Ummmm – I’m not sure opening NZ up to exploited migrant sex workers is a smart move


Migrant sex workers ‘afraid’ of reporting abuse, citing fears of deportation from New Zealand

A Wellington sex worker spent thousands travelling abroad to work in the sex industry in an effort to fund their studies because the law prohibits them from working here.

Under section 19 of the Prostitution Reform Act, only New Zealand citizens and residents can engage in the sex industry; making sex work the only occupation migrants on temporary visas are not permitted to enter.

The former sex worker who wanted to be referred to by their drag name, frida people (they/them),​ ​ called this “really clear discrimination both against migrants and the sex industry”.

They said migrant sex workers were afraid of reporting abuse when it occurred, because they did not want to be deported.

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I’m not sure allowing migrant workers to be legally sex trafficked is much of a win for you-go-girl feminism. NZ is already a despicable exploiter of migrant labour, that exploitation would be immediately transferred to sex work if migrant workers could move to NZ to work in the sex industry.

Of course sex workers must be safe in work environments and the testimony to date highlights a spitefulness on behalf of employers that can not and must not be tolerated, but let’s not pretend that the legal element of sex work means it is some great feminist symbol of empowerment. We made sex work legal for the same reasons we make gambling legal, because if you leave it in an illegal environment it only empowers organised crime and makes everyones existence far more dangerous.

I celebrate legal sex work as a triumph of good social policy, but there are not many parents who look at their children and hope they will have a great career as sex workers are there?

The Greens (and the Unions) have embraced this campaign by sex workers to gain the  rights of workers AND contractors because politically the Green and the Unions no longer see Free Market Capitalism as the enemy, they see heteronormative white cis males as the enemy and sex workers are a radical disruption to the patriarchy.

Or something.

The Greens Com team see the below image as ‘winning’.

This is what the Green Coms team calls ‘winning’


So the weird embrace by the Greens and the Unions is woke virtue signalling rather than legislative action and no where can that virtue signalling be seen better than former Standard Blogger and Green Party candidate for Ohariu, Stephanie Rodgers…

Pole-dancing campaign launch for Green Ōhāriu candidate to ‘keep it fun’

Pole-dancing is not often used to launch political campaigns, but it seemed like a natural fit to Stephanie Rodgers – public servant, part-time pole dancing teacher, and Green candidate for the Wellington electorate of Ōhāriu.

“I don’t think any electorate has seen a pole show campaign launch before,” said Rodgers.

After discussion with her campaign manager they landed on the idea of hosting pole show at Wellington’s Fringe Bar as a way to bring Rodger’s passion for pole dancing and her political campaign together. The event on June 22 will be her campaign launch and a fundraiser.

She’s been pole dancing in her spare time for six years, and said the pole show was about bringing her full personality to politics.

…ummmm. Pole-dancing to raise election funds for the Green Party???

You can’t actually write satire this cynical.

In the words of the great Logan Roy…

..because the Greens have confused legal sex work as a noble means to undermine the patriarchy, pole-dancing is performance art to dismantle gender norms and counter toxic masculinity etc etc etc.

This just isn’t a serious attempt at politics any longer, it’s woke virtue signalling.

The wokest echo chamber outside RNZ, Stuff and The Spinoff is the gloriously insane Re-News on TVNZ where their ‘you-o’girl’ feminism has extended to a story about how awful it is that men who go to strip clubs don’t tip enough.

I’m not joking…

Good strip club etiquette means you tip

On a good night, dancing at a strip club feels extremely meditative for Katie.

…men aren’t tipping enough at strip clubs, that’s a big issue and if easily exploitable sex workers are trafficked here, the impact on the domestic sex work industry will be extreme, the price for handjobs, blowjobs and intercourse will drop dramatically, and I just think that if you are making your money from handjobs, blowjobs and intercourse, the last thing you want is any downward pressure on those prices!

There are 22000 accredited employers using the new migrant worker visa and only 2 have lost their accreditation, there are barely 100 labour inspectorates for the hundreds of the thousand workers here – how on earth will they manage an influx of sex workers if it is made legal to travel here for sex work?

Opening up NZ for legal sex trafficking by migrant workers within an employment environment that is already ripe with migrant worker exploitation seems a faint goal to fight for, but under the current ‘you-go-girl’ feminism, that must be championed and celebrated rather than rationally policed.

Legal domestic prostitution is a sensible policy that is preferable to an unregulated model that makes it more dangerous, but the activists want more than that, they want a celebration of ‘you-go-girl-feminism’ and any restriction, even sensible ones that prevent trafficking, is a shame filled heteronormative toxicity that must be  over thrown to challenge the patriarchy etc etc etc.


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  1. …opening it up to exploitative migrant employers and slumlords worked wonders though… *crickets chirping*

    • The 100 inspectors must be doing a great job if the “industry” needs a law change…..
      The facts here are probably very different from what is portrayed. The objective of the “industry” is very clear and the “industry” is not seriously concerned about the individual workers…..
      I cannot imagine that the aspirant lawyer cannot earn money from her chosen method to fund their studies. How likely is the following: An inspector will pursue them, the police will lay charges and they will be denied the right to earn money to continue with their studies.

      Then again…… with the Posie Parker fiasco, maybe that is exactly what will happen.

      Follow the Scandinavian model. Paying money for sex is a misdemeanour (unlawful) and receiving money for sex is legal. Assault is assault, slavery is illegal, exploitation is exploitation…

  2. Maybe the pole-dancer dinner entertainment at the Green Party conferences is trying to tempt back the heterosexual men that the Greens have done so much to drive away.

    After all, in the Green worldview, all hetero cis white men are exploitative rapistists-in-waiting.

    • Ada. Wrong. Green girls idea of a night out, is down at the Splash Club on Courtney Place, watching the female strippers at work. Lesbians enjoy such spectacles just as much as sixth form males and drunken out-of-town sports teams do.

      My kids funded their studies with student loans, and working at McDonalds; one even cooked breakfasts at an Asian restaurant, which was more than they ever did at home; one delivered junk mail for a pittance, which is how invalid beneficiaries augment their meagre incomes in all sorts of weather.

  3. The status quo discriminates against migrant workers and you worry that allowing them to engage in sex work would lead to more comfortable exploration…
    Sooo, what’s your solution Bomber?

    • Knowing what hair-fetishist John does to waitresses in restaurants, it’d be better for the girls if he’s kept well away from brothels.

      • Lucky for everyone that he is retired then and is not actually the ones that is campaigning for sex workers to be imported and exploited. Right?

        • Key is retired ? Guess it must be his doppelgänger who goes around tediously pronouncing like some ageing balding Nostradamus then.

  4. My daughter works in the insurance industry. Many years ago, when she was studying for her insurance exams, she was a mine of information about society. This from a 19-year-old:

    Daughter: “Dad, what’s the major insurance risk for brothels?”

    Me: “I haven’t a clue!”

    Daughter: “Getting firebombed by one of the other gangs”

    Because they’re all gang owned, through intermediaries. It’s a nasty business run by nasty people so in no way should we be supporting it in the manner mentioned, even if it’s now not illegal.

    • Andrew. Strip Clubs, like the one owned by John Key’s friends on Courtney Place, Wellington, may be safer than working in brothels. The police are usually close at hand. They were there, trying to prevent rival gangs from clashing when a Green on a date night with her girlfriend, was safer for the presence of coppers working at 2am, on a fraction of the pay for instance, of the cushioned boss at the Ministry of Pacific People. A politician can ask cops to explain their business, and to keep her girlfriend safe. Brothels probably have their own security people, except for the at-home operatives, running various risks.

    • More cash for gangs. Now we know why the Greens and Labour support more migrant sex workers working in NZ.

  5. You can be sure that these politicians are extremely upset that the country has no land borders that could be left unguarded, as they enviously watch U.S. and E.U. capitalists throwing millions of people-trafficked illegal labourers into a low-wage meat grinder.

    But globalist trade policy has caused such a severe economic regression domestically, that the international financiers just aren’t that interested in investing locally. The local capitalists don’t seem to know how they could lower wages any further, and perhaps they have insufficient capital to import larger numbers of desperate people.

  6. Reverend Mother : And what did you do after leaving school, my daughter ?
    Mary: I became a prostitute, Reverend Mother.
    Reverend Mother: Oh no ! A Protestant ?
    Mary : No, a sex worker, I’m a prostitute.
    Reverend Mother: Glory be, Mary, that you’ve not lost your faith.

  7. 15,000 a month! Most work visa apps are for aromatherapists, masseurs, and coffee workers. MBIE report.

  8. prostitution laws whatever…but only a pampered middle class woman would belive it’s empowering….hence the greens

    • Historically the middle class has been the demographic most concerned with respectability and middle class women too conservative to regard prostitution as empowering; these Green women exist outside of any conventional categorising and may just be loopy sex obsessives. Their gender ID bill defies reality, medical science, and ordinary commonsense. They support bashing biological women but blame hetero males for the violence which they celebrate when it’s inflicted on the former. They’re nutters.

    • Many are on drugs, they have to be to do such horrible work, then they work to get the drugs to do the work. Few would feel empowered; many carry legacies of childhood abuse. The Greens will know this. Most New Zealand women need protection, but it’s hypocritical when the Greens openly celebrated everyday women being terrorised by transgender extremists at Albert Park.

  9. Limbo land – our new name. How low can you go? How do political parties expect any people of worth and humanity to believe in them. Have our religions got anything to say about this or are they in so deep to the dogma that sex itself is a BAD Sinful thing? And then too that it only should be countenanced if there is a law of control which is followed.

    It is a perversity that goes along with the idea that government is moral and right and those who don’t follow its pronouncements are not. We have observed over past decades how frequently immoral, and inhumane, both main political parties are, with some effort to change things from smaller parties, but which themselves are prone to flexibility at times of ‘stress’.

  10. Get those chest feeders into sex work! Yay for Greens aspirations for woman (delete woman), non men. Sarcasm.

  11. A girl in our class at school had really big tits and didn’t have to do P.E. She left school early on and was going to work as a ‘call girl’, which I thought had something to do with telephones, and her mother supported the career choice. This would be better for her than being trafficked in ignorance, politics never came into it.
    This was long before internet fuelled stuff made sex all weird and fucked up but she said she saw quite a few time travellers so a lot of legislation is time wasted now, really.

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