MEDIAWATCH: The character assassination of Tory Whanau reeks as badly as the criticism of OT using KFC and Kiri yelling at unelected unaccountable bureaucrats

AM Show smack down over appalling OT roof coverage is glorious


The AM Show loves two kinds of people, Farmers and Landlords.

EVERYTHING on The AM Show is framed for those two audiences and the Team feed them junior ZB talking points every week day morning.

Except from time to time, their arrogance gets a bit too much and one of the Producers actually allows on a guest who isn’t afraid to challenge the dumb pretensions of the Show.

Russel Norman smashing the AM Show’s Dairy propaganda last month was fucking glorious and this morning Whānau Ora chair Merepeka Raukawa-Tait smashed the shit out of the AM Show’s previous mocking tone of the use of KFC to bring down teenagers from a youth prison run by Oranga Tamariki.

The stress on the faces of the hosts as Merepeka Raukawa-Tait goes romper stomper on their suburban Karen soccer mum hot takes about using KFC is the best television you will see this week.

This is journalism now

The manner in which critics sought to use teenagers protesting at poorly run and underfunded youth prisons as some sort of reason why we need to lock more up is so  stupid it hurts.

Of course we should use KFC to get them down, what the fuck else were you thinking?

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The SAS using military helicopters?

Tear gas and police dogs?


Using KFC to talk teenagers off a youth prison is EXACTLY the sort of peaceful tactics we should use to de-escalate this, the manner in which some of you are baying for blood suggests some deep personal trauma you are projecting and you should probably seek some counselling.

This mob mentality is seen in the Tory Whanau story currently manufacturing outrage Olympics from rednecks who are seriously attempting to claim Tory forgetting to pay a bar tab is not only real journalism, it also speaks of nefarious and evil intent on her behalf!

  • One – What little wanker waiter runs off to the media with a snowflake tale of woe as pathetic as this?
  • Two – I don’t give 3 shits what Tory Whanau does after hours
  • Three – To manifest this into a character profile of Tory is so pathetic and juvenile, only the Right have the lack of intellect to attempt it!

Likewise the attacks on Kiri Allan for having the temerity to yell at unelected unaccountable Bureaucrats.

The Right & Left hate each other so much they’ll disingenuously take any issue & manufacture tribal outrage to ‘own’ the other.

Using KFC to deescalate a youth prison protest is far preferable to shooting children off a roof you fuckwits!

Who cares what Tory did after hours?

Why crucify Kiri for yelling at self interested arse covering Wellington bureaucrats?

The real issues are cost of living crisis, housing crisis, infrastructure gridlock, the rich gaming capitalism, building real State Capacity to counter inequality & how to survive climate change!

Everything else is just political wank.


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      • You are jealous because she is young, liberated and pretty. Unlike you, who is old, bitter and twisted.

        • millsy – Young – she is 40 years old Liberated – based on?? pretty – has she won any beauty competitions to prove that…

        • Behaviour and standards are something millsy doesn’t understand.
          Proof? Read his comments.

        • millsy: “Unlike you, who is old, bitter and twisted.”

          Insult: is this the best that you can manage? I’d have expected a more coherent defence.

          • D’ Esterre. Lousy grammar too. Should be “ unlike you who are old bitter and twisted”. Oh dear. This is what happens when schools abandon teaching literacy because the Educ Dept are genderID maniacs.

            It’s getting worse. Markle plans re-interpreting “ Great Expectations “ with Miss Haversham rewritten as a feminist icon. The New Zealand Arts Council’s abortive attempt to cancel Shakespeare deemed him an imperialist colonialist.

            Little learning is a dangerous thing.

    • millsy: “…young women.”

      I assume that you mean “woman”. She’s 40: that isn’t young. Ben Bell, mayor of Gore, is young.

      With regard to appropriate behaviour for a mayor, she’s old enough to know better.

      • Definitely D’Esterre,if she doesn’t know what the appropriate behaviour is she shouldn’t have stood for office.

  1. Clearly I am of touch. KFC seems to be the equivalent of caviar and a bottle of vueve? What is the fascination with the shit food offering? Again Ryan Bridge had a man bun, if we want to talk about real crime.

    Tory Whanua? Yes it’s her private life but even jokingly asking if they knew who she was, probably wasn’t going to end well when you slip out without paying. Being a bit pissed and forgetting doesn’t really add a flavour of mitigation either.

    Of course if she acted like Wayne Brown by head butting the waitress and storming out she’d receive a standing ovation.Alas she’s not old enough or knarly enough for that sort of carry on.

      • Pope P. Fetish Key could sort that sort of yucky pretty quickly, or does he only like at pulling girls’ hair?

    • Mayor Brown is a man of substance,a man of honour.
      One of very few Mayors, or central government politicians,doing what he promised during the election.
      Recent election promises by Labour Politicians were not made to be kept but rather to win votes.To quote Jacinda Ardern “ aspirations only.”
      What progress has Wellington’s Mayor made that the residents are receiving benefit from?

  2. Ugh, yes trash the waiter why don’t you. And poor Aaron Gilmore should of got a second chance, the dear sweet man.

  3. Clearly… clearly it’s entirely different if it is progressive female Māori abusing staff and big-noteing while pissed ….yes, that’s sarcasm.

    • Why not? The ones in parliament do it regularly and without any of the fire water in them.

    • Over the last 6 years New Zealanders have abandoned standards and principles and become a nation of divided,awful people.

  4. Lol. If Joe citizen walked out of a restaurant without paying, after clarifying no one knew who they were (a bit doubtful on that though) they’d be tracked down, locked up, questions asked later after sobering up in the cells, mug shots finger prints dna taken, charges laid for assaults police. Ahh, but she’s a millionaire mayor, won the lotto a while back (tory whanau). So ya know, whatever. She gets a break from me but why aren’t all citizens given the same under the law. Just saying

  5. It’s just that when a holier than thou Green Mayor of Wokedom, who is not adverse to intervening in the publics right to decide anything, to keep us “safe” from ungreen things, gets snapped pissed, and doing her best Gilmore impression, it does matter!

  6. I am more concerned about the mess Tory et al are making of the city and the huge amount of money it will cost. They are banning traffic from the Golden mile (except bikes and buses) widening foot paths that don’t need widening and continue to reduce car parks in the city. What the hell is the problem they are trying to fix here?
    Before you say climate change, there actions will make it worse, because most people will go out to Queensgate or Porirua in their cars. There is no evidence bike riding will increase (it hasn’t to date). Retailers in the central city will suffer. Yesterday Tory has approved some millions of dollars on this. For gods sakes fix the bloody pipes.
    This is the second time information has come out that TW was drunk down town. Get some help Tory

    • God you are fucking prude Annabelle.

      Also, I bet you would close the libraries and parks as well. Fuck you.

    • Same in Aucklands CBD. Virtually locked off to anything but buses and bicycles , the dream being goofy middle class folk riding erectly on their retro bikes, with baskets, and the proletariat dutifully busing in to shop at Moscow’s, I mean Aucklands, finest stores. All the fun of the fair. Except its too hard to run a business there as it can’t be supported by that group of frugal twits, no one else can be arsed and drive to somewhere far more convenient, and regardless, it’s too lawless anyway. Ahh, the Green dream comes to fruition!

    • Anker. Couldn’t agree more about the pipes, but the WCC does have nice rainbow crossings proof of their inclusivity, and in any case the pot holes on the streets are more likely to wreck a car tyre or an axle, or an ankle. Their plans to choke the inner city traffic could be changed; the Automobile Association has recently carried out a survey on that, and I think that they know more about car and traffic things than the counsellors. The age-ing demographic could be challenged being forced to cycle everywhere, but with petrol costs rising, it could be either that or stay at home and starve in the cold with the electricity flogged off by them too.

    • Anker. Yes, it is the second time, unfortunately. It’s best not done in public places.

    • Anker: :This is the second time information has come out that TW was drunk down town.”

      When was the first time: do you have a link? I don’t recall anything, and I’m a Wellingtonian. What have I missed?

      • D Esterre I think maybe a birthday occasion with a specially made designer dress, and I think a cisgender white male hater celebrating too, but maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye, but what a nice man that man was who so kindly paid the bill.

  7. Imaging the photos and story if it was Luxon or Seymour who had got caught doing any of the actions committed by these left wing warriors.

  8. Clearly obvious that the posters here hate Tory for being a progressive, liberated, young childless atheist brown women who refuses to bow down to Biblical gender roles.

    • Imagine Mr. Brown in Auckland doing what this person did in Wellington. You would be spitting tacks and you would tell us all the reason why he would have to resign.

      • Wayne Brown does this already. “You shouldn’t have built there” is way worse than a joke about “do you know who I am” (the owner of the place said she was not being offensive which the media have conveniently not bothered with in general). Brown is a class A wanker.

    • Yes I dislike Tory Whanau because she’s young, female and brown, and I admire Tania Tapsell because she’s young, female and br…????

      Hang on!

      • One’s the Greens the other National . That’s why you like Tapsell despite no policy. You are as transparent glass BG

      • BG. There’s nothing to stop these ladies transgendering or self -identifying into something else, and the police might then ensure that they can do whatever they like wherever they go. Vive Albert Parc !

    • Millsy. No. Few know or care about biblical roles. That’s time past, didn’t you know? It is the role of the Mayor of the capital city, which concerns people. Greens can booze their heads off, and fulfil their culture quotas down at the Splash Club, but the Mayor represents the grown ups who pay the rates, and provide the ballast and need to have confidence in the decision makers.

  9. The best thing about Wellington isn’t their woke version of Aaron Gilmore as mayor though, it’s the fact the capital city of carbon crisis priests and priestesses (tax the farmers!) continues to import its lovely swimming beach from the South Island.
    Is there anyone in Wellington that isn’t a rank hypocrite?

  10. “The AM Show loves two kinds of people, Farmers and Landlords.”
    Ba ha! That’s brilliant. Very funny. Go you @ MB, you’re bloody awesome.

  11. “Of course we should use KFC to get them down, what the fuck else were you thinking?“
    Leave them up there. But without the blankets and the drinks and the KFC. They’ll come down soon enough.

  12. It’s a hit job, evidenced by calling in way-back mayor, Kerry Prendergast for her two bob’s worth.
    They’d not have asked the immediate previous mayor Andy Foster to comment because Mr Foster is a fundamentally decent sort of man, not a dirty politics person, tho’ I recall Mayor Prendergast shafting him once too. Seem to recall seeing Kerry Prendergast entering the St James Theatre foyer hooked over Councillor Rex Nicholl’s back like a bag of potatoes, but am not sure whether they were married to each other then, and she might have just been a deputy mayor at the time and subject to a lesser level of decorum than is a mayor, which she seems to be suggesting now in her advancing years. At a cocktail sort of hour it was, summertime, when the living was easier than it is now.

  13. Wellington knew about this before they voted her in – so what’s the issue as far as I’m concerned.

  14. My daughter works in hospitality in Wellington and that woman is well known as a boorish untitled drunk. Leniency because she is Maori?

  15. Never mind facts and policies just get down to dirty politics. NAct are experts at whipping up indignant prejudice.

  16. It’s her parent’s fault!

    With a name like that, it was always going to attract attention.

  17. She is female, and not pale skinned. Of course “they” do not like her. As the former Finnish Prime Minister very eloquently spoke to, as a woman in politics the scrutiny and expectation is obscene compared to being a man in politics.

    A person who went to a restaurant in Wellington Central, was a little bit loud and used some rude words, then left without paying. One day later, the person with this person, realised the lack of payment, and resolved it. No crime, just something that often occurs.

    The fact that Tory Whanau is currently the mayor of the 5th most important city in the country is irrelevant. If politicians are allowed whisky cabinets in their offices, and traditional debates take place at The Backbencher; then how can anyone judge a working woman on eating and enjoying a wine in supposedly culturally and artistically minded Wellington? It sounds like those that say mothers need to get another job because being a parent is not real work. Colonial level ignorance!!!

    • Matthew. Colonial level ignorance is your thinking that drunken rugby clubroom behaviour befits women, any woman, or any man, frequenting public places, it doesn’t.

      Over several balmy nights along the Amalfi Coast our group of New Zealand, Welsh, German and Brit whanau, wined, dined, and conversed into the wee small hours without disturbing the other patrons, or being disturbed by them. That’s how it should be. Were our politicians civilised or “ cultured”, they would be conducting themselves in the way that non-politicians can and do, but they don’t. We pay them, so we are entitled to judge them, whether you, or they, like it or not.

      • I wonder how long the waiting list is to remove that stick from your arse.

        It’s not the 1950’s anymore. You want women to act all demure and ladylike, perhaps Kabul or Riyadh is more to your liking.

        • If you’re one of Tory the Mayor’s mentors, you are not doing her or any Wellingtonians a favour with such silly backward thinking.

        • You must be her cousin or mate millsy
          Suck it up bro
          She fell from grace Friday night
          She’s in spotlight and representing our city
          Ummm now for the income she’s on and sub par performance of late of course she’s in spotlight
          Let’s get back on horse and see how rest race goes

  18. Given what happened to Aaron Gilmore the mayor was either incredibly arrogant, incredibly stupid or very drunk
    None of those is a good look to the ratepayers

  19. No sympathy for Maori one percenters in governance roles. If someone steals from a store can they now just pull the ‘forgot to pay’ card? Maybe the forgetfulness was caused by childhood trauma, or maybe low blood sugar from lack of takeout? If everyone is now the victim then no one is a perpetrator.

  20. And hark at Kerry Prendergast! That bastion of virtue and wholesome values all dressed up in nurses uniforms.
    NZ’s Number 1 Citizen. Talk about conceit!

    • And from the political ‘right’, we never have. (Except from a few, such as Finlaysons and various otherings)

    • BTW @Bob#1. If you want your gorgeous National Party rescued before it goes completely tits up, It’ll lay in the Finlayson, McKinnon, Bolger, and one or two other ghost busters

  21. Yes definitely a pattern forming with tori
    The old evil “”””” juice
    Few. F words in public
    Maybe didn’t go finishing school
    Missing meetings
    Sub par performance
    What’s up next

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