Labour/Green/Maori Party on a bad day are better than ACT/National/NZF on a good day!


With the opening of the campaign proper and with National finally showing us their tax policy, we now see very clearly what is at stake between Labour/Green/MP progress vs a National/ACT/NZF extremism and the juxtaposition is too jarring.

I just don’t believe the majority of kiwis are as cruel as National and ACT strategists seem to believe they are.

The extremism of NZ First plus the extremism if ACT plus the extremism of National equals too much extremism.

Giving rich Landlords $250 a fortnight paid for by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing from Climate Change funds is fucking extreme!

Taking millions in donations from Real Estate Pimps while promising Landlords the power to throw renters out  without reason and removing the foreign buyers ban is naked venality at its most obscene!

Wanting to bring back the machine gun used by the white supremacist terrorist just because it’s the favourite toy gun of the Gun Fetishists is extreme!

Wanting to push a referendum that renegotiates the Treaty with no negations with Maoridom is extreme.

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Wanting to slash billions in public services and amputate 5 Ministries plus the Human Rights commission is extremist.

Having Candidates claiming climate change is a hoax and that nana robots were in the vaccine is extreme.

Wanting Toilet police to check you gender in the toilets is extreme.

Rolling back every environmental law passed in the last 6 years is extreme.

Compare that with what the Left are promising, free dental, GST off food, wealth tax, better public transport, more money to climate change adaptation, more public services.

The juxtaposition between the naked venality, ignorance and malice of what the Right are offering vs the genuine solutions of the Left are too wide to ignore and Kiwis aren’t that dumb.

People may well be pissed at how little Labour achieved and how they squandered their MMP majority and many are genuinely bruised from Covid, but none of that cynicism or disappointment or real hurt justifies allowing National/ACT and NZ First to hand the fucking country over to the richest in an orgy of crony capitalism and privatisation.

If you voted Labour in 2020 and walked in protest, you have an obligation to study exactly what the fuck your protest vote will create here, because whatever Labour’s sins of the last 3 years are, a Labour/Green/Maori Party on a bad day are better than ACT/National/NZF on a good day!

Free Dental is a great start, Labour have 7 more announcements before Election Day, watch as the best Left wing political tacticians in NZ go up against National’s expensive elite wanker crew who are great at snide memes but awful at understanding Kiwi’s hearts.



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  1. Trouble Labour have is credibility!
    6yrs of promising things and not delivering, social stats across the board worse than since they took control in 2017.
    Homelessness (living in cars, remember the outrage prior to 2017 election, now it’s bloody higher), health stats, crime etc etc you all know….
    CREDIBILITY has gone, no one believes them anymore.

    • Spot on.

      From a what I am seeing kiwis want to put this iteration of Labour and Covid well behind them.

      I honestly don’t understand why Bomber can’t see that it doesn’t matter what they say or offer, kiwis have had enough.

      • Sam You have left your opinion on the floor, where you will fall over it. Look around and assess the territory, you may see that Labour is all we have for the battle. They may be poorly trained pawns but will hold for a while till we get a Gandalf filling the gap saying ‘You cannnot pass.’ Perhaps?

    • Credibility is raising gst when you promise you won’t, credibility is saying you will close the wage gap with Australia but promote a low wage economy, credibility is running the health system down and creating a housing crisis. Why is it you don’t point out Nationals failures and severe lack of credibility?

    • you are right – they have been terrible socialists. lets see how conservative the Nats will be – I’m guessing “not very”. I’m guessing nepotism and hypocrisy . Tory Parties have shown to be not very conservative at all. They always bottle it. just like Labour have done.

  2. “Labour have 7 more announcements before Election Day”
    Oh for fucks sake, if they know what they want to say they should say it. If that gives them free time, then they should repeat it.

    Actions speak louder anyway. Squandering a rare MMP majority, parking on footpaths, endless flyers, robocalls…

    • Rat in a rage ,,,, lots of squeaking and furry 🙂 .

      If/when the Nacts get back in the rats will still be angry things, for once a dirty nasty rat always a dirty nasty rat …. But let out of their cages they will be allowed to run around biting with their rat teeth and soiling all over AoNz.

      It’s in their dirty nature.

  3. Winston is on fire!

    The last few words is classic Winston Peters! Why wouldn’t you vote for that?!

    “Criticism of the media was a running theme throughout the speech, often used to elicit a laugh from those gathered by calling reporters “cynical” and “jerkoff journalists”.

    • Not Labour, the greens or TMP or any other political party that claims to be. Theyre all neoliberal and centre-right.

      Labour is centre right, the greens are centre right but to the left of Labour and then all the other parties are to the right of them. Thats why NZ is fuck’d.

      • Might pay to look up Blackrock’s ESG scoring system which Stalinda signed us up to …. National will follow this as they are cut from the same shit bucket

    • I’ve done well under this government and don’t know what everyone is screaming about. got a great deal on a big freezer the other day. should keep the whanau fed better next year. throw in a few kumera plants, orange pulping and tomato puree-ing. meh. nz is still paradise outside the major cities. we just need to be smarter on immigration. rather refugees than 2m+ property speculators..

      • I agree James. I too have done well under this government and I ‘ll make it very clear that I was wasn’t under National. The only ones celebrating the previous National government were the very well off.

  4. That heading is what we have to go with I am sure.. We need them to slow our downward slide which if Nats/Axe get in will proceed apace as pedants say. And that would is the right term.

    We have been attacked through our legislative system and international agreements and are reeling under the onslaught of foreign predators masquerading as a good. And they could be if they could be controlled and limited but just as too much sugar turns out to be toxic for our body systems, too many modern innovations and clever economic tricks have the same effect. We have to stop taking sweeties from strangers; our girls used to be warned about that. Now our boys should be also. The givers want something in return!

    Think of Neville Chamberlain before WW2 – he went to Germany and had meetings with Hitler and agreements were made that people hoped would keep them safe from invasion. They didn’t and he and his government ministers were criticised. But later thought pointed out it was an excellent approach, a delaying of combat which was needed because the UK was unprepared for war; attack and defence armaments were below required, and systems for defence needed to be instituted.

    We know that Labour has enfeebled itself with too much sugar. But it still holds together in shape, like a hollow Easter Egg rabbit! If they can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps then we the people can find enough strong and moral people to defend what we have here. Maori are trying, let’s support them, and in conjunction with them think of what useful stuff pakeha can do!!

    I’ve decided we need mipp – Morals, intellect, practicality and principles and that should be applied in a nippy fashion – mipp AND nip. I’ve been thinking a long while and watching myself and society generally and I am sure there are a lot of people eager to go forward in a positive and practical way. It will be hard work, and there will be challenges, but we aren’t supine here. And I put up something about Crete in Open Mike and those island people can show us the way.

    Come Together sing the Beatles – sounds weird, spaced out.
    But the ideas from their heads took them out of their surrounding society to new levels. Possibly they have ended up in protesters minds. It takes a jerk to shake free from past settled beliefs but we must do it, because they have led us to where we are which is in difficulties, with more to come from climate change, and some would say in deep-doodoo. So listen to Come Together over Me and think of doing that with the Me being New Zealand/Aotearoa people, not just land and animals. We could be much better than we are, and now is the time to show it.

    Start with verse 4 from Come Together, laugh and then scratch your head and look for the message for us.
    He roller-coaster, he got early warnin’
    He got muddy water, he one mojo filter
    He say, “One and one and one is three”
    Got to be good-lookin’, ’cause he’s so hard to see…

    Mojo Filter: Music
    Mojo Filter. UK. Eclectic, Electric, Eccentric. Purveyor of heady vibes and ceremonial jibes from sundown to sunrise to sundown to sunrise.

    Labour – get the rights now before the election to use that song and music to rally the active-thinking people, and bring the hopeless to life!

  5. We need to be fucking honest. Everything was better under John Key’s National. And I fucking hate John Key! BTW, everything was also better (in the US and globally) under Donald Trump. The Left has completely lost the the plot and are now rightfully going to get punished for it.

  6. And here is why a Labour/Greens/TPM mish mash will be a continental fuck – as t has been for 6 years now:
    ‘We don’t need this bull***t’: Shake-up of mental health service prompts backlash from exhausted staff.

  7. You make a good case. ‘But’ there are larger things at work that make it a slam dunk for Labour, which they are not willing to go near. Roger’s shadow.

  8. We can’t in all honesty have a Labour/Green/TPM Government they are devoid of the skills required to manage a country.Labour on their own have demonstrated that.
    I mean what is the policy platform of such a government?

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