The Left are losing youth


The Left are losing Auckland, they are losing men and now we are losing youth vote…

…I think there are a couple of reasons for this:

1 – The cultural backlash against woke dogma rammed down everyones throats from online middle class activists has generated real pushback from the generation that revel in micro aggression outrage olympics. The cancel culture, the polarisation and the toxicity of it all is influencing and crystallising political opinions in real time and it is turning young people against the Left, particularly young men.

2 – Auckland hates Labour now and Auckland is huge. Young people in Auckland are smashed by a cost of living crisis, housing crisis, public transport crisis and rental crisis all at once and they blame Labour for that.

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3 – National are outplaying Labour on TicTok. TicTok is a Mass Surveillance thirst trap built by the Chinese to brainwash Western youth. In New Zealand, 44% of TikTok users are 18-24. Another 22% are 25-34 and about a third of TikTok users in Aotearoa are only on TikTok; you won’t reach them on other social media channels which explains the huge amount of energy and resource National have spent on their TicTok Channel…

…the Greens barely have anything…

…and there isn’t even a NZ Labour Party TicTok account, but it looks like National have built a couple of fake Labour sites…

…National are dominating a communication channel Youth are addicted to, the Greens are barely registering and Labour are represented by a. fake social media account that looks like it’s been set up by their political rivals.

18-34 voters this year are lost in an ocean of right wing propaganda and self hating woke activists who drive young people deeper and deeper away from the Left.

Pure temple politics pushed by identity politic acolytes as opposed to Broadchurch solidarity politics using universal Left policy was always going to bite us in the arse as a political movement and it looks like that bite will be bigger than we feared.


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  1. Nice try Martyn. Woke dogma isn’t just peddled by “middle class online activists” – it’s current government policy.

      • Who do young people vote for? They vote for Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Jean-Luc Mèlenchon or R.F.K. Jr. — with a significant minority supporting Trump, Vivek, etc.

        In other words, they have nobody to vote for — unless you want to count fleeing the country as a ‘vote’!

  2. That graph shows greens & tpm highest among youth, the labour number doesn’t count because they’re not left wing.

  3. Good fuckn job. Let’s hope they all decide to go to Australia for an OE or even better the Russian Front. They have been indoctrinated with all the dogma and fascist ideology that labour and the greens could shove down their throats and they swallowed it.

    Gen M&Z are the experi’mental’ generations that have been experimented on with globalized populist politics, the CC Green Washn scam, and censorship. They’re too stupid to figure out that they’re still children and are too immature to become an adult and they retreat into their bubble culture and eat up all the doctrine the fascist muddle class can feed them. Then they(some) bought houses in the middle of a housing crisis boom! Good job. How are those 8% mortgage repayments going?
    I don’t have much sympathy for them. Sad as that may be but, you can’t help stupid if they’re stupid and have stupid parents.
    If the debt monster doesn’t get them, I guess the bomb will. That’s what they’re fighting for right? Pro-Nazi Ukraine War the dumbfucks.
    Let’s hope they all have an epiphany soon sometime and realise that they’ve been fucked by woke muddle class fascist capitalist ideology that has trained them to become serfs. Enjoy that gig economy and been rules by feudal billionaires because it won’t last long cause AI is coming for it!

  4. Some still Seth ing about the unnecessary long lock down s in Auckland and Hamilton and total lack of urgency by govt at the Time.

  5. Our NZ rangatahi might be young but they aren’t stupid they will vote for the Greens and Te Pati Maori in big numbers some of the rich kids born with a gold spoon in their mouths will vote for maintaining their lifestyle and follow their parent that is a vote for either National or Act.

    • You said they’re not stupid and then suggested they’d vote for the most philosophically and economically objectionable parties lol.

        • What’s the cutoff for rangatahi? I’m 31 now.

          I voted for the Greens at 18 before I started studying economics and political science. Not a chance in hell I’d touch them with a ten foot barge pole now and understanding economics is a key reason.

  6. Our NZ rangatahi might be young but they aren’t stupid they will vote for the Greens and Te Pati Maori in big numbers some of the rich kids born with a gold spoon in their mouths will vote for maintaining their lifestyle and follow their parents that is a vote for either National or Act.

  7. If this is a true picture, I wonder about the after-effects of covid.
    Young people suffered disproportionately in terms of loss of education and social interaction during the pandemic, for the benefit of older people who were much more vulnerable to covid. In other words, have they been paying for the good health and survival of their grandparents’ generation? And if so, (1) are they aware of this, and (b), if so, resentful?
    Or more simply, just a bit grumpy after what covid did to their lives?

    • Tom Gardner. Yep, Covid has impacted on everyone not leading buffered lives. Ardern’s censorious condescending H Clark cloning was something which nobody needed and it’s understandable if it peeved the young as much as it did so many others.

    • Or maybe the more intelligent members of NZ’s youth resent the current government’s indoctrination program.

  8. The discourse around the responses of 1100 eligible voters (Guardian-Essential polling) is impressive. But at best a discourse constructed from and by language and at worst crystal ball gazing.

    • when you read the comments of the guardian, its a bit like reading the comments here, mostly rightwingers on a left wing platform trying to prove how smart they are through cognitive dissonance. so i imagine the voting would reflect exactly that.

  9. “The Left are losing youth”
    Ah God! What’s it going to take? The current Left left are not Left. There is no Left left at all. roger douglas and his merry band of greedy losers saw to that when roger douglas, the Big Daddy ACT man-stallion that he is, saw to that waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1984 when he slid out of Old Labour’s back passage. Yep. Since 1984 we’ve had no Labour Party and no Left politics and that’s why we’re in the deepest shit that’s getting deeper by the day. Our politics is now a greed based autocracy and so long as the working class create billionaires and millionaires born of the spawn of our abusive nouveau riche elite everything will be just fiiiine.
    What we DO have, is a congealed, sweaty, sloppy lump of greed sheathed in Blue synthetic suits who got all fingery with our primary industry which is now in a steep nose dive because the Blue Slime’s greed has fucked our traditional trading markets so that’s why we only have China so when China’s been reduced to radioactive dust particles what then?
    The ‘youth’ you mention are not caring either way. Youth traditionally don’t give fucks and that’s just the way the Blue Slime like it. Nice and calm, just work harder and give us mo money. We’re entombed by debt, enslaved by logical fallacies and dead by 70. I bet you. Once the Natzo’s take the reins from the little labourite natzo’s in waiting we’ll see an increase in the age of entitlement for superannuation. The only health care that will be available is synthetic opioids to shut your moaning up until you die. Then, you’ll get boxed up, burnt to cinders, sprinkled on a rose bush, job done.
    Solution? Ask the crown for help. What else can we do? Set fire to the lawns of their parliament in protest? Look what happened when people tried to make a fuss. Suddenly, they were ferals, inbreds, morons, racists, red necks. Before that, they were hard working citizens, salt of the earth, bloody good blokes, …wouldn’t say boo to a goose, just got on with the job.

  10. Nothing surprising in this. NZ has been run to mostly benefit the elderly since Rob Muldoon’s day.

    For example, protection of house prices and the untaxed capital gains by central government, matched by anti-new housing policies at local authorities.

  11. Hates a strong word but in Auckland, 4 months of severe lockdown I hope has terminally damaged Labour.

    Sure, whilst Jacinda and Chippy sucked up the doom and catastrophe of what 95% of scientists were telling them, without question, they also relished keeping Aucklanders in a jar, like pet insects from the outside world whilst they did normal things like leave their suburbs, see friends and loved ones, go to school, get haircuts, go to work, and go to cafes or even bloody McDonald’s! Without the fucking masks! Meanwhile crime hit the afterburners owing to Aucklands already under strength police having to man those checkpoints to stop freedom of movement and keep Auckland borders Soviet tight. All the while criminals thanked the baby Jesus for Labour!

    I say I hope it’s terminal for Labour because they were warned not to do this and blindly did it anyway and kept doing it. Cheers Wellington, central planners know best! And as a warning for any other government who is tempted to go full nanny state on us, ever again! There will be a very big price to pay because Auckland changes governments!

  12. As someone in that age range I’ve been saying for a long time that my generation was not coming to save the left.

    Every generation rebels against the previous one, Gen Y came of age during the Bush years, when the left defended free speech and during the great recession and leaned left.

    Gen Z came of age during the Trump era and the Pandemic, where the govt was omnipresent and dictated your day to day life, many young people feel like crucial years of their lives were stolen, they also grew up during an era where toxic political radicalism was everywhere on all sides.

    Of course gen z are going to be moderates with libertarian values after the pandemic stole their youthes and after coming of age during an era of angry radical left and right politics that achieved absolutely nothing but screaming matches.

    Young people also will always oppose incumbents and the status quo.

    Gen z are total suckers for individualism, ethical consumerism, have extreme brand loyalty, care more about Stan culture than politics and have been raised by brand sponsored influencers … They are perfect little capitalists lol.

    • Philosophy Corey – what we need to understand, I think. And further those things that you referred to should be talked about at regular meetings with a bit of conviviality but kept on track of perhaps a question for the night, or two. Might be what do we want, and actually what do we need to have a good life and functioning society that gives everyone a go, and will what we are discussing do this? With a final question – do we want a society that is fair, which means we can’t have everything that we want? Talk is cheap but converted into action takes energy and will so what is done needs to be thought out for best outcomes as undoing, something without damaging the foundations and structure, is well-nigh impossible.

  13. One if my sons is a tradie and I hear him and his tradie mates talking at times, they are the most un-pc, anti-woke bunch of people I have ever come across in my life. There is zero chance these guys will vote for Labour or Green woke dogma. Left wing ideology has now been overwhelmed by woke idiocy in the eyes of many of our younger generations, many of whom see woke and left as the same, as this is all they’ve known for their lifetimes.

    • I don’t think it is just wokeness Ben. I think it is the glamour of power and style and celebrity and ease and comfort, and pleasure etc. And a loss of belief in the virtues which we used to have tucked away in our minds in society, but now seem replaced by – get out and grab it. Society does not impress – management and overview is often corrupt, disillusion descends just as illusion has started to grow. Labour was not as good as it should have been but when Roger and his bunch of toadies threw out our economic system that had some quality control and ethics, and promoted cheap imports (shoes that start peeling outers without even being worn) and good NZ made is by-passed, then the rot starts. And it has affected us all – now we are no good to be employed, employers the system doesn’t care if we can’t earn enough for life and liberty. Liberty is supposed to be free – all we have now is empty slogans.

      • Some of the virtues you seemed to have missed are hard work, self determination and personal responsibility.
        These are all things that Labour are determined to strip away.
        It used to be that you took responsibility for your own rent, food, etc but now you can just outsource it to other taxpayers.
        We should start be dismantling WFF and go from there.
        There is nothing virtuous about sponging off others.

    • Absolutely Ben My tradie son has just secured an excellent career enhancing job in OZ so all my offspring will be resident there from the New Year. As a parting F U to NZ he will be voting ACT. My other two have applied for OZ citizenship and my grandchildren are now all ozzies.We are fast becoming a country of oldies and migrants.

        • They go abroad to escape the shitty government. Don’t blame them for Labour and co’s sub par performance.

      • Shona do your kids not think Australia is even more woke than NZ? Moving there for better pay or warmer weather makes sense, but the woke thing seems significantly worse over there. My wife and in-laws are all Australian, I suspect NZ is still 5 years behind Australia in the pursuit of woke. At least this is the case in urban areas, much of rural Australia is still very ‘grounded’.

    • Free fees on me. Remember Jacinda’s captains call.
      Problem is many of them have debt now from their “free” education, and discovered it’s useless.

  14. I’d contend that most young people don’t give two shits about the left, the right or the centre all framed within an ideological class struggle between capitalism and socialism.

    The whole left/right thing is nothing more than19th century relics of imperialist colonial white male patriarchal bullshit that is no longer fit for purpose.

    The great awokening is that young people are becoming aware and rejecting the old systems but can’t cancel it’s proponents because its firmly entrenched within a culture that only looks to preserve the status quo and keep the powers that be in power.

    The rest just want to emulate past proponents, scale the class ladder and pull it up after them.

    When there is no choice between left or right as they are essentially the same thing the only choice is to not choose at all.

      • In a representative democracy I think it is likely to go to pot but the
        putting back and thought in, in a participatory democracy where regular meetings are held and people keep up and all do some volunteer job, just a few hours a week, would be 100% better. And those inputs being mandatory for a vote no sleeping partners.

    • Bring in the tote and take odds make the election interesting with some money at the forefront for winners. There is nothing left that counts in nz/ao to give impetus to vote .

      • I’ll back up my own point – remember that offer I think in Auckland where money was to be dropped fro above , lolly-scramble-like, on those who turned up on the spot. Some people came a long way thinking they might as well have a go – might get something. It disappointed as mixed in with real $5 were similar printed vouchers giving discounts. Sounds like a government scheme!

    • we were all young once and when I was I voted green and thought anarchy was the solution

      now that I have grown up I know there is no political solution because all politicians are either crap or compromised

    • Ain’t that truth for some. Disillusionment. Tired of the circus. You can’t blame them. But most? I dunno. I get the impression there’s also a good many young folk that are engaged, to a greater or lesser degree. Tribal allegiance (in the political sense?). Swingers tempted by sugar coatings? Earnest youngsters worried about fossil fuel consumption and climate change? Could be a class thing.

  15. The Guardian? UK? Taking Our Polls? I am outraged. What do they know about us? And…what do we know about us?? Anything true and actionable (not as in legal but as in physical movement with mental same, attached)? Questions without answers!


      Essential has launched a new monthly poll tracking voting intention and public attitudes to political and social issues in New Zealand. While Essential is an Australian company, the Kiwi poll will be conducted by an Auckland-based researcher, who has over 20 years of experience conducting social research and political polling in New Zealand…

      Mmm.. who might that be?

      The Essential Report Aotearoa New Zealand will be published on the second Wednesday of every month at And discussed in the Guardian.

  16. I would largely agree with Corey, Ben Waimata and BWAV’s conclusions although we may differ on some of the reasoning. I am cautious about treating youth (or Maori, Pakeha, Boomers etc) as a homogeneous group that all think the same and have the same values. They don’t. But if I was to make a generalisation, youth don’t think in terms of left and right and many are not that interested in politics. I went to uni a number of years back as an older student. In the one political science paper I took it was only the older students who wanted to engage and discuss. The younger students were only concerned about what they had to know to get a pass mark and then to get a job.

    They certainly don’t think in terms of political parties in the way many posters on this site do. They don’t have either the background or ingrained indoctrination from parents. My daughters (in their 20’s) are both concerned about social justice, support world vision children, give to causes, are concerned about the environment, etc but get turned off by cancel culture. I suspect they both voted for Labour last time but neither will again. Both are disgusted by Labour’s lack of action on poverty, cost of living and a number of other issues. In particular the fact that they had an absolute majority and were better placed than any previous government to make transformational change but were all talk and no action. I don’t know who they’ll vote for this time (the Green’s wokeness is a turn off) but they don’t have the hatred and fear of National that some on this blog have. For them it is more a case of ‘this lot did nothing with a majority, no point in voting for them, try someone else’.

    For my daughter living and studying in Auckland the issues that have confronted her include lockdown, cost of rent, rising cost of food, seeing poverty and homelessness on Queen Street, crime, safety and security. None of these are issues that she believes the present government have addressed. So time for a change. When you are confronted by issues like this on a daily basis then it’s hard to think much beyond that and I suspect that is the reality for a lot of young people.

  17. Another turn-off for a number of young people I know is the deplorable state of the mental health system in New Zealand. Those I’ve talked to who have tried the services, almost all find it unhelpful, cold, heartless and with a high emphasise of just prescribing meds and trying to fit them into boxes and get them ticked off in the system. Few found they were really listened to and provided good coping skills. And some of the reported interactions I’d consider unethical – such as bringing in students to observe without asking the ‘patients’ permission. Very hard for those who find it hard to open up to even one person.

    I don’t see any party that has a good mental health policy but the present system is not working from what I can see.

  18. ” Pure temple politics pushed by identity politic acolytes as opposed to Broadchurch solidarity politics using universal Left policy was always going to bite us in the arse as a political movement and it looks like that bite will be bigger than we feared ”

    Bomber apart from the Greens pre 2017 and the Alliance in 1991-2002 and god bless you the short lived Mana party we have not had a effective , assertive left movement since the 1970s. And the Greens for all their social justice, environmental policies and belief were never mongrel enough to advance what was an excellent program of policy.

    Unless you are prepared and forthright with a killer instinct you will not succeed in our political system. And yes well financed which is why the Corbyn led Labour party did so incredibly well with its membership and donations but sadly Corbyn did not have that all important assertiveness and ” mongrel ” and even the millennials do respond to it. Look at how well Bernie did in the primaries in 2016 and continues to do advocate for the many and not the few in the States in these days of social media , given a reason to participate millennials are still functioning thinking human beings who are experiencing the cruelties of unregulated capitalism.

    The left and its real ideals aren’t losing youth.

    But what is being described as the left masquerading as the neo liberals electable social conscience when the Tories are out of favour and are a spent force then you vote for LINO and its abused bullied partner the Greens who funnily enough are seen by the establishment as a threat ! Nothing could be further than the reality of truth.

    That’s what is losing the youth vote and the Nasties cynically using social media sites like Tik Tok funded by the PRC to manipulate a whole new generation of young lives and arrest their futures under the guise of neo liberalism.

    It is a class war being waged but with no one to stand against it.

  19. Labour is micro-managing the country. If there’s one thing liked less by youth than being told what to do in every aspect of their life, I don’t know what it is. Govt needs to fuck off out of peoples lives.

    • We need fewer laws and more responsible young citizens who work well at useful stuff,and get rewarded for their work so they can have a good life. I can see that as a goal and a promise to be kept. I think such people of all kinds, need to gather together under a banner of Good Strong Kiwis, which as can be noticed, includes the word iwi.

      So the group grows and looks to co-operate and respect each other and work in set ways of quality, loyalty, sharing and total commitment, and hold monthly meetings for discussion, assessment, goal-forming, future likelihoods, report them briefly on the internet and by email, not just on facebook or other major platforms.

      If government is to get the fuck out of people’s lives, we need to form self-managing groups that aim to work alongside local government and get central government to a healthy state so it has good business and rural/environmental goals and also most of the old welfare system behind. The saying below fits the belief of people who would belong to the enterprise group Good Strong Kiwis:
      The phrase “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” is a metaphorical expression that means that when there is overall improvement or progress in a given situation, everyone involved will benefit, regardless of their circumstances. 21 Āpe 2023
      A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats- Saying Explained
      Benjamin › blog › a-rising-tide-lifts-all-

  20. Could it be that the people representing ‘the left’ on campus are the most toxically awful people you’ll ever meet, so the rest just run away from them?

  21. Fun for you all in finding out who recently said the following:

    … because the people in charge didn’t pay any attention to the effects at all, and so with the average millennial it is far less likely that his parents are married or own a home, he owns his own car or they own two cars. We’ve saddled people with overwhelming levels of debt—student loan debt primarily, but other kinds, too—that we’ve basically crushed an entire generation of kids. And they’re really angry.

    When people don’t get married and don’t buy homes and aren’t rooted in the society long term, they’re volatile and scary, and their politics tend to be crazy. It’s really bad. You don’t want to ever let that happen. We let it happen. We didn’t pay any attention at all. All of that money was transferred to the Baby Boomers, and they’re about to feel the effects of that because economic populism is the future. I don’t want it. I’m just telling you. I’d bet my house on it. Bernie Sanders is going to seem moderate compared to the next guy.

  22. ” Many voted Jacinda in to lower house prices ”

    And so much more after the corruption of the Key English Joyce almost legal government which deliberately withheld funds for our public services for nine years while their supporters and the Key family trust made a fortune from manipulating our laws to enrich themselves while he was promoted as the man who could turn water into wine.

    Which led to Arden’s infamous promise to be the most transparent government ever.

    This government wouldn’t know transparency if it arrived packaged personally to every LINO MP with a card explaining what transparency actually means.

    Our country has become so rotten and corrupt that we don’t even notice anymore.

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