical acclaim in 2016, he has gone on to produce music and sound design in some of today’s biggest movies, television shows, commercials, and video games. Let’s take a closer look at how Jeremy Cullen has demonstrated a shift in the gaming world.  

What kind of role does music have in games today?

Music plays an important role in today’s video games. Jeremy Cullen is just one of several talented composers using his skills as a musician and sound designer to enhance how players experience video games by crafting epic soundtracks and accompanying background audio. 

Many of today’s biggest artists have also begun cashing in on the video gaming industry by lending their voices to some of today’s most iconic video game soundtracks. Music has always been important in video games, but more so today than ever before. 

It’s used in today’s high-end, graphically demanding video games but also in casual games, arcade games, social multiplayer games, Indie games, and even online casino games. 

Music can affect even the simplest of online games, such as Blackjack or Poker. While you watch a live dealer physically deal out cards, the music shifts to replicate the tension of the moment, helping to build the anticipation and – like a movie – demanding the player to stay focused, because something’s about to happen.

Which famous artists have created songs for today’s most popular video games?

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Over the years, many famous artists have created the unique songs we hear being used in some of today’s most successful video games. Examples include the following:

  • Michael Jackson – Sonic 3. Game: Sonic 3
  • Paul McCartney – Hope for the Future. Game: Destiny
  • Imagine Dragons – Warriors. Game: League of Legends (LOL)
  • Chvrches – Death Stranding. Game: Death Stranding: Timefall
  • Trent Reznor – Nine Inch Nails. Game: Quake
  • Aesop Rock – Freedom Finger. Game: Freedom Finger
  • David Bowie – Omikron. Game: The Nomad Soul

These are just a handful of examples of music artists who have helped take the music we hear in today’s best video games to the next level. There are just as many, if not more, well-established composers who have also crafted some truly iconic soundtracks that will be remembered for years. 

Top composers in video games today

Argentinian composer Gustavo Santaolalla, for example, crafted songs like The Path and Vanishing Grace, which can be heard in hit video games such as Last of Us and Last of Us 2. 

American composer Jeremy Soule has produced unforgettable music in multiple games, some of which include the Harry Potter Games, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Guild Wars, and Icewind Dale. 

Motoi Sakuraba made the songs featured in the video game Dark Souls. Top tracks in this hit game included Nameless Song, Lord of Cinder, Ornstein & Smough, and Taurus Demon. Also, Mick Gordon’s timeless music is featured in the Doom video game, and there are many other examples. 

What games has Jeremy Cullen composed music for?

If you want to listen to some of Jeremy Cullen’s music in movies, the titles to keep an eye out for are Eternity (2012), The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014), and Arsène Lupin (2004). 

Remember to check out Doomsday Vault and Element if you’re specifically looking for Jeremey Cullen’s music in video games. Examples of his work include the Apple Arcade Trailer music, the Intro Sequence, and the intense/captivating songs ‘Barium’ and ‘Radium.’


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