BOOM: TVNZ Poll – Labour fall while National climb


Labour – 29

National – 37

ACT – 13

Greens – 12

NZF – 4

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MP – 3

Don’t know – 12

The reality of a far right Government is now upon us and the far right agenda of ACT and National will burn this country to the bone.

The problem for National is that they are still not gaining double digit leads the way John Key needed to.

Māori Party vote is holding up, NZ First is still lacking in mojo, the Greens have found the secret to winning is be slightly less gutless than Labour.

ACT is holding but not winning,

Everything is still up for play.

Labour have to actually step up or they will fail NZ.

What the Left have missed is the incandescent rage many voters feel, not at the fringes with people who believe conspiracy theories about the vaccine, but deep in the centre of everyone hurt by the severe medicine we were all required to take over Covid.

NZ with a population of 5 million – 3200 dead

Switzerland with a population of 8.7million – 14 452 dead

Ireland with a population of 5million – 9148 dead

Let’s not pretend Jacinda and Labour didn’t save us, we have become resentful at Labour saving us because we dislike the symptoms of the medicine we took to save us.

This bitterness alongside Labour’s gutlessness and the alienating woke dogma of our middle class activists are all combining to turn voters away from us.

The poor are looking to us for solutions and all they see are us cancelling people for missing pronouns.

Oliver Anthony’s Rich Men North of Richmond sums up that agony.

The campaign begins next month and watching the woke who have spent 3 years alienating everyone trying to win voters back will be the best sport you see this year.

Rather than debating the material well being of citizens, the Left are lost in middle class identity politics virtue signalling that censors rather than answers and in that cultural space, anger grifters like Posie Parker flourish.

I remember trying to tell the woke 5 years ago not to start a free speech culture war. ACT was on .7 until woke activists gave Seymour the free speech ammunition and he’s now 13%.

Please sweet Jesus, could the middle class woke stop fucking the Class Left before the election?

Imagine if the Woke, BLM, Trans and MeToo movements had listened to the 1990s Rainbow Community on how to build solidarity instead of their own alienating intersectionist subjective rage?

Meanwhile the planet is melting, we get it wokies, your self constructed identity is more important than our shared humanity!

We have a unique Napier electorate Poll coming out tomorrow 7pm on the Taxpayers’ Union Election Debate.


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      • Let them poison our river and pay their workers less, while making them work 12 days with out a break. It won’t be 2024, it will be 1924.

    • I’ve come full circle and now recognise Millsy as an oracle and a genius – as a right wing troll. Pushing people away from the left and highlighting their lack of connection with reality with crazy Tourette’s-adjacent slogans.

      • I don’t think he is the only poster aiming to drive people away from the Left with their displays of ideological intolerance and bad tempers.

    • Yes we may get our country back albeit broken.
      Only National and Act know how to put it back together.Labour and the Greens have proven beyond doubt they lack the skill to Govern.

  1. The phone is off the Hook for Chippie I am afraid. To little to late. Everything announced just makes them look more out of touch.

    & All they do is Copy and Paste National And Acts policy and re heat old Phil Goof policy s in the microwave.

  2. National were polling in the mid 40s when Act were 0.8%

    There’s no way to put this other than the ‘right’ bloc has grown substantially.

    It’s going to be a bloodbath.

    • Apparently accountability, free speech and 1 adult = 1 vote are now “far-right” concerns.

      • It’s only free speech if Seymour says it is. The day may one day dawn upon you Pope Pompous.

  3. The best thing Hipkins could do now is go rouge. Admit that the captains call around the CGT or/and wealth tax was wrong and the people have spoken.. what does he have to lose at this point

    • We already have a CGT, or something pretty close one i.e. the brightline test, and a wealth tax, he claims, would be contrary to Treasury advice. He seems to be caught between a “rock and a hard place”: on the one hand The Treasury: and on the other left wing opinion . However, if the recession that we seem to be heading for is serious enough, a more keynesian style of economic may be more appropriate, and that could change the policy dynamic completely. He probably needs to “keep his powder dry” at this stage.

      PS: I would support a wealth tax if Labour decided to introduce one, but I think I would prefer either a land value tax, or Susan St John’s high threshold RFRR tax applied to property.

  4. This poll historically favours National by 1-2 points. That said it is another poll with Labour in the 20s and what will be interesting is splitting out the Auckland and rural/provincial vote from the traditional Labour heartlands of Wellington, Chch and Dunedin.

    Mike Wood’s sphincter just tightened a little bit.

    • TPM should be doing this – the swing vote is still not with National on these numbers – everyone is holding their nose over Luxon because he stinks but the alternative is a rotting corpse of working class dreams – TPM are the only radicals left – on the left.

  5. Not that pleased with these options. The poll itself confirms a few trends, that in all likelihood a NAT-ACT government will come along to help the rich get further ahead, which is disappointing, yet not surprising.
    Going to back something new with an extensive range of policies for everyone. So new parties it is then.

  6. I would happily vote for the “they all suck” party this year. Given the don’t knows, which is probably polite for, “they all suck” are at 12% I am not alone.

  7. Greens are cannibalising Labours vote. When push comes to shove? Will people vote for NZF or ACT? Me thinks Winston will probably do 5% but I also think it could go either way.

    If like me, you cant consider voting left this election but wouldnt vote Nats or ACT, with Luxon (until now, polling so terribly and coming up with a constant stream of non policies) it is enough for potential NZF voters to think “Crap, what’s going to happen if the buck does actually stop with Luxon?? Better consider dropping NZF and going with Scheme more and maybe he’ll get sufficient votes to hold Luxon’s feet to the fire to deliver something other than more immigration and tax right offs for second property owners”.

    Having said all that, the very sensible policy out today on prescription fees which came no doubt from the pen and intellect of Dr Shane Reti. That right there will deliver improved health outcomes for Maori. (Current Maori Cancer death rate 1.65, All the Rest of Us, 1.1) and lung cancer (another Maori over represented cancer) is included.

    • (: Fantail. Even Labour voters would be struggling to disagree. Amazing how far a bit of common sense goes.

    • So you want to imopose US style healthcare on this country, and make chronically sick working class Maori to pay for prescriptions so the Maori PMC get their designer cancer drugs. Fuck you Fantail.

      And who is to say that National will keep it at $5? Shipley’s mob hiked it up to $15 at one stage. Who can afford that?

      I hope one day you get really sick and are greatful you dont have to choose between buying medicine and heating your home.

      You are a cold hearted person. A vbery cold hearted person,.

      • But it’s all your “kindness” that got us in this crap Millsy.

        I take it that you’ve never worked in the private sector?

        • Ah the beloved private sector. The wonderful private sector that puts profit and and shareholder dividends over the well being of its customers and workers.

          The public sector is there to serve the people and for the public good. Something that you are clearly unfamilar with.

          The profit motive needs to be purged from society. That is the only way we can get the things we need.

          • Millsy, you really don’t need to post anything here.

            Just speak into the second light switch and we will all get the transcript.
            Cheers, the SIS

          • Thanks for confirming.

            BTW the device you made your comment on and the platform Martyn uses to run The Daily Blog was all created by the evil private sector.

            I bet you’re an Apple user

          • You’ve obviously been gorging at the public teat for a while. Hope it’s not in the identity ministries as that particular sheltered workshop is about to close

  8. Currently we have terminally useless, woke and underhanded two faced manipulative politicians in government, hence Labour’s death sprial, but I can’t help but think NZF recruiting a lawyer/candidate who posted on her Telegram account a suggestion of visiting a cemetery to verify whether “dead vaxxers” emit Bluetooth signals, is a bridge too far for most voters!

    As much as this government is causing almost irrational voter anger, we do not need lunatics to add to the above list anywhere near lawmaking. Winston, who just had to sensible, has been too clever by half! And I think Tova finally dispatched him, permanently!

  9. Well their sphincters have been far too loose the way they’ve been shitting Red/Green all over the country for 6 years. It pleases me to think they are tightening as we approach D-Day.

  10. While I agree Key had a bigger margin Labour had had 9 years at the helm and the country had no feeling of owing something to the party that had saved them from covid. Some who voted for Labour last time still find it hard to except they were let down so badly

  11. ” LINO have to step up or they fail NZ ”

    They stepped over the many who bought the whole transformation bullshit and only represent the usual upper middle class but they are outnumbered by all those below with no economic power but in tight elections still vote and the latest shite about being in it for you is not only shallow but condescending arrogance.

    Are most of us better off than three years ago ?

  12. I still think the criticism of the Nats and Luxton if off the mark.
    When you look at the voter landscape today, and or as developed over the last decade, it’s different.

    We have climate change and environmental issues becoming more mainstream. Just look at the average Green voter today, compared to Jennette, Rod & Nandors era.

    The farmer and more right leaning vote will fall to the Nats AND Act today. Back in Hides day I doubt many outside Epsom voted for old Rino Hyde.

    I think National has very deliberately targeted the centre swing voter. They’ve left Seemore butts to hoover up the right learners who are not satisfied with Luxtons centrist position, comfortable they will come together in the end.

  13. Labour are simply seen as dividers, sloganeers, and incompetent as a party and as individuals. The are so out of touch with the average central thinking kiwi ( not Millsy) it’s quite astounding. The numbers are even worse as undecided at 12pc tend to be distributed on underlying decided numbers. There’s no coming back from here, it will only get worse. I suggest a few labour MPs take up their proposed financial literacy and budgeting course, as they will never be on an earner again that they are on now.

  14. Have I got this right? Labour had a massive majority and didn’t go all radical and up the guts and introduce dramatic social legislation. They were scared and didn’t want people to not like significant change and would vote against them.

    They didn’t initiate things like a capitol gains tax. So they fluffed around and pissed around, were not bold and the mob they didn’t want to upset is upset and is going to vote them out. That it?

    • Let me introduce you to Kiwibuild.

      A complete policy written on a napkin. No plan, no structure, no costings… just a name and a pipe dream.

      • TBH, KiwiBuild is something that I cannot stand up and defend, and it should have come with very low price (ie no more than $300,000) and a return of the 3% Housing Corporation Mortgages.

      • Kiwibuild though largely out of the media now was a huge disaster for Labour. Who can forget all the hype and promises around the supposedly fully planned and costed scheme. The execution was so pathetically incompetent it sowed huge seeds of doubt in current Labour among supporters and shattered many illusions. I as one multi decade Labour supporter can not forgive them and had already had enough by 2020.

  15. The silver lining for the left is that if the Greens can get 12% and Maori gets around 4% as I suspect they are being underpolled then that could set us up for a success movement in 2026, especially if people come to regret ACT’s rompoer stomper agenda they force on us

  16. People want a change, but fuck me if where they’re going isn’t a much, much, much worse place than right now. Unfortunately Labour offered nothing, so the mindless-mentality of voters in NZ is to go either Blue or Red: unhappy with Blue, go Red, unhappy with Red, go Blue.

    It’s ironic that the very policies that no-one would’ve disagreed with at the time (massive millions payouts in wage subsidies, etc during Covid) have now come home to roost in inflation and now people don’t like it. Voters saw some potential progressive policy from Lab when there was talks about CGT/wealth tax, but ultimately saw it as just ANOTHER tax rather than a tax SHIFT. Seeing nothing from Labour wanting a new colour…….

    If NZ wants real change, the voting population need to abandon legacy parties and vote the minor parties. TOP, ACT, TPM, Greens even – fuck, Legalise Cannabis Party would offer more substantial beneficial change to NZ than either of the Legacy Parties!

    • It’s ironic that the very policies that no-one would’ve disagreed with at the time (massive millions payouts in wage subsidies, etc during Covid) have now come home to roost in inflation and now people don’t like it. Voters saw some potential progressive policy from Lab when there was talks about CGT/wealth tax, but ultimately saw it as just ANOTHER tax rather than a tax SHIFT. Seeing nothing from Labour wanting a new colour…….

      Labour capitulated to the multiple property owners and the top end of town.

  17. Seems that most people here support imposing US style health care in this country.

    I am proud of the fact that we have free prescriptions in the country and that people dont have to scrimp and save to get their meds.

    You peoplke are bascially mean, horrible nasty people are OK with poverty, homelessness and people getting sicker because they cannot afford healthcare.

    You people are OK with racism, lynching and police brutality, and are OK with teachers bullying and harrassing LGBTQ students, In fact you are all in general OK with harrsement towards LGBT’s. Especially Anker and Snow White. Old Snow white, she still opposes the Homossexual Law Reform Act and would do anything for homosexuality to be recriminalised.

  18. Labour Party Centrists like Chris Hipkins believe it is better to keep control of the losing side, than lose control of the winning side. In this vein Chris Hipkins is doing his very best to avoid having to have to negotiate with the Greens and TPM.

    Labour’s plan: National and ACT will be so bad that the electorate will flood back to Labour in a landslide after one term in 2026.
    Unfortunately for Labour, National will be devastating, especially for Labour’s constituency.
    But will the Labour vote recover from this cynical sell out?
    Will Labour’s traditional constituency even turn out to vote?

    Chris Hipkins refusal to tax the rich to pay for social services, and take GST off food to help with the cost of living crisis, has turned the Left’s dream of a Labour/Green/TPM coalition into a National/Act/NZF nightmare.

      Labour capitulated to the top end of town the multiple property owning class.

      • We will start with you and your support for US style health care, then move on to Anker and her desire to arrest scores of Maori and recriminalise LGBT as well as impose user charges for health care and a competitive model for education

    • “Labour have to actually step up or they will fail NZ.”

      LOL! They already have.

      I am a trade unionist. Many of my mates, will soon become former Labour voters.
      We will vote for the values that underpin a civilized society, which are currently being actively undermined by what passes as the ‘left’ in NZ nowadays.

  19. Could legalizing or even decriminalizing weed (and even natural psychedelics like mushrooms) be the last card up Labors sleeve? Couldn’t do them any harm. Would get my vote and I am sure that of many others. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Yes we cannabis. Let’s do it!

  20. Labour and Greens are completely out of touch with reality. They are only interested in helping fringe groups in NZ that don’t seem to work, but lobby for more benefits for themselves instead.

    From LGBQT, ethnic groups, refugees and migrants with low paid, ghost or no jobs living here, literally getting billions of borrowed taxpayer funded dollars from woke ministers for separate everything for them while blowing up the numbers and funding questionable research to go along with their theories. Weirdly the same groups seem to have been doing better before all the billions were spent on them, but woke charities and government workers controlling the cash are beaming from ear to ear!

    Labeen then come up with more taxes for the dwindling NZ workers to support those making a fortune from lobbying for those that have few employment skills or can’t be bothered to work a real job. Lobbying for themselves or being a spokesperson for their ‘cruel’ NZ treatment, seems to be the job. Supported by taxpayer benefits that help keep this being a top profession in NZ.

    It is a joke that when people in NZ have been losing all their life savings from bank and other scams, and that many in NZ are homeless, government ministers do very little, but low and behold another migrant visa rort where 50 migrants who should not be allowed into NZ, somehow get here, government ministers and woke media are all over it!!! Freebies galore for overseas migrants scammed, NZer’s scammed by overseas and locals, no interest!

    Also no interest in why all the skilled people are going to OZ. Who cares they can borrow more billions and put up more taxes to pay for more low / no skill people getting NZ residency and free social benefits here!

  21. I believe 2-3% of the polls is our mainstream media lobbying bias for Act and National and that leaves a smaller margin of around 3- 4% to claw back. We are waiting anxiously for Nationals financial plan on how they intend to pay for everything. Then we need to listen to the policy debates and see what the party leaders are made of, after all they are representing us on the international stage and managing a country and everyone bests interest.
    Of the 12% undecided these are the votes Chippy needs to go for although some of this group will choose not to vote which is dumb but nevertheless, they will say they (the parties) are all the same and not vote at all.

  22. Not surprising. There are nothing but clowns in charge in all key positions in this Government, from the very top to bottom. Fortunately some have resigned, but we need to be honest, it’s still a circus. The only thing I’m surprised at is that Labour is still in high 20’s, when they should be nearer to the base support of ~25%.

    • Yep, David Seymour is champing at the bit to be mentioned in the same breath as Roger, Richard and Ruth.

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