Pakeha have every reason to vote for Māori Party Tax Policy this election


The true demarcation of power in a liberal progressive democracy is between the 1% richest + their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us.

The richest protect their wealth from any new taxes and our social and physical infrastructure suffers.

The political project of the Right is to starve the State of revenue so there is nothing to redistribute in the first place.

The Māori Party identify this and have put together a Tax Policy that is as close to Socialism as we are going to get!

Te Pāti Māori’s tax policy

Tax rates

    • $30,000 and under – 0% tax
    • $30,001 – $60,000 – 15% tax
    • $60,001 – $90,000 – 33% tax
    • $90,001 – $180,000 – 39% tax
    • $180,001 – $300,000 – 42% tax
    • $300,001 and up – 48% tax

Currently the top tax rate – for earnings over $180,000 – is 39%.

The party would also:

TDB Recommends
    • Remove GST from all kai and regulate the ability of supermarkets to hike prices
    • Increase the company tax rate from 28% to 33%

And introduce:

    • A net wealth tax
    • A foreign companies tax
    • A land banking tax
    • A vacant house tax

The enormity of what the Māori Party are espousing here can not be ignored.

Labour is here to manage under regulated capitalism (and let the free market do the rest), the Greens are here to try and add the cost of pollution into the price (and let the free market do the rest) while the Māori Party are actually here to disrupt capitalism!

Normally the wealthy can rely on the fecklessness of the Greens or the cowardice of Labour to do nothing meaningful on Tax Policy, but John Tamihere is a heavy hitting working class boyver boy who is going to make Chippy tax the rich!

Pakeha have every reason to vote for Māori Party Tax Policy this election.


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  1. The Maori Party tax policy will accelerate our decent into the 3rd world. Name one economy that is growing strongly and improving standards of living with an ultra aggressive taxation policy?

    In fact the Maori Party taxation policy will put a turbo on <40 white (and in fairness Brown) flight to Australia. Is Albo a secret consultant for the Maori Party?

  2. It will at least break open the debate on the various deep tax cuts, any discussion of which was previously buried by the press barons. It is a very moderate proposal, bringing together some tax policies from other major capitalist countries, that will unfortunately be sunk by the other divisive policies of that party.

    The next step is for a new Third Party to demand the abolition of all post-war tax cuts, in order to reverse the collapse of the national infrastructure. Which isn’t really “radical” or new either, since the old peak tax rates essentially had bi-partisan support.

  3. TPM tax policy is based on some fairly land stuff like finding 7 billion in tax avoidance down the back of the couch… it also completly fails to account for how people will respond to these new taxes. Basically of implemented it would be disasterous.

  4. Even if they did collect all this tax. We would be losing all the tax payers in the brain train. So in the end there would be no tax to collect.

    And what tax they did collect, the kitchen cabinet has shown no idea how to spend it wisely and had no idea where it is all gone.

    • Marco+Battler – Exactly – more policy to grow NZ’s low wage economy where people with expert skills flee the country and more cash, minimum waged ‘retail’ & ‘chefs’ and criminals come to NZ to make use of the tax free, freebies for the kids, foreign pensioners, poor and unskilled.

      So how will all these high needs get medical treatment, when the doctors have to pay nearly 1/2 their wages in tax after studying for 10+ years? They can’t even get doctors here now. Betcha the death rate will increase to everyone, that is why they need to prioritise Maori for surgery as they know more and more doctors are going to leave NZ and thus more people living in NZ will die before they get treatment.

      Nobody wants to pay tax so that another prison can be built, more high rise slum housing or blowing 1.9 for mental health with nothing to show for it. More taxes to blow to their wokie and media mates.

  5. But Pakeha won’t because its a Maori initiative and Pakeha have always wanted to be in charger since arriving on our shores. It the power superior complex that embedded in their DNA

  6. I don’t know what you are asking here Martyn? Do you want us to vote TPM into govt or just adopt their tax policy. One of these options would be unbearable!

      • Oh I do I do! So that leaves TPM being in govt as the unbearable option…obviously! Imagine those clowns running the country.

      • What’s fair?
        I would suggest that fair is when one person is not forced to fund the lifestyles of others.
        However I suspect your definition of fair is the standard socialist definition of fair, meaning tax hard working people to death and give it to those who are too lazy and stupid to work.
        Funnily enough Ive asked repeatedly what makes that “fair” and not only have I never had a satisfactory answer but rather Ive never had one at all.
        Taxation is legalised theft and nothing more. We have reversed evolution by allowing the most useless people to have the most children.

        • Well you could always move to a country where you don’t have to pay personal tax. I hear Saudi Arabia treats their non citizens really well, or China… but China is communist, so probably not for you.

  7. If only the Labour party had the balls to radically overhaul the tax system so that income derived from capital or the sale of capital was taxed in the same way income from labour is taxed. I oppose a wealth tax. That would be like an eternal rates bill for which you get no benefit. But I would tax both the seller and the purchaser of wealth/capital at the point of sale. I work I’m taxed You sell/buy You’re taxed.
    The very least Labour should do is announce an overhaul of the tax brackets similar to TPM.

  8. When the option is sh1t, REALLY sh1t, guarenteed non-stop SH1T, the lesser of the evils looks inviting.
    So YES vote TPM, to TELL the other parties we DO indeed want a fairer tax system. As presently the’big’ parties CONVENIENT arguement is, ‘see, people voted for us and we can assume they agree with us, that there’s nothing really wrong with the present tax system’.
    TPM won’t be the Govt, BUT a vote for them will gives us the ONLY guarenteed way to make a fairer tax system a possiblitiy and a THING that WILL BE discussed seriously in Parliament.
    If you do NOTHING about the tax system, these right wing crooks (and I include LINO in right wing (though a softer version)) will continue screwing over the 90%.

  9. Everything said here is accurate, so those objecting are either part of the 9% enablers, or part of the deluded 25%.

    • Yes I agree when you say everything said here is accurate, I am assuming Martyn’s blog.
      I am a 74 year old pakeha and I will most certainly be voting TPM. This is the fairest system I have ever laid eyes on. And the main parties are both gutless, if you want to know what they will spend it on, look at the other policies on the website.
      They have the best policy on climate change of any party by a country mile.
      We will have better health policies where hospitals are not shut at ED because they haven’t got enough staff.
      We will have less poverty.

  10. The fear of many is that the increase in income from more tax would only result in more wasteful spending on setting up duel systems servicing Maori and others .

  11. The fear of co-governence or Maori having the upper hand for once seeing as some of you truly believe is truly pathetic.
    Well tell me given so many people think that Maori have more than their fair share would any one of you choose to be Maori.

    Didn’t think so!

    We are a racist country.

  12. The bovver boy makes me uneasy and the others I don’t know. Too many election cycles — the Greens are talking pure truth now despite their record of pussy-footing. Brilliant to see the debates. The last light in the theatre, Winnie destroying Seymour. About our future, the Greens and TMP talk it. Labour pretends there is more short-term shit to come for the comfortable.

    Too funny for words. Except for my desperate end up the road a short way.

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