MEDIAWATCH: Why Mike Hosking’s unhinged bigoted rant says more about him than it does about Labour


To be honest I don’t read or listen to Hosking very much but if this spittle flecked unhinged hate rant from him today is anything to go by, he has reached the steam-fogging-up-a-sadists-glasses level of political vexation as we race into the election.

His allegations against the Labour Party however really end up saying more about him than the Labour Party.

His argument boils down to, “Haha, stupid Labour Maorified everything and the Maaaaoris gonna turn on them and cost them the election.”

Hosking is such a harlot for capitalism that everything is transactional.

He believes the only reason Labour would attempt co-Governance with 3Waters was because it would ‘win’ Labour something when that isn’t what happened at all!

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Labour attempted better co-governance with 3 Waters because after John Key privatised our hydro assets, Māori had gone to the Waitangi Tribunal for a ruling on their interests and the Waitangi Tribunal agreed Māori have interests in water and that it was the Crown’s obligation to structure that.

Co-governance with 3 Waters was that attempt because Labour are not frightened of doing what is right over what is politically expedient.

To frame that responsibility as Labour bribing Māori for a transactional gain that doesn’t occur just outs Hosking’s own pimp capitalism, it doesn’t drown Labour in the same sin bath of Hosking’s limited sense of human interactions.


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  1. So what does Mr f’wit have to say about signing up to the UN Indigenous Rights Charter and other Co governance examples introduced by National? He probably thinks that made sense. He’s NZs answer to Tucker Carlson

  2. “Mi–Cockskin” rarely disappoints does he. “Certainty” is one of the most overused words of the COVID era, certainty? we are mortal beings on a frying planet–there is little that can be assured.

    Yet, for Maserati Mike there is certainty–regular big pay days–A Tory and Finance Capital mouth for hire. His party trick is tapping into lumpen proletariat, middle class and grumpy old bal’heads resentments and concerns. Generational shift will deal to him eventually.

  3. He’s not wrong. Labour have delivered beyond the wildest dreams of Willie Jackson, they never campaigned on it and Maori outcomes are no better, except the few elite. And it’s the sneaking around that severely undermines trust in Labour.

    And although they think they’re right and doing gods work, they disregarded the one thing to ensure their so called legacy stayed. Taking the people with them, the same people they wouldn’t trust!

    On top off that 3 Waters symbolised Labours utter but casual disregard for democracies 1 person 1 vote, so as far as I’m concerned Labour can burn in political hell! And that’s not even judging them on their wall of failures and engrained incompetence!

    I’ve not seen a more divisive government, ever!

    • Divisive why? The governments is responsible for people who are quite frankly unhinged in their thinking? No. People who hide behind democracy when talking about co governance? No. Or the more recent baseless fear that there are droves of transgender people lurking in every public space? No.

      What they are guilty of, is increasing the existing division between the haves and have nots. Just like the government before them, and certainly what’s coming from the mob that’s about to be government. That’s their specialty

      • What’s Wheels democracy, some people have 1 vote, some 2, some 3, depending on who or what they are or how someone is feeling? Worked out by some vague feel good thingy algorithm, by unanswerable bureaucrats in Wellington? Let me know how that flies with the general population!

      • “People who hide behind democracy”?

        Comrade, pesky democracy is always the antipathy of your dream authoritarian state, isn’t it?

      • What do you mean hiding behind democracy Wheel?
        “The baseless fear that there are droves of transgender people lurking in public spaces”

        I have never heard that fear expressed.
        But only 20% of NZders wanted gender self ID. I suspect many of these don’t want men in women’s spaces such as change rooms, public toilets, women’s sports etc.

  4. Yeah that terrible capitalism that has seen the standard of living and life expectancies increase exponentially since the 19th century. How dare he.

    • Capitalism raised more people out of poverty than any other system in history.
      But the Left cannot admit that,will not admit that.
      Where is their credibility?They don’t have any.
      Wheel stands out as a blaring example,or is that bert/Gus/Countryboy/NSC/Mhorsekings
      New Zealand after almost 6 years of Labour is in a parlous state.

  5. I struggle to understand why anyone gives Hosking oxygen. He is not a broadcaster in the same league Campbell or Holmes, he is a right-wing lobbyist, a troll and a twat. Time we started treating him as such. He needs to go back to school and learn to listen twice as much as he speaks.

    • Your above comment demonstrates a distinct lack of appreciation of others views. Therein lies the reason why Hosking and HDPA are so popular – there is A LOT of the population that agree with him, including myself. if you don’t like him – simply don’t listen to him.

      But hey if you think he is so shit convince John Campbell to go up against him on RNZ in the morning slot. See if he goes any better than big Dunc or Tova.

      And interestingly if Holmes was still around today you would also consider him a troll as well. You do realize Holmes was right-leaning don’t you? Cheeky Darkie ring a bell?

      • frank the Tank, He’s a paid propagandist that pushes rhetoric to divide the population. Maori are the whipping boy the easy low paying fruit to get the majority riled up so whingers like you can have your white superior complex validated something the labour govt put on a 6 year hold that an anathema to pakeha.

      • “Cheeky darkie” comment doesn’t make Holmes right-leaning. It makes him a fuckwit.

    • Hosking has NZ biggest audience ever, and campbell live got taken off the air because of lack of ratings.
      In terms of numbers hosking is miles ahead of everyone.

      • Campbell was taken off air by a hit job from Steven Joyce, fuck are you thick?
        Hosking is a nobody bolstered by right wing listeners who hang off his every word because they can’t think for themselves. Tell me his listener numbers, millions upon millions? Biggest audience? Clearly not by voting numbers.

        • Whatever the reason, it was no bad thing Campbell was taken off air. Helen Clarke (whom time has repeatedly vindicated) nailed him as a “sanctimonious little creep”.

      • The biggest audience? I would say he has the largest share of the TalkBack audience. And let’s be honest, that’s a shrinking market.

    • This is election year. Will all these right wing Herald opinion pieces, Prebble, Joyce, Bennet ( yuk! ) Hoskins be allowed to spew up the contents of their flawed right wing reality . Lets face it the Herald would be empty without their daily published front page bigotry and hypocrisy.

    • The serious broadcasters were virtually all gone 20 years ago (and there weren’t many left in the mid-1990s even). Like print journalism, it was just one big slide into cheap tabloid-ish rubbish.

      I can’t fully understand why Labour doesn’t entirely dump the co-governance policy, however. It could be quickly replaced with something less divisive, and might prevent an election loss. Apparently they are so wedded to Clintonite ideology that crushing the Corbynites and Bernie Bros. is more important than actually winning an election.

    • I struggled with John Campbell doing his teary eyed interviews nightly with people living in cars in lead up to the 2017 election, then when Labour were Govt…nothing, crickets chirping!
      The option I had was to not watch, you have the same option Jimmy Jazz, don’t listen to the morning radio show if it triggers you so much, sorted!

    • Oh he’s much more than that JimmyJazz, He’s John Key’s fuck buddy.

        • I know you like to cancel free speech and promote your own hatred Bob, what does that say about your own character?
          If your character is ugly(as yours is) then you’re ugly.

  6. And yet, if Labour had not dropped the ball on everything Hoskins would not have anything to write about. So the problem is not Hoskins airing his opinion – which in essence is the same as that Lal dude does, but Labour fucking up so much so many times so arrogantly so out of touch so authoritarian so stupidly so incompetently so mendaciously so unpleasantly that no one can stand their sight, no one wants to hear their words, no one wants to have them around anymore.
    Go complain to the dudes that you want us to vote for that they did not build houses, did not protect the vulnerable, did not create sensible laws based on equality rather then equity, did not fund schools, hospitals and infrastructure, did not pay decent wages to nurses doctors teachers but wasted fucking millions on their mates the consultants so that they could get a job in the future with the consultants.

    Your problem is Labour, shits for brain and all, Hoskins is just voicing his opinion and he has little influence. The people who are losing their jobs, losing their houses, can’t feed their kids they don’t read Hoskins, that is your group of who read him, and it is your group that you belong to that is frightened of him.

    Labour fucked beyond believe. Good riddance. May some better people pick up whats left of a formerly good party and make it something decent again.
    Right now the only word that describes Labour well is indecent and mendacious. fuck em all the way to siberia and forget them there.

  7. The Waitangi Tribunal would happily rule all non Maori are guests in NZ and to quote Tariana Turia “guests can be asked to leave.”
    Any ruling from them should be regarded as biased lobbying and ignored

  8. I rather enjoy Mike Hosking,he take Labour to task over their extremely difficult to understand policy,or indeed lack of policy.

  9. I tautoko that jimmyjazz.
    Although i think he might just be doing the left a favour now with his petty ranting, even his ZB/Herald followers are tiring of his boring, outdated narrative.

  10. Hosking is losing his shit because his ego is inextricably linked to Nact winning a landslide victory in Oct – he has invested hours of jaundiced commentary guaranteeing it to his angry listeners – all to be stolen by National’s un -electable leader.
    Off to Oz loser.

  11. Sadly lots and lots of people listen to him. I was in the library yesterday and an argument was going on with an elderly group of ex trampers – the woman said ‘Mike Hosking said this and it is a fact……….’ Very worrying this woman had been a school teacher and her comments on Maori were deplorable. Apparently their health issues are mainly because they eat the wrong food. Anyway between Mike and her they knew what the issues were and they were all Facts – Hosking’s that is.

    I sincerely hope one day he is taken to court over his racist rants.

  12. John Key is also the devious fellow who snuck Pita Sharples off secretly to sign up to the UN Declaration of Indigenous Peoples which Helen Clark refused to sign because she understood that this declaration posed a direct threat to the sovereignty of the New Zealand state; it may also have triggered a plethora of not always top quality local courses and workshops, applying the UNDRIP, and the Nth American experience, wholesale to New Zealand, when they’re not always applicable or accurate, more so in terms of the ToW.

    • Snow White, You must be Hoskings whipping boy echo-chambering his sentiments which has a racial connotation usually targeting the vulnerable of our society.

      And NZ sovereignty? Jeez if we revisit the TOW of 1840 and who was the host nation guess where the validity lays?? Without sounding like a scratched record you do understand that the majority of Maori leaders sign the Maori version that promised ‘Tino Rangatiratanga’ continued Chiefly authority ova their lands and resources.

      These breaches were the impetus for the wars fought between Maori and the british crown. Racism (subhuman Maori) was key backed by european military and technology to take this country from the indigenous population which only took 23 years from signing of the TOW.

      This european phenomenon called ‘Free Speech’ euphemism for bigotry is reflected in Hoskings and apparently snow white psyche.

    • Yes, Key has a lot to answer for. Selling off 49% of our hydro assets was another terrible decision by Key.

        • “Another Jew doing what Jews do”?

          Spinoza, Karl Marx, Benjamin Disraeli, Albert Einstein, Groucho Marx, Bob Dylan, Michael Bloomberg … As you can see, “what Jews do” is quite the variety show.

      • ” Yes, Key has a lot to answer for. Selling off 49% of our hydro assets was another terrible decision by Key. ”

        He did not do it alone.

        Supported by National , ACT , Dunne and Maori party MP’s.

      • Key also gave the go ahead for the revenge night raids on subsistence peasants, mainly women and children, in the Tirigan Valley in Afghanistan, and even after the Hager &Stephenson documentation was published, Bill English tried to dismiss it, and it took several years of good work mainly by young people, to have that hit and run exercise, with all it’s ramifications, more or less exposed for what it was.

      • “Selling off 49% of our hydro assets was another terrible decision by Key.” But I bet the prick got, and likely still does get kick-backs from electricity dependent industry like Tiwai Smelters.
        Tiwai Point Smelter uses 13% of all electricity generated in AO/NZ.
        I have friends I sometimes visit in Bluff. Tiwai sits over there belching out black, white and grey smoke and pollutes the water with deadly chemicals and burns floodlights almost 24 hours a day and they get a reduced fucking electricity rate.
        We’d be better off overall if we, via our taxes, paid the staff there the same wage they get while employed by Tiwai to chill out at home and do fuck all and close fucking Tiwai down.

    • The foreign banker John Key ranks alongside evil eminences like Roger Douglas in his degree of betrayal of this nation.

  13. You have to listen from 6am to get the full balanced Hosking view. The Alternative is Red Radio, now that Tovas show fell over.

    • Says the president of the Mike Hoskins fan boy club. I would expect nothing less from you Bob you are so predictable.

      • Thanks for the accolades Queeny it’s great you recognise my consistency.
        What do you think of the dramatist,thespian John Campbell?

    • ” The Alternative is Red Radio, ”

      C’mon down from planet Key and stare reality in the face.

      It was never red but its certainly now the deepest blue.

      We only have right wing radio and television on offer …..always have and no room for anything else.

  14. New Zealand’s No1, award winning journalist is rarely wrong.

    The surgery queue thing was the tipping point for well-meaning liberal urbanites. All that airy-fairy stuff about the Treaty didn’t mean much; right until average people realized they are becoming a second-class citizen in their own country.

    • Ummm Hosking IS NOT a journalist!!!! Hasn’t got the brains and writes poorly. He like Maggie (tory trout) Barry are both trained ANNOUNCERS

    • He is a broadcaster, not a journalist. Because when he airs his opinion, as a journalist, his claims have to be backed up with facts. Considering how many times he has been reprimanded by the BSA and fined, that would make him a pretty poor excuse for a journalist. Hell after he slandered Amanda Bailey, he even made that change on the NewstalkZB website, overnight he stopped being a journalist and became a “broadcaster”.

  15. This is the type of shit that ‘WE’ Maori have to relentlessly endure that no pakeha or any other ethnicity has to put up with in NZ/AO. The same can be said for other indigenous cultures that have to stomach the tyranny of the majority in their homelands.

    My culture get misappropriated used as a political football but hey we do the haka for the ABs that widow dress apparently pakeha benevolence towards these subhumans that they really are from Mogadishu??

    European colonization is founded on Maori willingness to engage with Pakeha, to welcome them to this country, and to look after them, that lasted into the 19th century until pakeha became stronger and there numbers became ever larger.

    • Stephen if you are the guy who worked long term as a public servant, then you have been privileged indeed.

      My husband is Maori and he doesn’t feel he has relentlessly had to put up with anything. Then he’s not interested in living life as a victim

  16. Starving the Hosk of oxygen could start with the Left actually, seriously, fronting up to co-governance. Come on Bomber, make an attempt to try and justify why most of the population should suffer a loss of voting power, with their vote and their say deemed less important than someone else’s of a different ancestry. How does that align with equal suffrage…how’s that for a diminishment of my humanity??

    Is the only way forward to elevate one group at the expense of another, through for example race-based surgery decisions? Why should i pay personally for ToW grievances – i thought that was on the Crown? Ok, next step, i want reparations, and you get an idea of the spiral that we will go down.

    If the Left can seriously have a go at justifying their approach against the above questions, then at least we’ve started down the righteous path. Until then while the Left tries to stay deaf to criticisms by crying ‘dog whistling racism’, the Left just keeps blithely feeding Hoskings.

  17. Bomber you had me at:
    ‘Hosking is such a harlot for capitalism that everything is transactional”.

    I’m a bit of a curmudgeon with a dislike for many journo’s but Hoskings is a whole ‘nother league.

  18. How does hydro dams link to 3Water reform?

    Hydro dams catch and release water to generate hydro power. 3Water reform is an attempt to improve or fix the services local authorities have been mandated to deliver.

    Labour and their apologists link 3Water reform to the treaty and have to date failed to explain it coherently to the public. Hipkins agreed that labour could have explained it better and told us that McAnulty will look into this and explain it to us all.

    “This is how democracy works in NZ. Get used to it.”

    • “How does hydro dams link to 3Water reform?”

      Instead of all citizens owning the dams and the water equally Key corporatised water for companies and maori. First, they came for your hydroelectricity payments now they are coming for your drinking water payments. “They” as in local, international or maori corporations.
      There is profit to be extracted and your electricity and water costs will be increased come hell or high water.

      • 51% of Hydro is owned by the state. Therefore, 51% of the dividends earned are used to fund public good initiatives. It will take another initiative by government to disinvest in these assets.

        Those who agree with the interpretation of the treaty by Sir Apirana Ngata will argue that your fears are misplaced.

        • However, 49% are going only to corporate shareholders and not to the general public, but hey, that’s cool…

  19. Also, I have to say with what evidence has Hoskings formed his opinion?

    There seems to be a nutty bunch of Nats voters that are convinced that Labour will just be blown away this election. AFAIK, the election is still anybodies with the Left potentially having the edge.

  20. Mike Hoskings is the greedy little Natzo flea hiding within our underpants. He bites, we scratch but do you think we can find a way to squash the little fucker.
    “The Maorification of NZ” For God’s sake, how hideous the little flea is.
    I have a theory. Here it is.
    AO/NZ farmers, right? They’re land-people, as are Maori. Imagine then, if Maori and Farmers joined forces instead of being convinced by fleas like hoskings to gnaw away at each other. What’s that old saying about dividing to concur?
    @ Maori and @ our farming population should co-join. Imagine the power @ Maori and Farmers?
    You’d have the financial power of agri-exporting farmers and the might of the Crown behind the Treaty.
    There would be nothing more politically or financially powerful in AO/NZ than that collaboration.

  21. “Labour are not frightened of doing what is right over what is politically expedient.” Moooohahaha Moooooooohahahahaha MOOOHOOOHOOOHOOhahahhhhhhhaaahahahahaha splutter moohahaha cough splatutter….

  22. He’s a comic, a comedian. A political observer of the political currency of the day. He makes a buck by giving us all an insight into his perverse world NZ-centric view and we get a laugh for free!

    He’s failed to capitalize on us getting a freebee!

  23. I cannot be bothered with Hosking. He is too much of a Wannabe National MP. But I get the feeling National whilst aiding and abetting his ‘articles’ in the tabloid NZ herald rag wouldn’t want him as an MP because he is too volatile, unpredictable and now I can say unhinged mentally.
    But when it comes to his articles in the herald rag I also get the impression that he lacks the mental capacity to write genuine and decent articles. He is so chummy with John Key that I get the impression Key pens the articles and Hosking applies his name to those articles.
    Mainly because Hosking isn’t the sharpest knife in the National Party drawer. He deems himself to be an ‘expert on everything’ whilst constantly to the point he comes across as a Negative, whiny, wet nut.
    On the odd occasion I pick up the NZ herald for its puzzles section. And the hardcopy comes in useful for my cats’ kitty litter. One time she pee-ed on the portion of the herald that had Hoskings article and I just had to praise her for that little action on her part.

  24. I always pull in my car to critique my age peer. Something wrong with him. Now I’m off again.

    Brilliant, but without the thorough-going prick’s money. That’s how you know you’re right when no one has bought you off lock, stock and barrel. Not that he wasn’t speaking his honest idiocy.

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