ACT’s arrogant tactic just made the possibility of a National/Green


ACT’s David Seymour floats confidence-only partnership – no supply

ACT has floated the possibility of a new kind of governing arrangement if National refuses to cooperate during post-election negotiations.

Party leader David Seymour has threatened to resort to a confidence-only deal, which would require the larger party to seek ACT’s backing for all government spending – or “supply” – decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Recent polls suggest National and ACT could form a government together, but National having to also rely on NZ First – who ACT has ruled out – is also a real possibility.

National has also begun ruling out – or in some cases merely rejecting – ACT policies.

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Seymour says if National is not prepared to “fully share power”, his party would consider a minority-government position.

“We’re prepared to do it if the alternative is taking the baubles of office and letting our voters in New Zealand down. So yep, I’ve done it before – I turned down being a minister to do End of Life Choice,” he says.

However, his version would be a different flavour to what NZ First’s Winston Peters has threatened in the past:

“I think we’d be able to be clear that, you know, while they have the confidence of the house, if they want to pass Budgets they are going to have to rely on another party,” Seymour said.

“I think it would probably be just confidence.”

This would mean that although ACT would help National form a government, they could refuse to support its spending initiatives – a break from the traditional “confidence and supply” agreement which sees the minor party guarantee to support the larger’s Budget.

…if Labour, Greens and Maori Party are the Coalition of Chaos, then National, ACT and NZ First are the Alliance of Arseholes and they are fighting before the election is even held!

People don’t understand how wide eyed ACT are about implementing harsh reforms that will cause enormous carnage, that they are openly threatening National should be an enormous red flag that ACT has intention of moderating any policy!

We are facing a situation where the Country will be held to ransom by an extremist hard right Party and the political media want to scream about an advert Labour got wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How is it that an extremist hard right Political Party can openly threaten National and hold the country to ransom and the political media are bickering about truth in social media adverts???

The extremism of ACT spooks a wet like Luxon and you can certainly see a situation where ACT is so off the planet crazy that Luxon would seriously consider reaching out to the Greens instead!

Here’s Matthew Hooton behind the paywall…

The Greens and Act are feasting on the purple corpse, but cannibalising their allies doesn’t help their cause.

Strategists in both parties are pondering ways to get dismayed Labour and National voters to cross the old divide — Labour’s soft supporters to Act, and National’s to the Greens.

Act wants enough votes from Labour’s rump to assuage their fears that Luxon would prefer a teal National-Green Government than one with them. Act’s candidates will need to listen to their strategists’ warnings that nothing turns off such voters more than arrogance or overconfidence.

Green strategists say their party is in good shape after co-leader James Shaw focused on its base following his temporary removal in 2022. Likewise, co-leader Marama Davidson has been reminded that joking about white cis males being responsible for all the violence in the world won’t win votes.

Market research suggests potential Green voters now see them as greater than their sum. Davidson provides assurance the Greens really are distinct from the purple parties, while Shaw underlines that it can work with National, Labour and business on policy wins.

Davidson has done her job locking in the Greens’ base after Hipkins ruled out serious tax reform.

The plan now is for soft National voters to hear Shaw waxing lyrical about climate change adaptation being the greatest economic opportunity in a generation and climate change mitigation technologies as valuable new export earners, backed up by the safe faces of Chlöe Swarbrick and Julie Anne Genter talking about public transport and affordable housing.

…if David Seymour is threatening to hold the country to hostage so he can pass far right policy, wouldn’t Luxon be a far smarter politician to offer a deal to the Greens instead?



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  1. If Greens are truly a Party that want to protect the environment they should consider going with National. I thought this would have been a goer in 2017 . I do not believe they have the backbone to,try this senario but with National running the purse strings and Greens the environment it could be a win win .
    I cannot see Marama excepting a union but Shaw might .

  2. “We’re prepared to do it if the alternative is taking the baubles of office and letting our voters in New Zealand down.”

    Hahaha, I wonder who they could mean.

    At least the lead up to the end of civilisation will be amusing.

      • Ada, the greens PREFER opposition, they don’t get asked any pesky questions like ‘how will this policy be funded’ by MSM!
        No, greens prefer shouting from the sidelines rather than on the field playing.
        They have done nothing to improve any portfolio/agency that has been assigned to a green MP in the last 6yrs!

      • Don’t be so sure of That.

        It is the Green Party members who will decide that by VOTE not the GREEN MP’s.

        That Nats would have to swallow a few dead rats.
        That Nats put themselves in that position not the Greens.

        Like calling people BOTTOM FEEDERS !!!!
        Like Thinking anyone earning under $70k as not worth a damn.

        Like Thinking landlords can toss people on the street for no reason.

        Their whole tax policy just for starters is a rotten corpse on a pig stys floor.

          • “wouldn’t Luxon be a far smarter politician to offer a deal to the Greens instead?”

            This is though. Pushing this idea, if people believed it, would damage both parties. Fortunately, no one in their right mind would believe that the Greens are anything other than always chained to Labour.

      • I don’t think the more moderate elements of the Greens like Shaw, Genter, and Swarbrick hate the Nats. Clearly Mueller and Shaw got on, and Swarbrick and Genter are actually responsible adults with brains ( I am not a green supporter but I am not blind) . Perhaps it would have been more possible with the likes of Nikki Kaye around.

  3. The Greens aren’t smart enough to stitch up that kinda deal. They should but they wouldn’t. Does Marama strike you as smart? Nah she dumb as.

  4. David is just starting negotiations early, and for good reason, because once again National is looking soft when it comes to core liberal democratic principles.

    National’s pledge card doesn’t mention a thing about reversing Labour’s apartheid legislation, so voters need to clearly understand that only a vote for ACT will ensure that references to race are taken out of all legislation.

  5. Acts policy of allowing builders/developers to bypass council consents, we could end up with another leaky building syndrome. This policy would be a backward step we need to ensure we have processes in place to maintain high building standards and practices.

  6. Yes, I think a Nats-Rainbow coalition is feasible. The Nats are a liberal party these days, and most of their front bench is pretty woke.

  7. Luxon wants to by PM so he can get a knighthood, like his mate Key.
    He has very little interest in the welfare and advancement of the vast majority of NZers.
    So . . . if he has to rely on Act to govern, Seymour will be able to get whatever he wants. The most extreme of Act’s policies are on the table, no matter what Luxon says!
    NZ, be afraid, be very afraid!

  8. If thats the way ACT want to play it, f%$k em, lets have a centre LAB/NAT coalition… Mr Trotter would have kittens.

  9. Rimmer is terrified that he is not going to be able to dictate the terms post election should Winston make it back and Peters is far closer to Luxon’s vision than some of ACT’s terrifying hard right economic firestorm policies that he thinks that the country is so deep in shit as a result of the free market unregulated policies he supports that by advocating and being more extreme that is the answer.

    ” This is not a “governing” arrangement ”

    ” …which might sound good to the constitutional illiterates in ACT. But what happens if a government fails to pass a budget is that they cease to be government any more (see McGee on implied votes of confidence). So what Rimmer is basically promising here is that unless he is given a line-item veto over every aspect of government spending and is allowed to decide what gets cut and who gets sacked, Aotearoa will face (at best) annual US-style budget standoffs – or another election. Which is not any sort of “governing” arrangement at all, but a recipe for chaos.
    I think its fair to say that this is not the style of government that voters expect. But then, the solution is simple: if you don’t want chaos, don’t vote for it !

  10. Personally I’d love the greens with National if they stuck to environment and climate issues. They would also need to be without Marama, Genter, Gori & Ricardo.

    Problem is their party set up will never allow it. Even though National have said they will make a Climate change ministry to help facilitate this.

    However, maybe this is a way to keep ACT in tow a little by National?

    Maybe Luxon is a little more intelligent than we think?

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