MEDIAWATCH: RNZ pro Russian misinformation meltdown exactly what TDB said it was


Wow, look at that, the TDB ‘I-Told-You-So-Express’ is on time, again!

The report into the so called RNZ pro Russian misinformation review is back and EXACTLY what TDB claimed was the issue has turned out to be the issue…

RNZ news division in for overhaul after report into inappropriate editing

RNZ board chair Jim Mather says he maintains confidence in the broadcaster’s chief executive after a report highlighted problems with the newsroom’s structure, editorial systems and culture.

An RNZ audit, set up in response to evidence news agency stories were inappropriately edited and published on its website, has concluded with corrections issued on 49 of the 1319 stories examined. 

The audit began after inappropriate editing of several wire service stories relating to the Ukraine war was first raised with RNZ on 9 June.  

The audit found no evidence that the issue involved more than one staff member, who has resigned. 

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On Wednesday, an independent panel reported back with 22 recommendations, including merging the radio and digital news teams, a review of staffing levels and workloads, refresher training for journalists, and hiring a new senior editor responsible for editorial integrity and standards. RNZ has agreed to implement all of the panel’s recommendations.

The report stressed that only one journalist was responsible for the more than 49 story edits, but said he would not have got away with it if RNZ’s systems and oversights had been up to scratch. However, the independent panel said it felt not all the edits identified by RNZ were inappropriate.

…now, I was banned for life from RNZ after I supposedly ‘defamed’ John Key, so I may be a tad jaded about the State Broadcaster, but here’s the point I made when this all erupted.

The fiasco at RNZ over their supposed biased re-edits misses what has actually happened here.

5 years ago when RNZ started their digital news department (without it being under the editorial control of the News Dpetament) it was met at the time with the exact criticisms that have been harvested now.

The criticism was that the Journalistic oversight required to run a digital arm wasn’t funded and would end up with copy being printed that hadn’t been given appropriate oversight.

All the journalist at the centre of this fiasco is guilty of is doing their job! He was adding context to news stories taken off overseas media wires, he wasn’t a Russian 5th columnist FFS.

He worked from home, doing a job no one was funded to oversee until an anonymous right wing blogger compared stories and the rest of the media picked it up and ran with it.

What this fiasco and attempt to paint RNZ out as some compromised media source utterly misses all the other pro-Israel, pro-American and pro-China propaganda that our mainstream media are awash with.

How many times has the NZ Herald been caught peddling Chinese propaganda?

How many times do American interests and Israeli interests get sold to us as our own by the mainstream media?

A work from home journalist  subbing copy at a poorly over sighted and underfunded State Radio broadcaster with internal turf wars over who has editorial control is not the infiltration of bias that it’s being sold as, but it does conveniently eclipse the real bias in our wider media landscape.

The real question is how senior staff on $300 000 per year seemed to miss all of this.


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  1. and of course they’re going to have a similar review into wire service feeds edited to give the opposite slant—naw thought not

  2. Fortunately RNZ have become an irrelevance in the last few years so probably little damage done. Pity though, I had high hopes under Labour as a properly funded objective media source but all they morphed into was a mouthpiece for this governments ideology!

  3. Will RNZ undo the damage to their reputation ……. does it matter?
    We will find an echo chamber!
    So, “gagarin” is sort of correct.

    • None of them would have happened if not for the existence of the zionist entity. Funny how you don’t advocate for any real way to achieve world peace, huh?

  4. Don’t worry Martyn, almost nobody under 80 listens to RNZ anyway.

    Maybe the incoming National government will shut down the whole sad edifice and tell Classical Radio listeners that they can get exactly the same content from YouTube, and I look forward to the day when Kim Hill is reduced to serving at MacDonalds. 🙂

    • Only because R.N.Z. live sports coverage was inexplicably dumped, and every local R.N.Z. station shut down, and then every music station closed except one, and no announcers of gravitas hired in the past 30 years, and the licence fee scrapped without replacement. Gee, I wonder why it’s “failing”?

      Not to mention the Triple J knock-off station that is “still in development”. Only twenty years behind schedule!

  5. This was an attack by partisans of the Kiev coup regime, against the balanced reporting from Ukraine being broadcast; thats all.
    It serves present political purposes of Government, through RNZ, to back them.

  6. To much spent on supplying Life Rafts to certain over paid over rated presenters and middle management.

    Meant know budget was left for Compliance.

  7. All I know is rnz’s the talking anus of Big Business and in Nu Zillind Big Business is crooked as fuck. Big Business in Nu Zillind only exists because it has farmers and farming to suck the blood out of. Yea, yea, Screechers, you have your opinions but am I wrong or are you Right?
    rnz’s a dull fart in recovery. rnz’s entirely without a soul and I’m fucked if I know how it survives. How has it managed to pull the nylon over your eyes for as long as it has. Remember when roger the greedy Leech slithered out of Labour? Suddenly, rnz lost it balls, The Listener became a kind of emergency dung paper when nothing else was about at the time and tvnz flew lightly over our heads after it was forced to jettison it’s sole and integrity.
    Some mope in the comments above mentioned Kim Hill. I was listening to Hill shred that dodgy fucker roger kerr of the business round table.It was fabulous. She’s a bonafide genius and deserves a statue. Instead, she then lost her position 9 to noon at rnz and was forced to swill in with the pigs at tvnz. Now, she’s back with a dunkin biscuit day job filling the gaps in the heads of morons with thinking-deficits with banal gibberish to keep them from tumbling backwards down stairwells and I can’t listen to that either.
    Thanks to rnz and tvnz we’re lessor than poorly educated chickens with flat cell phone batteries. We lay eggs but we can’t phone up no one to see what they’re selling for an’ that. But beer, rugby and domestic violence! Fuck yea!

  8. I heard a couple of these pro russian filth radio reports couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
    I do hope the SIS is watching this scum and hope he has an accident.

  9. NZ seems to be awash with people who arent doing their jobs many of them earning very good money. And whenever the shit comes down, it never touches the powers that be.

    The guy who does this gets the boot but his boss gets told to reorganise so we go back to a tried and tested method that should never have been abandoned in the first place. Why is the Boss not accountable for allowing ongoing issues over a period of years?

  10. What I understand it all to mean is that RNZ has to officially tow the line and dish up,verbatim, the twisted CIA approved US worldview doled out to it by BBC, AP, ABC and Reuters etc.
    I am extremely disappointed by RNZ.

    Meanwhile, look to Ukraine for what USA is cooking up for Taiwan.

  11. Who akshully still listens to the government’s Public Propaganda & Enlightenment broadcaster anyway? 27% of the NZ electorate or less?

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